Chapter 04 – The Tsunami is Coming!

At this time, 0329 did not know that this act of it saved the whole city. Because the tsunami was about to come, the tsunami would break through the high voltage electricity and then electrocute all life in the water in an instant.

0329 was still curled up in his own ball.

When it felt that the host was coming towards itself step by step, 0329 became even more agitated.

It actually didn’t want to eat that much, but it couldn’t control it.

But 0329 didn’t know how to explain it.

Xi Xun came in front of the shivering little white ball and looked down at it expressionlessly.

The atmosphere was a little stagnant for a while.

After about five minutes, 0329 quietly poked out its head and glanced at the host. Then it crashed into the host’s bottomless eyes, unable to see clearly what emotions it was.


Just when 0329 was trying to explain, its eyes suddenly changed.

There was a loud rumbling sound from outside.

This was the tsunami coming.

0329 quickly reminded: “Host, run!” Its senior brother told it that human beings are very fragile, and a tsunami can kill human beings, so it was very anxious.

But Xi Xun didn’t respond, his expression was indifferent.

0329 thought that the host didn’t hear clearly, and when it felt the sound of water outside and noisy screams getting louder, it suddenly flashed white.

0329 turned into a human form.

The human form of 0329 had handsome short silver hair, cold features, and a very heroic look. It’s just that its expression was too cold, both its expression and its eyes were extremely cold, and it held a law enforcement sword in its hand.

It stood in front of the host, there were no pupils in the ice-blue eyes, just all blue pale light.

Those eyes were emitting a cold glow of light.

The glass that was about to be shattered by the tsunami in the next second was instantly reinforced. Even if the impulse of the sea water did not break through, there was still some sea water seeping in.

But these things, 0329 had no way.

After reinforcing 89%, 0329’s body couldn’t hold on. Its body flickered, and in the end, it turned into a small ball and fell heavily to the ground.

“Ow, my butt!” 0329 shouted in pain.

This scream pulled Xi Xun’s mind back.

0329 rubbed itself, then quickly pulled the host’s trousers, and persuaded: “Host! Although it’s safe now, the water will flood this place in a while, so let’s go upstairs.”

Just now, Xi Xun watched 0329 go down slightly.

Looking at the small system at his feet, Xi Xun didn’t know what he was thinking, but he finally responded.

0329 quickly followed the host up.

In fact, when 0329 arrived on the second floor, it felt a little unsafe. Fortunately, the bedroom on the second floor of the host was connected to a terrace, and if the sea water came again, it could take the host and run from there.

However, 0329 still checked the surrounding security to rest assured.

At this time, Xi Xun was half lying on the bed, looking at the small system that was busy back and forth nailing the windows and observing the water below, and said, “Was that your human form just now?”

Seeing that the host was willing to take the initiative to talk to itself, 0329 was very happy. It hurriedly ran over, nodded frantically to the host, and said, “Hmm! Yes, that’s right!”

But after thinking of something it cautiously said, “I didn’t scare the host just now, did I?”


Only then did 0329 breathe a sigh of relief, and said: “That’s good.” It was really afraid that it would scare the host and make the host even more afraid of itself. The host was already very dissatisfied with it.

Xi Xun turned his head sideways and bent his legs to look at the small system beside him.

0329 didn’t why.

It stayed there obediently, looking at the host quietly.

It was dark because there was no electricity, but the system was bright, acting like a small light bulb.

Probably because he was tired from watching, Xi Xun slowly closed his eyes.

0329 blinked blankly.

After a while, Xi Xun closed his eyes and said indifferently, “Shake the fan.”

“What?” 0329 was confused.

“It’s hot, fan me.”

Only then did 0329 realize something, it quickly found a small fan to fan the host. While fanning the wind, he said cautiously: “Host, is this okay?”


“Host, I can fan you every day, can you make a contract with me? This way, I can temporarily have a little energy to live for a while. Don’t worry, I don’t eat much, I just eat a small steamed bun every day.”

“A steamed bun is not much?” Xi Xun asked.

For a moment, 0329 hesitated and said, “Then, is it okay if I eat half a steamed bun?”

Xi Xun didn’t answer.

After waiting for half an hour and not hearing the host’s reply, it was suddenly a little disappointed, and its eyes were a little sad, but it didn’t dare to stop the fanning.

For fear that the host would be dissatisfied with it.

But the energy of 0329 was not enough. Although it absorbed part of the electricity and converted it into its own energy, this conversion was particularly small. Just a little bit of energy to barely maintain, but because of the protection of the host, it was almost used up.

So 0329 couldn’t help feeling a little tired.

In the second half of the night, 0329, who was fanning the host, unknowingly fell asleep on the host’s chest.

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