Chapter 42 – They are not simple people

After Monroe became a death knight and possessed exponentially multiplied power, some of the other paladins were also a little bit more excited.

“If you want to stay in the lower realm, just stay,” Monroe said to them.

At this time, they were walking between the sixth realm (volcano area) and the seventh realm (blood pool area) of the lower realm. Facing such a Monroe, the paladins were undoubtedly curious and terrified.

There was a huge rift in this land. There used to be a village here that was abandoned because of the rift. There are still some broken walls beside the rift, which looks quite desolate. There was a crimson light under the rift, and the red wind gushed out from the abyss of the rift to fill the sky, forming an exceptionally magnificent landscape. The wind blew up the boulders and some unlucky animals that occasionally strayed inside. There are many slimes living below the rift, and their color is different from the others, showing a light red. In some places further down live fire elemental spirits, where Irvine was born.

“I really want to stay in the lower realm. I don’t have much nostalgia for the human realm… but I don’t know what I can do in the lower realm. Do I also need to be a death knight?” a paladin asked.

“Since we came here, Hill has always tempted us to join, if you intend to stay then he must have his own arrangements.” Monroe said lightly, “but you are different from me, you have a place in the human realm.”

Teresa has been silent from the beginning. After hearing Monroe say this, he said: “Captain.”

Monroe looked at him, and his dark red eyes made Teresa’s heart jolt. In fact, Teresa has thought about what Monroe would do after he became a death knight. For example, when he called him Captain, he would say “Don’t call me that, I’m not your captain anymore”, or simply cut off all ties of being human and unrecognize his six relatives… These, Teresa felt that it was possible. But he didn’t expect Monroe to talk to them in the same way as before after his appearance and momentum have changed.

This is supposed to be impossible… to become a demon, the change in appearance is only the least significant change, the most significant thing is the change in the soul. This is not a fairy tale, it is not the kind of story where even though I became a demon, my heart is still kind and will let you go at the last minute.

Teresa Shelley’s face changed several times, and his mind was confused.

“Speak,” Monroe said.

“Captain,” Teresa called out again, his voice a little dry, “I…”

“What you think is also right,” Monroe interrupted him. He cast his gaze on the abyss blowing the hurricane upwards, but Teresa felt that his eyes were deeper than the abyss. “You feel the fear too. It should be.”

Teresa was stunned. Did Monroe see through his thoughts… Is it a unique talent of the demons?

“It’s not unique to the demons,” Monroe said Teresa’s heart again. He said lightly: “I could see the thoughts of various people before, but out of human morality and etiquette, I wouldn’t point it out.”

The implication of his words is very obvious. I used to give face to those people including you, but now I don’t have to.

Teresa suddenly felt hot on his face, and he lowered his head.

“Humans have always had a lot of despicable things, you don’t need to blame yourself.” Monroe seemed to smile, they had already moved closer to the rift. From the beginning to the end of the conversation, his tone was light, as if he was talking about “what’s for dinner tonight” rather than such a perceptive topic, “Of course, I used to be the same way.”

“What about you now?” Teresa almost blurted out.

After he said this, the surrounding paladins were silent, a few looked at Teresa worriedly, and the rest looked at Monroe.


Monroe repeated slowly.

Then he smiled, not that kind of light smile, but a real smile.

His red eyes suddenly darkened, turning black like ink, and the black was still rolling and surging, as if a thick black mist condensed in his eyes.

Teresa felt as if his throat was pinched by something, making it hard to breathe.

Then he heard Monroe’s next sentence:

“…I am much more despicable and greedy now than before.”

Teresa felt a sudden desire to retch. This was not directed at Monroe’s words, but the malicious and dark breath that Monroe exuded eroded Teresa’s body and spirit, making him feel sick from the bottom of his heart.

Fortunately, Monroe quickly returned to that light appearance, but then all the paladins did not dare to raise the issue of crossing the line to him. Ten of the paladins in this group wanted to stay in the lower realm, and three wanted to go back.

Monroe nodded, “I see.” Then he glanced at the crowd, “You should know that it’s not casual talk now.”

His gaze without much emotion once again sent a jolt through the crowd’s hearts.

“I know,” a more lively paladin said quickly, he was willing to stay.

“Well, you go back first, Teresa and I have something to say,” Monroe continued.

The paladins were ordered to go, and Teresa stayed stiffly, and frankly, he was now more afraid of Monroe.

After the others left, Monroe said straightforwardly: “They can stay, but you have to go to the human world.”

“Why?” Teresa blurted out.

“Your father is still alive.” Monroe said, “So you have the possibility of betraying Hill in the future.”

Teresa was stunned. Then… a new thought came into his mind, one that was a little hard to believe for himself, but he felt that it might also be true, “Besides that, there’s the fact that you resent my father…”

“Of course, there is resentment,” Monroe said.

Teresa was silent.

“Not to mention the fact that he slaughtered many villagers, but the incident in which he told me in the past that the Mortonians were indeed demons – I respected him, and I thought that he could not possibly lie to me again in that situation, so I trusted him,” Monroe still said in the same light tone as before, “But I also knew that it wasn’t him I really should hate.”

Teresa didn’t know what to say. He clenched his fists, released them, and clenched them again. “Captain.” He called again in a dry voice, “What can I do for you?”

“Go back to the human world.” Monroe said, “You need to improve your position in the church. Hill needs an inside contact.”

“…Okay,” Teresa said softly.

By this point, Monroe’s squad had all gone their separate ways.


Hill crouched on the table and groaned, “The fresh death knight who just came out of the oven eloped directly with his old friends. Where is the hottest Monroe? Where is the hottest death knight? Did he run away?”

Goldnia, who was next to him, was full of desire to vomit, “My King, some of your words seem rather inelegant.”

The Dark Elf Albrecht was filled with indignation: “It’s too much! My King, allow me to assassinate them all! And I heard that he touched your throat! I haven’t even touched it yet!”

Goldnia said objectively: “I doubt you can beat him… And the latter is your real point, isn’t it, Al?”

Albrecht was shocked: “Even you can’t beat him?” He readily ignored the second half of the death knight’s sentence.

Goldnia recalled the scene when Monroe had just transformed and nodded: “I’m no match for him, his original physical quality, as well as the ritual at the time of conversion, are the best objective conditions among the death knights of all time.”

This is, after all, Hill had Monroe lie down on the altar under the Demon King’s Blackrock Tower to perform the ceremony.

“And he received enough mental stimulation in the last step,” Goldnia continued.

“What irritated him?” Albrecht asked.

Goldnia replied: “My King said that it was all My King’s design for him to become a demon and that everything was a lie from My King.”

Albrecht suddenly realized, “So that’s how it is.”

Hill was very pleased to look at such a dark elf. He thought about how Albrecht had finally thought reliably for once, and then he heard the latter say: “He was so moved and excited because My King valued him so much, so he received a strong enough mental stimulation?”

Goldnia opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

He thought he was a demon king fanatic, but compared with this dark elf, he really doesn’t count as much…

Although Hill has become accustomed to Albrecht’s various gestures to praise him, Albrecht’s sudden sentence still makes Hill feel ashamed…

Goldnia froze for a while, and then said: “…In short, Monroe is very strong now, but if the goal is to kill, few people in the lower realm can escape Al’s assassination.”

Defeating and killing are two concepts.

Albrecht does have the strength to kill almost any demon… Of course, the price paid is also terrible, terrifying to the point where Hill is terrified.

The elves can actually be spiritually linked, which is similar to the Protoss in StarCraft, and they can also transmit spiritual power in a certain space. It means that if the dark elves decide to kill a human/demon with the power of the whole clan, they can send the best assassin to assassinate, and then transmit all the spiritual power of the whole clan to him when the assassin wields the weapon, so that the target will definitely die, and the consequence may be that the whole clan will explode itself together.

Theoretically, the Dark Elves are the most likely to kill the king.

The demon kings of all generations know this, so they focus on cultivating the loyalty of the dark elves, and each generation of the five elders will have a well-trained dark elf (usually the son of the patriarch)-the demon king will bring him to his side to raise him. When he reaches adulthood, he will be given the status of one of the five elders.

The five elders generally do not serve as patriarchs, but they will be the closest people to the patriarch.

From generation to generation, the Demon King relied on this to consolidate his position.

This is also the reason why Albrecht is such an idiot… Hill also learned this later.

They are not simple people ah, Hill thought.

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