BH (QT) 20 – Genius Slacker (3)

Chapter Twenty – Genius Slacker (3)

When Cheng An Xiu came out of the bathroom after washing his face, he noticed that the cream on the cake was splashed everywhere in Yan Jing Ze’s room.

What did Yan Jing Ze do?


“What’s wrong with your face?” Cheng An Xiu noticed that Yan Jing Ze’s face was red, almost bruised.

“Slapped myself a few times to make myself sober.” Yan Jing Ze said.

Stay sober? Thinking of what Yan Jing Ze said before while he was in the bathroom, that he wanted to “do things like a beast”, Cheng An Xiu’s heart beat a little faster. He turned away and said, “Go and wash your face.”

“Good!” Yan Jing Ze said, rushing into the bathroom and cleaned himself.

He was very cruel when he smashed himself with cake, not only was there cake on his face but also on his body.

He kind of wanted to take a shower, but he was afraid that Cheng An Xiu would be left alone for too long and let Cheng An Xiu see things he shouldn’t see…

Yan Jing Ze just washed and wiped and wiped himself out, and then walked out while taking off his clothes.

After Yan Jing Ze entered the bathroom, Cheng An Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze’s room.

This is a very typical room for boys, with posters of stars posted on the wall, and in the cabinet on one side of the room, there are used items with signatures like basketballs and etc.

However, he didn’t have enough time to look around more since Yan Jing Ze, who still had cake on his hair, came out of the bathroom.

He also took off his clothes!

It’s winter so even if Yan Jing Ze takes off his shirt he still has some inner clothes, but his pants…

Boys like Yan Jing Ze who want to look cool and don’t care about the weather will refuse to wear long trousers even when they are outside, let alone at home!

Yan residence installed floor heating which is very warm and does not need long trousers.


Yan Jing Ze only wore a pair of boxers!

Cheng An Xiu quickly looked away.

Cheng An Xiu looked cold but the original owner had been observing him before and could already perceive some of his emotions from his small movements. And now, Yan Jing Ze is particularly keen on all this.

At this moment, Cheng An Xiu unconsciously pinched the index finger with his thumb which should mean he was a bit embarrassed.

Yan Jing Ze immediately wanted to tease him: “My dear, how is my figure?”

Cheng An Xiu: “…”

“I still have abdominal muscles, would you like to see?” Yan Jing Ze asked again.

Cheng An Xiu’s gaze drifted away unconsciously, and then quickly retracted, his brows frowned, and the whole person looked colder.

Although Yan Jing Ze was busy with his clothes, he did not forget to tease Cheng An Xiu but after he changed his clothes, he said solemnly: “An Xiu, I’m really sorry today. There are many people on my side. I can’t be alone with you on my birthday, I will ask Uncle Li to take you back and I will see you at school tomorrow.”

Cheng An Xiu was a little bit lost but nodded.

Yan Jing Ze saw the loss in his eyes and thought that he had come all the way to send a cake to confess, and in the end, it was completely destroyed. He couldn’t help but feel a little distressed.

He grabbed a box with a watch from the desk and Yan Jing Ze stuffed it to Cheng An Xiu’s hand: “An Xiu, this is a gift for you and it counts as a gift for the cake!”

This watch was actually bought by the original owner and prepared to give it to Zhuang Gaohang.

Today is the birthday of the original owner. Zhuang Gaohang will give him a birthday gift. The original owner has prepared an exchange gift early. The value of this gift is far more than the gift from Zhuang Gaohang.

Both Zhuang Gaohang’s parents are in politics. Although his family is not short of money, it’s not enough to make Zhuang Gaohang squander. Zhuang Gaohang sends out small birthday gifts, usually only a thousand dollars.

The original owner is different. The original owner’s parents are very generous to the original owner!

The watch that the original owner bought for Zhuang Gaohang cost tens of thousands!

The original owner was still thinking that if he bought something too expensive, Zhuang Gaohang would refuse to accept it, so he just bought a cheap gift.

Cheng An Xiu didn’t know what was in the box, but he accepted it and took out a box from his pocket to Yan Jing Ze: “A gift for you.”


It was a long and thin box. The box should contain a pen. Yan Jing Ze took it and opened it, and found that the thing inside was indeed a pen.

The original owner’s memories about the future are not clear. Only some important events have clear pictures. In those pictures, Cheng An Xiu held such a pen when he jumped off the building.

Yan Jing Ze felt a burst of panic in his heart and his breathing became difficult.

He maintained his expression with difficulty and smiled handsomely at Cheng An Xiu: “My dear, I like it very much! I will only use this pen in the future, no other pen!”

Cheng An Xiu was secretly relieved.

His parents are very strict with him, and they don’t give him much pocket money. Gift money such as New Year’s money and etc, they help him save it under his name…

This pen cost him more than 800 yuan and together with the cake, all the money he secretly saved was all spent.
However, Yan Jing Ze usually has very good food and clothing, so he was afraid that Yan Jing Ze will dislike it.

Now, Yan Jing Ze is not disgusted with his gift, it’s good.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze said again: “By the way, my dear, we are going to be separated. Before we part, give me a loving kiss?”

Cheng An Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze, his expressionless face made Yan Jing Ze a little worried. Cheng An Xiu, is he shy or angry?

As soon as he thought so, Cheng An Xiu leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

Yan Jing Ze: “!!!”

However, just after the kiss, Cheng An Xiu walked out without looking back.

It looks a bit like… he was fleeing.

Yan Jing Ze chased after him in a good mood.

Yan Jing Ze felt that Cheng An Xiu had fled but his younger brothers didn’t think so.

They saw Cheng An Xiu with a cold face and strode downstairs, they felt that Cheng An Xiu must be angry. Maybe he was angry with their boss.

If they were still in the first year of high school and didn’t know Cheng An Xiu’s background, they would definitely not be afraid of Cheng An Xiu, maybe they would even dare to stop Cheng An Xiu, but a few months ago, Cheng An Xiu’s ‘background’ had been exposed.

His parents are both famous and strict teachers in the school, his aunt is the dean, and his uncle is the vice-principal.

He has grown up under the care of almost all the teachers in the school!

Do they dare to stop him? Can they still not be afraid of him?!

Yan Jing Ze’s little brothers were so surprised that they didn’t even dare to ask a question.

Fortunately, at this time, Yan Jing Ze followed Cheng An Xiu and said, “Uncle Li. Uncle Li, you find the driver to take An Xiu home!”

“Yes, Master,” Uncle Li smiled and immediately went to make arrangements.

Uncle Li quickly took Cheng An Xiu away and at this time, Yan Jing Ze’s younger brothers also found that Yan Jing Ze was a little red.

“Boss, you… were beaten by Cheng An Xiu?” someone asked.

As soon as this person spoke, everyone else noticed Yan Jing Ze’s face, and someone said, “Cheng An Xiu is too much! How can he hit someone!”


“He didn’t hit anyone! I did it myself!” Yan Jing Ze explained.

Yan Jing Ze’s younger brother: “Boss, he told you to beat yourself?”

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

“Yan Jing Ze!”


At this moment, the big guy Pu Zhi suddenly called out Yan Jing Ze’s name: “You! What do you mean?”

Yan Jing Ze took a look at Pu Zhi and then took out a club membership card to his number one little brother Yu Liming: “Liming, you take them to the Diamond Age to play, all the expenses will be kept on my account.”
“Okay, boss.” Yu Liming took the card, took the group of younger brothers and younger brother’s girlfriends, and left with a hooray.

After these people were gone, Yan Jing Ze looked at Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang.

The faces of Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang were very ugly.

They had long discussed with Yan Jing Ze about what to do today, but now Yan Jing Ze’s performance is very wrong.

Previously, when Yan Jing Ze said that Cheng An Xiu smashed him with a cake, Yan Jing Ze’s younger brothers believed it, but they didn’t believe it.

Cheng An Xiu likes Yan Jing Ze and came here today to confess. In that case, why did he use a cake to hit Yan Jing Ze? There’s no way he would buy a cake and bring it all over the way, just to smash Yan Jing Ze, right?

And at that time, they could see clearly, Yan Jing Ze pushed the cake.

Not to mention that afterward, Yan Jing Ze made an excuse to take Cheng An Xiu away.

They couldn’t think of the reason why Yan Jing Ze did this and they were angry, and finally looked at Yan Jing Ze accusingly.

Yan Jing Ze did not speak.

The original owner of the body he traversed was a scumbag, but he really had nothing to say to Zhuang Gaohang. Not only that, Pu Zhi actually liked Zhuang Gaohang.

Both the original owner and Pu Zhi paid a lot for Zhuang Gaohang.

After Cheng An Xiu jumped off the building, Zhuang Gaohang went abroad to study, and the original owner followed. The original owner is responsible for all the expenses of Zhuang Gaohang abroad. If he encounters any troubles, the original owner will solve it.

However, Zhuang Gaohang has not confirmed the relationship with the original owner, but he will give the original owner a bit of sweetness and make the original owner see hope.

They stayed abroad for eight years before returning home.

The original owner’s parents had children before the original owner, and the child was lost before they gave birth to the original owner. When the original owner was born, they were almost forty.

When the original owner returns to China, their health is no longer well, so they want to put the company under the management of an agent and take the shares so they can spend their old days comfortably. They always felt that the original owner has no ability to manage the company.

However, the original owner, who knows nothing except spending money for fun, had to manage the company in order to show his competence in front of Zhuang Gaohang.

Forget about managing the company, he still invests drastically everywhere.

After being tossed by him for a few years, the company was bankrupt and he had a lot of debts.

The original owner had a very bad life at the time. He hoped that Zhuang Gaohang could help him. After all, he gave Zhuang Gaohang a lot of money and many things before the company went bankrupt. However, Zhuang Gaohang didn’t care about the original owner at all. He married the right girl for him and lived a wealthy life.

The old parents of the original owner died because they had no money to treat illnesses, and the original owner was forced into debt and became a beaten dog.

Finally, the original owner followed Cheng An Xiu and jumped off the building.

Yan Jing Ze has the memory of the original owner but does not have the feelings of the original owner. He does not love Zhuang Gaohang or hates Zhuang Gaohang. In fact, he thinks the original owner deserves to die.

But in his opinion, Zhuang Gaohang was very disgusting.

As for Pu Zhi, this man was played between the hands of Zhuang Gaohang, who was just like the original owner.

At this moment, Yan Jing Ze actually wanted to blast these two people out, but he couldn’t.

The love poems written by Cheng An Xiu are still in the hands of Zhuang Gaohang.

In the original historical trajectory, Zhuang Gaohang asked Pu Zhi to post the love poems that were not only signed by Cheng An Xiu, but also written “For Jing Ze” at the request of the original owner, in the school. He took photos of them and sent them to the class group chat.

These love poems are also one of the straws that overwhelm Cheng An Xiu.

Moreover, the original owner, this idiot, said something that shouldn’t be said when he was chatting online with these two friends on his mobile phone.

These things are best destroyed.

Yan Jing Ze kept silent, so Pu Zhi spoke first. He looked at Yan Jing Ze fiercely, with a bad tone: “Yan Jing Ze, did you smash the cake just now?”

“I smashed it,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Are you crazy? What do you want to do?!” Pu Zhi asked.

“I didn’t want to do anything. I just think it’s not good to tease people like this.” Yan Jing Ze said: “This matter, let’s stop here?”

“Damn it, Yan Jing Ze you forgot how he bullied Gao Hang?” Pu Zhi said.

Where did Cheng An Xiu bully Zhuang Gaohang? He just got good grades. Is it wrong?

In fact, Cheng An Xiu is an earnest student, at most, he was just born with a cold look.
Now many people in the school are afraid of Cheng An Xiu, in fact, it was just their own judgments.
The fact that Cheng An Xiu’s parents are both teachers was originally unknown in the school, and Cheng An Xiu did not say it. They accidentally announced it after they knew it. They also compiled some lies like Cheng An Xiu going to the teacher to complain about students.

Yan Jing Ze resisted and didn’t say this, just said: “He actually didn’t do anything. If we really did what we’ve planned before, how will he be after that? We will ruin a person’s life forever.”

“How could such a small matter ruin his life?” Pu Zhi said.

Yan Jing Ze hadn’t answered yet and Zhuang Gaohang suddenly said, “Yan Jing Ze, you don’t like Cheng An Xiu, do you?”

Zhuang Gaohang looked at Yan Jing Ze without a smile, his eyes a little cold.

“I like him quite a bit, Gao Hang. For the sake of my feelings for him, don’t target him…” Yan Jing Ze said.

Zhuang Gaohang’s face changed drastically: “Yan Jing Ze, you betrayed me…?”

Yan Jing Ze noticed Zhuang Gaohang’s expression and his heart jumped.

At this time, although the original owner liked Zhuang Gaohang but because Zhuang Gaohang always said that he should study hard and not fall in love while in high school, the original owner had not confessed, and Zhuang Gaohang also acted as if he did not know that the original owner liked him.

But in fact, Zhuang Gaohang knows this, right?

As soon as Yan Jing Ze realized this, Pu Zhi hit him with a punch: “Yan Jing Ze, you betrayed your brother for a man?”

Yan Jing Ze quickly avoided, but Pu Zhi followed him. The second punch hit Yan Jing Ze’s shoulder.

Although the original owner gathered a group of younger brothers and learned a little bit of fighting, he was far inferior to Pu Zhi, who was thrown into the barracks by his family since he was a child.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze couldn’t beat Pu Zhi at all.

But this is his home.

Yan Jing Ze turned around and ran, shouting, “Help! Brother Zhang! Help!”

The Yan couple arranged a bodyguard for Yan Jing Ze, but because Yan Jing Ze didn’t like it, the bodyguard did not stay beside Yan Jing Ze.
But now, Yan Jing Ze is calling for help…

A maid came out of the kitchen, and Uncle Li, who had sent away Cheng An Xiu, also came out. The bodyguard, Brother Zhang, who was originally on the second floor, jumped out of the stairs in twos.

Yan Jing Ze received two punches from Pu Zhi, and at this time, Pu Zhi was also controlled by Ren Zhang.

Brother Zhang, who was born as a veteran, was a tall man. It was very easy for him to deal with a sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy. He twisted Pu Zhi’s arm behind him and Pu Zhi could no longer move it.

“Yan Jing Ze, if you have guts then fight with me!” Pu Zhi yelled.

“I dare you to hit me now!” Yan Jing answered back.

He was still talking to Pu Zhi and suddenly rushed to Zhuang Gaohang’s side, and went to grab the mobile phone in Zhuang Gaohang’s pocket.

His fighting power was not as good as Pu Zhi but he surpassed Zhuang Gaohang, and he quickly grabbed Zhuang Gaohang’s mobile phone.

“Yan Jing Ze, what do you want to do?” Zhuang Gaohang glared at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze said: “Zhuang Gaohang, you return me the love poems written by Cheng An Xiu and I will return your phone to you.”

“Yan Jing Ze, you really want to fight me?” Zhuang Gaohang looked at Yan Jing Ze. He felt abnormal anger and there is another kind of inexplicable loss in his heart.

In the past, Yan Jing Ze put him first everywhere, but now… “You give me back the poems that Cheng An Xiu wrote to me.” Yan Jing Ze was very determined.

Zhuang Gaohang took a deep look at Yan Jing Ze, and finally said: “I didn’t take it with me, I want to go home to get it.”

Yan Jing Ze thought for a while, and finally said: “You go get it.”

Those poems were already given to Zhuang Gaohang, but Yan Jing Ze couldn’t guarantee that he would get it back, but he must find a way to get it… In addition, the messy chat records in Zhuang Gaohang and Pu Zhi’s smartphones should also be deleted.

He grabbed the phone for this.

Zhuang Gaohang turned away and left. When he was gone, Yan Jing Ze walked to Pu Zhi who was subdued by Brother Zhang, took out Pu Zhi’s phone, unlocked it with Pu Zhi’s fingerprint. He opened the chat history of their group and deleted them. After thinking about it, he uninstalled the chat software and restored Pu Zhi’s phone to the factory settings.

“Damn! Yan Jing Ze, you bastard!” Pu Zhi kept cursing.

Yan Jing Ze returned Pu Zhi’s phone to Pu Zhi: “Go.”

Pu Zhi grabbed the phone, glared at Brother Zhang, and left: “Yan Jing Ze, I’m not finished with you!”

Pu Zhi left. Zhuang Gaohang’s mobile phone cannot be opened since it has a password, so he can only wait for Zhuang Gaohang to return.

However, Zhuang Gaohang did not come back. Not only that, half an hour later, his mobile phone rang and Zhuang Gaohang sent some screenshots.

Zhuang Gaohang posted a screenshot of their chat history in their group chat, chatting about Cheng An Xiu.

They are almost all the original owner’s boastings, which is exactly what Yan Jing Ze wants to delete.

Clicking on the picture and looking at it, Yan Jing Ze almost vomited blood.

“Cheng An Xiu must love me to death. He sorted out the mathematics key points for the first semester and gave it to me. I saw that his eyes were red, and he probably didn’t sleep last night.”

“Cheng An Xiu gave me a piece of chocolate, damn, I don’t eat such sissy stuff!”

“I was sleeping in class today and Cheng An Xiu urged me to study. He promised me that as long as I listen to the class well, he will write love poems for me.”

The screenshots are basically words like that and pictures he took of Cheng An Xu’s key point notes or something.

Yan Jing Ze almost vomited blood.

He snatched Zhuang Gaohang’s mobile phone just to delete these records but he didn’t expect Zhuang Gaohang to take a screenshot and make a backup!

Yan Jing Ze immediately called Zhuang Gaohang: “Zhuang Gaohang, you delete all these screenshots!”

“Impossible,” Zhuang Gaohang said, “By the way, there is nothing in my phone, how do you like it?”

After speaking, Zhuang Gaohang hung up the phone.

Yan Jing Ze threw Zhuang Gaohang’s mobile phone on the ground.

Zhuang Gaohang looked honest on the surface but in fact, he was very resentful and envious. Yan Jing Ze was very clear that he might not return those things now.

Zhuang Gaohang should still use those things to do something.

Thinking about this, Yan Jing Ze immediately looked at the screenshots, thought about it, and took out his mobile phone to read the complete chat history.

After reading the entire chat history, Yan Jing Ze’s mood relaxed a little.

Although the original owner said a lot about him and Cheng An Xiu in the chat log and said how Cheng An Xiu pleased him, he did not insult Cheng An Xiu in the group.

After all, the original owner himself likes men. Seeing Cheng An Xiu please himself, the original owner will think of himself trying to please Zhuang Gaohang.

In addition, because Zhuang Gaohang was very careful, their “conspiracy” against Cheng An Xiu was never mentioned in the group.

In the group, Zhuang Gaohang didn’t even say bad things about Cheng An Xiu.

But thanks to this, when the original owner was in the group, he was very restrained in speaking.

In the eyes of the original owner, Zhuang Gaohang was a good-natured fellow and he was embarrassed to say those bad things in front of Zhuang Gaohang, he did not even cuss.

But even so, the original owner said something that shouldn’t be said in the group.

The original owner talked about him and Cheng An Xiu’s affairs in the group in every detail, mainly talking about how Cheng An Xiu liked him and such things, that’s all. The original owner also said: “I didn’t expect Cheng An Xiu to be so naive, I would never like him.”

“I don’t like his type.”

“Cheng An Xiu actually cooked for me! It’s terrible!”

These records from the original owner plus love poems written by Cheng An Xiu , they are proofs that Cheng An Xiu likes the original owner!

More importantly, what would Cheng An Xiu think if Cheng An Xiu were to see this?

Yan Jing Ze had already made people clean up his room. He paced back and forth in the room anxiously. After walking around, he took out his cellphone and called Cheng An Xiu.

Cheng An Xiu answered the phone soon.

“An Xiu!” Yan Jing Ze called out.

“What’s wrong?” Cheng An Xiu asked.

“An Xiu, I am a fool, I have something wrong, I am guilty…” Yan Jing Ze began to scold himself, the more he cursed, the more excited he was.

Cheng An Xiu: “…”

Cheng An Xiu was dumbfounded for a while before asking: “What’s the matter?”

“Zhuang Gaohang and the others wanted to bully you, and I fell out with them,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Cheng An Xiu’s voice was cold: “So you feel bad?”

“No.” Yan Jing Ze said: “An Xiu, I am a big idiot… An Xiu, they have opinions on you. When you agreed to be with me, I was a bit excited. I said a lot of nonsense in the group chat, saying how you like me. They might use those words to hurt you, An Xiu, you can scold me!”

Cheng An Xiu was still a little confused and then heard Yan Jing Ze said with great sorrow: “I’ll send you a screenshot, please don’t be angry, don’t break up with me.”

When Cheng An Xiu heard his boyfriend, who has always been so mischievous, wailing on the other side of the phone, he felt no anger at all. He actually wants to laugh a bit.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze had hung up the phone and sent some screenshots to Cheng An Xiu.

These screenshots were taken by Yan Jing Ze from his mobile phone. He took all the group names and other screenshots and chose those screenshots that were not too excessive.

So as soon as Cheng An Xiu turned on the phone, he saw the screenshot where Yan Jing Ze said: “Cheng An Xiu secretly watched me when he was in class just now.”

“I gave Cheng An Xiu breakfast today, and Cheng An Xiu was surprised that he couldn’t believe it!”

“Pu Zhi, let me tell you, whatever I ask Cheng An Xiu to do he will definitely do it.”

Cheng An Xiu: “…”

Cheng An Xiu really has the urge to scold Yan Jing Ze.

In fact, what Yan Jing Ze said were not bragging but facts. He really liked Yan Jing Ze and did those things, but Yan Jing Ze told others about these things!

Cheng An Xiu was angry and then he saw that Yan Jing Ze sent him another voice message.

He clicked on the voice message and Yan Jing Ze’s wailing came again: “An Xiu, you can beat me and scold me, but you must not break up with me, please.”


With this similar message, Yan Jing Ze still continued. Several voice mails were sent.

Cheng An Xiu couldn’t get angry anymore and finally couldn’t help laughing.

After pacifying Cheng An Xiu, Yan Jing Ze found his mobile phone and opened the photo of the love poem written by Cheng An Xiu, taken by the original owner.

The original owner gave those poems to Zhuang Gaohang but he had photos on his phone.

The biggest problem now is this love poem!

Cheng An Xiu’s characters are very distinctive and you can tell at a glance that it was written by him…

There are many things in this world that seems impossible to exist. But with these poems, it’s easy for anyone to see that the original owner and Cheng An Xiu really do have a relationship.
Can’t let people know that these poems were written by Cheng An Xiu!

Yan Jing Ze found paper and pen, printed out the photos, and took out the notes that Cheng An Xiu had arranged for the original owner. He then began to learn to copy Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting.

While studying…
Yan Jing Ze suddenly discovered that he turned out to be a genius!

The original owner of this body is very clever, but he is only at a moderately good level. But he is different, he has never forgotten a thing!

Before he crossed, he must be a genius!

With just his intelligence, he must still be a top student who is no worse than Cheng An Xiu.

Of course, this is not the time to think about this, now… he has to learn how to copy Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting!

Yan Jing Ze carefully looked at every word written by Cheng An Xiu and imprinted it in his mind…


After copying it a few times and writing it a few times, he could actually write a word similar to Cheng An Xiu’s!

Then he copied and practiced again. Finally, he can write words that are as good as Cheng An Xiu.

In addition, when the original owner asked Cheng An Xiu to write love poems, he rips off the paper from his own book and used it.

Yan Jing Ze took out that book and wrote ten of the love poems written by Cheng An Xiu in Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting. He wrote again.
Later, except for professionals, no one would be able to tell the difference between the love poems he wrote and the love poems written by Cheng An Xiu.

Even Cheng An Xiu himself should not be able to tell.

By this time, Yan Jing Ze had been practicing Chinese writing for ten hours, and it was already three or four in the morning.

Yan Jing Ze relaxed a bit and began to write something else on the paper using Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting.

“Yan Jing Ze is the most handsome person in the world! Ten thousand times more handsome than me, Cheng An Xiu!”

“Yan Jing Ze is the smartest person in the world! Ten thousand times smarter than me, Cheng An Xiu!”

“Yan Jing Ze, you are a snow mountain. The iciest, clear jade, snow lotus, the most beautiful and delicate rose in the garden…”

In short, it needs to be full of nonsense. He wrote with Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting and praised himself from head to toe.

Yan Jing Ze wrote more until he couldn’t compile it anymore. After thinking about it, he wrote: “I love to do questions. Doing questions makes me happy.”

“I want to marry a workbook as a wife.”

“The meaning of life is to answer questions!”

Of course, the signature must be written by Cheng An Xiu.

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