The Abandoned Son Ch.20

Chapter 20 – Food Poisoning

Ye Fan tilted his head, looked at Wu Haoqiang, and said, “Little devil, you should lose weight, eat less, you know?”

Wu Haoqiang held a chicken wing and said, “Little Uncle, don’t be stingy! Aren’t you generous when chasing little auntie? You are so stingy, who would be willing to marry you?”

Ye Fan said unhappily, “You also know that is your little aunt ah! You are a little fatty, can you compare with your little aunt? He is going to sleep with me.”

“Little Uncle, you have no shame,” Wu Haoqiang blushed.

Qian Yu: “……” Is this little aunt they’re talking about Young Master Bai?

“Little Uncle, go help me order two more burgers for me,” Wu Haoqiang said.

“Didn’t those kidnappers just not feed you for a day? How come you haven’t eaten in like a year, no burgers! Look at your stomach, you should lose weight, you know?” Ye Fan said without mercy.

Wu Haoqiang puffed out his cheeks and looked at Ye Fan with eyes full of accusation.

“Young Master Ye, let me invite you for this meal!” Qian Yu said generously.

“Oh, that’s good, I’ll go order two more family buckets,” Ye Fan said with excitement.

Wu Haoqiang said hurriedly: “I want to eat sundaes and egg tarts.”

Qian Yu: “…”

Qian Yu ordered a bunch of food again, and Wu Haoqiang devoured the hamburger.

“Young Master Ye, is it okay to say that the kidnappers have food poisoning?” Qian Yu looked at Ye Fan who was drinking juice.

Ye Fan shrugged and said helplessly: “His dad is against feudal superstition, I don’t want to be educated by his dad. Food poisoning is more scientific and reasonable.”

Qian Yu: “…” Where is food poisoning scientific and reasonable?

“I’ll bother you to send these two little devils back in a while, I’ll just take a taxi back,” Ye Fan said.

Qian Yu nodded and said, “Okay.”

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Wu family.

“How is it, Tang Ning? Still can’t get through on the phone?” Wu Houxuan asked.

Tang Ning shook his head and said, “I can’t get through, but I called Nuan Nuan’s mom, and her mom said that she skipped class this afternoon and disappeared.”

Wu Sihan: “These two kids, what are they up to?”

“Her mom said Tang Nuan has been asking about Ye Fan. It seems like she skipped class to find Ye Fan,” Tang Ning said.

Wu Sihan was full of confusion and said, “What did Tang Nuan want Ye Fan to do?”

Wu Houxuan walked in from the door and said, “I just went to the police station and found five gangsters in an abandoned cotton factory in the east of the city. All of these five people fell into a coma, and their hands and feet were all dislocated. Now, the people from the police station said that the injuries of these five people are exactly the same. If the attack did not come from a master, then it was a supernatural event. One of the five people failed to win business with our Wu family back then, and then went bankrupt because of poor management. It can be determined that these were the guys who kidnapped Haoqiang.”

“So, maybe someone saved Haoqiang?” Wu Sihan said.

“Master, master, the young master is back, Young Master Qian Yu brought the young master back.”

When Tang Ning heard the housekeeper’s words, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Qian Yu originally wanted to leave after seeing Wu Haoqiang, but the Wu family was so enthusiastic that they insisted on keeping him.

“Young Master Qian, where did you meet Haoqiang?”

Qian Yu said with some difficulty: “I saw the young master outside the cotton spinning factory. The kidnappers in the cotton spinning factory fainted from food poisoning. They didn’t feed Xiaoqiang, but they let Xiaoqiang escape.”

Wu Sihan frowned, looked at Qian Yu in disbelief, and secretly said: Food poisoning? Food poisoning can lead to dislocation of the whole body, this is too far-fetched.

Qian Yu gritted his teeth and rolled his eyes in his heart. Young Master Ye made up a dog blood drama ah! The people of the Wu family will probably think that he and the kidnappers are in cahoots.

Qian Yu took a deep breath and said, “It’s getting late, since I’ve already sent Young Master Wu back, I’ll go back.”

Wu Sihan nodded and said, “Okay, thank you!”


Tang Ning looked at Wu Haoqiang, full of puzzlement, “Why are you with Qian Yu, how did he send you back?”

“Little Uncle asked him to send me back, and he sent me back!” Wu Haoqiang said while playing with the robot.

“Your uncle, Ye Fan?” Tang Ning asked.

Wu Haoqiang nodded and said, “Yes! Little Uncle saved me!”

“Your uncle saved you, how did he know that something happened to you? How could he save you?” Tang Ning asked in confusion.

“Nuan Nuan went to find little uncle, and little uncle knew that something happened to me, so he went to find me!” Wu Haoqiang said.

“How does your uncle know where you are?” Tang Ning asked in confusion.

Wu Haoqiang looked at Tang Ning, then at Wu Sihan, and said, “Little Uncle is someone with great skills, you won’t understand.”

Tang Ning: “…”

Wu Haoqiang jumped back to the room.

Tang Ning turned to look at Wu Sihan, with a strange expression on her face, “What do you think?”

Wu Sihan took a deep breath and said, “My cousin has been a little strange recently. Today, Ye Yinglan found a few thugs to find him. Those people were beaten by Ye Fan and sent to the hospital.”

Tang Ning was stunned for a moment, then said in surprise, “Ye Fan’s skills are so good!”

Wu Sihan shook his head and said, “I also didn’t expect. I just found out that Qian Yu went to find Ye Fan, and then Tang Nuan also went, and then the three of them took Qian Yu’s car and went to the cotton factory! Not long after they went to the cotton factory, they took Ah Qiang to KFC.”

Tang Ning took a deep breath and said, “In this case, it is very likely that your cousin saved our son!”

Wu Si Han nodded and said, “Indeed, most likely this is the case, just, how did Ye Fan he know the location of Ah Qiang?”

When Qian Yu mentioned Ye Fan, he seemed to have a kind of respect from the bottom of his heart. Wu Sihan originally thought that Qian Yu was superstitious, but this young master of the Qian family is not a confused person. If Ye Fan didn’t have some ability, he shouldn’t be able to bluff him.

“No matter what, Ah Qiang is fine. Has the mastermind been found?” Tang Ning asked.

“The masterminds have all been arrested.” Wu Sihan looked gloomy, “Don’t worry, I won’t let those people go.”

If the matter this time is not handled well, Wu Haoqiang may encounter a steady stream of trouble in the future, and Wu Sihan will never be merciful.

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Ye family.

Ye Yinglan covered her face, her face full of grievances.

Ye Hongwen said with dissatisfaction: “This wicked son is so arrogant.”

Wang Xiaofei looked at Ye Yinglan’s face and said, “What kind of fight is this? This guy, Ye Fan, actually choked Lan’er, is he trying to kill someone?”

Ye Hongwen gritted his teeth and said, “This kid, I don’t know what happened recently.” Ye Hongwen remembered that Ye Fan was very taciturn. When facing him, he was always submissive and he couldn’t even complete his words, but now, he dared to do anything.

“Dad, you must help me teach him a lesson!”

Ye Hongwen sighed and said, “This kid is lawless because he has the backing of the Wu family, I can’t control him.”

Ye Yinglan felt a little wronged when she heard Ye Hongwen’s words.

Seeing Ye Hongwen’s evasive remarks, Ye Yinglan hid in the house angrily.


Ye Zhize knocked on the door and walked in. Seeing Ye Zhize, Ye Yinglan called out full of grievances, “Brother!”

“Angry?” Ye Zhize asked.

Ye Yinglan said a little disappointedly: “Dad only knows how to scold people, but he doesn’t want to avenge me at all. In the end, he is still afraid of the Wu family.”

Ye Zhize said with a sullen face, “This guy, Ye Fan, seems to have changed a lot recently.”

“This guy confessed his love to Young Master Bai. He made a scandal like that, and still has the face to toss it around, really shameless,” Ye Yinglan said unhappily.

“I heard that all the people you brought over were beaten to the ground by him. When did he have such a good skill?” Ye Zhize said in disbelief.

Ye Yinglan pursed her lips and said, “I don’t know either, maybe those thugs are all wine sacks and food bags. Those guys, with such a big mouth, said they would definitely help me teach him a lesson.”

Ye Zhize looked at Ye Yinglan and taught a lesson: “This guy Ye Fan has a Wu family behind him. It’s not good for us to confront him head on, you have to use your brain to do things.”

Ye Yinglan said a little embarrassedly: “Of course, I can’t be smarter than you, brother.”

Ye Yinglan knew that it was Ye Zhize’s handwriting that Ye Fan was tricked into that room. Ye Zhize stinks Ye Fan’s reputation, and even won the beauty back, which made Ye Yinglan admire him to the core.

“Big brother, when you and Sister Tingting get married, and the Ye family and the Liao family form an alliance, we won’t have to be afraid of the Wu family,” Ye Yinglan said.

Ye Zhize smiled, and triumph flashed in his eyes. “That wimp Ye Fan, how can he he be good enough for Tingting? It’s just that this guy can’t eat grapes and says that grapes are sour, destroying Tingting’s reputation everywhere, really abominable!”

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Bai family.

“Yunxi, how do you feel?” Bai Shiyuan asked.

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “I feel much better.”

“Grandpa, who is the person who made the prescription?” Bai Yunxi asked curiously.

Bai Shiyuan said a little embarrassedly: “It’s an old Chinese medicine doctor.”

After Bai Shiyuan got the prescription, he began to ask Zhou Jinzhi who the person who prescribed the medicine was. Zhou Jinzhi first said that it was a peerless master, and later, he said that it was his future grandson-in-law, which made him angry.

After knowing that the prescription was prescribed by Ye Fan, Bai Shiyuan launched an investigation on Ye Fan. Ye Fan’s reputation was very bad. The rumors of Ye Fan’s ab*sive tendencies even made Bai Shiyuan have a great prejudice against Ye Fan.

“Grandpa, did Uncle Zhou send this jade Buddha?” Bai Yunxi said.

Bai Shiyuan nodded somewhat reluctantly and said, “Yes!”

“I’ll send the money over.”

Bai Shiyuan rolled his eyes and said, “No, someone has already paid for it.” Along with the Jade Buddha, there was also a prescription, and the prescription is that prescription! But there was a flamboyant handwriting saying: “I will step on the seven-colored auspicious clouds to marry you!” This bastard.

Bai Yunxi frowned, “Is it him?”

Bai Shiyuan looked at Bai Yunxi, coughed lightly, and said, “Yunxi, what do you think of Ye Fan?”

Bai Yunxi tilted his head, raised the corner of his mouth, and said coldly, “I can’t tell, he seems to be a very interesting person.”

Bai Shiyuan: “…” Interesting? Bai Yunxi has been tortured by the cold since childhood, and his temperament is a little cold. In addition, he is very gentle and elegant on the surface, but in fact, no one can enter his eyes. A person who can make Bai Yunxi say “interesting person”, is not ordinary ah!

“How did Grandpa know about Ye Fan?” Bai Yunxi asked in confusion.

“Your Uncle Zhou said that the Jade Buddha was given to you by Ye Fan,” Bai Shiyuan said.

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “So that’s how it is.”


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Wine sack and food bag – useless person; someone who only knows how to eat and drink

can’t eat grapes and says that grapes are sour – to despise what you cannot get

Ah Qiang – ‘Ah’ is to show intimacy

Xiao Qiang – Little Qiang

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