Chapter 18 – A better way of cooperation

Lord Demon King didn’t do anything.

Lord Demon King just wanted to dig the foot of the wall.

Hill thought so casually in his heart, he shrugged a little, and then glanced at Irvine: “It’s too out of character.”

Irvine hurriedly collected his posture, “Sorry, I was too rude, Lord Demon King.”

“It’s not…” Hill said. “The way you breathed fire just now reminded me of a recipe. Maybe we can try it next time.”

Irvine: ? ? ?

Spike, the envoy of the Dark Church, who met the transmigrated Demon King for the first time: ? ? ?

The group continued to explore (or at least explore for Hill) the desert as originally planned. After passing through the yellow sand, they reached the relatively hard land, but it was still in the category of desert. Perhaps this place could be called the wilderness.

Here, Hill discovered the Demon Village.

The sky of this wilderness is shrouded in clouds and haze all day long, and the night is brighter than during the day—because the stars in the lower realm are always quite bright, and only in the middle of the night, the starlight will shine through the thick clouds a little. Like most parts of the lower realm, the main building here is made of wood, but the roof is made of straw… ‘Eh, let’s call it straw,’ Hill thought.

“The houses here are pretty low,” Hill said.

Beside him, Irvine said with great experience: “Because there are often hurricanes sweeping the entire wasteland here, which will blow everything down, so the civilians here built very low houses.”

Hill said “Oh” and did not say anything.

He remembered that the demon books he had read in the study had “solidification” engravings, maybe he could use this magic method. Then he searched for wind-resistant housing structures on the Internet and wondered how to renovate the houses here in batches, this scientific method.

Hill secretly wrote it down.

At this time, the village chief came out. He was a ghost. He bowed down in fear and asked the Lord Demon King what instructions he had.

Hill waved his hand: “Don’t be nervous, I just want to look around.” He really looked around casually.

Hill walked into one of the houses and found that it was extremely empty, stone beds with shabby bedding on it, but there was a huge basement below, which he guessed might be used for wind protection. The furniture was nailed to the wall or the stone floor. Hill understood—the ceiling of the room here could be overturned at any time.

The resident in the house shrank in the corner, shaking with fright.

After looking around, Hill asked Monroe next to him casually: “Is this situation common among your humans? Speaking of which, I remember you belonged to the Fussen Empire?”

Monroe was silent for a while and replied: “In the Fussen Empire, there are many such situations.”

“Fussen Empire, isn’t it the birthplace of art? It’s so famous and it’s also a small country, it stands to reason that they should all be rich,” Hill continued to ask.

“…precisely because they pay too much attention to art, so they neglect the others,” Monroe said, his voice a little low.

“Oh. After all, for ordinary people, it’s already hard to live, how can they still talk about art.” Hill nodded. “I can totally imagine the king using the relief money from somewhere to build an extra library.”

Monroe twitched the corners of his mouth, Hill guessed it correctly. There had been such things, but it was not the library, but the theater.

Based on the conversations with Monroe these days, Hill also understood the general situation of the continent. The nobles are rich everywhere, and the poor are poor everywhere, but the Oitin Empire is relatively the poorest—because the Church of Light is mainly there to spread faith. In addition to that, Monroe didn’t know much about Milheim, the ice empire in the north, so Hill didn’t get a word out.

By the way, Hill feels that his ability to use the word soul magic has become stronger these days.

In conversation with the village chief, Hill learned that the main inhabitants of the village are ghosts and werewolves among the orcs and some goblins and that there are quite a few demon creatures nearby, mainly demon wolves.

Irvine felt something ominous when he heard the Demon King Hill immediately asked, “Have you eaten that?” Wouldn’t it be rude to eat wolf meat in front of a werewolf? But he thinks too much, the werewolves eat wolf meat without any problems, and by the way, if necessary, they will even eat the corpses of their own kind.

But later, when Hill was promoting milk, he received unanimous protests from the tauren. The Tauren Chief said that he supports the Lord Demon King, but the Lord Demon King was really a bit rude to the Tauren. Hill felt a subtle embarrassment, and finally convinced the tauren—the method of persuasion was to bring them some homemade fruit-flavored milk and yogurt.

That, of course, was an afterthought.

The current situation is that after Hill became curious about the magic wolf meat, this dinner was arranged.

The first thing they did was braise the wolf meat in brown sauce, which, of course, was provided by Hill, and Irvine was in charge of it. Cut the wolf meat into pieces, fill the pot with water, put some herbs, then boil the wolf meat for a while, then add the broth, salt, various spices for removing the meat’s metallic smell, pepper, and some sugar… Mix these things directly with wolf meat and cook, and finally stir-fry to reduce the juice. When it came out of the pot, it smelled delicious and the fat glistened with an attractive shine.

The village chief next to him already looked dumbfounded, never thought that the unpalatable wolf meat could be made so tempting.

This method is not very useful to them, because they don’t have those spices. These spices are relatively precious in both the human realm and the lower realm. But the lower realm itself has some herbs that can be used, Hill thought while eating a piece of wolf meat.

It is said that wolf meat is not tasty, but obviously, the demon wolf is not the same as the ordinary wolf. After adding those spices, it has an indescribable aroma, the taste is quite good. It is fragrant and delicious, with a typical roasted flavor.

In addition to this, Hill also let Irvine stew a pot of dishes, the main ingredient is wolf meat, with some other edible food next to the village, plus some mushrooms. This kind of stew has meat and vegetables in it, topped with a very fragrant sauce. After being boiled for a while, the stew will bring the steam and aroma. The soup is thick and delicious, plus the tasty ingredients, it’s quite appetizing.

But Hill only ate a few bites and then put it down, Irvine asked him what’s wrong with fear and anxiety. Hill lamented: “Behind the vermilion gates, meat and wine go to waste while out on the road lie the bones of the frozen. Do not eat, go back, continue the main task.”

On the way back, Hill learned from Irvine that there are many demons in such small villages, or more like, most demon civilians live in such places. Some demons basically don’t need to eat, they won’t starve to death, but their strength can’t be improved if they don’t eat.

“Actually, it was originally better…” Irvine said, “but after the compensation, it got worse and worse.”

Hill nodded and didn’t say anything. He glanced at Monroe without any emotion. This look made Monroe’s heart twitch, he didn’t know what this Demon King was thinking again.


At this time, in the upper-class society of Magnolia City in the Magnolia Empire, many people found that some ladies and young ladies seemed to have a new focus. In some banquets, they often saw them gathered in groups, sometimes hearing the words “siren”, “human prince”, and “princess” floating out. Some curious people asked and got the answer of “movie, a brand-new art form”.

“Elena, you still have three more chances to watch it, that’s great, please, I want to watch it too…”

“Hey, that projection stone only has a total of five chances, it’s really abominable.”

“I want to strangle my brother, he wasted two chances for me!”

“What? This is too much!”

Yes, it was Olivia Jackson who said this.

She was originally rejected by the aristocratic circle, but she was accepted by many people all because of “Daughter of the Sea”, because she generously released the movie in an internal party yesterday.

The current situation now reveals Hill’s strategy, hunger marketing.

Soon, the upper-class idlers knew about “Daughter of the Sea” and the movie, but the projection stone was only distributed in small quantities and there were only five chances to see it. So many people wanted to go and see it, but had no way to do so.

Olivia’s friend, Eri Dalle, returned home. The first thing she did was to enter the bedroom and open the box in the bedside table. The projection stone was lying quietly in it. She looked at the projection stone with an unpredictable expression.

Unlike those ladies and young ladies, Eri Dalle was a very thoughtful woman. When she returned home after watching “Daughter of the Sea”, she found that someone had also sent her a projection stone, and while she sent someone to inquire about the source of the projection stone, she held back from touching it. She felt that the projection stone should be able to bring greater benefits, if it could be mass-produced, if it could be sold…

Eri Dalle naturally didn’t know that her idea was the prototype of piracy in another world.

At this moment, a man’s voice came from outside the window:

“Very good idea, Ms. Dalle, but I have a better way of cooperation here. Would you be interested in hearing about it?”

Eri Dalle turned her head, looked out the window in astonishment, and then blurted out: “Prince Grimhearted?”

The Death Knight Goldnia’s mouth twitched.

What is this… Lord Demon King, the power of the movie is so great?

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Digging the foot of the wall – it’s like recruiting the ace player of the other team to make their whole team collapse

Behind the vermilion gates, meat and wine go to waste, while out on the road lie the bones of the frozen. – While the rich people wine and dine, the poor people die of cold by the roadside.

It’s been a while~ (๑>◡<๑)

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