Chapter 1 – Lord Demon King!


“Your Majesty, Demon King! Your Majesty, Demon King!”


The noise rang in his ears.


” Your Majesty, Demon King! Wake up, Your Majesty, Demon King!”


The voice was getting louder and louder, and Hill felt that the voice was about to burrow into his head, with a splitting headache.


The voice was full of urgency and Hill was a little touched between the confusion. Is this concern for him?


“Your Majesty, Demon King, you cannot die, ah. If you die, what are we going to do, ah. Who will pay off the money for the demon world if you die, ah.”


……eh? What is the situation? Hill has actually regained consciousness, but hearing this, he dismissed the idea of opening his eyes immediately, intending to continue to pretend to be unconscious to hear the rest.


“It looks like His Majesty, Demon King, may not be able to wake up.”


“Then what shall we do?”


“Speaking of which, the corpse of a high-ranking demon can be exchanged for 1,000 gold coins. Wouldn’t we be able to repay the demon world’s first compensation by decomposing the Demon King’s corpse and selling it?”


Hill: …where is this Demon King? How could he be so miserable?


Hill: Wait, oh shit. Such a miserable Demon King seems to be himself.


So, can he still not wake up?


“Since His Majesty, Demon King, hasn’t woken up yet, let’s do it!”







Hesitating a bit. He opened his eyes.


Hill immediately opened his eyes.


What greeted him is a black ceiling with oil paintings on it, but it is different from the usual paintings of the acclaimed gods. All of them are strange-shaped demons, and the demon at the center is particularly terrifying, with blood-colored eyes and an enlarged mouth with dense fangs. From the bed, it looks like his open mouth will swallow the whole room in the next second.


What is this… Hill’s brain is still a little confused. He sat up, he was in a round bed surrounded by a circle of… er… strange creatures.


Any normal person would have been shocked, and Hill was no exception, his expression changed immediately.


Where the hell is this? And who was that Demon King they were talking about before? What did they mean by paying off? Where is this? It’s not kidnapping, right… His head hurts so bad.


Is this him… crossing over?


But what he doesn’t know is that in the eyes of the demons around him, this is not the case.


The demons around saw their noble and terrifying Demon King suddenly opened his eyes on the bed, his scarlet pupils were like solidified blood, and then he first stared at the murals of the Demon Lords on the dome, his gaze had an ethereal mist. After that, he got up and swept the room with majesty, his gaze was like the terrible light emanating from the fires of the demon world, raking over everyone’s face, even the old high priest he had always been in awe of (actually, in fact, Hill didn’t know anyone, so he just looked at them one by one).


But at this moment, it was this simple action that caused the dissension of the surrounding demons to disappear immediately.


Their Demon King looks really different from before and is more fearless and stronger.


And he was actually trembling – their Demon King was actually trembling from rage at this moment! Did he hear what they just said? Or was it because of the previous…


Most of the demons were horrified, they certainly knew what the wrath of the Demon Lord meant.


The river of the demon world, since the reign of this Demon King, it has always been bloody.


Of course, Hill didn’t know what these demons had made up in their minds, he was actually trembling with fright at the moment.


This is definitely not the original world! This is definitely not the original world!


This sentence rolled back and forth in his brain several times.


He saw the candles inlaid on the wall, he heard the hoarse calls of unknown birds outside, there were firewoods crackling in the fireplace, the windows over there were covered with gray-green vines, and the moonlight coming in from the window is red.


This is not some kind of a realistic game, this is another world, and he has transmigrated.


He really wore this miserable Demon King who almost died and was sold to pay off his debts!


The word ‘transmigration’ is no longer unfamiliar to modern people. From fictional novels to movie GVs flying around (wait for something strange to mix in) add all various explanations to transmigration.


When he was a child, Hill also played the role of a YY protagonist. Crossing over and obtaining a special physique, causing all kinds of younger brothers to fall down and worship him, and then picking up a ring. A grandpa teaching him the secret technique from a hundred years ago and then knocking over the opponents, the villain elders sucking a breath of cold air saying: “This child must not stay here!” Then the villain elders will pit him, and he will scream, “Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi. Do! Not! Bully! The Young! And Weak!” Finally, he will fight all the way and beat them. After the villain elders, bigger villain elders will appear, and the bigger villain elders will have a bigger background and then will be overthrown by him, etc., And finally embrace the beauty… It is also a very thrilling life.


Even if it’s not this kind of Upgrade Stream background, the beginning of the Invincible Pretend Stream ‘Crossing Over as the Big Boss’ can still be possible, ah!


Hill remembered that before he fell into a coma, he downloaded an infrastructure game called “Sand Sculpture Demon King, Online Farming” on his phone. After the download was successful, he opened it, and it took a long time to initialize. He threw the phone aside and started to wash up, and when he returned from washing up, the initialization just ended. He took the phone to the bed and then fainted.


Once he opened his eyes again, it was here.


Right now, he did become a Demon King right from the start but listening to the chatter of these subordinates, it was a hellish start, ah.


So, what should he do?


At this time, he found that he was still pinching this thing in his hand, and looking down, it was a familiar mobile phone.

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My side project, yey~! This is shonen-ai and mostly about kingdom building and ‘corrupting’ the minds of humans using anime, novels, games, etc. LOL What I like about this is the introduction of different cultures. Unlike in most Cnovels where they focus more on China, this one introduces popular anime and Disney shows~ I can relate so I’m a happy reader~ d(*U*)b

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