BH (QT) 16 – Phoenix Man (Extra 1)

Chapter Sixteen – Phoenix Man (Extra 1)

When Jiang Ping Xiu started school, Yan Jing Ze happened to be on a business trip, so he was accompanied by Granny Jiang.

Grandma Jiang was full of interest in the university and when she entered university, she started to marvel.

“Ping Wa, this school is really good.”

“Ping Wa, your dormitory is really big!”

“This university is so beautiful!”

Grandma Jiang is indescribably happy right now and Jiang Ping Xiu’s mood is also the same as her: “Grandma, look at that cafeteria, isn’t it huge? Compared to A Uni, it’s not much worse.”

“Grandma, we’ll go to the cafeteria for dinner later.”


The two of them talked with unspeakable excitement, people around listening to their dialects are speechless. ‘Do you have to be so excited?’

Where did this country bumpkin come from?

Jiang Ping Xiu is actually a rich man now.

After Yan Jing Ze’s studio earned some money, he would put the money on his card. He has a lot of savings now.

The money had made him restless at first but his mentality gradually adjusted and he didn’t spend money so much.

But he is still very economical and the imprints of his poor life from childhood to adulthood are not so easy to dissolve.

More importantly, this money is not earned by him, how can he spend it randomly?

Moreover, how expensive is the house these years! He still wants to save money to buy a house! Thinking this way, their money is not much!

Therefore, in the past three years, Jiang Ping Xiu has not spent much money. Clothes and shoes are all cheap brands and as long as they can be worn, he will not buy new ones.

He and Granny Jiang, both of them, looked nothing fashionable and even spoke a dialect. They were quite eye-catching when walking. After school started, Jiang Ping Xiu introduced himself in front of the class and said where he was born. People in the class thought that Jiang Ping Xiu was quite poor and some people came to ask Jiang Ping Xiu about the situation in the poor county where he was born.

Jiang Ping Xiu said that he is not poor and others do not believe it.

Jiang Ping Xiu didn’t say anything after that.

Anyway, he doesn’t have much contact with his classmates. He doesn’t live in school and he’s been very busy lately because Yan Jing Ze asked him to learn to drive.

Not only that, after he moved his hukou to the school, Yan Jing Ze asked him to look for a house. He was planning to buy a house with full payment and write it under his name. It is where the three of them will live in the future.

In addition, he has to take the time to accompany his grandmother.
Freshman students have just been liberated from the college entrance examination. They are generally very interested in club activities and participate in many activities, but Jiang Ping Xiu did not participate.

One is that he wasn’t interested and the other is that he doesn’t have enough time.

And… he majored in finance and accounting. He planned to go to Yan Jing Ze’s company to help Yan Jing Ze manage the money after graduation. He didn’t need to participate in various activities to add a few more things to his resume.

What he needs is to study hard, take a few more certifications, and help Yan Jing Ze a lot in the future.

Then, there were rumors in the class that he was working outside to make money to support himself.

Jiang Ping Xiu explained it and no one believed it so he simply stopped clarifying it. He didn’t have much contact with his classmates. Moreover, most of his classmates were very friendly to him after they knew his ‘family situation’. Some people asked him: Do you want donations?

Of course, he refused without hesitation.

He is actually quite rich.

The learning atmosphere in this school is not heavy. Most students are quite relaxed. Jiang Ping Xiu is considered to be an oddity among them but it has aroused the admiration of some people and several students say that they have no self-control and want to study with him.

Jiang Ping Xiu was naturally willing to take them to study together and also taught them some self-study methods. He gained a few friends.

And these people, they actually talked in private at the beginning, after studying with Jiang Ping Xiu, they should buy something for Jiang Ping Xiu as a thank you and help Jiang Ping Xiu.

As a result, they got along a lot. They suddenly discovered that Jiang Ping Xiu was not poor at all…Who said that Jiang Ping Xiu was poor?

Jiang Ping Xiu’s university life is very stable but in his sophomore year, something unexpected happened.

Suddenly someone began to pursue him enthusiastically, even making everyone know.

The one who pursued Jiang Ping Xiu was a boy from the next class named Ge Junyi.

Although people are becoming more and more tolerant of people who like the same sex, most people still hide it and don’t let people know about it. But this Ge Junyi is different, he actually promotes his sexuality. Everyone knows it.

Fortunately, most of the students in the university are open-minded, no one resists him and some girls think he is so cool and started to support him.

For a time, Ge Junyi became a well-known figure in the school.

Jiang Ping Xiu knew about this person when he was a freshman, admired him for a while, and then went to live his life as usual.

He also likes men, but he doesn’t want to be discussed about his love life so he will not open his sexuality like Ge Junyi.

However, he participated in a volunteer activity with Ge Junyi. Ge Junyi found out that he was like him and asked him.

Jiang Ping Xiu rarely met people of the same kind and he actually had a good impression of people like Ge Junyi who dared to show his sexuality generously, so he admitted.

After that day, Ge Junyi actually started to pursue him!

It’s not pursuing secretly, but pursuing him openly!

Jiang Ping Xiu was stunned. He didn’t expect that his sexuality would be exposed so unexpectedly.

Although his friends didn’t alienate him because of this, he still received some strange gazes which made him quite uncomfortable.

Fortunately, he got used to it, now that everyone knows his sexuality, he was relaxed.

But Ge Junyi’s pursuit made him very troubled!

Jiang Ping Xiu refused Ge Junyi without hesitation but Ge Junyi did not give up, always giving Jiang Ping Xiu gifts and confession.

Jiang Ping Xiu couldn’t bear the disturbance but some people saw them doing this and made a fuss and made him agree.

In the eyes of many people, although Ge Junyi is not as handsome as Jiang Ping Xiu and his grades are not as good as Jiang Pingxiu, he is rich and passionate. Jiang Ping Xiu is a very good match with him.

It was Christmas Day and Jiang Ping Xiu hurried home after finishing class.

Yan Jing Ze was busy making money a few years ago and didn’t spend many holidays with him, but now the money is sufficient, and they will go out to eat alone during the holidays. He is very looking forward to today’s dinner.

However, as soon as Jiang Ping Xiu left the classroom, he was stopped by Ge Junyi while holding flowers: “Jiang Ping Xiu, this is for you.”

“Sorry, I can’t accept it,” Jiang Ping Xiu said directly.

Jiang Ping Xiu acted very coldly and Ge Junyi showed a sad expression. At this moment, two students who came with Ge Junyi said: “Jiang Ping Xiu, why is your attitude so bad?”

“Jiang Ping Xiu, Ge Junyi came here to give you flowers. Why are you being like this?”

Jiang Ping Xiu didn’t want to bother with these people: “I’m going home in a hurry, let me go first.”


“Wait!” Ge Junyi cried, “Jiang Ping Xiu, why don’t you agree to me?”

In the beginning, Ge Junyi heard about Jiang Ping Xiu when he heard that there was a poor student from the mountain in the next class.

Jiang Ping Xiu has no parents and lives with his grandmother. It is easy to find out about this incident from a poor county. It is those things that make many people sympathize with Jiang Ping Xiu.

But Jiang Ping Xiu is more famous because he is serious about his studies and looks very handsome.

In their department, there are actually many girls who like Jiang Ping Xiu. Even if they heard that Jiang Ping Xiu’s family is very poor, there are still girls who show their favor to Jiang Ping Xiu, but Jiang Ping Xiu refused.

Ge Junyi also liked Jiang Ping Xiu very much and he didn’t care about Jiang Ping Xiu’s family background.

His family is not considered rich and powerful but they are still quite rich. His monthly living expenses are 8,000. He is not short of money. He can also get some extra money from his parents and can completely support Jiang Ping Xiu.

At first, when he thought that Jiang Ping Xiu was a straight man, he thought about whether to spend money to coax Jiang Ping Xiu to stay with him. Later, he learned that Jiang Ping Xiu also likes men so he was determined to win Jiang Ping Xiu.

But he couldn’t think of it, Jiang Ping Xiu actually rejected him.

He believes that his conditions in all aspects are very good and he likes Jiang Ping Xiu. Why should Jiang Ping Xiu refuse?

Ge Junyi has actually been a little angry these days, and now he asks again.

Jiang Ping Xiu said, “I said I have a boyfriend.” Jiang Pingxiu had already told Ge Junyi that he had a boyfriend, but Ge Junyi didn’t care at all and did not stop his pursuit.

When I heard Jiang Pingxiu’s words, the students next to Ge Junyi said: “Jiang Ping Xiu, you said you have a boyfriend, but we have never seen this person.”

“Is that person better than Ge Junyi?”

According to Jiang Ping Xiu ‘s statement Before he went to college, he had a boyfriend.

He was in high school in such a small county. What kind of boyfriend he was talking about over there?

“My boyfriend is very good.” Jiang Ping Xiu said, his family’s Yan Jing Ze is of course better than Ge Junyi. There is no better person in this world than Yan Jing Ze!

When talking about Yan Jing Ze, Jiang Ping Xiu’s eyes softened.

However, at this time, Ge Junyi suddenly said: “Are you sure you have a boyfriend?”

Jiang Ping Xiu frowned.

Ge Junyi said: “Your parents died when you were very young. You only have one grandma. The school subsidies for poor students, student loans, etc., You did not use them but can still afford to pay fees. Usually, most of your clothes are quite cheap, but these shoes on your feet cost at least 2,000. Jiang Ping Xiu, what boyfriend, are you being kept?”

Jiang Ping Xiu was taken aback and couldn’t help looking at himself shoes: “My shoes cost two thousand?” Yan Jing Ze bought these shoes for him. He felt comfortable wearing them so he kept wearing them but they cost two thousand? This is too expensive!

“What are you pretending?” Ge Junyi said: “The watch in your hand is not cheap. Jiang Ping Xiu, I really like you and want to be with you, but what about you? You are immoral!”

Ge Junyi was really angry. He had chased Jiang Ping Xiu with great fanfare for two months. He thought he would be successful but Jiang Ping Xiu never agreed and his face was lost.

When he heard Ge Junyi’s words, the expressions of the people around him looking at Jiang Ping Xiu changed a little.

Jiang Ping Xiu looked at the watch in his hand again. This watch looks very ordinary. It was bought by Yan Jing Ze so that he did not miss the time for the college entrance examination. He thought it would be dozens of dollars at most but it was also very expensive?

At this time, Jiang Ping Xiu’s friends became active and helped Jiang Ping Xiu: “Jiang Ping Xiu never said he was poor.”

“Jiang Ping Xiu is not poor. What’s wrong with buying a pair of shoes and a watch?”

They always study with Jiang Ping Xiu. Although Jiang Ping Xiu is more economical, he has said that he is not poor many times.

After publicizing his sexuality these days, Jiang Ping Xiu mentioned several times that he and his boyfriend are in a good relationship. So why did Ge Junyi come up and say ‘being kept’? Jiang Ping Xiu is not such a person.

The place gathered a group of people so Jiang Ping Xiu’s counselor came out: “Classes are over, quickly scatter! Go to your Christmas appointments whatsoever! What are you loitering here for?”

A girl who likes Jiang Ping Xiu said: “Jiang Ping Xiu always has a part-time job and he can make money!”

“Part-time job? He doesn’t live at school and lives outside every day. If he only relies on part-time work, I guess he can’t even afford the rent? Who knows what he does every night? Which man is sleeping next to?” Ge Junyi refuted.

Anyway, if he couldn’t catch Jiang Ping Xiu, he plans to ruin Jiang Ping Xiu.

He was not with Jiang Ping Xiu, not because Jiang Ping Xiu looked down on him but because he looked down on Jiang Ping Xiu.

“He is sleeping next to me, what’s the matter?” Just then, a voice suddenly sounded.

When everyone turned their heads, they saw a young man walking towards them.

The young man was wearing a beige woolen coat, buttoned up meticulously, and a black scarf around his neck.

These are quite ordinary clothes but he looks so good and instantly attracts everyone’s attention.

Even if Ge Junyi was holding a bunch of roses in his hands, he was not noticeable at all.

Jiang Ping Xiu smiled when he saw this man: “Brother Jing Ze!” After laughing, he thought of the shoes worth two thousand on his feet and he was a little tangled.

He is not an athlete. Wearing a pair of shoes worth two thousand is the same as wearing two hundred shoes. Why buy him such expensive shoes?

He is in pain now!

“Who are you?” Ge Junyi asked.

“I’m Jiang Ping Xiu’s boyfriend,” Yan Jing Ze said: “I have long heard that someone is pestering my boyfriend… Is that you?”

Yan Jing Ze’s aura seems too strong and Ge Junyi is inexplicably weak: “Are you really his boyfriend?”

“Can this be fake?” Yan Jing Ze grabbed Jiang Ping Xiu, and said: “Jiang Ping Xiu already have a boyfriend. I hope you stay away from him in the future and don’t entangle him.”

Ge Junyi felt embarrassed for not being able to win Jiang Ping Xiu but now that he hears this, he feels more embarrassed: “Are you really his boyfriend? I think he got a cowboy (male prostitute) to fool people!”


However, as soon as Ge Junyi said this, the counselor shouted: “Ge Junyi, what are you talking about!”

Ge Junyi was taken aback and then he saw the counselor walked towards Yan Jing Ze and looked at Yan Jing Ze with surprise on his face: “Great God! Yan Great God! We met before; do you remember me?”

“I remember. You went to the competition on behalf of this school and won the third prize.” Yan Jing Ze recognized the person in front of him.

During his college years, he participated in some competitions for prize money. In one of the math competitions, he met this person in front of him.

At that time, this person had questioned his grades and then he crushed this person with IQ and won a thousand yuan.

“That’s me! Great God, I have always admired you! You can sign for me!” The counselor looked at Yan Jing Ze excitedly then suddenly turned to look at the students behind him: “Which one of you has pen and paper?”

Soon students sent paper and pen and the counselor immediately took the pen and paper to invite Yan Jing Ze to sign and said: “Great God, our school wants to invite some successful people to give entrepreneurship lectures recently. Are you free?”

“This is my boyfriend’s school, of course, I have time.” Yan Jing Ze said.

The counselor immediately chatted with Yan Jing Ze, his attitude was a bit…flattering?

The students around were dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

Who is this person?

Finally, a girl said: “That’s Yan Jing Ze! Am I too miserable? Originally, I liked Jiang Ping Xiu but Jiang Ping Xiu likes men. Recently, I think Yan Jing Ze is very handsome but the person also likes men…”

” Yan Jing Ze?” Some people are curious.

The girl said: “If you can search Baidu, you will know who he is!”


People took out their mobile phones and searched Baidu…

“This Yan Jing Ze is too powerful!”

“A University student! He started a business when he was in school and he took a lot of investment!”

“I know his company, my cousin who has been boasted by my uncle, works in his company.”

“Real people are more handsome than in pictures! ”

Jiang Ping Xiu actually has such a great boyfriend?”

People say that Yan Jing Ze has money, looks good, and if he wants to hook up, there will be a bunch of people rushing towards him one after another. Does he still need to do such a dirty thing?
More importantly, they discovered that Yan Jing Ze and Jiang Ping Xiu came from the same place!

So, people are truly in love, right?

At this time, a friend of Jiang Ping Xiu also said: “In fact, Jiang Ping Xiu is not short of money. He usually studies financial management and advises us to manage financial affairs.”

If this was said before, everyone might not believe it, but now… Is it a low-key rich man?

They don’t know when Ge Junyi secretly left.

At the same time, there was a new rumor in the school that Jiang Ping Xiu is said to have a gold mine at home.

This matter was later confirmed.

The reason is that some people saw Jiang Ping Xiu driving a luxury car and others discovered that Jiang Ping Xiu actually had a house in this city!

How expensive are the house prices here! Jiang Ping Xiu actually has a house!

Jiang Ping Xiu: “…” There really is no gold mine in his house!

Also, now he feels very distressed. Why did Yan Jing Ze buy him such a good car? It’s better to use financial management if you have money otherwise you can just buy a house and collect rent…

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