The Abandoned Son Ch.82

Chapter 82 – Super Soldiers

A car was parked by the roadside of the Chao Xi company, and a man and a woman watched Ye Fan and the others come out of the company.

“They’re out, do you want to do it?” Huang Yue asked.

Fan Cheng said with some embarrassment: “Let’s wait a little longer.”

Huang Yue frowned and said, “It’s been five days. If we can’t take down Cai Shuai again, it will affect the reputation of our Hell Palace!”

“John died yesterday, we just go there like this, there is no good end,” Fan Cheng said.

John is the foreign gene warrior who was killed by Ye Fan. John is not a member of the Palace of Kings of Hell, but a gene warrior cultivated abroad. The foreign superpower organization spent a lot of money to ask people from the Palace of Kings of Hell to help capture Cai Shuai alive. John’s strength is similar to that of the gold-level assassin in the Palace of Kings of Hell.

Huang Yue frowned, “But we can’t do nothing! At least, before the organization sends the next batch of experts, we need to have more information.”

Fan Cheng nodded and said, “Go after them, but you can’t follow them too closely.”

Before, they had moved Cai Shuai’s car and chased after Cai Shuai’s car. The result, their two cars exploded inexplicably, and the four silver assassins in the car were burned to ashes.

“Where did Cai Shuai invite such a powerful helper?” Huang Yue couldn’t help but said,

Originally, they thought it was just a B-level mission, but as a result, John who was dispatched last night was defeated Obviously, the difficulty level of the mission has increased now.

“It seems that the person was invited by Cai Zhenjun. If we knew earlier, we shouldn’t have given Cai Shuai a chance to breathe, and we should have started earlier,” Fan Cheng said.

“Cai Zhenjun, that second-generation young master, actually knows such a powerful person.” Hell Palace wants Cai Shuai’s life, and naturally, they have conducted an investigation of the Cai family. Huang Yue has read Cai Zhenjun’s information, and the information shows that Cai Zhenjun is an ignorant rich second generation, he only knows how to pick-up girls. Huang Yue did not expect that this guy actually added such a variable to this mission.

Bai Yunxi looked at the car behind him and said, “There is a white Volkswagen that has followed us five streets.”

“Where, where, where?” Ye Fan looked behind him, frowned, and said, “Yunxi, you’re really good, I didn’t even notice until you said so.”

Bai Yunxi didn’t speak. He has been sensitive to danger since he was a child, and his observation ability is far beyond ordinary people.

“Dare to follow this young master, really courting death,” Ye Fan said unhappily.

“Go.” Ye Fan threw out a few talismans.

Ye Fan released the talismans and sat down like an old god.

“Are those for a flat tire or an explosion?” Cai Shuai asked curiously.

Ye Fan glanced at Cai Shuai and said disdainfully, “A creative person like me will not always use the same trick.”

“What trick did you use today?” Bai Yunxi asked with great interest.

“Today is the Ghost Festival! The gate of hell is wide open, and the one just now is a ghost invoking talisman, which can attract ghosts,” Ye Fan grinned and said with a beaming expression.

Fan Cheng was driving when suddenly a blood-soaked ghost face appeared on the car window glass.

Fan Cheng was frightened enough, while Huang Yue screamed miserably. What Fan Cheng saw was just one ghost, but Huang Yue saw several. Fan Cheng’s car lost control and hit the guardrail on one side.

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Ye Fan took Cai Shuai and Bai Yunxi into the villa.

“Young Master Ye, your villa is well decorated!” Cai Shuai praised without hesitation.

Ye Fan nodded, full of bragging, “Of course, Yunxi was the one who hired someone to design and decorate it.”

Cai Shuai glanced at Bai Yunxi and said in surprise, “So that’s how it is.”

He just said, the decoration style of the villa doesn’t seem to match Ye Fan’s taste! Third Young Master Bai who deals with day-to-day business still has time to invite someone to decorate Ye Fan’s villa. Could it be that the relationship between the two is really… But they seem to be a bit mismatched ah!

“Yunxi, what do you want to eat?” Ye Fan pulled open the storage cabinet one by one, and Bai Yunxi saw a large cabinet of instant noodles.

“I’ll order some takeout in later,” Bai Yunxi rolled his eyes and said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Oh, that’s good, actually, the taste of the noodles is not bad either.”

Bai Yunxi wasn’t in a good mood and said, “You eat so much junk food all day long, be careful you also become junk!”

Ye Fan said in disapproval, “How can a genius like me become trash? If I were trash, the whole world would be trash.”

Bai Yunxi shook his head, too lazy to talk to Ye Fan.

Bai Yunxi looked at Cai Shuai and said, “Master Cai, the person you offended this time seems to have a big background!”

Cai Shuai’s expression changed, and he said, “Indeed.”

“Ye Fan can’t be watching you all the time,” Bai Yunxi said coldly.

Ye Fan leaned over and said, “Yes, I’m very valuable, not to mention, I have to accompany Yunxi, so I don’t have time to take you, a big oil bottle, with me all the time.”

Cai Shuai: “…”

Cai Shuai pondered for a while, and said, “Young Master Ye, do you know the about Gene Warriors?”

“Not really, you know?”

Cai Shuai nodded and said, “I know a little bit about it. When I was gambling abroad, I came across a few special stones. Unlike jade, they felt very comfortable to the touch. I didn’t take it seriously at first, but later, I was chased by killers, and I happened to know that the soldiers trained abroad may be related to this kind of stone.”

Ye Fan frowned and said, “Unlike jade, feels very comfortable to touch.”

Could this guy Cai Shuai be talking about spirit stones? Thinking about it, as a second-generation cultivator in his previous life, he never lacked spirit stones. It’s a pity that even if the quality of spirit stones is high, he can’t absorb any spiritual power. In this life, he can finally cultivate, but he hasn’t seen the shadow of spirit stones yet.

“Is it because of this thing that people abroad are fixated on you?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Cai Shuai nodded and said, “I think that’s probably the case. As far as I know, people from abroad grind this stone into powder, and then incorporate several special spirit grasses to cultivate super soldiers.”

Ye Fan was shocked by Cai Shuai’s words, swallowing spirit stones raw?

Ye Fan took out the potion on his body, checked it, and said, “It really looks like it has been mixed with spirit stone powder.”

Many people in the cultivation world are unable to cultivate themselves. Ordinary people, who are unwilling to be arranged by fate, will try to cultivate in all kinds of ways. However, spiritual roots are born and cannot be forced. Some ordinary people have also tried swallowing spirit stone fragments. However, these people, without exception, all exploded and died.

Ye Fan remembered that special corpse. There was a spiritual energy in the corpse, however, the meridians showed signs of tearing. It was also considered rare to be able to forcibly fuse the power of the spirit stone.

However, normal cultivators will not choose to use this method to improve their strength. Once the meridians are damaged, it will affect the Dao foundation, and it will be difficult to advance in the future. Of course, in this ghostly place where spiritual energy is thin, there is no future.

“Foreign countries will actually use this method to cultivate what gene warriors, it should be very dangerous ah,” Ye Fan muttered.

Cai Shuai nodded and said: “The danger is indeed very great. I heard that foreign countries are all selecting death soldiers for super soldier experiments. The mortality rate of super soldier experiments is extremely high. Rumor has it that only one of the ten experimenters can really breakthrough, but once you breakthrough, you can gain inhuman power. So even if you take risks, there are still many people who are willing to take risks.”

Ye Fan frowned and thought: To actually use this method, what a fool!

“Ye Fan, what are you thinking?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Ye Fan smiled and said, “It’s nothing, I’m just thinking that there are so many people in this world who are not afraid of death.”

“If Young Master Ye can help solve this pursuit, I can hand it over to you,” Cai Shuai said solemnly.

Bai Yunxi looked at Cai Shuai a little puzzled, and said, “Why don’t you hand it over to the Dragon Group?”

Cai Shuai frowned and said, “The relationship in the Dragon Group is too complicated, and I don’t trust them very much.” Those guys from abroad were interested in what he had in his hands, and so was the Dragon Group. Cai Shuai was worried that if he handed it over, those guys wouldn’t care about him.

Bai Yunxi turned his head, looked at Ye Fan, and said, “What do you think?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “This business can be done.”

His strength is at the fourth level of Qi training, and now he is stuck. If there is a spirit stone, maybe he can try to breakthrough to the fifth level of Qi training!

Ye Fan threw a dozen flags, covering the entire villa.

“I have set up a protective formation here. It’s safe here for the time being. You stay here and I’ll go out.”

“Be careful,” Bai Yunxi instructed.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay. Yunxi, what do you want to eat? I’ll come back and bring it to you.”

“Just bring whatever you want,” Bai Yunxi said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay.”


On the rooftop of the Kaiyuan Hotel, there was a soul-condensing incense burning, and many ghosts were attracted by the soul-condensing incense, chatting around Ye Fan.

In the hotel room of Kaiyuan Restaurant, a man and a woman are communicating.

Earlier on the road, what she saw… Huang Yue shuddered.

Huang Yue is a silver medal assassin in the Palace of Kings of Hell. She has also performed more than a dozen missions, and many people have died in Huang Yue’s hands. Huang Yue is not afraid of living people, but the hideous-looking ghosts she saw today really frightened Huang Yue.

“It must be related to Ye Fan. According to the information found by the top, this guy, Ye Fan, seems to be a Celestial Master, and he is very close to the people of Longhu Mountain,” Fan Cheng said.

“That kind of thing really exists.” Huang Yue recalled the appearance of the ghosts, and felt that the ghosts she saw should be the people who died from a car crash, the death of those ghosts was a bit gruesome.

“Today is the Ghost Festival! The matter of the gate of hell being opened, maybe it really exists!”

“What does the top mean now? We can’t deal with Ye Fan at all,” Huang Yue said with some anxiety.

Fan Cheng hesitated for a moment and said, “I heard that Ye Fan will only protect Cai Shuai for half a month, and after half a month, he will leave him alone.”

Huang Yue shook his head and said, “We can’t wait for half a month. If that time comes, if he is still not out of danger, Cai Shuai will definitely add more money.”

Fan Cheng narrowed his eyes and said, “Ye Fan cares about Bai Yunxi’s safety the most. Perhaps, we can start with Bai Yunxi. If something happens to Bai Yunxi, Ye Fan will not care about Cai Shuai.”

“The Bai family has a lot of power. If you move Bai Yunxi, the Bai family will go all out,” Huang Yue shook her head and said.

Fan Cheng shook his head and said, “I didn’t really want to touch Bai Yunxi, but if Bai Yunxi was injured, Ye Fan would be distracted.”

On the roof of the building, Ye Fan abruptly raised his eyes, a fierce cold light flashed through his eyes, they actually wanted to attack Bai Yunxi.


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