BH (QT) 36 – Genius Slacker (19)

Chapter Thirty-Six – Genius Slacker (19)

 After the first exam, the students came out in droves.

    Parents walked to their children one after another, hugging them giving warmth and care.

    As for those children, some looked relaxed, some had heavy expressions, some were indifferent, and some looked like they were about to cry.

    Among these people, Yan Jing Ze is quite conspicuous.

    He is tall, handsome, and stylishly dressed. He always looks… out of place with the students around him.

    More importantly, he was all smiles and looked in a very good mood.

    When some parents saw him, they secretly felt that this must be a scumbag who doesn’t care about the college entrance examination results.

    Although the No. 1 High School is a key high school, students from another ordinary high school are also here to participate in the college entrance examination…

    Yan Jing Ze walked directly towards Father Yan and Mother Yan.

    “Dad, Mom, why are you waiting outside?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

    “We are not at ease.” Father Yan and Mother Yan went up to ask: “Are you tired? Are you hungry? The food in the hotel is ready. Do you want to go there now?”

    “Okay!” Yan Jing Ze said. “An Xiu will also go with me, is it okay?”

    Cheng An Xiu followed Yan Jing Ze. Seeing Father Yan and Mother Yan, he was a little nervous: “Uncle, Auntie.”

Father Yan and Mother Yan were also a little nervous: “An Xiu, hello. We often hear Jing Ze talking about you.” This is the Chinese cabbage that their son is thinking about…

    “Come on, let’s go eat and get some sleep.” When Yan Jing Ze spoke, he stared at Cheng An Xiu. The word ‘sleep’ was also emphasized.

    Cheng An Xiu: “…” He’s so used to it, he can’t even feel shy anymore!

   Father Yan and Mother Yan didn’t know that their son was full of bad thoughts, and didn’t realize what was wrong, so they took the two of them and left.

    At this time, the parents who had been dazzled by Father Yan and Mother Yan couldn’t help asking their children: “Do you know the son of that older couple ?” 

The old couple’s son had a punkish vibe around him, unlike what they’d imagined, the resolute 2nd rank in the city, Yan Jing Ze!

Is it possible that those two who said that before were just bragging?

    Thinking of this, the parents heard their children say: “That’s Yan Jing Ze! He ranks after Cheng An Xiu! Their grades are very good, they could have been recruited in advance, but they wanted to take the college entrance examination.”

When the children talked about Cheng An Xiu and Yan Jing Ze, they were full of admiration, and finally they said, “Yan Jing Ze’s parents are too rich! They donated money to our school to build a new dormitory, the old dormitory was also renovated and filled it with air conditioning. And now even our desks and chairs are replaced again, the old desks and chairs are in fact still very new, so the school just donated them.”

The school has been built for some years now, but in the last year, it has been made particularly new!

    It is said that even the entire monitoring system has been updated and some additional installations have made it impossible for the young lovers to secretly date in school…

    Parents: “…” They feel so sour!

    While the parents were feeling sour, Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu are having a meal.

    The food prepared by Father Yan and Mothery Yan was very rich. What surprised Cheng An Xiu most was the dishes, most of which he loved.

    Cheng An Xiu glanced at Yan Jing Ze.

    On the other hand, Yan Jing Ze saw Cheng An Xiu looking at himself and gave Cheng An Xiu a piece of meat

    To conduct the college entrance exams, Cheng An Xiu’s parents were very busy as high school teachers, so he negotiated with Cheng An Xiu to have lunch with them and had his own parents prepare the dishes Cheng An Xiu loved, which Cheng An Xiu should like?

    Cheng An Xiu did like it.

    But he likes Yan Jing Ze more.

    After eating, the two took a short rest and went to school for the afternoon exam.

 When the entrance exam was finally over, some students broke down and cried, others shouted and tore up books, but Yan Jing Ze didn’t feel anything at all.

    He brought Cheng An Xiu home for a date and asked Cheng An Xiu, “An Xiu, what do you want to do in the future?”

    They had decided to go to the same university a long time ago, but they didn’t talk about what they want to do in the future.

    Cheng An Xiu’s eyes are bright: “I want to do scientific research.”

    Cheng An Xiu has thought a lot about his future.

    Yan Jing Ze’s family is too rich. He considered whether to study finance or something… He still has confidence in himself and believes that if he can learn well, he will definitely be able to find a good job and make more money in the future.

    But when you think about it carefully, even if he has studied finance and made more money, he can’t have more money than Yan Jing Ze’s family. Moreover, he is not good at communicating with people, in fact, he is not suitable for this kind of work.

Rather… he wanted to be a scientist since he was a child.

Cheng An Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze, a little apprehensive, “Don’t worry, I won’t look for an institute that’s too busy with work…”

Yan Jing Ze has always fantasized about spending time with him, he can’t be too busy…

When Cheng An Xiu was worried, he heard Yan Jing Ze say,: “Awesome! I want to do scientific research, too!”

    Cheng An Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze in surprise–wouldn’t Yan Jing Ze take over his parents’ company?

    Yan Jing Ze said: “I have no interest in managing companies. It is better to do scientific research. I have such a smart head and high IQ. I can’t waste it!”

    He really had no interest in taking over his parents’ company, and he doesn’t know if it was the effect of the original owner’s memories, but he always felt like he had already ran a company.

    Why do something that has already been done? He wants to do something else.

    More importantly, Cheng An Xiu wants to do scientific research.

    He wants to be with Cheng An Xiu all day, so he should also do scientific research!

    Hearing Yan Jing Ze’s words, Cheng An Xiu looked at him, only feeling that his heart was beating faster and faster.

    In fact, when he thinks that Yan Jing Ze will take over Yan family’s company, he is inevitably a little worried – after Yan Jing Ze takes over the company, will he be required to get married and have children?

    But now, Yan Jing Ze doesn’t even want the company, and his parents can’t force him, right?

    When he really enters the research institute in the future, it wouldn’t be a big deal if Yan Jing Ze delays getting married.

Cheng An Xiu felt he was a little despicable for thinking this way, and also felt a little bit sorry for Yan Jing Ze’s parents, but he was really happy.

    Cheng An Xiu took the initiative to kiss Yan Jing Ze, no, not just a kiss, but a real kiss, a deep kiss.

    “Son, the college entrance examination is over, do you want to travel? I see that you’ve been on good terms with Cheng An Xiu lately, you can ask him to go with you, you might just catch up…” Father Yan came to his son with two tickets for a cruise.

    He prepared well for his son! Specially booked a luxury couple room for cruise ships!

Wait until his son is on the cruise ship to confess his love, Cheng An Xiu would have no place to run even if he wanted to!

    Father Yan, who was about to impart a little experience in courting people to his own son, opened the door as he spoke, and then he saw the two people hugging and kissing together.

    “…” Father Yan smiled awkwardly: “You have caught up… Do you want to go on a honeymoon trip?”

    “Yes!” Yan Jing Ze took the ticket.

Cheng An Xiu didn’t expect to be caught red handed, his whole body stiffened, and after the stiffness, he felt that something was wrong.

    Wait, why is Yan Jing Ze’s father not surprised at all? Why did he say “You have already caught up”?

    Cheng An Xiu’s entire body became even more rigid as he thought this, and when Father Yan saw him like this, he felt somehow guilty.

With Cheng An Xiu looking like this, could it be that his son did not catch him yet, but rather… he was forcing a kiss?

    Thinking about this, Father Yan smiled kindly at Cheng An Xiu: “An Xiu, in fact, my family’s Jing Ze is also pretty good…”

    Cheng An Xiu nodded: “He’s good.”

    “Then you guys have a good chat, I’ll go first, haha…” Father Yan left immediately.

    When Father Yan left, Cheng An Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze: “You… have told your parents a long time ago?”

    “I told them that I was chasing you.” Yan Jing Ze smiled awkwardly, a little worried—is Cheng An Xiu upset?

    He has been concealing this matter from Cheng An Xiu…

He can’t let anyone know about their feelings, but he doesn’t want to hide his fondness for Cheng An Xiu. So, he let Cheng An Xiu hide his love for him…

    Cheng An Xiu is not unhappy, even at this moment, he felt that his heart was filled.

    Cheng An Xiu took the initiative to kiss Yan Jing Ze again.

    At this time, Father Yan and Mother Yan are worried.

    “Cheng An Xiu must have a thin face. Do you think he’ll be angry if they make out and I bump into them?”

    “I really don’t know… And it was probably Jing Ze who had forced him.”

    “Will Jing Ze bully him?”



As Father Yan and Mother Yan were worrying, they saw Yan Jing Ze holding Cheng An Xiu’s hand and going downstairs.

There was still no expression on Cheng An Xiu’s face, but he didn’t break away from their son’s hand either.

    Both Father Yan and Mother Yan were stunned. After a while, Father Yan reacted and said, “An Xiu, come, eat.”

    “Well.” Cheng An Xiu lowered his head and sat down.

Cheng An Xiu looked not at all repulsive to Yan Jing Ze, and Father Yan couldn’t help but ask: “An Xiu, are you together?”

    Cheng An Xiu nodded.

    Father Yan said: “That’s good… Jing Ze, you mustn’t bully him. You must treat him well, okay?”

    “I will definitely not bully An Xiu!” Yan Jing Ze said.

    Cheng An Xiu also said: “Yan Jing Ze won’t bully me.”

The two said it almost at the same time. After speaking, Cheng An Xiu was a little embarrassed and smiled at Father Yan.

 When the snow and ice melted, a shy little cutie was left.

Father Yan was stunned for a moment, and Mother Yan’s eyes lit up.

    Yan Jing Ze has been making trouble since he was a child, and now he is finally sensible, but in fact, sometimes he’s still asking for a beating.

    She has always wanted a well-behaved child.

    This shyly smiling Cheng An Xiu, her dream son is not far from her!

However, Yan Jing Ze is a bit frustrated.

    His little cutie’s smile was seen by others!

    Father Yan and Mother Yan had very little contact with Cheng An Xiu in the past, and had only seen Cheng An Xiu’s cold face… and now they realized… Cheng An Xiu was actually different from what they thought.

    This child sometimes looks cold, not because he is angry, but because he is shy, or does not know what to do!

What a little cutie!

    And it seems like their son ate him to death…

    Father Yan and Mother Yan have always been very fond of Cheng An Xiu.

    Cheng An Xiu had lunch at Yan’s house and then took Yan Jing Ze back to his home for dinner.

    While eating, Cheng An Xiu said, “Dad, Mom, Yan Jing Ze and I are together.”

    His parents were always against it, not knowing if they’d approve, and then there is Yan Jing Ze… He didn’t tell Yan Jing Ze about this, and he doesn’t know if Yan Jing Ze would be shocked…

    Yan Jing Ze, it seemed that he was a little afraid of his parents…

    Father Cheng and Mother Cheng were expressionless: “Oh.” The day had indeed come.

    Yan Jing Ze put a piece of meat for Cheng An Xiu: “My dear, eat more meat.”

    Cheng An Xiu: “…” Aren’t they too calm?!

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Wait until his son is on the cruise ship to confess his love, Cheng An Xiu would have no place to run even if he wanted to! AHAHAHA! (♡≧ 𓎺 ≦)=ъ

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