BH (QT) 222.1 – Educated Youth (7a)

Chapter 222.1 – Educated Youth (7a)

Gu Yubao was thinking about other things in his heart, got distracted, then accidentally injured his hand again by bamboo splinters.

He grimaced in pain, but Yan Jing Ze did not take it seriously.

People who are used to working like Gu Mingxiu have calluses on their hands and will not be injured by bamboo splinters at all. Gu Yubao used to work too little before, therefore, he easily gets stabbed by splinters.

Deserve it!

More importantly, Yan Jing Ze is really excited at the moment and has no time to worry about others.

The morning after he traversed, when he went to give Gu Yubao trouble, he flipped through Gu Yubao’s workbook. He had already discovered it; he could write down everything he had read.

But he couldn’t even have enough to eat at the time, so he didn’t think much about it. Until now, he figured out what he was going to do in the future, so he had time to study.

Then he found… he had the ability to memorize everything!

Not only can he memorize, but his understanding is also amazing. The original owner actually forgot a lot of things he learned, especially mathematics, but when he looked through Gu Yubao’s mathematics book, he understood everything in one go.

He is definitely a genius!

With this ability, he really doesn’t need to worry about his own college entrance examination. The only thing he has to worry about is Gu Mingxiu’s college entrance examination.

Yan Jing Ze looked at the textbook in his hand, and became more excited as he read it. In the blink of an eye, he saw Gu Yubao being lazy.

“You don’t read books and you can’t do a proper work. Gu Yubao, what else can you do?” Yan Jing Ze stood up and whipped a bamboo stick on Gu Yubao’s lap.

In fact, when he hit Gu Yubao, he didn’t use too much force, and he always hit places with a lot of flesh. After all, he didn’t intend to really hurt him.

As for things on the thighs, lash marks were drawn… No one in the village wouldn’t beat their children, Gu Yubao had nowhere to scream for injustice, so he dared not scream.

Gu Yubao was beaten again, and couldn’t help saying: “Where do I read, I can’t go out to read!”

Although he doesn’t like studying, but he is not the worst in school!

“Then let’s memorize the text?” Yan Jing Ze opened his mouth, it was the text in Gu Yubao’s Chinese textbook. After reciting two paragraphs, he asked Gu Yubao: “What’s next?”

Gu Yubao is dumbfounded, this text does not need to memorize!

Yan Jing Ze hit him with a bamboo stick again: “You usually say you are going to school, but you just want to be lazy, right? Otherwise, why can’t you recite it?”

“You take the family’s money, eat well and drink well to study, what have you learned!”

“How dare you write those messy things!”

“Gu Yubao, you owe a beating!”

Gu Yubao: “…”

Gu Mingxiu originally thought that Yan Jing Ze would not hit Gu Yubao too much, but when he heard Yan Jing Ze’s words… his brother should really be hit.

Gu Yulan was even more gloating. She had long seen this brother not pleasing to the eyes.

As for Gu Yuxian, she shrank to the side and did not dare to speak. As for Gu Yukang? In the past, the slightest discomfort will make him shout, now Gu Yukang is afraid to shout.

People in the village usually have dinner and go to sleep when it gets dark.

But the Gu family… It wasn’t until around nine o’clock in the evening that Yan Jing Ze let them go to bed.

Gu Yubao did a day’s work and chopped bamboo for another two hours. When he went to bed, he was completely dazed. He only felt that he had never been so tired since he was a child, and on the other side…

Yan Jing Ze really stayed at Gu’s house.

The Gu family’s old house where he lives is located in the center of the village. Children in several nearby villages go to the primary school. There is also a barefoot doctor’s clinic, and even the village office is in it.

After all, the Gu family’s old house is the best house in the village.

The house he lives in is only a servant’s room, not only is the place small, he is also always being stared at by countless pairs of eyes, how uncomfortable! The Gu family’s side is different. The Gu family’s house was built after Gu Mingxiu’s mother married Gu Mingxiu’s stepfather. It’s on the edge of the village, in a very remote place, no one stares at it all day.

Most importantly, Gu Mingxiu is here.

Yan Jing Ze slept with Gu Mingxiu on the bed that Gu Yubao had previously slept with.

This is an old-fashioned carved wooden bed, with bedposts on all sides, and in the back of the bed, there is also a cabinet for small things.

There are a lot of trinkets that Gu Yubao saved, such as beautiful stones and glass vials from the barefoot doctor.

These things were not interesting, so he wanted to return them to Gu Yubao, but he didn’t expect that after Gu Mingxiu discovered them, he would look at them for a while.

Yan Jing Ze decided, from now on, these are Gu Mingxiu’s!

Of course, he can’t let Gu Mingxiu play now. They have other things to do: “Mingxiu, come, I’ll tell you a story.”

Yan Jing Ze didn’t hold Gu Mingxiu to memorize the book. He lay on the bed, holding Gu Mingxiu and telling him about the events in the capital.

The parents of the original owner were sent for reformation. The original owner felt that this incident was shameful and feared that others would bully himself because of this incident. Therefore, he never told people about this incident. But now, he thinks he can talk to Gu Mingxiu. Let Gu Mingxiu know the situation in the city and have a better understanding.

After all, there is a big difference between the city and the countryside in this world.

In large cities like Beijing, before the new country was established, many people have already used electric lights and flush toilets. The original owner grew up with running water, flush toilets, electric lights, etc. since he was young.

Before going to the countryside, the original owner still had a black-and-white TV, a radio, etc.

But what about the countryside at this time? There is no electricity in many places, not to mention tap water.

The town next to Shangmu Village is located near the river and the transportation is convenient. Before the establishment of the new country, some people built factories here. There are many people in the town and there are many factories. It is no different from a small county town. Shangmu Village is also affected by this town, their village can be connected to electricity.

Yan Jing Ze told Gu Mingxiu about his home TV, about going to the movies every weekend, about the radio, and telling some stories that he had read.

After talking for about half an hour, he patted Gu Mingxiu: “It’s time to sleep.”

Gu Mingxiu used to fall asleep as soon as he touched the pillow, but today… he can’t sleep a bit.

What happened today is simply not real to him.

He didn’t expect that Yan Jing Ze would actually like him, and he was still lying on the same bed with him.

Two people just talking to each other and lying in a bed, will it not be good?

But they are both men. Isn’t it normal for men and men to sleep together?

Gu Mingxiu was entangled, but Yan Jing Ze suddenly turned over, patted him gently on the back, and sang: “Go to sleep, my dear baby…”

Gu Mingxiu’s eyes suddenly turned sour, and he couldn’t help crying again—people in the city are still coaxing people to sleep? People in the city are so fortunate.

Crying and crying, he finally fell asleep.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Gu Mingxiu, a little bit dumbfounded.

At this time, rural families generally feel that giving their children a mouthful of food is good enough for them, they are not gentle with their children, and women do not have that free time.

They have to work in the field, and they all have several children. Naturally, it’s impossible be too meticulous when taking care of the children.

Gu Mingxiu’s biological father committed suicide not long after he was born, and his mother remarried. He did not receive much love.

In the future, he will have to compensate Gu Mingxiu for all that he deserves.

The original owner is very much loved at home, so he treats Gu Mingxiu well according to the attitude of the original owner’s family to the original owner.

Thinking about this, Yan Jing Ze closed his eyes and went to sleep.

He actually wanted to do something unsuitable for children, but Gu Mingxiu was clueless. If he really wants to do something, then it is equal to bullying.

And tomorrow, Gu Mingxiu will go to the field to work.

As for him… he planned to go to work in the field at first, but after thinking about it… forget it.

When Gu Mingxiu woke up early in the morning, he found himself holding a person.

He fell asleep leaning on the man, with one arm on his chest and one leg on his body.

Gu Mingxiu froze before realizing his situation, his face suddenly turned red, and some indefinable joyful emotions spread in his heart.

He is really together with Yan Jing Ze!

Gu Mingxiu was so happy that he didn’t even want to get up.

“It’s time to get up.” Yan Jing Ze opened his eyes and kissed Gu Mingxiu.

“You… why are you always kissing me?” Gu Ming Xiudao.

“Because I like you,” Yan Jing Ze said.

When Gu Mingxiu got out of bed, he felt like his whole body was floating.

At this time, it was barely dawn, but Gu Yuxian and Gu Yulan were already making breakfast, but Gu Yubao was still not up.

Gu Mingxiu is accustomed to this, he picked up a carrying pole to carry the water.

“Wait,” Yan Jing Ze stopped him, then knocked on Gu Yubao’s door.

Heh, why should Gu Mingxiu carry water? Gu Yubao should go!

Not to mention that Gu Yubao is still young. Before, when Gu Mingxiu was younger than Gu Yubao, he had already carried the burden of the family!

In addition… Gu Mingxiu lacks food and clothing, but Gu Yubao eats well and drinks well. Now Gu Yubao is a little taller than Gu Mingxiu. Gu Yubao should do these tasks.

Yan Jing Ze asked Gu Yubao to pick up water. As for Gu Mingxiu… he watched Gu Mingxiu learn to recognize characters, asked Gu Mingxiu to hold a bamboo stick and write characters on the ground, and then asked him to recite poems.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he also made a piece of bamboo, carved a poem on it, and then asked Gu Mingxiu to take the piece of bamboo to work, and take a look at it when he was resting.

At this time, in the village’s elementary school, the teachers were not able to speak Mandarin. Gu Yubao’s Mandarin was only slightly better. When Yan Jing Ze taught Gu Mingxiu to recite poems in Mandarin, Gu Yubao finally made three trips to pick back the water that Gu Mingxiu used to pick back in one trip.

“My shoulder is about to break…” Gu Yubao yelled.

“It can’t break,” Yan Jing Ze smiled and sat at the table eating sweet potatoes.

“You actually eat my food!” Gu Yubao was angry again.

“Yes, what’s the matter?” Yan Jing Ze asked rhetorically.

“This is my house!” Gu Yubao said.

“Who said that? This house belongs to your brother, and your brother is willing to feed me,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Gu Yubao looked at Gu Mingxiu, and Gu Mingxiu said, “Yes, I am willing.” When a man is married, it is proper to let his wife have enough to eat. If there is not enough food, no big deal, he will eat less in the future…

Gu Yubao was furious, but noticed that his brother’s eyes were red, and he was stunned again.

Why is this Yan Jing Ze so bad? Did he bully his brother at night?

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