BH (QT) – Phoenix Man (5)

Chapter Five – Phoenix Man (5)

Yan Jing Ze knew that Jiang Ping Xiu’s grandmother would have an accident one month after the roast duck was sent.

According to the original plot, Jiang Ping Xiu’s grandmother accidentally broke her leg while doing farm work. Because it was winter, it became harder for her to stand up. A long time had passed before she was finally discovered.

The old lady was actually not very old, only sixty years old, but she lived a hard life and affected her health. After breaking her leg, she was almost frozen to the ground and naturally fell ill. When Jiang Ping Xiu got the news, he called the original owner but was hung up instead. He could only go back alone to help cure her but in the end, failed.

Because he was worried about her, Jiang Ping Xiu brought the old lady to the city and rented a house to live. As a result, he became penniless and was unable to pay for the original owner’s living expenses on time.

The original owner could actually borrow a few hundred dollars from his classmates or find a part-time job to support himself. But he thought it was too embarrassing to borrow money and was afraid that finding a part-time job will affect his grades. Finally, he went to Jiang Ping Xiu to sleep with him and coaxed him to continue to give him money.

So in the following New Year, 16-year-old Jiang Ping Xiu could only work from morning till evening in a big hotel. He worked alone to make money for two people. In the following years, he did not have any spare time, he made money for the original owner while feeding his grandmother who was disabled and sick.

Grandma Jiang’s body also deteriorated after this time. She had appendicitis at the time when the original owner started working and was planning on getting rid of Jiang Ping Xiu.
Appendicitis was a very common disease that can be cured with an operation but the old lady endured the pain secretly. When it was discovered, it was already very serious. The operation costs a lot of money. Jiang Ping Xiu didn’t have any savings. Still, at that time, he still had some expectations for the original owner. He foolishly asked the original owner if he could lend him some money.

The original owner was simply too ruthless. He framed Jiang Ping Xiu, saying that he wanted to seduce and entangle himself. He connived with his girlfriend to find someone to interrupt Jiang Ping Xiu’s leg to completely get rid of him.

Both Jiang Ping Xiu and his grandmother did not survive.

Yan Jing Ze took a deep breath and worked hard in front of the computer.

The original owner was truly a scum. He felt his anger rising. He could not let things go on like this.

As of now, he was still doing part-time jobs outside of school. After all, it was a stable income. In addition, he had more and more online jobs.

In the beginning, he could only take the simplest jobs, but after learning a lot he could now take some harder jobs. Those harder jobs, he could earn thousands per job.

Of course, it’s not that simple to do. During the second week, Yanjing only slept four or five hours a day.

Finally, he had six thousand yuan on hand.

He took the time to find a house. He rented a two-bedroom house on the first floor of an old community near the school at a price of 1,500 yuan per month. He then took a leave from school. On Wednesday night, after finishing his part-time job, he got on the train home.

On Thursday afternoon, Yan Jing Ze who did not sleep all night returned to his hometown.

The original owner does not remember the specific day when Grandma Jiang broke her leg, so he can only come back as early as possible.

Back in the village, the first thing Yan Jing Ze did was go to Jiang Ping Xiu’s house.

Grandma Jiang was still good. Her legs and feet were nimble, and seeing him, the old woman still showed him a kind smile.

At this time, for the people in this small mountain village, Yan Jing Ze was their pride and the most outstanding person in the village!

Whether it was the people in the village or the parents of the original owner, they especially like the original owner at this time.

“Yan Da, aren’t you studying in the city? Why have you come back?” Grandma Jiang was curious and said, “I’ll make sugar water for you.”

Yan Jing Ze in the village was always called Yan Da. Jiang Ping Xiu also has another nickname.

Speaking of which, they can have such good names as “Jing Ze” and “Ping Xiu”, thanks to a teacher who came to teach when they were young.

After the teacher came, he couldn’t stand the overly poor living environment and a no-meat diet. After thinking about eating meat all day, he made a sideline business—giving people a name.

As long as they give him an egg, he would give the child a nice name. In those years, the names of the children in several nearby villages were basically from him.

He also influenced the mind of Yan Jing Ze, so from childhood, Yan Jing Ze wanted to go outside and live in the city.

“Grandma Jiang, Ping Xiu let me pick you up,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Ping Wa asked you to pick me up? What am I going to do there?” Grandma Jiang was stunned.

“He found a job in the city. He rented a house and wanted to pick up grandma to live with him,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Grandma Jiang refused without hesitation: “How can I go to live in the city? I have never been to the city in my life, and if I go to the city, what will I do at home?”

Grandma Jiang is a rural woman who has lived in a small village for most of her life, the farthest was going to town. As for the city, she has no intention of going.

Yan Jing Ze had already anticipated this point: “Grandma, Ping Xiu is alone in the city. No one cooks for him and no one talks to him. He especially misses you…”

Yan Jing Ze described Jiang Ping Xiu’s current life, his tone and words were very bitter so he could convince Grandma Jiang to leave with him.

In fact, it is not good to let an old woman leave a familiar place and go to a place she is completely new to. But Grandma Jiang was old and her health was poor. If she stayed here, she will have an accident like in his memory.

In addition, he had another idea. He wanted Jiang Ping Xiu to stop working and continue studying.

If Jiang Ping Xiu continues his studies, he will be able to accompany Grandma Jiang, and Grandma Jiang will not be too lonely.

Grandma Jiang’s husband died early, he put all of her efforts to her son. Both her son and daughter in law died, leaving only Jiang Ping Xiu. The villagers all said that she was a broom star and did not want to be in contact with her. She had no friends.
She didn’t want to leave her familiar place, but she heard that it was her grandson who wanted her to go to the city, so she finally decided to go.

The old lady can be said to be easy to persuade, and even without a phone call to Jiang Ping Xiu, she decided to leave with him. Yan Jing Ze let the old lady pack up her things, then he returned home.

The original owner’s house was as poor as Jiang Ping Xiu’s, and still owed a lot of other debts.


It was not easy for a disabled couple to support four children!

Speaking of it, it was also thanks to the good results of the original owner his family could survive till now. Everyone felt that he must have a good future, so the creditors did not come to the door to ask for money.

Everyone felt that when the original owner graduated from college, he would definitely be able to pay off the debt. After all, even though it was a lot of money for the original owner’s family, but in fact, it was only seven or eight thousand.

But the original owner, this scumbag, was really selfish.

From an early age, he knew how to please his parents and compete with his younger brother and sisters. When he started school, he excused himself to study and never worked on farming.

He had good grades and the family members were very supportive of him, but he did not appreciate it. He always felt that all members of his family were a drag.

After being in a relationship with Bai Fu Mei and landing a good job, the original owner completely disconnected from the family.

Later, the parents of the original owner became ill, and his brother and sisters could not even find the original owner. The end of this family was slightly better than that of Jiang Ping Xiu.

Of course, the original owner was such a scum, his final end was not good.

The original owner could find Jiang Ping Xiu’s feelings for him, and he could sleep with Jiang Ping Xiu because he and Jiang Ping Xiu were the same kinds of people – he also liked men.
He pursued Bai Fu Mei for money. When he was with Bai Fu Mei at the beginning, he was a perfect boyfriend. But when he and Bai Fu Mei got married and had children, after thinking that Bai Fu Mei had been locked in, he couldn’t help thinking about the young men and finally cheated.

However, Bai Fu Mei was not good to mess with. She wasn’t like what the original owner thought of. Just because they were married and had children, she couldn’t replace him? If Bai Fu Mei wasn’t a dangerous woman, she wouldn’t disable Jiang Ping Xiu for entangling with him.
In the end, the original owner was kicked out of the house and was beaten and disabled. His children didn’t recognize him as a father. Finally, he lost his life and died alone. It was considered self-inflicted.

But now that he had crossed over, he certainly wouldn’t do this.

Yan Jing Ze entered the house and saw his parents.

The clothes of the disabled couple were more rustic than Jiang Ping Xiu’s.

Yan Jing Ze was once again deeply aware that he needed to make money.

“Ah, how come you are back?” Father Yan looked at Yan Jing Ze puzzledly.

“I helped Jiang Ping Xiu pick up his grandmother,” Yan Jing Ze answered: “He gave me a little money to go back.”

“What did he want to do with his grandmother?” Father Yan was as puzzled as Grandma Jiang.

“He was afraid that his grandmother would live alone,” Yan Jing Ze explained, and then gave a thousand dollars to father Yan, saying that Jiang Ping Xiu paid him.

“Ping Wa gave you this?!” Father Yan’s hands trembled when he saw ten one-hundred-dollar bills. He had never seen so much money in his entire life.

When Yan Jing Ze saw him like this, he felt a little bit disgusted. The original owner never thought of his family when he lived a smooth day outside.

“He found a job so he earned some money. Dad, you take this money to buy the Jiang’s livestock and then rent the Jiang’s farmland. Grandma Jiang should not come back in the future.” Yan Jing gave his father an idea. If they can have more farmland and livestock, they can live better in the future. And Grandma Jiang can have more money in her hands.

Father Yan usually listen to his eldest son very much, he agreed without thinking and asked: “Ping Wa can make money outside and your sister can also do it. Can you take your sister to the city to make money?”

Yan Jing Ze has two younger sisters and a younger brother. The older sister is three years younger than him and just turned sixteen, in the second year of junior high. The second sister is five years younger than him and is fourteen years old this year, in fifth grade. The younger brother is eight years younger than him, only eleven, and is in the third grade.

In fact, when the original owner just entered the university, he also had the idea of ​​letting her sister marry someone and take the gift money for school.

It’s just that although father Yan and mother Yan were a little bit patriarchal, they weren’t desperate enough to marry off his sister, who at that time was still so young. She was not yet 16 and had not yet graduated from junior high school. He was also afraid of her making a fuss so the original owner could only drop the idea.
“Dad, we will discuss this matter when the New Year is over. If she went with me now, she wouldn’t have a place to live,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Father Yan thought that Jing Ze made sense, and directly agreed: “There are many things in the family during the New Year, and it is indeed inseparable from your sister. Let’s talk later.” Father Yan was disabled and his mother was mute. No matter, the big and small things in their family were all handled by the big sister.

Yan Jing Ze stayed at home for a short time. He asked Grandma Jiang to sell the family’s livestock to his father and then left the village with Grandma Jiang without having dinner.

When Sister Yan finished school and took her younger brother and sister to go home, traveled for two hours on the mountain road, Yan Jing Ze had already left.

Hearing this, Sister Yan was shocked: “He even gave the family money?!” Even if Jiang Ping Xiu gave his brother errands fees, according to her understanding of her brother, his brother would not give the family money!

“Your brother gave the family money. He was very prosperous and did not ask for money from his family when he went to college, “Father Yan said, he always felt that his eldest son had a good life. He never asked for money from his family while studying outside. Well, even if his son really asked for money, they didn’t have any money to give.

Big sister Yan heard her father’s words and stayed silent. She can admit that her brother was very smart, but she always disliked her brother.

From childhood, no matter how busy the family was, her brother would always refuse to go to the farm. Her younger brother and sister can’t go. All the work naturally landed on her shoulders.
As for studying, her grades were not bad at first, but she had so much work to do at home. She can’t be like her brother who kept studying regardless of family matters. Her grades slowly dropped.

She may not even be able to go to high school.

Sister Yan’s eyes were a bit sour. She gritted her teeth and went out again with a basket in her back. She is going to pick up grass and cook pig food to feed the pigs.

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Broom Star – someone who brings misfortunes to others

Bai Fu Mei – Fair Rich Pretty (like tall dark handsome)

Yan Da – Big Yan (prob means eldest Yan)

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