BH (QT) 45 – The Star (6)

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Chapter Forty-Five – The Star (6)

 Ji Cheng Xiu also couldn’t figure out what Yan Jing Ze wanted, so he thought about it and asked: “Dad, who is the person who bought the navy to hack me?” At that time, if there were only photos, they could buy them back or delete them. But there were still some paid netizens attacking him.

    “It’s also Yan Jing Ze,” Father Ji said.

    Ji Cheng Xiu was taken aback, a little overwhelmed.

    The navy hacked him, scolded him for having unspoken rules with newcomers.

    In Yan Jing Ze’s mind, they are together under unspoken rules?

But if that was the case, then why was Yan Jing Ze suddenly getting close to him now? Does he pity him?

    If he had learned this news before, Ji Cheng Xiu would have been able to understand the meaning of Yan Jing Ze, but now he can’t figure it out at all.

    “Yan Jing Ze has a deep mind. He exposed your photos before and found a navy to attack you. He should want to get rid of you, so you won’t be able to deal with him. I’m afraid that now that he’s getting close to you on Variety, he has other plans or want to lull you, so watch out,” Father Ji said, although Yan Jing Ze’s behavior was puzzling, but he felt that he had ill intentions for his son.

    He had seen Yan Jing Ze before. Although Yan Jing looked perfect, he always felt that this person was not as cheerful and generous as he showed.

    Ji Cheng Xiu didn’t want to talk about this: “Dad, someone was hacking Jing Ze recently, you can also check it for me.”

    Father Ji was silent for a moment before saying: “The navy that hacked Yan Jing Ze is the same as the one that hacked you before, the one who hired them should also be Yan Jing Ze.”

    Ji Cheng Xiu: “…”

    Father Ji said: “I don’t understand some of the things that are happening in the entertainment circle right now, but Yan Jing Ze might be deliberately abusing the fans, and when it’s over, he might put all the blame on you! Now Yan Jing Ze’s fans are attacking you.”

    Yan Jing Ze paid the navy to attack himself, although it was a bloody mess, it’s made all of his fans more unified.

These days, it’s not like there’s no such thing as self-hacking and pretending to be pitiful to hype things up… and for some fans, the people they follow cannot be wrong, the fault is on others, such as Ji Cheng Xiu.

    Now, although the navy doesn’t attack Ji Cheng Xiu anymore, many of Yan Jing Ze’s fans are actually attacking Ji Cheng Xiu.

    “He won’t.” Ji Cheng Xiu said, he didn’t believe Yan Jing Ze would do it.

    “How do you know that he won’t? He has never put you at ease in these years. I am afraid that he is acting for some purpose these days.” Father Ji said.

    “He didn’t act,” Ji Cheng Xiu paused before saying.

While Ji Cheng Xiu and Father Ji were on the phone, Yan Jing Ze also received a call from his agent.

    This is not the first time his agent has called him. A few days ago, the agent had called him and asked him why he did this on the show.

    Yan Jing Ze still replied like last time: “I know how to measure.”

    “You will not end well if you go on like this. Didn’t I let you break up with Ji Cheng Xiu?” The agent was dissatisfied.

    “I don’t want to break up,” Yan Jing Ze said.

    The agent’s voice suddenly became louder: “Yan Jing Ze, are you crazy?!”

    Yan Jing Ze hung up.

The original owner didn’t change agents. This agent has been following him since the original owner was a little nobody.

When the original owner was not popular, he always wanted the original owner to go find a gold master, but the original owner’s goal was ‘high’ and didn’t agree to be with those low-class gold masters. Later, he saw that Ji Cheng Xiu seemed to be interested in the original owner, he was the one who gave the room card to the original owner and asked the original owner to climb the bed.

    In the past few years, he even urged the original owner to please Ji Cheng Xiu, which made the original owner have greater opinions on Ji Cheng Xiu. Not long ago, he let the original owner break up with Ji Cheng Xiu.

Also, the original owner later became addicted to drugs, in fact, this agent has something to do with it. The original owner was a man with great ambitions, but this agent didn’t have great skills, so the original owner wanted to take advantage of the termination of his contract with the company and kick him out!

    Unfortunately, the person wasn’t stupid, and had already colluded with others beforehand to feed the original owner some drugs.

    After Yan Jing Ze hung up the phone, he casually blocked his agent, and then took the mobile phone and started to read some scripts stored in the mobile phone, as well as variety show projects.

    With such an identity as the original owner, many people will give him scripts. He wants to open a studio and wants to get rid of his own agent. He leaked some news to some friends and more people learned about this.

    These scripts, the original owner barely read them.

    In the original owner’s opinion, the script can be changed at any time. And who the director invests in these is the key, but Yan Jing Ze looked at these scripts one by one carefully.

    He has no previous memories, only the memory of the original owner. The original owner wanted to be a star and didn’t study hard, his grades were actually very poor. But Yan Jing Ze… He should be a genius?

    He never forgets.

    Thinking of this, Yan Jing Ze was a little happy, but thinking of the chaotic situation now, he became entangled again.

    When Yan Jing Ze was torn, his agent frowned and wanted to teach him a lesson.

But all he could do to teach Yan Jing Ze a lesson was to expose some of Yan Jing Ze’s black material on the internet… and now Yan Jing Ze has black material flying all over the place!

    What exactly does Yan Jing Ze want to do? He doesn’t want to work anymore?

    The people in Yan Jing Ze’s company are also confused right now.

  Yan Jing Ze wants to open his own studio. The company also knows about it and they are very generous and agreed to this matter. They only made one request, that is for Yan Jing Ze to take part in this variety show and promote Luo Cheng.

    Yan Jing Ze on the other hand, not only did not help promote Luo Cheng in the variety show, but also let himself be covered with black material.

    This is not the result they want at all!

    In fact, they didn’t want him to leave at all.

    Yan Jing Ze is the company’s cash cow!

    On the second day, the live broadcast continued.

    The host first carried out a simple and rude advertising placement and then asked the guests to hunt.

    Once the prey is caught, the guests can add meals—the program team is finally going to let the guests eat meat!

    As for what the prey is… the guests saw the chickens and ducks that were enclosed.

“All the prey here is free-range! The combat force is strong, so watch out!” the host said.

    “How weak should you be to be careful with chickens and ducks?” Ma Hong Xing sneered and went first to catch it.

    As a result, the free-range chickens and ducks have superior combat ability. Those chickens can fly with their wings and run very fast. As for the ducks, they not only run fast, but also dare to attack those who try to catch them.

    “We’re better off working together,” Yan Jing Ze proposed.

    The guests began to cooperate to catch chickens and ducks, no, hunting.

    Yan Jing Ze had never done anything like this before and didn’t know how to catch the prey. When he wasn’t paying attention, a duck came out and pecked at his face.

    Before Yan Jing Ze could react, Ji Cheng Xiu grabbed the duck by the neck.

    Knowing that the person who hacked himself on the Internet was Yan Jing Ze, Ji Cheng Xiu’s mood was particularly complicated, but seeing the duck about to peck Yan Jing Ze, he couldn’t help himself.

    He didn’t want to see Yan Jing Ze get hurt.

    “Teacher Ji, you are really good at it.” Yan Jing looked at Ji Chengxiu.

    “It’s just luck,” Ji Cheng Xiu said while looking at the duck in his hand. The poor duck was pinched by its neck and was struggling to death. When he saw such a duck, he felt like he saw himself.

    The duck didn’t know what he would encounter next, he didn’t know either.

    No one knows what Ji Cheng Xiu was thinking about. He took care of Yan Jing Ze as always and stewed ducks for everyone.

    Online, the navy has been persistently attacking people, and the effect is getting better and better.

    When the navy began to hack Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze’s fans helped Yan Jing Ze speak, and the two sides fought each other, but afterwards, Yan Jing Ze never gave any explanation. The interaction with Ji Cheng Xiu in the live broadcast didn’t decrease at all, many fans can’t stand it anymore and they have expressed their desire to quit.

    However, the fan-quitting event only lasted for two days.

    On the day the reality show ended, a gossip spread.

    A fan asked Yan Jing Ze’s agent why Yan Jing Ze would do this. It turns out that when Yan Jing Ze was still not popular, he had signed with Ji Cheng Xiu’s company, and Ji Cheng Xiu caught a handle and blackmailed him. He was forced to be with Ji Cheng Xiu.

    Yan Jing Ze even left Ji Cheng Xiu’s company because he did not want to be ‘raised’.

    As soon as the explanation came out, the fans believed it and commented like crazy. Yan Jing Ze’s agent also liked it.

    The fans suddenly became more emotional.

    Yan Jing Ze’s performance in the variety show was so strange!

    Their brother must have been threatened!

    For a time, fans stopped fighting with the navy, and instead scolded Ji Cheng Xiu.

But in just a few hours’ time, the topic of Ji Cheng Xiu being scolded became a hot search.

    At the same time, all the live broadcasts and recordings of the variety show have all ended.

    When the reality show was recorded, the guests didn’t have cell phones in their hands, but as soon as the filming was over, Yan Jing Ze and the others took their phones to check the news online.

    He has been scolded lately, and he is also very entangled. Fortunately, this matter will soon be over.

    However, before Yan Jing Ze had time to read the news, his agent came to him: “Yan Jing Ze, I want to talk to you.”

    Yan Jing Ze put away his phone and followed his agent to the tent he had been living in for the past few days, “What do you want to talk about?”

    “Yan Jing Ze, do you know what you did?” The agent looked ugly.

    “I know.” Yan Jing Ze was rather calm.

“Now you’ve got everyone cursing at you.” The agent said: “The media will come over later, you better explain it properly or your career will be ruined.”

    “I will.” Yan Jing Ze nodded.

    The agent lowered his voice: “I know you feel sorry for Ji Cheng Xiu, but you and Ji Cheng Xiu must not get involved! You can say that Ji Cheng Xiu has your handle, and you are forced to interact with him on the show… Even if Ji Cheng Xiu doesn’t act, he can do other things. If your career is ruined, there will be nothing.” The agent said a lot to Yan Jing.

    Yan Jing Ze had to admire the original owner. The original owner was too good at acting. Even in front of his agent, the original owner perfectly played a person who loves acting and is even willing to give everything for it.

    Of course, mainly because this agent is stupid.

    In short, at this time, the original owner’s agent had no idea that the original owner was already secretly dealing with Ji Cheng Xiu.

    He thought that Yan Jing Ze suddenly treated Ji Cheng Xiu so well because of guilt.

    “So, Ji Cheng Xiu is the one who gets destroyed, right?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

    “What are you worried about for Ji Cheng Xiu? That person has money and resources. Acting is just his hobby and hasn’t he gone as a director?” The agent continued.

    At this time, the other guests participating in the reality show had already got their mobile phones and read the news on the Internet.

    People on the Internet are now saying that Ji Cheng Xiu threatens Yan Jing Ze and persecutes Yan Jing Ze, and some people have dug up Ji Cheng Xiu’s background.

    Ji Cheng Xiu’s parents have shares in a certain film and television company and are actors of the older generation. He is obviously scandal-ridden, but he can still participate in reality shows…

    Although Yan Jing Ze is popular, his family background is ordinary, and his current achievements depends on his own hard work. It’s normal to be threatened by Ji Cheng Xiu!

    Just when Yan Jing Ze was not there, Ma Hong Xing said: “Tsk, Yan Jing Ze is playing well with this hand. He is just popular. Although there are many fans, but not stable enough. Now that he is so abused, those little girls sympathize with him and are willing to help him and willing to die for him. Now, he’ll be able to get rid of the previous black history completely.”

    In fact, this was a popular topic before. Everyone knew in their hearts, but they didn’t know who the person behind Yan Jing Ze was, but now they already knew, it was Ji Cheng Xiu.

    Of course, whether you can be popular depends on people. It depends on luck. Yan Jing Ze can be popular because of his excellent performance in variety shows. When he was shooting a network drama, that network drama has suddenly become so popular… Probably, in the beginning, neither Ji Cheng Xiu nor Yan Jing Ze himself expected Yan Jing Ze to be so popular.

    Ji Cheng Xiu didn’t speak but frowned at the message on his mobile phone.

    These days, Ma Hong Xing was angered by Yan Jing Ze, and Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu robbed his spotlight in the camera. Having held back of his anger, he continued to gloat: “Others told me that a lot of media came over, and it was Yan Jing Ze’s agent who brought them here…tsk!”

    Luo Cheng also smiled: “I said, how come Yan Jing Ze agreed to create a CP with me and then suddenly went back on his word.”

Yan Jing Ze had talked to Ji Cheng Xiu before. Is this a chance to get rid of Ji Cheng Xiu and get rid of him cleanly?

With Ji Cheng Xiu coercing Yan Jing Ze, even if Ji Cheng Xiu produces any more evidence of their love, no one will believe it.

    Both Jiang Qingqing and Hao Mei also sympathized with Ji Cheng Xiu. Ji Cheng Xiu is actually quite a good person, but it’s a pity…

    Ji Cheng Xiu never said a word, only glanced at Luo Cheng when Luo Cheng said that Yan Jing Ze had promised to create a CP with him.

    At this time, the media came.

Most of the press were brought in by Yan Jing Ze’s agent. Even if some of them wasn’t brought in by Yan Jing Ze’s agent, they still came here for Yan Jing Ze. And now they all crowded to the entrance of Yan Jing Ze’s tent, surrounding Yan Jing Ze who had just come out of it. “Yan Jing Ze, what do you think of the news on the Internet?”

    “Yan Jing Ze, what is the relationship between you and Ji Cheng Xiu?”

    “Yan Jing Ze…”

    Ji Cheng Xiu Looking at Yan Jing Ze from a distance.

If Yan Jing Ze wants to get rid of him, then there is no problem in breaking up with him.

It was just that Yan Jing Ze was really overthinking it, and actually if he wanted to break up, he didn’t need to make such a scene at all.

    Thinking of this, Ji Cheng Xiu heard Yan Jing Ze said: “Just be quiet and let me speak.”

    Yan Jing Ze asked for a microphone: “I’m aware of all the recent news on the internet, and I want to start by saying sorry to my fans for wrongly loving me. I know that many of you, are spending a lot of money for me, and I’ll be releasing a contact information so you can send me your bills and I can pay you back.”

    Yan Jing Ze said such a strange thing… he actually wants to pay the fans back? Everyone was a little confused, and then they heard Yan Jing Ze said: “I actually have something to say… my contract with the company is about to expire, and I plan to quit the entertainment industry when the contract expires.”

    Being a celebrity is too troublesome and it is easy to cause trouble!

    He is wrong!

    He might as well be an investor, investing in other people’s movies.

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