The Abandoned Son Ch.105

Chapter 105 – Yunxi’s Accident

Ye Fan crossed his legs and casually sat down on the sofa on the side.

“You’ve found a Gu Master and you’ve also found a Spell Master. The world of masters pays attention to one thing, don’t bother two masters with one thing, you’ll easily offend people by doing this!” Ye Fan said boringly, knocking on melon seeds.

Liang Rao gritted her teeth and said, “I know, but I can’t help it, that Gu Master is too expensive.”

Liang Rao and Liang Xin were originally a pair of sisters in the dance hall. One of the two sisters dreamed of finding a sugar daddy, and the other dreamed of being a star. Unfortunately…the two sisters reached their thirties and achieved nothing.

One day, a Gu Master found them and said they could realize their dreams.

That Gu Master gave them a pair of Youth Gu, making them look like they were in their twenties.

Relying on their youthful and beautiful appearance, and the bed skills they acquired throughout the years, the elder sister quickly hooked a rich man and became a rich lady, and the younger sister also entered the entertainment industry as she wished.

The two sisters were grateful to the Gu Master, but things were far from simple.

The Gu Master told them that Gu worms need to be fed, and if they can’t be fed, the effects of the Gu worms will be weakened, and their appearance will soon grow old.

In order to maintain their beautiful appearance, the two sisters had no choice but to collect money frantically to buy Moon Orchid Fragrance from the Gu Master and provide for the Gu worms.

The elder sister fascinated a big boss, and then said that she needed money to invest, and the big boss gave a large sum to the elder sister.

As for the younger sister, she hooked up with men everywhere and made a lot of money.

The two gave all the money they earned to the Gu Master, but the Gu Master’s appetite was getting bigger and bigger, and their obsession with appearance made the two sisters have to satisfy the Gu Master’s request even though they were unwilling.

“The Love Controlling Spell and the Youth Gu seem to restrain each other,” Ye Fan said.

Liang Rao asked nervously, “What will happen then?”

“The Love Controlling Spell has weakened the effect of the Youth Gu in advance, and you will soon grow old,” Ye Fan said.

Cai Zhenjun twitched the corner of his mouth and looked at Ye Fan, secretly said: Young Master Ye is not gentle at all, such a bad news, he said it so bluntly, should be more euphemistic ah!

“The Youth Gu in my sister’s body was taken away by that Gu Master,” Liang Rao revealed.

Ye Fan said in a daze: “The Gu worm was taken away. In that case, her appearance should have aged rapidly…”

Cai Zhenjun blinked. After Liang Xin was beaten by the official wife, she hid. Originally, Cai Zhenjun felt it was strange. Why didn’t Liang Xin come out to refute the rumor? After hearing Ye Fan’s words, Cai Zhenjun more or less understood, the Youth Gu in Liang Xin’s body was taken away, which made her embarrassed to come out.

Liang Rao clenched her fists. After her sister’s Youth Gu was taken away, she became a dozen years older. She couldn’t accept herself like this, and tried to commit suicide several times.

Thinking that she would follow in her younger sister’s footsteps soon, Liang Rao felt that the future was bleak.

“I think that Gu Master may come to me soon,” Liang Rao said.

Zhang Siliang widened his eyes, pointed at Liang Rao with a messy finger, and said, “You… why didn’t you say it earlier?”

From Yuan Yi’s death, you can guess that Gu Master is definitely not a good person? If Zhang Siliang knew that the Gu Master was looking for Liang Rao, Zhang Siliang would never take Liang Rao.

“Your sister, she’s not dead, is she?” Thinking of Yuan Yi’s death, Zhang Siliang couldn’t help but feel a little tingling in his scalp.

“No, speaking of it, that Gu Master really wanted to create the illusion of my sister’s accidental death. This time, it’s thanks to the jade pendant you gave, Young Master Ye,” Liang Rao said.

Ye Fan frowned and said, “Is it that one?”

When Tang Yuxuan came to the set, Ye Fan sold a batch of jade pendants to Tang Yuxuan. At that time, many staff saw it and were very interested. However, because the price was too high, only Liang Xin bought one from him.

Although Ye Fan didn’t like Liang Xin very much, he wouldn’t reject a customer willing to spend money.

“That Gu Master originally wanted to kill my sister, but the jade pendant flashed a ray of light, repelling that Gu Master. There were many reporters outside at that time, and that Gu Master might have left because he was afraid of unforeseen circumstances.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “So that’s how it is!”

The jade pendant that Ye Fan sold to Liang Xin was made by Ye Fan when he was in the fourth level of Qi practice. The sealed attack in the jade pendant was more powerful. If the Gu Master was caught off guard, he would run into some trouble.

A bit of coldness flashed in Liang Rao’s eyes, “I heard that Yuan Yi died because the Gu worm was taken away.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes.”

Love Gu’s Gu worms are more domineering, when the Gu Master took away the Gu worms, they let the Gu worms drain Yuan Yi’s energy and blood, leaving her dead. But the Youth Gu is different, if removed, it will only make you age quickly.

A bit of struggle flashed in Liang Rao’s eyes, “Young Master Ye, how long can the Gu worm in my body last?”

“I know that you sisters are using the moon orchid fragrance to provide for the Gu worms, but even the real Youth Gu is time-sensitive, not to mention the half-finished products in your body. If I am not mistaken, if you don’t take it, you will only have a few months left before it expires,” Ye Fan said.

Liang Rao gritted his teeth and said, “Only a few months?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes.”

Liang Rao touched her face, and a bit of coldness flashed in her eyes. Since there is no hope for beauty, all she can count on is money. Since Huang Shifeng wants to divorce her, then divorce her. It’s just that she has to ask the other party for half of the property, and with this half of the property, she can live without worrying about food and clothing for the rest of her life.

“Mr. Ye, I want you to help me kill that Gu Master! I don’t know how much it will cost,” Liang Rao asked.

Ye Fan: “…”

Ye Fan blinked and secretly said: This woman is a cruel character! No wonder it can get to this point.

“Well, my price is still one hundred million.”

Liang Yao nodded and said, “I see. I have an item in my hand, I don’t know if I can offset part of the money.”

Ye Fan: “What…”

Liang Rao took out a photo and said, “It’s this…”

Ye Fan was shocked when he saw the photo. What Liang Rao took out was actually a photo of a spiritual stone.

Ye Fan was shocked when he saw the photo. What Liang Rao took out was actually a photo of a spirit stone.

“The Gu Master asked me to help him collect some things, which can also be used to exchange for the moon orchid incense. The things he wants are very rare. I got this stone recently, and I haven’t had time to give it to him. This thing is very similar to jade. I heard that it is very valuable abroad, but people who know the goods find it useless,” Liang Rao said.

Liang Rao had long obtained the spiritual stone, but she had already started to guard against the Gu Master, so she never took it out.

Ye Fan looked at Liang Rao and secretly said: This woman has more means than his stingy husband.

“Okay, you give me the things, I’ll find a way to solve the Gu Master,” Ye Fan said.

Ye Fan took out a jade pendant and entered a formation in the jade pendant.

“If you want this, I’ll sell this to you for two million.”

“Young Master Ye, this is?”

“This jade pendant has an illusion formation. This jade pendant can’t change your appearance, but it can construct an illusory image, so that people who see you think you are beautiful. But this jade pendant only has a few month’s time, you’d better get used to your original face as soon as possible.”

Liang Rao said gratefully: “Thank you, Young Master Ye.”

Liang Yao accepted the jade pendant with gratitude, Ye Fan blinked and secretly said: Women’s money is so good! Willing to spend so much money for an illusion that doesn’t exist.

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It was almost evening when Ye Fan came out from Zhang Siliang’s side.

“Young Master Ye, there are so many powerful people in this world!” Cai Zhenjun couldn’t help saying. This time, he has learned a lot, there are actually Gu Masters.

“What powerful people? Just someone who took a shortcut,” Ye Fan said disdainfully.

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “Yes, this person’s methods are indeed bad.”

“However, those women also brought it upon themselves. Boss Huang deserves it, Boss Zhang is more unlucky,” Ye Fan said with his hands on his back.

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “Yes! Young Master Ye, that jade pendant is really good, can you sell me a jade pendant that will make me handsome?”

“A self-deceiving thing, what do you need it for?”

Cai Zhenjun: “…” I want to use it to pick up girls ah, it will give me a good face! “Young Master Ye, I’ll take you back to the villa.”

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “Send me to Yunxi’s place.”

Cai Zhenjun glanced at Ye Fan and couldn’t help but say, “Young Master Ye, you really can’t let go of the Third Young Master Bai for a moment!”

“That’s my wife, of course, it’s different.”

Cai Zhenjun’s car had been driving for about ten minutes when Ye Fan’s cell phone rang. Ye Fan looked at the name and immediately became happy. When Ye Fan answered the phone, the call was cut off.

Ye Fan’s face instantly turned gloomy, “Stop the car!”

“Boss Ye, we are now on the highway,” Cai Zhenjun said stiffly.

“Stop the car quickly,” Ye Fan insisted.

“Young Master Ye, what’s wrong?” Cai Zhenjun asked while driving the car to the emergency lane.

“The call was cut off, something happened to Yunxi,” Ye Fan said coldly.

Cai Zhenjun frowned and said, “Young Master Ye, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Young Master Bai has an accident. Maybe Young Master Bai called the wrong number?”

“Nonsense, he has called me on my cell phone, he should have said something to me. Anyway, get out of the car, let me drive. I’m going to find Yunxi,” Ye Fan said anxiously.

Cai Zhenjun: “…” This is his car!

Cai Zhenjun was driven out of the car by Ye Fan. After getting out of the car, Cai Zhenjun saw his car going straight into the car in front of it.

“It’s about to crash!” Cai Zhenjun watched this scene, and his heartbeat almost stopped. It’s over, it’s over, there is going to be a big accident!

Suddenly, Cai Zhenjun saw his car floating up and flying over the roof of the car in front. His car flew!

After the car completed a leap, it disappeared into the air.

Cai Zhenjun opened his mouth wide, and it took a long time for him to regain his senses. Cai Zhenjun wiped the cold sweat from his head and wanted to cry without tears. Boss Ye, there is surveillance in this place! He is going to be summoned by the traffic control department.

As soon as Ye Fan got into the driver’s seat, he put a few flying talismans on the car.

Thinking that it is easy to be stopped by the traffic police when driving fast, Ye Fan posted a few more invisible talismans on the car.

Cai Zhenjun came back to his senses, took a deep breath, and called Cai Shuai.

Cai Shuai quickly drove over to pick up Cai Zhenjun, “Why are you alone on the highway? Don’t you know it’s very dangerous?”

“I don’t want to either!” Who wants to stand on the highway like an idiot? “This is because of Young Master Ye’s sudden whim. He wants to find Young Master Bai. He thinks I’m in the way, so he kicked me out.”

Cai Shuai: “…”


Bai Yunjin put down the phone with a worried look on his face.

Bai Yunfei looked at Bai Yunjin and said suspiciously, “Big brother, what’s wrong? Your face is so ugly?”

“Ye Fan called and asked where Yunxi is! Listening to his tone, he seems to be quite anxious,” Bai Yunjin explained.

“Anxious? Could it be that Yunxi broke up with him?” Bai Yunfei said.

Bai Yunjin shook his head and said, “I’m wondering if something happened to Yunxi.”

Bai Yunfei frowned and said, “No way, what could happen?”

Bai Yunjin said with some concern: “Yunxi seems to have gone to a sanatorium in the countryside today to see a relative, the phone can’t be reached…”


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