BH (QT) 70 – The Emperor (20 – End)

Chapter Seventy – The Emperor (20 – End)

 Time passed in the blink of an eye and the period of mourning for the Empress Dowager is about to end.

When he first made love with Yan Jing Ze, Chu Ting Xiu actually thought that he would have been left with nothing in the three years that Yan Jing Ze was in mourning.

After all, three years later, Yan Jing Ze will not need him anymore but will need a gentle and virtuous queen and a well-behaved and obedient prince.

Even if Yan Jing Ze really did have feelings for him at first… Men always love the new and dislike the old. Three years later, you will only see new people laughing and not hear old people crying.

He is also like that, and with the identity of Yan Jing Ze, it couldn’t be easier to find men who are similar to him.

But then… After Yan Jing Ze helped him to block the knife, he had found out that he thought wrong.

By now, he is more than sure of this.

In the past three years, His Majesty has not taken away his military power in his hands, but promoted a large group of generals who are loyal to him.

In the past, he was said to be the head of the military officials, but only by name, but now it is different, he is in real control of the entire country’s military power.

For this reason, there were many people who impeached him.

But His Majesty did not care at all and was bent on his side, and then no one dared to do so.

And then, slowly, people got used to it.

His Majesty never wanted to take away his power, and as for being emotionally fond of the new…

This is absolutely impossible.

Three years have passed and His Majesty is not at all bored with him, but is getting clingier and clingier!

Chu Ting Xiu often feels a little overwhelmed.

Today, for example, when he learned that he was leaving the palace, Yan Jing Ze said, “You’re leaving the palace again? I’ll go with you!”

“Your Majesty, I’m just going to check out… the imperial army side,” Chu Ting Xiu said.

He actually wanted to be with His Majesty, but…

The last time His Majesty followed him to the barracks, he actually let him change into armor in the barracks to have sex…

He couldn’t refuse his Majesty, so he agreed, but always felt ashamed afterwards.

And His Majesty always pestered him like this, and now that the two of them are in a relationship that should be known, everyone always looks at them strangely.

“Then I’ll go with you to the imperial army side and take a look around and relax on horseback,” Yan Jing Ze said.

At first, Yan Jing Ze never bothered about such things as Chu Ting Xiu going to the military camp, until a certain time, he followed it on a whim.

What’s up with those bare-chested soldiers? They were even bare-chested and looking for Chu Ting Xiu to spar!

What happened to those young officers whose eyes lit up when they looked at Chu Ting Xiu? They were still shyly hanging around Chu Ting Xiu!

What about those people who came up and hooked up with Chu Ting Xiu? They even told him that they used to eat and sleep with Chu Ting Xiu!

Yan Jing Ze made a trip and knocked over his vinegar jar.

He also knows that it makes no sense for him to eat such jealousy, but he just can’t help but dry one bowl after another.

And… His general is so handsome, so talented, what if he is targeted one day?

The original owner, that bastard, drugged his general!

Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, insisted on going along.

Chu Ting Xiu from the bottom of his heart cannot refuse His Majesty, can only bring Yan Jing Ze with him to the barracks.

The two rode their horses, under the protection of the guards, all the way to the camp of the imperial army. Just as they approached, the gate of the camp opened and many people came out to salute and greet the two.

“No need to be polite, I just came to take a look,” Yan Jing Ze said.

The first time the Emperor came to the barracks, the guardsmen were afraid of him, but he later came a lot, everyone is not afraid of him anymore, and even got used to seeing their own General with an Emperor following behind him.

After settling Yan Jing Ze down and bringing Yan Jing Ze some food, they went to talk with Chu Ting Xiu.

In the north, Chu Ting Xiu is now leading the army with a general he brought out. Recently the Northern Rong tribe is not too peaceful, he sent a person into the capital, and this time Chu Ting Xiu came over, is to have a good chat with this person.

The Northern Region is now led by a General brought up by Chu Ting Xiu. Recently, the Rong Tribe is not too peaceful, so he sent someone into the capital. This time Chu Ting Xiu came over to have a good chat with this person.

Ever since Chu Ting Xiu put down the rebellion four or five years ago, Qi Dynasty has been resting and recuperating in the past few years. Now the treasury is full and there is no shortage of food and supplies, so Chu Ting Xiu does not need to tie his hands and can allocate enough food and supplies to the border.

When Chu Ting Xiu finished discussing these things with people, he found that Yan Jing Ze had ridden a horse and was running wildly on the training field.

Chu Ting Xiu could not look away for a while.

Chu Ting Xiu’s subordinates noticed this and gave meaningful expressions.

One of them grew up with Chu Ting Xiu and was born to fight and die alongside him. At this moment, he looked at Chu Ting Xiu: “General, His Majesty is getting more and more heroic.”

“Hmm,” Chu Ting Xiu said.

“General you are so powerful; you can take down a man like His Majesty!” the man whispered.

 Chu Ting Xiu: “…”

There is another reason why Chu Ting Xiu was reluctant to bring Yan Jing Ze, and that is that after Yan Jing Ze came a few times, someone guessed their relationship.

Only, although these people guessed the relationship, they got the situation wrong.

It’s amazing that all these people think that he is the one above.

He didn’t mind that others thought so, but he was afraid that Yan Jing Ze would be unhappy if he knew.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Chu Ting Xiu glanced at his friend.

Chu Ting Xiu’s best friend said, “General, no one in the capital is unaware of this matter…”

Chu Ting Xiu: “…”

    Chu Ting Xiu wanted to slap himself a bit.

It’s all his fault. Because at first, he felt that the matter between himself and Yan Jing Ze was bound to not last long, he lived in the palace every day, so Yan Jing Ze got used to it, and he could not move out.

He is a Duke, not living in his own residence but every day lives in the palace. Everyone knows that between him and His Majesty, there must be something wrong!

Plus, he had also opposed the establishment of a queen…

Chu Ting Xiu sighed secretly and was a bit worried.

The mourning period of Yan Jing Ze is about to end, they will certainly encounter trouble in the future. He doesn’t know how Yan Jing Ze intends to deal with then.

“General, at first, we were worried that your high merit would draw the displeasure of His Majesty… I didn’t expect His Majesty to have such a loving trust in you…” Chu Ting Xiu’s close friend added.

Chu Ting Xiu nodded: “His Majesty is very good.”

“That’s right! His Majesty is rich in knowledge and is dedicated to the people, so you can’t praise him enough! Speaking of which, I didn’t even know you liked men before, General… But those other men, you really can’t see.” The man added: “There is no one else like His Majesty!

In the past few years, Chu Ting Xiu took sole control of the military, but Yan Jing Ze also did many things that benefit the country and the people.

And before, when Yan Jing Ze invited the new scholars to a banquet, he even showed his hand – surprisingly, all the scholars combined, familiar with the various texts, but not as good as him!

Those difficult history books, he knows them all backwards!

There used to be rumors that His Majesty was actually uneducated, but after that time, such rumors, disappeared without a trace.

Everyone knows that His Majesty is very knowledgeable and a good Emperor.

Their General and His Majesty, what a match made in heaven!

Chu Ting Xiu’s subordinates all think that Chu Ting Xiu and Yan Jing Ze together is quite good, but those civil officials in the court do not feel the same.

They also felt that Yan Jing Ze was a wise ruler, but did not approve of Yan Jing Ze and Chu Ting Xiu being together.

Especially Prime Minister Cui.

After seeing Yan Jing Ze help Chu Ting Xiu block the knife, Prime Minister Cui had been worried that Yan Jing Ze was actually not as wise as he appeared to be.

After all, an emotional emperor can hardly be a wise ruler.

But Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, has been doing very well.

After several years, Prime Minister Cui has been convinced of him and therefore feels even more… that he should not be with Chu Ting Xiu.

On this day, at the home of Prime Minister Cui, a lot of people gathered and were discussing the matter.

“His Majesty’s affair with that Chu Ting Xiu is against the morality, we must advise His Majesty!”

“In two days, His Majesty will be out of mourning, when the time comes, we will join together and persuade His Majesty to establish a queen!”

“The right way is to harmonize yin and yang between men and women!”

The people discussed for a long time and finally decided to join together and fight with Chu Ting Xiu.

Three years ago, Chu Ting Xiu was once very high-profile, but these years he is quite low-key. They are not so afraid of Chu Ting Xiu anymore.

But still, you have to give yourself a little morale boost.

“His Majesty is getting older and definitely wants his own heir!”

“We can’t let His Majesty be the end of his bloodline.”

“General Chu may also want children…”

“His Majesty must not want to leave a stigma in the history books.”

These people discussed many things, and two days later, Yan Jing Ze was out of mourning.

On that day, he first had Wang Zhong read out his decree to go out of mourning.

The ministers of the court listened intently, intending to wait for the decree to be read, then immediately kneeled and begged for the establishment of the queen by Yan Jing Ze.

As a result, after one holy decree was read, Wang Zhong surprisingly immediately took out a second one.

And a holy decree? The ministers were curious when they heard Wang Zhong read it out again…

This holy decree, is to make Chu Ting Xiu as a one-character side by side King.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that Yan Jing Ze gave his own bedchamber to Chu Ting Xiu to live in, and also gave some rights that should have belonged to the Empress, all to Chu Ting Xiu.

What do you mean by the one-character side by side King! This is obviously to crown him Empress!

But even if the empress is crowned… how can the emperor’s bedchamber be given to the empress to live?

What the hell is His Majesty up to?

The Prime Minister Cui and other people intend to beg Yan Jing Ze to establish the queen, the composition has written a lot, also memorized a lot. But they never thought that before they even mention it, Yan Jing Ze made such a move… everyone was dumbfounded.

“Your Majesty!” As soon as the holy decree was read, Prime Minister Cui knelt down.

“The Prime Minister has an opinion?” Yan Jing Ze looked at Prime Minister Cui with a smile but at the same time… a group of guards suddenly rushed in from outside.

These imperial guards are all from the Northland, each tall and large, they wear brand new armor, and the blades in their hands shine coldly.

On the other hand, Yan Jing Ze held his chin and looked at the officials below with a smile: “I, for one, hate it when people don’t listen to me.”

Prime Minister Cui: “…”

    The ministers who want to persuade Yan Jing Ze: “… “

    The weapons in the hands of the Imperial Guards look so sharp… Oh!

What is the establishment of the queen? His Majesty does not want to establish the queen, then do not establish the queen. There used to be emperors who did not go to court for ten years, obsessed with alchemy, and so on, huh.

Prime Minister Cui stopped talking, and so did the other ministers.

“Since everyone is fine with it, the matter is settled.” Yan Jing Ze said, “Chu Ting Xiu, still not accepting the decree?”

This holy decree, Chu Ting Xiu was previously unaware of.

He had been standing at the head of the hundred officials and suddenly heard this holy decree and was confused, and now Yan Jing Ze was asking him to accept the decree…

His heart was beating faster and faster, and he hurriedly stood out and was about to kneel down to receive the decree.

Then Yan Jing Ze hurriedly said: “Do not kneel, come up and get your holy decree.”

Chu Ting Xiu dizzily walked over to Yan Jing Ze, who reached out and pulled him to the dragon chair and sat down together.

“This rivers and mountains, I share with the general,” Yan Jing Ze laughed.

Chu Ting Xiu suddenly wanted to kiss Yan Jing Ze.

There are so many people around, he even wanted to kiss Yan Jing Ze… He’s actually really, really not reserved at all, right?

As he was thinking this, Chu Ting Xiu was kissed.

Those ministers: “……” Oh!

Yan Jing Ze added: “General, do you want to go see the palace I gave you?”

Chu Ting Xiu, of course, wants it.

But only when he followed Yan Jing Ze out did he realize something was wrong.

That palace he sees every day and sleeps every day, there is nothing to see.

Also, Yan Jing Ze took him to see the bedchamber in broad daylight… What the hell does he want to do?

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One-character King – Because Chu Ting Xiu was given the title (Duke) ‘King Chu’ (like YJZ’s brothers, King Ping and King Yong) previously, and now he’s a one-character ‘King’ like ‘Emperor’.

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