BH (QT) 18 – Genius Slacker (1)

Chapter Eighteen – Genius Slacker (1)

The living room was five-meter high with European-style decorations which looks exquisite and luxurious.

At this moment, a group of sixteen or seventeen-year-old boys and girls gathered in the living room to eat snacks and play games, each of them is having fun.

Even though there are about 30 of them, the living room is not crowded at all. In the center of this group is a handsome young man sitting on a leather couch, with smiling eyes and smart-looking eyebrows.
Today is the boy’s birthday and here is the boy’s home.

The young man’s name is Yan Jing Ze and he is a sophomore student in the No.1 High School in T City. His family is very rich and he likes to have fun most of the time. He is a well-known figure in the school. The few students who don’t like to study are proud of being able to play with him. They all came here today to participate in his birthday. Most of these people are his younger brothers or his younger brothers’ girlfriends.

There are also his two best friends who grew up with him.

The younger brothers of Yan Jing Ze who gathered to play looked enviously at Yan Jing Ze who was sitting on the sofa with a solemn look and the two people on his right.

The two sitting on the right-hand side of Yan Jing Ze were also sophomores in No.1 High School. One with good looks and outstanding temperament, the other with unattractive appearance but looks very strong.
The one with an unattractive appearance one is called Pu Zhi. His family members are all in the army. Although he has a “wisdom” in his name, he often doesn’t have a brain when he does things but his body is really good. He was often thrown into the barracks during the winter and summer vacations and he could fight several people at once.

As for the one who looks outstanding, his name is Zhuang Gaohang. His family is in politics. He has been outstanding since he was a child. In their small group of three, he is actually the one who is in charge.

However, whether it is Zhuang Gaohang or Pu Zhi, they are strictly monitored by their families and cannot act recklessly like Yan Jing Ze. Therefore, in the school, the most famous one is Yan Jing Ze.

Even if Yan Jing Ze has poor grades, he is handsome and cool, and many people admire him in school.

But at this time, Yan Jing Ze, who has always been handsome and cool, has a little confusion in his eyes.

Where is this place?

What’s wrong with him?

Yan Jing Ze’s mind was blank and couldn’t remember anything but there was one thing he was sure of.

He crossed through!

He didn’t know whose body he was wearing, he didn’t have the memory of himself before crossing. What should he do now?

While Yan Jing Ze was worrying, the phone rang suddenly and it showed that a person called Cheng An Xiu was calling.

Who is this Cheng An Xiu? Should he answer this call or not?

Yan Jing Ze hesitated a bit. At this moment, the unattractive looking guy who was sitting on a sofa with him suddenly said to the boys and girls who were playing together: “Everyone, be quiet!”

The people who were talking loudly suddenly calmed down and some people turned off the speakers obediently.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to answer the phone but in the face of this situation, he could only bite the bullet and answer it.

When the phone was picked up, a cold voice came from inside: “Yan Jing Ze, I’m at your door, but I can’t get in.”


“I’ll let someone come and pick you up.” Yan Jing Ze said. Right now, he doesn’t even know where the door is, so he can only ask someone to open it.

“Alright.” The person on the other end of the phone answered and immediately hung up the phone.

Yan Jing Ze put down his phone and heard the unattractive looking guy sneer: “Cheng An Xiu is coming, he is very anxious, half an hour ahead of time…”

“Well.” Yan Jing Ze responded vaguely and then he saw the guy stand up and said to a middle-aged man wearing a meticulous butler uniform, standing not far away: “Uncle Li, go outside to pick up Jing Ze’s classmate.”


After speaking, he looked at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze’s head was still a little confused, unable to remember anything, he looked at the guy blankly.

It’s just that he looks really good and doesn’t look sluggish at all.

Pu Zhi, that is, the big ugly guy who didn’t know that his friend had changed his core, said to Yan Jing Ze’s younger brothers who had calmed down: “Cheng An Xiu is coming, clean up. Go to the dining room to hide!”

“What? Cheng An Xiu is coming over?”

“Why did he come?”

“Boss, why did you call him?”

These people wailed for a while but they also quickly cleared the living room.

At this time, Zhuang Gaohang had already taken the lead to the dining room. When these little brothers saw this, those who had no girlfriends followed directly, and those who had girlfriends dragged their girlfriends to follow.

Yan residence’s dining room is next to the living room. There is no door between the two. Only a huge glass separates half of the space. This glass is specially made. You can see the living room from the dining room, but from the living room, you won’t be able to see the inside of the dining room.

When Yan Jing Ze’s younger brothers arrived at the dining room, they saw Zhuang Gaohang and Pu Zhi standing behind the glass.

They followed and hid behind the huge glass wall, they were a little puzzled: “Wait, why are we hiding?”

Although Cheng An Xiu is “powerful”, they don’t need to be afraid, right? Today is the weekend. Even if they play at Yan Jing Ze’s house, it’s nothing. Cheng An Xiu can still let the teacher punish them for what?

“Shhh.” Zhuang Gaohang raised a finger and placed it next to his mouth.

Everyone suddenly did not dare to make a sound.

Those of them who play well with Yan Jing Ze know one thing, that is, Yan Jing Ze attaches great importance to Zhuang Gaohang.

Normally, if they don’t listen to Yan Jing Ze, it’s still okay and there will be no big consequences. Even if they do something that makes Yan Jing Ze unhappy, they will apologize sincerely to Yan Jing Ze and Yan Jing Ze will not do anything to them.

But if Zhuang Gaohang was offended and Zhuang Gaohang said something in front of Yan Jing Ze… then they would never have a chance to follow Yan Jing Ze anymore.

Yan Jing Ze’s little brothers stopped talking and stood quietly behind the glass wall looking at the living room.

When the people in the dining room were quiet, Yan Jing Ze was still wondering what this place was.

At this time, the door of his house opened and Uncle Li, who had just gone out to pick up people, walked in with a boy carrying a cake box.

That teenager was about sixteen or seventeen years old. He wore a simple down jacket and jeans. He had fair skin and an outstanding appearance. But when others saw him, the first thing they noticed was definitely not his appearance or clothes. It should be his serious look and cold temperament.

This boy looks cold.

This person is… Cheng An Xiu?

Yan Jing Ze felt that he was shot in the chest by Cupid’s arrow.

He fell in love with this boy named Cheng An Xiu at first sight!

This person is too good-looking! There is also the appearance of abstinence which is really lovely!

In short, from head to toe, there is nothing he dislikes!

At the same time, the memory of the person he wore suddenly appeared in his mind.

The person he wore is also called Yan Jing Ze and this guy is simply a scumbag!

The parents of the original owner of this body started doing business before he was born. By the time he was born, the family was already very rich.

Moreover, they had given birth to a daughter before they gave birth to the original owner, but because the daughter had gone missing, they loved the original owner tremendously.

No, it can’t be said to be simply loved him, it can be described as extreme spoiling!

The original owner wanted to have everything from a young age and he developed an arrogant, domineering, and unruly character. He didn’t even listen to what his parents said.

However, it is not that no one can control him. The original owner listens very much to a person and that person is Zhuang Gaohang.

When the original owner was born, the original owner’s parents were already rich, and they provided the original owner with the best conditions in all aspects. Because of this, the original owner had the opportunity to get to know Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang.

Zhuang Gaohang has been smart since he was a child and he is good-looking. The original owner liked him.

The original owner, who said one thing in front of others, could not say anything to refuse in front of Zhuang Gaohang, and even took all the good things he had to Zhuang Gaohang.

The original owner, who had never liked learning, had to find someone to teach him secretly for a few months in order to study at the same school with Zhuang Gaohang. He was finally admitted to T City’s No.1 High School.

Zhuang Gaohang’s grades have always been very good. In the past, in the private middle school they attended, he had always been the first in grade, but since he entered T City’s No.1 High School, Zhuang Gaohang has met an opponent.

No, it’s not as simple as meeting an opponent. Since entering high school, Zhuang Gaohang has never been in the first place but has always been in second place!

Cheng An Xiu is the number one student in their grade and that has not changed for thousands of years.

In the first year of high school, Zhuang Gaohang was very upset by the fact that every time he took the exam, he was not in the first place. However, they were not in the same class with Cheng An Xiu at that time, so although he was not happy, he did not do anything.

But then later, the three of them and Cheng An Xiu were all assigned in the same class.

Since then, Zhuang Gaohang has been completely crushed by Cheng An Xiu.

Cheng An Xiu is not only good in grades but his appearance is also very good. Although he has always been a cold person at school, there are still many people who admire him, but Zhuang Gaohang…

Although Zhuang Gaohang’s looks are not bad, let alone to Cheng An Xiu, even to Yan Jing Ze, he can’t be compared at all.

Zhuang Gaohang’s family background is very good but the students in No.1 High School study hard and few people pay attention to other people’s family situations.

Zhuang Gaohang’s results are very good but Cheng An Xiu is the one with the best results!

Zhuang Gaohang, who has always been the focus of the crowd, couldn’t bear it. He accidentally discovered that the headteacher and math teacher of his class was Cheng An Xiu’s father and the chemistry teacher of their class was Cheng An Xiu’s mother. He felt that Cheng An Xiu’s grades were so good because his parents opened a backdoor for him.

He complained a few words to the original owner and Pu Zhi in private. The original owner and Pu Zhi, who had no opinion on Cheng An Xiu before, began to hate Cheng An Xiu.

At this time, their headteacher Cheng, Cheng An Xiu’s father, arranged Yan Jing Ze to sit next to Cheng An Xiu.

Their class-1 is a science experimental class, one of the best classes in No. 1 High School. The original master was able to enter this class because his father and mother found the principal and donated an experimental building for him, otherwise… With the original owner’s messy grades, he can only enter class-10.

After entering, the original owner became the black sheep in the class, and even if he didn’t study, he always disturbed others.

There is no way, the original owner really doesn’t like to study, he has to enter the class-1 just to be with Zhuang Gaohang.

Seeing that the original owner always influences the study of the people around him, he has not changed after repeated teachings. In desperation, he can only arrange him with his son and let his son look at him.

He is very reassured of his son and feels that his son will not be affected.

Cheng An Xiu also did his best to stare at the original owner to study.

The original owner does not like to learn and he is very dissatisfied with this. He wanted to find someone to teach Cheng An Xiu, but Cheng An Xiu’s parents are their teachers and his relatives are also teachers. If he really does it, he won’t be able to stay in class-1. In the first place, when he joined class-1 in order to be with Zhuang Gaohang, Cheng An Xiu’s father strongly opposed it.

So the original owner thought of another way to deal with Cheng An Xiu. He pestered Cheng An Xiu’s questions all day, trying to prevent Cheng An Xiu from studying well.

It’s strange to say that Cheng An Xiu is always cold to others and doesn’t care for others but he is very patient with the original owner.

Although his expression has always been cold but as long as the original owner asks him questions, he is willing to talk to the original owner tirelessly.

At first, the original owner thought that Cheng An Xiu would be like this because he had money but later discovered that it was not.

Cheng An Xiu actually likes him!

The original owner likes men and when he noticed this, he felt very disgusted and immediately told his friends Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang about the incident.

At this time, a national mathematics competition was held. There were very few places in this competition. Their school had only three places. Two of them were given to third-year students and the remaining place was given to Cheng An Xiu.

Zhuang Gaohang always wanted this place but now it fell to Cheng An Xiu’s head. He felt that this was the operation of Cheng An Xiu’s father in the dark.

Cheng An Xiu’s parents are both one of the best teachers in No.1 High School. They are also very strict and naturally unfriendly, especially Cheng An Xiu’s father who often scolds the original owner who refuses to study hard and always disturbs others. Cheng An Xiu himself is cold and unlikable. In this context, Zhuang Gaohang told him to seduce Cheng An Xiu then expose Cheng An Xiu’s sexuality and teach Cheng An Xiu a lesson.

The original owner was obedient to Zhuang Gaohang. Originally, he wanted to stay away from Cheng An Xiu, but Zhuang Gaohang requested this… the original owner began to hook up with Cheng An Xiu.

Although the original owner has set his heart on Zhuang Gaohang, he was afraid of affecting Zhuang Gaohang’s study, so he did not dare to confess, but he plays a lot so learned a lot on how to pursue people.
He delivers breakfast in the morning and milk in the afternoon. During class, he will copy a love poem and pass it over.

Cheng An Xiu already liked the original owner so his feelings for him grew stronger into love.

In the process, Cheng An Xiu is cold-tempered, unable to speak any love words, and feels that he must study hard in school and cannot fall in love, so he looks after the original owner’s study all day. After school, Cheng An Xiu was taken home by his father every day to prepare for the upcoming math competition.

In short, the original owner has never caught the evidence that Cheng An Xiu liked him and he had only a few love poems written by him coaxing Cheng Anxiu.

Finally, under Zhuang Gaohang’s “reminder”, the original owner came up with a wicked plan.

The original owner’s birthday happened to be right after Cheng An Xiu finished his math competition.

The original owner asked Cheng An Xiu to come to his home to accompany him on his birthday. He also said some sweet words, asking Cheng An Xiu to give him a love cake. He also said that he was especially looking forward to being confessed on his birthday and let Cheng An Xiu confess to himself.

Cheng An Xiu has a distant personality. Although he likes the original owner, he has never formally confessed to the original owner before and feels a little guilty about it, so he agreed.

On the birthday of the original owner, Cheng An Xiu came to the original owner with a birthday cake with love written on it and built up the courage to confess.
As a result, as soon as he finished his confession, Zhuang Gaohang and Pu Zhi came out of the dining room with the younger brothers of the original owner.

The original owner refused him without hesitation, mocked him, and insulted him, said he was disgusting, and said that he would never like a cold man.

Who is Cheng An Xiu? That’s the top student in their grade, the unattainable flower in No. 1 High School!

Now, he confessed to a troublemaker!

This incident was spread by the original owner’s younger brother almost immediately. For a while, everyone in the school knew that Cheng An Xiu liked the original owner.

The original owner also took out love poems written for him by Cheng An Xiu and distributed them in various groups.

Cheng An Xiu was hit hard and Cheng An Xiu’s parents were also hit.

The couple has been teaching and educating people, and they have high demands on their students. They have higher demands on themselves and their children. Now their son likes men and even went to his home to confess and write love letters to him. They were directly enraged!

In addition, the parents of the original owner heard the words of the original owner and felt that Cheng An Xiu’s entanglement with the original owner affected the original owner and secretly made efforts to deal with the Cheng family…

Cheng An Xiu’s affairs became more and more troublesome. At this time, it was also reported that Cheng An Xiu’s parents accepted bribes from students. Rumor has it that some people actually found the Cheng family and harassed them.

Cheng Anxiu’s grandfather, an old man who had been an old teacher for decades, was directly angered to death, and Cheng An Xiu became a sinner in the family.

Finally, Cheng An Xiu jumped from the top floor of the school building.

Yan Jing Ze thought of what would happen later and his face instantly changed.

Cheng An Xiu did not notice this.

There was no expression on his face but he was actually very nervous. Seeing that Uncle Li who had led him was gone, he took a deep breath and opened the cake he had brought.

This cake was ordered by him with his pocket money.

The cake itself is in the shape of a love heart and the seven words “Cheng An Xiu Loves Yan Jing Ze” are written on it.

This was written after he asked the cake shop for jam and it was also Yan Jing Ze’s request.

Cheng An Xiu handed the cake over and said, “Yan Jing Ze…”

Before he could finish his words, Yan Jing Ze’s hand suddenly reached under the cake, holding the cake and pushing it up.

The whole cake fell on Yan Jing Ze’s face. The handsome face of Yan Jing Ze was covered by the cake. The cake fell from his face and landed on his expensive clothes.

Cheng An Xiu: “…”

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The original title was ‘Xue Shi’ or learning scum. Not really a derogatory term but just describes a student who slacks a lot and doesn’t study much. He only studies at the end, like cramming and suddenly getting a good score. I don’t really know what to call a student like that. Definitely a protagonist-level cheat!

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