BH (QT) 40 – The Star (1)

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 Chapter Forty – The Star (1)

Here is a very spacious living room, with sofas and coffee tables on one side of the room, very cozy, with five people sitting on the sofas, and all kinds of filming equipment on the other side, and a dozen or so people tinkering with the equipment.

There’s filming going on here…no, there’s no filming going on right now, the real filming will start later.

    Because of this, the five people sitting on the sofa are all doing their own things.

    One of the petite-looking girls was studying the makeup on her face and complained dejectedly: “I have one eyelash that didn’t stick well…”

    Another very charming, bumpy woman was putting sunscreen on herself: “Don’t bother with your eyelashes. You’re going to shoot outdoors and put on some sunscreen!”

The other three are all men, of these three, one in his forties, looking a bit fierce, one looks less than 20 years old, he looks like the most popular flower boy among many people nowadays. Now both of them are playing mobile phones, and the last one…

He was a twenty-four or twenty-five-year-old, tall and handsome man, who was also the most famous of the five, Yan Jing Ze.

    Yan Jing Ze has suddenly become popular in the past two years.

    He was already twenty-three when he became popular. Compared to other small fresh meats, he was quite old, but he was still popular, very popular.

This is because he has an outstanding appearance, but also because he works hard enough, and in the past three years, he has been working almost non-stop. He participated in a lot of variety shows, and also made a lot of TV dramas, frequently appearing in front of the audience, and also created a sunny and cheerful, self-reliant persona, especially likeable.

    Probably because he usually worked too hard and the schedule was too tight, he leaned on the sofa and fell asleep.

    “Ji Cheng Xiu is here, everyone prepare to take a shot of him coming in.” At this moment, someone came in through the door and greeted the people in the room.

    The two girls quickly put on mascara and sunscreen. The two men who were playing with mobile phones also put their phones and sat upright. Among them, the cute boy who was less than twenty years old also said to Yan Jing Ze: “Yan Jing Ze, wake up.”

    Yan Jing Ze wakes up.

    When he woke up, he found that he had become the focus of countless people. Yan Jing Ze was shocked, but he did not lose his composure. He even seemed to be very accustomed to all of this. He smiled: “Sorry, I fell asleep.”

    Yan Jing Ze’s performance was impeccable, but in fact, his heart was pounding.

    All of this before him was completely foreign to him.

    He traversed!

    He doesn’t know who he is, and he has no memory of before traversing, but he knows that he has traversed, and looking at it now, he seems to be dressed as an actor, or someone engaged in acting?

    What is he going to do? He knows nothing about these!

    More importantly, he has no memory of the original owner!

    He has no idea what to do next!

    Yan Jing Ze felt that his head hurts a bit. Just as he didn’t know what to do, he heard a person wearing a peaked cap say: “That’s it, I count down to five, and we will start shooting, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Start!”

    Are they shooting already? What are they going to shoot?

    Yan Jing Ze jumped up in a hurry, but even if he was so anxious in his heart, he still maintained his smile.

    “Brother Yan, I love your role as the little prince the most.” The boy who is less than twenty years old sitting next to Yan Jing Ze smiled and looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Little prince is simply my male god!”

    Yan Jing Ze laughed: “Thank you for liking it…” What should he say? He doesn’t even know what the little prince is!

    Yan Jing Ze was tangled and the door was opened.

    Then, a man in his early thirties walked in.

    This is a handsome man full of masculine charm. His face is sharp and angular, and his skin is slightly dark, giving a sense of maturity and stability.

    As soon as he saw this person, Yan Jing Ze’s heart jumped.

    He fell in love at first sight.

    He knew why he crossed, it must be for this person!

    For a while, Yan Jing Ze forgot to worry about things that he couldn’t do.

    However, at this moment, his head was dizzy, and immediately afterwards, the memory of the original owner poured into his mind.

    Yan Jing Ze almost couldn’t maintain his smile—he turned out to be a scumbag!

    The original owner of this body has the same name as him, also called Yan Jing Ze, that is… is a scumbag through and through.

    The original owner was born in an ordinary working class family. His father derailed when he was very young and completely ignored his family. The original owner relied on his mother to raise him up.

    But he didn’t feel sorry for his mother. On the contrary, he made many demands on his mother, and he also felt that he would be rich in the future.

    Because he is very handsome.

    When the original owner was twelve or thirteen years old, he made up his mind to be a star in the future and firmly believed that he would be popular.

    Afraid of his black material being dug out after being popular, he cherishes his feathers very much and creates a very good image when he is outside, but he never has a good face to his mother.

    When the original owner was eighteen years old, he actually found a chance to enter the entertainment circle.

    However, how can the entertainment industry be so easy?

    In this world, there has never been a shortage of good-looking people!

    The agent of the original owner took the original owner everywhere, sent photos of the original owner everywhere, and passed the profile information everywhere. As soon as he heard that a crew was hiring, he would immediately go over there… But he couldn’t find any resources at all.

    People often don’t even look at the original owner’s profile.

    After two years of living like this, the original owner still didn’t mix up well.

    The original owner, who was still thinking of cherishing his feathers, was so anxious that he was even willing to find a golden master, but the point is, the golden master was not easy to find either.

    There are a lot of handsome and ambitious men, but not many rich women who are willing to ‘support’ them.

If he had some fame, people might be willing to pay a good price if they wanted to sleep with the little star, but the point is, he doesn’t have any fame at all!

    However, his requirements are still high. He is not happy to be given money for sleeping with the golden master. He wants his golden master to give him resources.

    Time passed by, he was already twenty-two, and his five-year contract with the company was about to expire, and he still has nothing. At this time, his company was also bought…

    He signed a contract with a very small company and it was already on the verge of bankruptcy. It was taken over by an established company.

    At this time, the original owner met Ji Cheng Xiu in the company.

Ji Cheng Xiu is one of the pillars of that long-established company. His parents were both famous actors in earlier years, and he himself started acting at an early age because his acting was so outstanding that he even won a movie star trophy at a young age.

It’s just that… Because he’s so low-key, he never participates in variety shows or anything like that, and although his work is there and people are familiar with him, he’s not very popular.

    In recent years, various traffic stars have come out one after another, and after they become popular one by one, no one pays attention to him anymore.

But even so, people like Ji Cheng Xiu who had a family history and had been in the circle for years were very well connected.

    The original owner was very jealous of Ji Cheng Xiu. He felt that Ji Cheng Xiu was too stupid. He obviously had so many resources and he couldn’t make good use of it… Jealous to the point that he even hated Ji Cheng Xiu a little bit, hating himself for not having a family lineage like Ji Cheng Xiu’s. He was obviously better than Ji Cheng Xiu in every way, but he didn’t have as many resources as Ji Cheng Xiu.

    But on the surface, he was still getting close to Ji Cheng Xiu by calling him “Senior”.

The original owner worked very hard in the company to be able to get resources, and don’t know if that’s why he got better treatment, Ji Cheng Xiu gave the original owner some opportunities.

    The original owner has seized it, but those so-called opportunities are all playing a small supporting role, which is not enough for the original owner… The original owner is not grateful, but hates Ji Cheng Xiu even more, thinking that Ji Cheng Xiu is giving alms to himself.

He was determined to surpass Ji Cheng Xiu.

    However, just when the original owner was thinking this way, he was stuffed with a room card and asked him to ‘serve’ Ji Cheng Xiu… It is said that it was because Ji Cheng Xiu looked at him more.

    Ji Cheng Xiu actually likes men? Because Ji Cheng Xiu looked at him a few more times, he was going to be sent to Ji Cheng Xiu’s bed?

    In fact, the original owner did not need to take that room card, and did not have to go to Ji Cheng Xiu’s room, even if he did… At that time, Ji Cheng Xiu was actually drunk and couldn’t do anything. The original owner could leave at any time if he wanted to.

    But he didn’t leave, he even felt that Ji Cheng Xiu was more disgusting, and he was happy to seize Ji Cheng Xiu’s handle.

    In the end, the original owner weighed the pros and cons, and felt that using this handle to threaten Ji Cheng Xiu might not be useful, and maybe it would be cleaned up by Ji Cheng Xiu… He stripped off both of their clothes and pretended to sleep with Ji Cheng Xiu.

    After Ji Cheng Xiu woke up, he felt very guilty, and told the original owner that this was not his original intention… The original owner naturally wanted to benefit from Ji Cheng Xiu.

    Ji Cheng Xiu gave him benefits, and he spared no expense to give, and even took the initiative to confess to the original owner that he wanted to be with the original owner.

    The original owner agreed to stay with Ji Cheng Xiu, and all the resources that Ji Cheng Xiu gave him were taken in. However, he hated Ji Cheng Xiu and was unwilling to get along with Ji Cheng Xiu, so he had to run around and avoid Ji Cheng Xiu under the pretext of working.

He also cited the fact that he was too badly injured the first time as a reason for not wanting to have intimate contact with Ji Cheng Xiu.

    After three years, the original owner became popular.

    After he became popular, the original owner began to plan to get rid of Ji Cheng Xiu, but he was afraid that Ji Cheng Xiu would trouble him afterwards…

    The original owner found Ji Cheng Xiu on a rare date, and had someone to take a photo of Ji Cheng Xiu kissing him, and only expose Ji Cheng Xiu’s face. He posted it on the Internet, and also found a navy to blacken Ji Cheng Xiu, saying that Ji Cheng Xiu is gay, and also has unspoken rules with newcomers.

    Immediately afterwards, he persuaded Ji Cheng Xiu to participate in the live reality show to clean his image.

    Ji Cheng Xiu has no sense of acting in variety shows at all. In the live broadcast, he is acting as his true self. Because he feels that the original owner is his boyfriend and wants to take care of the original owner, Ji Cheng Xiu rushes to grab whatever the original owner is doing.

    The original owner hinted to the audience that Ji Cheng Xiu wanted to grab the screen time.

    The original owner also purposefully interacted with another actor who participated in the live broadcast, doing this or that and eventually formed a CP. Ji Cheng Xiu became angry, and the original owner deliberately acted afraid.

    Therefore, in the eyes of the audience, Ji Cheng Xiu, who was infamous for having unspoken rules with newcomers, grabbed screen time in the live broadcast, showed his angry face at Yan Jing Ze, and even wanted to attack Yan Jing Ze, became a complete scumbag.

After all of this, the original owner still didn’t stop, he gave Ji Cheng Xiu something that shouldn’t be eaten…

    Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to think about it anymore.

Ji Cheng Xiu really didn’t do anything wrong to the original owner, but the original owner… He did things to Ji Cheng Xiu as if Ji Cheng Xiu had killed his parents!

    Thinking of this, Yan Jing Ze saw Ji Cheng Xiu look over, and showed a gentle smile at him where the camera couldn’t take pictures.

    Now they’re participating in the same live broadcast that eventually blackened Ji Cheng Xiu to the point where he doesn’t even know his mother.

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CP – Ship~ Couple~

This novel’s title should be changed into ‘I Suddenly Became a Scumbag One Day’ LOLOL

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