The Abandoned Son Ch.92

Chapter 92 — Ghost Marriage

Cangcheng, Wu family.

“Dad! Dad! Look, my little uncle is now famous! My uncle is now filming a TV series. The newspaper says that my uncle is the new love of Film Emperor Tang. The two have a late-night rendezvous. Dad, what does rendezvous mean? Isn’t he chasing Young Master Bai? How did he get involved with Emperor Tang?”

Wu Sihan shook his head and said, “Go go, you are a child, what do you care about this kind of thing?”

“Dad, don’t underestimate people too much! You know, there are many female classmates in the school rushing to be my girlfriend, I know everything,” Wu Hao said strongly.

Wu Sihan: “…”

Wu Haoqiang sat on the sofa and moved his butt, “Am I wrong about little uncle? Is he actually a playboy? He shouldn’t be! Little uncle told me that he is a loyal lover.”

Wu Sihan: “…”

“Sihan, look at this video, the view count is already hundreds of thousands,” Tang Ning walked in and said.

Wu Sihan clicked on the video and watched it. The man on the video was dressed in ancient clothes, with the air of heaven defying and peerless youth. The man in the ancient costume was obviously Ye Fan, but he was very different from the usual Ye Fan. There are a lot of ‘so handsome’ and ‘real immortal’ comments below the video.

“What’s wrong with my cousin? Isn’t he chasing ghosts? How did he develop into the entertainment industry?” Wu Sihan said.

“I know! It must be because the business of catching ghosts is not easy to do, so little uncle will become a star. Stars can get money quickly! Just pick up a few endorsements and money will rush into his arms. There are many girls in our class clamoring to be a star in the future,” Wu Haoqiang said.

Wu Sihan: “…”

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Ye Fan looked at the newspaper, frowned, and said with displeasure: “Who wrote this?! Just know how to write! Don’t let me know who it is, otherwise, I will make him look good.”

“Young Master Ye, in fact, you should be grateful to this gossip reporter. This is the entertainment industry! You should not be afraid of a bad reputation, but you should be afraid of not being famous. At least, you are famous now,” Liang Xin said sourly.

Liang Xin is really jealous of Ye Fan. When she debuted, she finally became famous by hyping scandals. As for Ye Fan, as soon as he came in, he was escorted by Young Master Bai, and now, he has a relationship with Emperor Tang. This guy, Ye Fan, seems to be too complacent, stepping on two boats, not afraid of capsizing the boat.

“I’m such a magnificent and intelligent person, do I need to stir up scandals to become famous? Such low-level tactics like stirring up scandals are done by some low-grade stars,” Ye Fan said with a light hum.

Lu Ying: “…” How many people were killed by Ye Fan’s words?!

“Young Master Ye, why did you go out with Emperor Tang? How many gossip reporters are staring at people like Emperor Tang,” Lu Ying said.

Ye Fan was lying on the reclining chair and said depressedly: “It’s not easy to make money! If you don’t pay attention, your reputation will be ruined. These gossip reporters really have no eyesight. Even if they want to write, they should put me and Bai Yunxi together. Yunxi and I are a perfect match! Putting me and Tang Yuxuan together is inappropriate!”

Lu Ying: “…” Ye Fan, do you think the situation is not chaotic enough?

“Director, my role seems to have increased!” Ye Fan said.

Jiang Hui nodded and said, “That’s right, it’s all because Young Master Ye did so well, so the screenwriter added a little bit of drama to you.”

The scene of Ye Fan playing the guqin caused a great sensation after it was posted on the Internet. In addition, Ye Fan went out with Tang Yuxuan, and there was enough hype.

According to Jiang Hui, if Ye Fan is on fire, his role can be greatly increased. However, Bai Yunjin said in advance that he is not allowed to give Ye Fan too many scenes, and he is not allowed to use Ye Fan to make news. Therefore, Jiang Hui is under pressure and only gives Ye Fan a little bit of drama.

Ye Fan said proudly: “I know, a genius like me will shine wherever he goes.”

An assistant hurriedly ran to Jiang Hui and whispered a few words, Ye Fan’s ear was amazing, and he heard it clearly, “There is news, what news?”

Ye Fan took the tablet on the side and searched for it, “Ah! Found it.”

“Hey, this news is about me and Yunxi. It says that I am Yunxi’s little white face, and that I entered the entertainment industry by unspoken rules. Although it is messy, it is more or less reliable than the news that I have an affair with Emperor Tang,” Ye Fan said excitedly.

Jiang Hui was speechless when he saw Ye Fan’s reaction.

“Young Master Ye, you are not angry?”

“Why should I be angry?” Ye Fan asked in confusion.

Jiang Hui: “…”


Ye Fan’s phone rang. Ye Fan looked at the number, the corners of his mouth flashed a few smiles of understanding. “Okay, you prepare the money, I’ll be right there.”

“Director, I’ve taken a business deal. I’ll come back tomorrow to shoot the scene, I’ll leave first.”

Jiang Hui nodded and said, “Okay, Young Master Ye, change your clothes and go.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Alright.”

“The director’s treatment for Young Master Ye is really good!” Liang Xin said.

Lu Ying smiled and said, “Who made Young Master Ye know how to fly?”

Liang Xin frowned and said, “How on earth did he fly?”

Thinking of Ye Fan’s various methods, Liang Xin felt a little cowardly. Ye Fan sometimes looked at herself strangely. The strange thing in her body, she better not let Ye Fan know about it.


Tang Yuxuan asked Ye Fan to meet in the box of a high-end club.

“Young Master Ye is here, please take a seat.”

Ye Fan sat down in front of Tang Yuxuan and asked carelessly, “Do you know about the scandal between us? How did those gossip reporters paired me and you ah? I only like Yunxi.”

Tang Yuxuan: “…” He is doing well in the entertainment industry, and many people want to stir up scandals with him. However, seeing Ye Fan’s appearance, it seems that he dislikes him. Tang Yuxuan couldn’t help but laugh.

“Third Young Master Bai is rich and handsome, which is indeed a rare good match,” Tang Yuxuan said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yunxi is my boyfriend, you don’t have a chance.”

“How dare I think of Third Young Master Bai?”

“It’s good that you know.”

“Let’s get down to business.” Tang Yuxuan smiled helplessly.

Ye Fan looked at Tang Yuxuan and said, “Okay, how far have you proceeded with that ghost?”

“That ghost has been haunting me, so I bought a magic weapon for self-defense. He seemed very angry and scolded me for taking the money, but not acknowledging it,” Tang Yuxuan said with an ugly face.

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes and said thoughtfully, “Then have you accepted his dowry?”

Tang Yuxuan said in a puzzled way: “Dowry? What kind of dowry?”

“Half are gold and silver treasures, and half are ghost coins or something.”

Tang Yuxuan’s face changed greatly, and he said, “No, I didn’t accept it.”

“If you didn’t, that means your parents took it, and if your parents took it, it is considered you taking it,” Ye Fan said.

Tang Yuxuan said with a gloomy face, “Parents? Biological parents?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, there should be a blood relationship for it to work.”

Tang Yuxuan frowned and said, “I am an adopted son. I was sold by my biological parents when I was a child.”

He was born in the countryside. When he was born, his parents met a shaman. The shaman said that he would harm his father and mother, and he would bring bad luck to the family. After his birth, the wounds on his body never stopped.

People in the village occasionally scold his parents, but this can only be exchanged for the couple’s intensified abuse of him.

At the age of eight, a couple who went abroad returned to their hometown to worship their ancestors. They could not stand seeing him abused and spent 100,000 yuan to buy him.

100,000 yuan may not be a big deal now, but in the countryside more than ten years ago, 100,000 yuan was already quite a lot.

The adoptive parents took out 100,000 yuan, and the couple agreed in a hurry for fear that the adoptive parents would repent.

After that, he went abroad with his adoptive father and adoptive mother and lived abroad for more than ten years.

In recent years, he has been in the entertainment industry, and he has been successful in all directions. When his career reached its peak, the couple actually came over. The couple came to him naturally to ask for money.

Back then, the 100,000 yuan was spent by the couple long ago. The older brother above him was a prodigal son, he would do anything but do nothing serious.

The couple beat him and scolded him, but to his ineffective brother, they gave him everything. His brother came to the age of marriage and having children, but his brother has no house, no car, no education, simply can not find someone.

After the couple found himself and knew his current identity. They opened their mouths and demanded him to buy a house with three bedrooms and two living rooms for his brother in Beijing.

Tang Yuxuan knew very well that with that couple’s ability, it was impossible to find himself. It was definitely done by those people who disliked him and wanted to harm him.

“I think I might have been set up,” Tang Yuxuan said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “I guess so. Fortunately, the last step of the underworld marriage has not been reached yet.”

“The last step?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Marriage requires the birth date of both parties. If your biological parents did it, they must know your natal chart. Secondly, it is necessary to give gifts, and these gifts should have already been given.”

“Finally, the last step is to drip blood. As long as you drip blood on the marriage certificate, the marriage will be completed! During this period of time, you must not be injured. If you are injured, don’t let the blood flow out. If your blood drips on the marriage certificate, it will be troublesome.”

Tang Yuxuan nodded and said, “I understand. Young Master Ye, how can this matter be resolved?”

Ye Fan frowned and said, “The best way, of course, is to ask your parents to return the marriage certificate and the dowry.”

Tang Yuxuan shook his head and said, “That shouldn’t be possible.”

That couple could not wait to eat his flesh and drink his blood, how could they give up? Moreover, the couple did such a disgusting thing, and he didn’t want to beg them at all. Back then, those two people sold him to his adoptive parents, and it was considered enough to make a profit. This time, they actually sold him to a ghost.

“The worst way is to break up with the ghost, which has certain drawbacks, because you and the ghost are already considered engaged. If you break up, that’s your fault, and it will affect your good luck to some extent,” Ye Fan said.

Tang Yuxuan looked at Ye Fan and said, “Is there any other way?”

Ye Fan nodded and said: “There is one, do you have any siblings or something? This dowry is received by your parents, whoever is not married can get married. We will get another wedding certificate, just change the person, but if this is the case, we must find out the name of this ghost.”

Tang Yuxuan narrowed his eyes and said secretly: The couple sold himself, probably because of his brother who only knew how to eat, drink, play, and gamble. If that’s the case, why can’t he treat others the same way?

“That ghost is a male ghost.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “What does it matter? It’s common for gays and lesbians to get married abroad. Ghosts are more open than people.”

Tang Yuxuan: “…”

Ye Fan looked at Tang Yuxuan, flickered his eyes, and said, “If you think it’s okay, let’s pay the deposit first!”

Tang Yuxuan nodded and said, “Okay, how much is the deposit?”

“Not much, just 50 million.”

Tang Yuxuan: “…”


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