The Abandoned Son Ch.111

Chapter 111 — Do You Know How To Praise Me?

Inside the villa.

“Daoist Master Xu, I’ve heard a lot about you! I heard that Old Man Bai listens to you a lot.” Ye Fan looked at Xu Yuanqing with bright eyes, grabbed Xu Yuanqing’s hand and shook it vigorously.

“I have some friendship with Old Bai, and he can give me some face,” Xu Yuanqing said implicitly.

Ye Fan nodded and said happily: “That’s good, that’s good! The Bai family listens to the old man Bai Shiyuan, and finally there is someone who can beat Old Man Bai.”

Xu Yuanqing: “…”

“Before, thank you Young Master Ye for helping my grandson,” Xu Yuanqing said.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing.”

“According to Young Master Ye, how should my grandson’s illness be solved?” Xu Yuanqing asked.

Ye Fan shrugged and said, “He took the spirit flame fruit, but he couldn’t absorb the medicinal power of the spirit flame fruit, so he could only extract the medicinal power. If it is to be completely removed, I’m afraid it will take four more times.”

“Young Master Ye should also see that my grandson, he is an ancient martial artist. If he extracts the medicinal power of spirit flame fruit, can he still cultivate?”

When Xu Yuanqing first saw Mu Lianping’s tragic situation, he thought that as long as he could save Mu Lianping’s life, it would be fine, after all, eight out of ten people who the Mu family could not absorb the spirit flame fruit died. But seeing that Mu Lianping was back to normal and the disease was no more, he couldn’t help but start to hope for more.

His grandson’s aptitude is not very good, but he has been working very hard, training in the coldest parts of winter and hottest parts of summer.

Mu Lianping started cultivating at the age of three, and it has been twenty-two years now. After more than 20 years of cultivation, he lost. The blow to Mu Lianping can be imagined.

Ye Fan blinked and said, “It’s not impossible, but this is another business, and we need to discuss it separately.”

Xu Yuanqing was overjoyed when he heard Ye Fan’s statement, “Young Master Ye, there is a way?”

Ye Fan rubbed his chin and said, “When the medicinal power of the spirit flame fruit is extracted, you can try using the Meridian Renewal Pill to connect the meridians together and see the effect.”

Xu Yuanqing said excitedly: “It’s all up to you, Young Master Ye.”

Mu Lianping looked at Ye Fan, and a bit of suspicion flashed in his heart. There were many ancient martial cultivators in the Mu family who took the spirit flame fruit and ended up paralyzed or even died. For this reason, the Mu family had also thought of many ways, however, none of them worked. The problem that had plagued the family for many years, could Ye Fan really solve it?

Xu Yuanqing couldn’t help but ask, “Young Master Ye, this Meridian Renewal Pill…”

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “Let’s talk about this matter later. Tell Old Man Bai something nice about me first.”

Xu Yuanqing: “…”

“Master Xu, do you know how to praise me in front of Old Man Bai?” Ye Fan asked with bright eyes.

Xu Yuanqing: “This…” He didn’t know this guy Ye Fan very well, so he hadn’t really thought about how to compliment him.

Ye Fan took out a piece of paper and said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, I’ve prepared for this, I’ve written my merits into a script. When you see Old Man Bai, Daoist Master Xu, you can just say it according to this.”

Xu Yuanqing: “…”

Ye Fan coughed twice, and said solemnly: “When the time comes, you will tell him that—”

“Counting five thousand years up and five thousand years down, you can no longer find anyone more handsome, dashing, intelligent, and peerless than Ye Fan. If you miss Ye Fan as your grandson-in-law, then you can only wait for another five thousand years to wait for such a genius, by then, you will already be dead!”

Xu Yuanqing: “…”

“Ye Fan is sunny, healthy, humorous, warm, tall, handsome, and rich, with a stable personality, a sense of responsibility, a high level of talent, quick thinking, and leadership qualities. If you pass this village, you will not find another store!”

Xu Yuanqing: “…”

“Ye Fan is basically all advantages. The biggest disadvantage is that he has only advantages! There is such a perfect person, and he is willing to be your grandson-in-law, that’s your blessing that has only been cultivated in dozens of lifetimes!”

Xu Yuanqing “…”

“Ye Fan is very handsome, but you can still find out every day that he has become a little more handsome than yesterday. Those stars and movie stars, compared to Ye Fan, are idiots, fools, and morons! I don’t know who you were in your previous life. How many incense sticks have been burned to cultivate such a blessing!”

Xu Yuanqing: “…”

Ye Fan coughed lightly and said, “I’ve only thought of so much for the time being. For the rest, Daoist Master Xu, you can add them appropriately! There are not too many good words, the more the better!”

Xu Yuanqing: “…” No wonder Bai Shiyuan couldn’t accept such a strange thing.

Xu Yuanqing smiled and said, “I will tell Old Bai what you said.”

Ye Fan nodded and said solemnly, “That’s good, don’t cut corners!”

Xu Yuanqing: “…Can we talk about the meridian renewal pill?”

“Daoist Master Xu, you have to know that I am a big man, and my shot fee is very high. For this matter, the medicinal materials are prepared by yourself. After the matter is completed, you have to give me 100 million yuan,” Ye Fan said.

Xu Yuanqing frowned and said, “One hundred million yuan is not a problem, but can you guarantee that the medicine pill is effective?”

“If it doesn’t work, I won’t charge you, I’m a businessman with professional ethics,” Ye Fan said lightly.

Xu Yuanqing gave a surprised “Oh”. Xu Yuanqing has been immersed in the path of medicine for many years, and ancient martial artists are respectful when they meet him. But this time, he has no certainty about his grandson’s illness. Ye Fan actually said that if it didn’t work, he wouldn’t charge money. He doesn’t know if it is because Ye Fan is young and doesn’t know how high the sky is, or if he really has the ability!

“Do you really have that much money?” Ye Fan asked curiously.

Xu Yuanqing nodded and said, “One hundred million yuan, I can still take it out.”

Xu Yuanqing is very famous in high-level circles, and a single pill can be sold for a considerable price. Even if he has no money now, it is not difficult to find a rich businessman to borrow 100 million yuan.

Ye Fan blinked and said, “I heard that you, Daoist priests, do not care about money and business, but now it seems that it is not quite true! The times are different!”

Xu Yuanqing: “…”

Ye Fan took a recorder out and said, “It’s not that I can’t trust Daoist Master Xu, but then, we have to do business, so when you help me say something nice to Old Man Bai, please record this for me.”

Xu Yuanqing: “…” This evidence is still needed.

Mu Lianping: “…” This guy, Ye Fan, is quite strict!

Mu Lianping followed Xu Yuanqing out of Ye Fan’s villa. When Mu Lianping came, he was always worried about Ye Fan probing with him about the Spirit Flame Fruit, but Ye Fan’s attention was not on the Spiritual Flame Fruit at all. Mu Lianping found that he really thought too much.

“Grandpa, what Young Master Ye asked you to do…”

“It’s not a big deal. He only asked me to praise him in front of Old Bai, but he didn’t say that I must persuade him. This matter mainly depends on Old Bai’s own intentions,” Xu Yuanqing said. It’s just that it’s really hard to say it according to the one written on Ye Fan’s script!

Mu Lianping nodded and said, “Indeed.”

Xu Yuanqing brought Mu Lianping, and as soon as they returned to Bai’s residence, they saw Bai Shiyuan.

“Daoist Master Xu, you are finally back. If you don’t come back, I will have to go out to look for you,” Bai Shiyuan said.

Xu Yuanqing smiled and said, “Lianping’s injury has stabilized, no need to worry now.” After agreeing to Ye Fan’s advice to praise him in front of Bai Shiyuan, Xu Yuanqing felt a little guilty when facing Bai Shiyuan.

Bai Shiyuan looked at Xu Yuanqing’s strange face, and a bit of suspicion flashed in his heart.

“Lianping’s body has stabilized temporarily. I have something I want to talk to you about, Master Bai,” Xu Yuanqing said.

Bai Shiyuan smiled, “Of course if you have something Daoist Master Xu, if there is anything I can help you with, you don’t have to be so unfamiliar.”

Bai Shiyuan and Xu Yuanqing sat down on the sofa.

Xu Yuanqing smiled and said, “I heard that Bai Yunxi has a boyfriend named Ye Fan, the two of them are quite a good match.”

Bai Shiyuan: “…”

Bai Yunjin, who was standing on the side, heard the word Ye Fan, his eyelids couldn’t help jumping, and a bad premonition flashed in his heart.

Bai Yunjin looked at Xu Yuanqing and said, “Senior Xu, you have seen Ye Fan?”

“Do you think he’s good?”

“It’s not just good! Counting up to five thousand years, counting down to five thousand years, one can never find anyone more handsome, dashing, smart, and peerless than Ye Fan. If your grandfather misses Ye Fan as a grandson-in-law, you will have to wait another five thousand years for such a genius to come, and you must not miss this opportunity!”

Bai Yunjin: “…” Daoist Master Xu’s words are quite like Ye Fan’s style! Ye Fan often said that he was a rare talent in a thousand years.

Xu Yuanqing seems to have gone to see Ye Fan today. After only one meeting, he was brainwashed by this guy Ye Fan. How could he not know that this guy, Ye Fan, actually has the talent for MLM.

Bai Shiyuan stared blankly at Xu Yuanqing before saying, “Master Xu, your evaluation of Ye Fan is really good!”

Xu Yuanqing smiled awkwardly, not knowing how to continue.

“Ye Fan is indeed a talent,” Bai Shiyuan said with some difficulty.

“You think so too? Ye Fan is sunny, healthy, humorous, warm, tall, handsome, and rich, with a stable personality, a sense of responsibility, talent, quick thinking, and leadership qualities. If you miss this village, you won’t find another store,” Xu Yuanqing bit the bullet and continued.

Bai Shiyuan took a deep breath, frowned, and said, “Daoist Master Xu, do you owe Ye Fan a huge favor?”

Xu Yuanqing: “…”

Xu Yuanqing smiled awkwardly, and said, “Lianping’s injury was stabilized by Ye Fan. This guy, Ye Fan, is indeed capable.”

Bai Shiyuan nodded, and said with conviction: “He is indeed capable.” The capability to irritate people is even more so.

This guy, Ye Fan, got on Xu Yuanqing’s line so quickly and asked Xu Yuanqing to speak for him, it’s really amazing!

“Old Bai, what do you think about Ye Fan?”

Bai Shiyuan frowned and said: “He is quite good, very special, but I always keep an open-minded attitude when it comes to young people’s matters. If Yunxi accepts Ye Fan’s proposal, I will not object. If Yunxi does not accept it, then I have no objection either.”

Bai Yunjin: “…” Grandpa is also very good at throwing the blame ah!

Bai Shiyuan shook his head. In his heart, Bai Shiyuan agreed with Bai Yunxi and Ye Fan. However, Ye Fan was very out of tune, which made Bai Shiyuan not want to hand over Bai Yunxi to Ye Fan easily.


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