The Abandoned Son Ch.128

Chapter 128 — The DINK Family

After coming out of Shi Wei’s office, Hou An couldn’t help but wonder, “Young Master Ye, what is that Professor Shi’s jade pendant?”

“It’s the betrothal gift I gave to Yunxi, it has a protective function,” Ye Fan said.

“Then if I had that jade pendant, I wouldn’t be so easily injured?” Hou An asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Well, yes.”

“Then how many jade pendants did you give Yunxi as a betrothal gift in total?” Xiao Chi has a hundred, so Old Man Bai should not have less than Xiao Chi.

“Oh, not much, only two thousand,” Ye Fan said.

Two thousand is not much?! Hou An secretly made up his mind that he must find a way to get two over.

“Young Master Ye, Young Master Ye… Hou An, who was following closely behind Ye Fan, suddenly panicked and hid behind Ye Fan.

Ye Fan looked at Hou An and said displeased, “Don’t be so cowardly! What are you doing?”

“Young Master Ye, that woman is the one…”

Ye Fan looked in the direction Hou An pointed, and saw a woman in a white dress. The woman’s expression was very cold and arrogant, giving people a feeling of being unapproachable.

“Hey, it’s an ancient martial arts practitioner.” But she is only at the second level of vital energy, a weak scum.

The woman in the white dress looked coldly at Hou An behind Ye Fan, and turned away in disgust.

“This woman is so cold!” Ye Fan paused and said, “Doesn’t look good, and you still wanted to pick her up before? What kind of vision do you have? This woman can’t even match one of Yunxi’s fingers.”

Hou Anman said embarrassedly: “Of course my vision is not as good as yours.” But no matter how good Bai Yunxi is, he is still a man! He likes soft girls, moreover, Third Young Master Bai is indeed good-looking but the coercion is too great, how can ordinary people hold it?

Ye Fan’s phone rang, “Hey, Mu Lianping, is there something?”

“Young Master Ye, I found out what Young Master Bai asked me to investigate. The woman Hou An offended should be from the Moon Palace.”

“Moon Palace, how is the strength of this force?”

“There are only female cultivators in the sect of the Moon Palace. The strength of the sect is not very good. The highest level of cultivation is at the level of Yang Lengxue. However, the women in the Moon Palace are all arrogant. They self-proclaimed themselves as the Moon Palace Fairies, and they need to maintain the body of ice and their purity. They have a strong aversion to men,” Mu Lianping said.

“They don’t have children?” Ye Fan asked suspiciously.

“They don’t, the people of the Moon Palace think they are the chosen reincarnations of the Moon Palace Fairies who serve the gods and cannot be moved by ordinary people. If the women of the Moon Palace break their bodies, and if they rebel, they will be chased and killed by others in the Moon Palace.”

“The women of that sect don’t give birth to a baby, and this sect still exists?” Ye Fan said in surprise.

“If people don’t have children, that doesn’t mean they don’t accept apprentices,” Mu Lianping said.

“Oh, I see,” Ye Fan said.

Ye Fan hung up the phone and said to Hou An, “You just said you wanted to give me 300 million!”

Hou An nodded and said, “Yes, three hundred million!”

“I’ll give you a prescription later, you can prepare the herbs yourself,” Ye Fan said.

Hearing Ye Fan’s words, he knew that Ye Fan had taken over his business, and thanked him in a hurry.

Hou An heard Cai Zhenjun say that Ye Fan’s ability to concoct pills is not bad. Before, Xu Yuanqing asked Ye Fan to ask him. As long as Ye Fan is willing to take action, it should be fine.

“Young Master Ye, where are you going?” Hou An asked Ye Fan.

“Go to the library! Grandpa is there!” Ye Fan said.

Hou An said in horror: “But, that woman just went in.”

Ye Fan rolled his eyes and said, “If she went in, I can’t go in? What kind of reasoning is that.”

What a joke? A second-level vital energy, at most, is stronger than ordinary people, he can kill them with one palm.

“If you’re afraid, just wait outside, I’m going in to find grandpa,” Ye Fan said.

Hou An hesitated for a moment and said, “I’d better go in with you.”

After Ye Fan entered, he walked towards the ancient books area of the library. Ye Fan found that the woman he had seen before was also in this direction.

“What are you doing? You want to invite me to dinner too?” Hu Xiangyu stopped, turned, and asked Ye Fan coldly.

Ye Fan put his hands behind his back and said in a puzzled way, “Why should I invite you to dinner? Even if I have a lot of money, I won’t spend it casually.”

“Then why are you following me?” Hu Xiangyu asked.

Ye Fan said dully: “You think too much, I didn’t come to you.”

Hu Xiangyu sneered and decided that Ye Fan wanted to attract her attention, “You didn’t come to me, why are you following me?”

Ye Fan snorted softly and said, “Who is following you, I’m here to find someone.”

“Oh, who are you looking for?” Hu Xiangyu asked.

Xiao Chi walked out of the ancient book area and said, “Ye Fan, you are here!”

“Grandpa! Yunxi asked me to come see you, I think it’s getting late, let’s go out for lunch first,” Ye Fan said.

Seeing Ye Fan, Xiao Chi said cheerfully, “Oh, okay.”

Before, when Bai Yunxi asked Ye Fan to protect Xiao Chi, Xiao Chi was annoyed by Ye Fan, after that, Ye Fan didn’t follow him anymore, and Xiao Chi missed him a bit.

Hu Xiangyu heard the conversation between Ye Fan and Xiao Chi, and knew that Ye Fan was here to find Xiao Chi. The two were actually still related, and understood that she was making a fool of herself. Hu Xiangyu felt her face hot, and a bit of anger flashed in her heart.

Hu Xiangyu looked at Xiao Chi and asked arrogantly, “Professor Xiao, is my translation ready?”

“That thing is badly damaged and a bit messy, it will take some time,” Xiao Chi said.

Hu Xiangyu said unhappily, “Professor Xiao, this thing is very important, can’t you just hurry up?”

Xiao Chi wrinkled his brow and said displeased, “Slow work makes fine work, this matter can’t be rushed.”

“Professor Xiao doesn’t care at all. He still has time to go out to eat! So passive, no wonder you couldn’t produce a result,” Hu Xiangyu sneered.

“Grandpa, how much did you charge for translation? I’ll help you pay it back,” Ye Fan said coldly.

“No money.” The matter was requested by the people of the Dragon Group. Xiao Chi himself is not short of money. He occasionally does volunteer work, this is not the first time. However, this is still Xiao Chi’s first time to serve such a difficult person. In the past, people who requested him were respectful.

Ye Fan said somewhat displeased: “No money? Then Grandpa, aren’t you doing free labor? Little girl, what is your attitude? If you are in a hurry, go to someone else! My grandfather is willing to translate it for you, that is to give you face! Go away if you don’t like it!”

Hu Xiangyu snorted coldly and said, “Insolent mortal, asking your grandfather to help me, that is to give your grandfather face. Do you know how precious this thing is?!”

“Aiya, damned girl, you have a big face! You’re so thick-skinned, do your parents know?” Ye Fan said with a black face.

Hu Xiangyu slapped a palm down towards Ye Fan, who backhanded a palm and slapped Hu Xiangyu away.

Hu Xiangyu fell to the ground at once, spitting out a large mouthful of blood, “You…”

As soon as Ye Fan made his move, Hu Xiangyu immediately woke up. Ye Fan was also an ancient martial artist, not an ordinary person.

Xiao Chi frowned and said, “Ye Fan, why are you hitting so hard?”

“I didn’t hit hard! She’s the one who’s too weak. Don’t worry, Grandpa, she won’t die,” Ye Fan said.

Hu Xiangyu got up from the ground and looked at Ye Fan with hatred.

“Grandpa, let’s go out to eat,” Ye Fan dragged Xiao Chi away.

Hou An was a little happy, Ye Fan beat the woman, then they were on the same line.

“Grandpa, who is that woman? How did you meet her?” Ye Fan asked.

“The people from the Dragon Group brought her here, saying that they have something for me to translate,” Xiao Chi said.

Hu Xiangyu is an ancient martial artist. She was brought over by a person from the Dragon Group a few days ago. She asked him to translate an ancient text. The ancient text was dismantled in various places and could not be connected to the context at all. Xiao Chi had experience before, he knew that what Hu Xiangyu wants to translate should be an ancient martial arts technique, but it is dismantled in a mess.

Because things are so fragmented, progress is slow.

Because of his slow progress, Hu Xiangyu often came to remind him, and her attitude was terrible, which made Xiao Chi feel displeased with Hu Xiangyu. However, displeasure is displeasure, and Xiao Chi did not want to worsen the situation.

Ye Fan nibbled at the hairy crab and said, “Grandpa, why do you take on anyone’s work? That woman is not very capable, but she is very arrogant.” Before, that woman should have regarded him as an ordinary person. If he was really an ordinary person, and if her palm hit him, he would be in Hou An’s similar situation.

Xiao Chi shook his head and said, “When I took this job, I didn’t know she was like this.” When Hu Xiangyu followed the people from the Dragon Group, she was quiet and didn’t talk much. Xiao Chi has always been very helpful, he just took it.

After taking it, Xiao Chi realized that Hu Xiangyu was not quiet, but disdained to talk to ordinary people like him.

In the eyes of many ancient martial arts practitioners, ordinary people are just vulgar mortals no matter how good they are and how much money they have, and Hu Xiangyu is obviously one of them.

However, the task had already been accepted, if Xiao Chi wanted to regret it, it was already too late.

“Young Master Hou, why do you look sluggish? Have you stayed up late? Young Master Hou, although you are young, you still need to take care of your body. What should you do if you damage your body at a young age?” Xiao Chi said. .

Hou An: “…” It wasn’t that he wanted to damage his body. Wasn’t it because he was unlucky and beaten like this?

“He didn’t stay up late, he was beaten up by an ancient martial artist!” Ye Fan said.

“Ancient martial artist?” Xiao Chi at first only thought that Hou An had stayed up too late playing, and only after hearing Ye Fan say that it was an ancient martial arts practitioner who did it, did he suddenly realize!

“It’s the woman who asked you to translate, grandpa,” Ye Fan said.

Xiao Chi was stunned for a moment and said, “It’s her? I didn’t expect her to hit so hard. But Young Master Hou, how did you offend Hu Xiangyu?”

“It’s true that she hit quite hard,” Ye Fan said.

Ye Fan originally thought, seeing that Hou An’s injury was not fatal, that the other party was merciful. Only when he met her that Ye Fan realized that the woman did her best when she attacked. But her strength was not high so Hou An kept his life.

“Young Master Hou, how did you offend her?” Xiao Chi asked curiously.

“He wants to pick up girls,” Ye Fan said.

Hou An: “…” Young Master Ye is really… Can’t you help cover it up?

“Someone just told me that the women in the Moon Palace are all serving the gods and need to keep their bodies clean and pure. You have no chance! I think it’s better for you to stop thinking about that woman in the future. Your family has been a single heir for three generations, and your parents are very old-fashioned. She is from the DINK family, not the same as you,” Ye Fan said earnestly.

“You’re right, Young Master Ye, you’re right…” Young Master Ye was really thinking too much. He didn’t know about it before, but he knows it now. Looking for that kind of girl, does he think his life is too long?


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