BH (QT) – Phoenix Man (1)

Chapter One – Phoenix Man (1)

The whole world is dark, but in this darkness, there are many balls of light floating.

These balls of light are large and small, all slowly floating in one direction—to a deep vortex.

The group of light balls rushed into the vortex without hesitation, and only two light balls are different.

It is a large and a small ball of light, the small ball of light is very dim, sticking to the large ball of light, while the large ball of light is very bright, the brightest one in this dark world. It carries the small ball of light, jumping against the group of light balls, getting farther and farther away from the deep vortex.

Suddenly, a distinctive red ball of light appeared in front of them, and that red ball of light also crashed headlong toward the big ball of light.

The big ball of light was hit, and the body also turned red. It can no longer go against the group of light balls and was engulfed in an army of light balls drifting toward the deep vortex.

Seeing that it was about to be swept into the vortex, the big ball of light popped, its body suddenly cracked an opening, and from inside its body, a pure white light ball was extruded. That pure white light ball wrapped around the small light ball with dim light, and finally, the big ball of light and the small ball of light fell into the vortex together.


A University is the best university in Z province, and it is also ranked in the top ten in the country.

In some ordinary universities, many students will not pay attention in class and secretly play with their cell phones or something, but in A University, such things are rare.

The vast majority of A University students are very serious about their studies.

But today, in the computer department class, a certain student is lying in front of the computer, actually sleeping…

“Yan Jing Ze, wake up.” Someone nudged the sleeping boy.

“Huh?” The boy named Yan Jing Ze jerked his head up, revealing a handsome face.

“Class is over.” The boy who woke up Yan Jing Ze said, while putting his phone in his pocket, he said: “I’m starving, let’s go to the canteen quickly.”

Yan Jing Ze felt a little dizzy, a little unclear, and even everything around him gave him a sense of strangeness.

Where is this? Who is he?

Stretching out his hand and rubbing his head, Yan Jing Ze’s mind surged with a strong idea—he transmigrated.

But he doesn’t know who he was before he traversed, he can’t remember anything before he traversed, and he doesn’t know who he is now or where he is now.

By his side, there was only a thin, slender, pimple-faced youth with glasses talking to him: “Yan Jing Ze, aren’t you very attentive in class? How come you fell asleep today?”

By the way, his name is Yan Jing Ze, this name is engraved in his mind, and the original owner of the body is wearing now should also be called Yan Jing Ze.

In the end… why did he traverse?

Yan Jing Ze followed the tall and thin boy and walked forward. He was a little confused and that’s when he suddenly saw someone.

This university is very large and the scenery is very beautiful. The people who come and go on the road are all well-dressed, both men and women, and only that person looks unique.

It was a sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy with an immature face, holding a plastic bag.

This teenager has a pair of almond eyes, a little baby fat on his face, a flat head, and his skin is a little dark. Although he is wearing a clean black cotton jacket, but the sleeves are too short, and you can see the worn-out cuffs inside.

This child looked much more shabby than those who came to school to deliver food. He himself was very uncomfortable, looking like he wanted to hide himself, but he carefully looked at the people around him, as if he was looking for someone.

However, once someone pay attention to him, he would shrink back like a frightened little hamster.

This person is so cute!

How can there be such a lovely person in this world!

Yan Jing Ze didn’t understand why he crossed before, but now, he instantly understood what he crossed over to do!

He is here to find his wife!

When Yan Jing Ze saw the boy and the boy also saw Yan Jing Ze. A small smile appeared on his stiff face and his eyes shined brightly: “Brother!”

Yan Jing Ze’s heart fluttered when he heard him call “brother”. He felt that the haze in front of him was broken, the whole world became clear, and various memories came into his mind.

He crossed over and became a person also named Yan Jing Ze.

The original owner of his body was born in a poor small mountain village. His father was a cripple and his mother was mute. There were two younger sisters and a younger brother. His family can hardly solve even the most basic food and clothing.

But the original owner was smart since he was a child. After he went to school, he quickly learned the knowledge in the school. He also had nothing else to do besides studying. In the end, he became the only junior high school to ever get accepted in the county’s best high school.

Then, the original owner discovered that he was too poor.

His parents had to borrow money to pay for his tuition, but they couldn’t afford to pay for his living expenses. Forget wearing new clothes like his other classmates, even eating a full meal would be difficult for him.

Compared with other students, he was like a rat in the gutter, dirty and smelly.

All this made the original owner very uncomfortable. At this time, the original owner met a person—Jiang Pingxiu, who came out of the same village as him and was three years younger than him.

Jiang Pingxiu’s parents died young, he lived alone with his grandmother. Since he was young, he lacked food and clothing, so he naturally didn’t want to study. He was only thirteen years old when he had already started thinking about making money to support himself.

On a November holiday, after the opening of the high school, when the original owner, who had suffered a blow in the school, returned to the village, Jiang Pingxiu sneaked over and gave the original owner a new schoolbag. His congratulations gift to the original owner for getting admitted to the high school.

The original owner’s heart moved and began to contact Jiang Pingxiu. From time to time he talked about school affairs, saying that he was discriminated against by others in school because he was too poor and could not eat enough.

Jiang Pingxiu had an inexplicable affection for the original owner. When he heard the original owner say this, he began to give the original owner money and buy things for the original owner. When the original owner pretended to refuse, he blushed and said the original owner could pay back the money later when he worked.

Jiang Pingxiu was only thirteen years old at that time and could not find a formal job at all, but he was different from the lazy people in the village. He was diligent since he was a child. When he was seven or eight years old, he was already picking mushrooms and honeysuckle for money. After having been to the town for a while, he also found a way out and picked up some small handicrafts such as sticking cards.

Sticking one card for 10 cents, he did it from morning to night without stopping, and basically all the money he earned was given to the original owner.

The original owner relied on a child three years younger than himself, and lived a life not much worse than other students. He finally had the money to buy teaching aids. In addition, he really worked hard enough, and in the end, he was ranked first in the county. With good grades, he went to a good university!

At this time, the original owner had discovered that Jiang Pingxiu had abnormal feelings for him—Jiang Pingxiu liked him!

The original owner felt quite disgusted to be liked by someone who hadn’t even finished junior high school, but he still lacked money.

He was admitted to college. The county and the school rewarded him with a little money, but the money was not much. He also applied for the computer department, and the school required students to bring computers.

He can’t afford a computer at all, he can’t even pay for the living expenses in college…

The original owner thought of Jiang Pingxiu again, but the living expenses required for college cannot be earned by Jiang Pingxiu’s small craftsmanship. And Jiang Pingxiu himself, because the grandmother who raised him is old, doesn’t want to go to work outside.

But the original owner was heartless, he simply confessed to Jiang Pingxiu and asked Jiang Pingxiu to follow him to live in the big city.

Jiang Pingxiu was overjoyed after being confessed. After the original owner casually coaxed him, he agreed to follow the original owner to the city where the original owner studied. As for what to do… Of course, he has to work and raise the original owner!

At this time, Jiang Pingxiu was already sixteen years old, had an ID card, and received a junior high school diploma. At any rate, he was not an underage worker anymore. After coming to the big city with the original owner, he helped people wash cars in a car wash shop.

He earns three thousand a month, but he only keeps one thousand, and two thousand are given to the original owner.

The original owner thanked him on the mouth, but his heart was always disgusted, and even unwilling to see Jiang Pingxiu.

Moreover, one time when the boss of Jiang Pingxiu went out to eat and packed a roast duck with a few bites back to Jiang Pingxiu, Jiang Pingxiu brought it to the school like a treasure to give to the original owner, but the original owner thought Jiang Pingxiu made him lose his face. When he met him at school, he pretended not to know Jiang Pingxiu, and even scolded Jiang Pingxiu, not allowing Jiang Pingxiu to come to him again in the future, and even not allowing Jiang Pingxiu to call himself.

Even if Jiang Pingxiu kept apologizing, it was useless.

Jiang Pingxiu was reprimanded by the original owner and did not disturb the original owner for a long time, but after more than 20 days, he called the original owner after paying the living expenses.

The original owner did not pick up and did not contact Jiang Pingxiu. After another month, the day when Jiang Pingxiu should give the original owner some money for his living expenses, the original owner did not get the money.

The original owner was furious and went to Jiang Pingxiu’s workplace to find him.

At that time, Jiang Pingxiu looked tired, and said pitifully that his grandmother was sick and needed money to treat the illness. He wanted to give money to the original owner two months later, but the original owner didn’t believe it. He felt that Jiang Pingxiu was using money to threaten and force himself.

He couldn’t live without money, heartlessly, he simply slept with Jiang Pingxiu, said some sweet words, and coaxed Jiang Pingxiu to continue giving money.

Jiang Pingxiu was also stupid. He had a fever after sleeping and almost couldn’t stand up. He changed jobs and took two jobs, and continued to pay for the original owner. Later, the original owner squeezed him in various ways, he gave the original owner more and more money. Every month, he will give the original owner at least three thousand yuan, in addition, he will also give the original owner some gifts.

As for the original owner, he took Jiang Pingxiu’s money but he was pursuing a Bai Fumei classmate in the school!

The original owner is very handsome and good at studying, in the end, he really caught up!

The original owner was already a senior and an intern at that time, he also had a rich girlfriend to support himself. He felt that Jiang Pingxiu was no longer useful and did not hesitate to dump Jiang Pingxiu.

At that time, Jiang Pingxiu’s grandmother happened to be ill. Jiang Pingxiu hadn’t saved up any money in order to raise the original owner over the years, so he wanted to ask for some money from the original owner who was already working at that time. As a result, the original owner not only refused to give the money, but also told his Bai Fumei girlfriend that Jiang Pingxiu was a disgusting homosexual who kept pestering him…

Bai Fumei was furious and found someone to beat Jiang Pingxiu and break Jiang Pingxiu’s leg.

Jiang Pingxiu’s grandmother had no money to treat her illness and eventually died.

Jiang Pingxiu started working everywhere at the age of thirteen or fourteen. At that time, his health was very, very poor. He broke his legs and couldn’t work and could not make money, he also died in a winter night.

The child was only twenty years old. No one knows whether he died of cold, illness, or starvation.

After reading the memory of the original owner, Yan Jing Ze wanted to slap himself.

The original owner of this body is too scumbag!

How can this be done by a normal person!

Fortunately, the time he traveled is not too late.

The original owner is still in his freshman year. Although Jiang Pingxiu has already been squeezed, but his family is still there.

Thinking about this, Yan Jing Ze looked at the boy who called him “brother”, tugging at the sleeves of his jacket, trying to hide the cuffs of his worn-out sweater.

This boy is Jiang Pingxiu, the current time is the first semester of the freshman year.

Just this morning, the owner of the car wash shop where Jiang Pingxiu worked gave him a roast duck that he packed up for dinner last night. Jiang Pingxiu, who thought it was a good thing, took the roast duck to the original owner’s school and wanted to give the roast duck to the original owner.

As a result, the original owner pretended not to know Jiang Pingxiu, and in turn blamed Jiang Pingxiu for embarrassing himself…

Yan Jing Ze gritted his teeth, he was actually dressed as a scumbag!

Also, Jiang Pingxiu, this child, is too stupid, right? He actually likes such a scum!

When Yan Jing Ze received the memory, Jiang Pingxiu had already come to him.

It’s December now, the weather is very cold. The boy’s lips are a bit cracked, and his face is flushed with cold. He was carrying a plastic bag in his hand and looked at Yan Jing Ze expectantly: “Brother, Brother Jing Ze… I…”

As he talked, he lowered his head and rubbed the plastic bag on his hand with his thumb anxiously.

Yan Jing Ze glanced at it and saw that his hands had frostbite, and there were some peelings around his fingernails.

This is a pair of weather-beaten hands.

Yan Jing Ze felt that his heart had been severely squeezed, it was so painful that he wanted to hold this person in his arms.

“Yan Jing Ze, who is this?” At this moment, the pimple-faced youth who came out of the classroom with Yan Jing Ze asked.

This young man is Yan Jing Ze’s roommate in the dormitory. This person’s name is Huo Liang. With the memory of the original owner, Yan Jing Ze already knew him. He then introduced: “This is my friend, his name is Jiang Pingxiu. Pingxiu, this is my classmate as well as my roommate, Huo Liang.”

Jiang Pingxiu greeted Huo Liang with anxiety: “I…Hello…” After speaking, he looked at Yan Jing Ze again.

Yan Jing Ze’s heart softened.

The dark-skinned teenager pursed his lips, a little embarrassed, but with an unconcealed joy. When he looked at him, it seemed that he was the only one in his eyes.

This is definitely the wife he is looking for!

How could his wife be so cute!

Yan Jing Ze grabbed Jiang Pingxiu’s hand: “Pingxiu, why are you here today?” Jiang Pingxiu’s hands are really cold, the clothes on his body are probably not warm at all… The original owner is really too scumbag. He bought new clothes with Jiang Pingxiu’s money, but he threw away the old clothes he didn’t like to wear and didn’t give them to Jiang Pingxiu!

“I, I… I brought… roast duck.” Jiang Pingxiu’s voice trembled and he dared not look up at Yan Jing Ze.

“Then let’s go to the cafeteria, I will buy some food, and then we will eat together,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Jiang Pingxiu nodded dazedly, and was led by Yan Jing Ze.

He felt that every step he made was stepping on the clouds.

He had come to find Yan Jing Ze on impulse, and regretted it as soon as he arrived.

Yan Jing Ze never liked him going to school.

But he wanted to see Yan Jing Ze. After Yan Jing Ze went to college, they didn’t meet each other much.

And… the boss said that this roast duck is very delicious. It sells one for 100 yuan. He wanted to let Yan Jing Ze taste it.

But the university is very large. He doesn’t know where Yan Jing Ze’s bedroom is, and he doesn’t know where Yan Jing Ze usually attends classes. He can only wait near the cafeteria. He didn’t expect to really see Yan Jing Ze.

At first, Yan Jing Ze didn’t speak. He thought that Yan Jing Ze was angry and worried. However… Yan Jing Ze actually took his hand!

Jian Pingxiu was held by the hand, he couldn’t help shaking, his heart beating faster and faster… He felt that he would faint at any time.

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Bai FuMei – White Rich Pretty

Phoenix Man – a person from a poor mountain village who became a rich city man

Lose face – embarassed / losing dignity

Actually quite surprised because no one was interested in picking this baby up. I’m really addicted to this story. <3

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