BH (QT) 104 – The President (4)

Chapter 104 – The President (4)


There was a sudden movement outside the door, Yu Ye rushed to the cat’s eye to look out.


When he looked, he saw a handsome young man who was at least 1.85 meters tall, looking at the reporters with a cold face.


When Jian Yunxiu bought the house, he had no money to renovate it. Fortunately, he had low requirements for decoration. It was enough to have a water supply and electricity, and just lay white tiles… In short, because they had no money, they did not replace the original door.


This door is not only ugly but also not very soundproof. As long as you stay by the door, the outside sound can be heard clearly.


Yu Ye then heard the young man shouting and chasing all those reporters away.


The reporters were actually unwilling to leave, but the man looked fierce. He rolled up his sleeves and wanted to hit someone… In the end, the reporters left.


Of course, Yu Ye felt that these reporters would leave not necessarily because the man was going to hit someone, but mostly because they recognized the watch on the man’s wrist.


That watch, you can’t get it without spending a few million!


And this man, even if he is fierce, he doesn’t look simple. In short, it is not someone who the reporters can offend… so, the reporters naturally left.


Anyway, Jian Yunxiu does not go out. Even if they stay squatting at the door, they can not get any news.


The reporters were driven away, but Yu Ye did not relax and continued to look out the door—he didn’t know this man, why did this man come?


As he was feeling curious, Yu Ye saw this man who was still fierce and vicious just now suddenly eased his expression. He rubbed his face and put a smile on his face, and straightened his clothes…


The young man who instantly turned into an elite-looking man then started knocking on the door, “Is Jian Yunxiu home?”


Yu Ye didn’t dare to respond and looked at Jian Yunxiu beside him.


The commotion outside actually drew Jian Yunxiu to the door, but Yu Ye was already looking out, so he did nothing but stand by.


Yu Ye lowered his voice and asked, “Yun Xiu, I don’t know that person… what should I do?”


Jian Yunxiu did not know and could only shake his head.


At this moment, the man outside said again: “Jian Yunxiu! Are you at home, Jian Yunxiu? I am your middle school classmate, Wang Shengchao.”


When Yu Ye heard this name, he was shocked, he knows this Wang Shengchao. Isn’t that the first love Jian Yunxiu had been looking for for a long time?


Unfortunately, he has not been found!


However, this person in front of him is really abominable, even pretending to be Wang Shengchao, trying to trick him into opening the door!


He had seen the picture of Wang Shengchao in Jian Yunxiu’s hand, and that Wang Shengchao was clearly a fat dark-skinned man!


Previously, someone used Wang Shengchao’s news to trick Jian Yunxiu into going to “Heaven on Earth”, and now someone else is trying to trick him into opening the door under the banner of Wang Shengchao.


Yu Ye was irritated for a while, but Jian Yunxiu suddenly came to the door and opened it directly.


“Yun Xiu, that’s not Wang Shengchao…” Yu Ye wanted to stop, but at this moment Jian Yunxiu’s strength was so extraordinarily strong and opened the door in a flash.


As soon as the door opened, they saw the tall man standing in the doorway, carrying a plastic bag.


Yu Ye felt sure that Jian Yunxiu was going to be sad again.


Jian Yunxiu usually doesn’t care much about anything, but he has always been obsessed with his first love. Sometimes, when he gets a message and fails to find him, he will be sad for a few days and worry that his first love is not doing well.


Yu Ye had already begun to figure out how to comfort Jian Yunxiu, and then saw Jian Yunxiu suddenly laugh. Smiling and laughing, he choked up: “You… how come you only came to see me now?”


Jian Yunxiu cried?


Yu Ye was shocked!


No matter how sad Jian Yunxiu used to be, he would just shut himself in the piano room and play the piano for hours on end. When did he ever cry?


But now, Jian Yunxiu speaks with a crying voice.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry ……” Yan Jing Ze kept apologizing, and his eyes were a little sore.


He came to the door of Jian Yunxiu’s house and saw reporters squatting in front of the door and felt a pang of discomfort.


These paparazzi are simply pervasive, no wonder Jian Yunxiu was forced to commit suicide in the end…


He drove the paparazzi away and then began to knock on the door, but no one responded, so he said the original owner’s original name.


That’s right, the original owner’s original name was Wang Shengchao.


The original owner’s coal-boss grandpa was surnamed Wang. When the original owner was born, he had just watched a movie called “Superman” that came in from abroad, and he gave his grandson this name.


This old man thought this name was particularly good but in fact… After the original owner changed his name, he never mentioned his original name to anyone.


Too crude…


Yan Jing Ze said the name and wanted to try it. He didn’t expect that the door opened just as soon as he said it.


Then he saw his little prince.


Jian Yunxiu smiled immediately when he saw him, the joy on his face could hardly be hidden.


This smile came straight at Yan Jing Ze, passed through his body and into his heart so that he too could not restrain the desire to laugh. But soon, there were tears in Jian Yunxiu’s eyes, asking him why he came only now.


Yan Jing Ze’s heart was clenched and torn in his chest.


Later, Jian Yunxiu wanted to commit suicide. How could he blame the reporters? The original owner should be blamed.


“I’m sorry, Yunxiu, I’m sorry…” said Yan Jing Ze, who wanted to hit himself again.


“I’ve been looking for you.” Jian Yunxiu looked straight at Yan Jing Ze.


Jian Yunxiu’s eyes were clear and straightforward, and underneath those eyes, they were full of love.


This is his prince, his angel, who still loves him, but is broken by him… Yan Jing Ze hates the original owner!


Yu Ye was stunned at this moment.


Isn’t Jian Yunxiu acting like a baby? Jian Yunxiu is actually acting like a baby?!


This is the sun coming out from the west!


However, although shocked, Yu Ye did not forget the business: “You two, don’t stay at the door, come in!” What if those reporters come back?


Jian Yunxiu likes men, this is not good news either!


Jian Yunxiu was stunned, only then did he let the door open but looked at Yan Jing Ze without blinking.


Yan Jing Ze entered the house quickly, closed the door, and saw Jian Yunxiu look like this. His heart felt even more uncomfortable: “Yun Xiu, I’m sorry, I should have come to you long ago… I’m sorry.”


Jian Yunxiu stretched out a finger and touched Yan Jing Ze’s face.


Those fingers are thin and long, not soft and white, but rather look very strong, a pair of hands belonging to a man, belonging to a pianist.


Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, thought how the hand looked good. He even turned his head sideways and kissed Jian Yunxiu’s fingertips accurately.


Jian Yunxiu immediately retracted his hand.


Yu Ye: “……” Isn’t this developing too fast?


He remembered that these two people have not met for more than ten years, right? How come it’s like the sky thunder hook the earth fire as soon as they met?!


Jian Yunxiu directly touched someone with his finger. How about this person, actually kissed Jian Yunxiu’s finger!


Yu Ye was all dumbfounded, while the two of them, Yan Jing Ze and Jian Yunxiu, were still staring at each other, completely ignoring him.


“Can you take off your coat?” Jian Yunxiu suddenly asked.


When Yan Jing Ze went out, he put on his best outfit especially. The suit on him was his most expensive suit.


But now he took off this suit without saying a word and threw it directly to the ground.


Then, Jian Yunxiu stepped forward and suddenly hugged him.


Yu Ye: “…” This progress is really too fast!


Yan Jing Ze was hugged and his whole body froze.


Jian Yunxiu asked him to take off his suit, he could guess the reason. It must have been Jian Yunxiu’s cleanliness addiction and felt that his suit was dirty.


But he did not expect that after he took off his suit, Jian Yunxiu would actually hug him.


Jian Yunxiu hugged him!


Yan Jing Ze wanted to hug Jian Yunxiu back, but Jian Yunxiu had already retreated.


There were still tears in Jian Yunxiu’s eyes, which were shining under the light. He looked at Yan Jing Ze with such shining eyes: “It’s true… Why did you leave suddenly back then? Have you been living well these years?”


“I have transferred schools. I have had a very good life these years, especially well. I’m sorry, I haven’t come to you…”


“Aren’t you here now?” Jian Yunxiu said, he smiled again, his eyebrows arched.


Wang Shengchao was always bullied at that time and then suddenly transferred to another school… He had been worried that this person was in some kind of trouble and even dreamed that something had happened to him… Now he was really too happy to see that this person was okay.


“Yes, I’m here and I’ll always be by your side. I won’t leave even if you drive me away in the future,” Yan Jing Ze solemnly swore.


He came for this person and he will stay with this person forever and ever.


“I will not drive you away,” Jian Yunxiu said seriously.


The two of them looked at each other again.


Yu Ye: “……” These two are endless!


And what they said is… really nauseating!


Yu Ye knew Jian Yunxiu very well.


Jian Yunxiu has a social disorder, he put most of his mind on music, so he is very simple and talks straightforwardly. In addition, he has always looked at Wang Shengchao as a lover… He spoke like this to Wang Shengchao, and even went up and hugged him, although it was shocking, it was also quite justified.


But this Wang Shengchao however, when Jian Yunxiu said those things, he received it all and even responded well? Still looking at Jian Yunxiu with so much affection?


Jian Yunxiu said clearly that they did not confess their love for each other back then, and once worried that this Wang Shengchao is straight, worried that he had long been married…


These two were just ordinary classmates before, but now this Wang Shengchao’s style is as if he and Jian Yunxiu had loved each other for a lifetime, but they were brutally separated and finally met.


There is one more thing that is also puzzling… Yu Ye began to emit the light of his own light bulb: “Well, Wang Shengchao, I have seen your previous photos. You look different from the one in the photo, ah…”


More than different, they are simply two people!


“Later, I lost weight, grew taller, and paid attention to sun protection,” Yan Jing Ze smiled towards Yu Ye.


At that time, the original owner stayed at home and was homeschooled for a year. He suddenly became fairer, taller, and also thinner… His change was a complete 180.


“You really changed a lot. No wonder Yunxiu couldn’t find you,” Yu Ye said.


“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.” Yan Jing Ze looked at Jian Yunxiu. He wanted to hold Jian Yunxiu’s hand, wanted to hug Jian Yunxiu, but afraid to make Jian Yunxiu feel uncomfortable, so he did not dare to move.


As a result, Jian Yunxiu held his hand: “It’s okay.”


Yan Jing Ze immediately cherished Jian Yunxiu’s hand back.


Holding this hand in his hand, he then had a feeling that his heart was filled.

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the sky thunder hook the earth fire – It means that when a volcano erupts, there will be lightning. The ancients summed it up as the sky thunder and the ground fire. When two people are very much in love, the relationship develops rapidly.

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