The Abandoned Son Ch.130

Chapter 130 — The Breath of the Cold Essence

A suburban villa in Beijing.

Shi Yue looked at Hu Xiangyu with dissatisfaction, “Didn’t I tell you not to attack Ye Fan? Now it’s ruined.”

Hu Xiangyu felt a bit of regret in her heart, “I didn’t attack Ye Fan.”

Although Hu Xiangyu is proud, but being slapped by Ye Fan, she somewhat understands that she is not Ye Fan’s opponent.

Hu Xiangyu did not dare to attack Ye Fan, so he chose to attack Xiao Chi.

Xiao Chi didn’t translate the ancient text for a long time. Hu Xiangyu always felt that Xiao Chi was lazy and had long been dissatisfied with Xiao Chi.

In addition, the fact that she was beaten by Ye Fan also had something to do with Xiao Chi, so Hu Xiangyu chose to move Xiao Chi. But she didn’t know that Xiao Chi’s house had some weirdness, and as soon as the moon mirror was activated, it was countered by a strange spiritual force and shattered.

“You’re too bold to steal my moon mirror. Now that the mirror is like this, how do you want me to explain to Master?”

Shi Yue looked at the mirror that had lost its brilliance, and felt extremely dissatisfied with Hu Xiangyu in her heart.

The Moon Mirror was originally a weapon of Shi Yue’s master, Li Qingxue. Because Shi Yue came out of the sect, Li Qingxue asked Shi Yue to protect Hu Xiangyu before lending the instrument to Shi Yue.

Shi Yue didn’t expect Hu Xiangyu to be so bold, and stole her magic weapon in the middle of the night to plot against Xiao Chi.

Shi Yue was a little apprehensive. Hu Xiangyu’s cultivation was not very good, and she was very willful. However, she was very spoiled by her master. Now that Hu Xiangyu has become like this, if her master knew about it, she might be the one to be punished.

From childhood to adulthood, Hu Xiangyu often framed her, and Master always punished her for Hu Xiangyu’s fault. At first, Shi Yue thought that the master was blinded by Hu Xiangyu, but after a long time, Shi Yue finally understood that her Master was not that blinded, but was just biased.

“Senior sister, don’t worry about the mirror. I feel like I can’t mobilize a single bit of my vital energy, what do you think is going on?” Hu Xiangyu said.

Shi Yue looked at Hu Xiangyu, and there was a vague guess in her heart, but she didn’t say it.

“Senior sister, I feel very uncomfortable. You find me a doctor of ancient martial arts!” Hu Xiangyu said.

Shi Yue said with a gloomy face, “Ancient martial arts doctor? Are they so easy to find? I told you a long time ago, there are people beyond people, there is a heaven beyond heaven, Ye Fan is not easy to mess with!”

Hu Xiangyu originally thought that Shi Yue was making a fuss, but now that Shi Yue’s words have come true, he didn’t feel that Shi Yue had foresight, but only thought that Shi Yue was watching her joke.

Hearing Shi Yue repeatedly saying that she was disobedient, implying that she was to blame, Hu Xiangyu immediately exploded.

“Senior sister, you want to die, don’t you? Are you happy that I am like this? When I am dead, you will be Master’s only apprentice, and Master will leave you all the clothes and mantle in the future. Stop dreaming, you are such a snake and scorpion heart, even if I become like this, Master will not treat you differently,” Hu Xiangyu sneered.

Shi Yue’s face sank after hearing Hu Xiangyu’s words.

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Bai Yunxi put down the phone, his face gloomy.

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi and said puzzledly, “Yunxi, what’s wrong with you? Your complexion is so ugly!”

“Someone tried to assassinate my grandfather, but they didn’t succeed. Now, they should be in a suburban villa,” Bai Yunxi said coldly.

“Tried to assassinate grandpa? Could it be the woman from before?” Ye Fan tilted his head and asked.

Ye Fan frowned and said, “This woman is really shameless! She actually attacked ordinary old people.”

Bai Yunxi secretly said it was a fluke, if Grandpa didn’t have a lot of protective jade pendants there, it was hard to say what would have happened.

“That woman didn’t get any better, she should be paralyzed for the time being.”

Ye Fan rubbed his chin and said, “I’ll go and finish her off.”

“Go, be careful,” Bai Yunxi said lightly.

Bai Yunxi didn’t like Ye Fan killing people, but if the opponent provoked him, Bai Yunxi would not stop him.


Xiao Chi put down the phone, a bit of depression flashed in his heart.

“Old man, how is it? What did Yunxi say!”

“Yunxi said he will handle it.”

Mu Wan nodded and said, “That’s alright. I told you, those ancient text translation jobs should not be taken carelessly in the future. You took one last time, and it ended up provoking a bunch of J country ninjas, and repeatedly encountered assassination. This time, you helped the little girl to translate, and provoked the little girl to plot against you.”

Xiao Chi laughed awkwardly and said, “I didn’t think of that?”

“These jade pendants of mine! Be sure to put them away, they are life-saving things,” Xiao Chi said.

Mu Wan nodded and said, “I know, I know.”

“If I had known earlier, I should have asked for more from Old Bai.”

There were 2,000 jade pendants in the betrothal gift from Ye Fan, and Bai Yunxi had a custom-made magic weapon on his body, so naturally he didn’t need it.

Bai Yunxi didn’t need it, so Bai Shiyuan called Xiao Chi and others together and divided the jade pendants.

Xiao Chi just took a hundred jade pendants. He thought it was definitely enough. However, during this time, many people expressed their willingness to spend a lot of money to buy them. Xiao Chi suddenly felt that a hundred pieces were too few.


Shi Yue was anxious for a long time, and finally waited for Master Li Qingxue.

Seeing Hu Xiangyu’s injury, Li Qingxue slapped Shi Yue without asking, “I asked you to protect your junior sister, is this how you protect?”

Shi Yue covered her face and didn’t dare to respond. Although she vaguely guessed her fate, Shi Yue still felt a little injustice in her heart.

“Master, Master, my cultivation base can’t be used anymore…” Seeing Li Qingxue, Hu Xiangyu acted coquettishly.

“Master will take a look.” Li Qingxue checked Hu Xiangyu’s injury, and her face turned ugly. “How did you get hurt like this?”

Li Qingxue turned her head, looked at Shi Yue, and said, “How do you protect Junior Sister? She doesn’t know how to behave, can’t you watch out?”

Seeing that Li Qingxue was angry, Shi Yue fell to her knees, “Master, calm down, it’s all my fault.”

“Trash.” Li Qingxue kicked Shi Yue and spit out a mouthful of blood.

Seeing Shi Yue’s unfortunate situation, Hu Xiangyu finally showed a smile, which just fell into Shi Yue’s eyes.

Li Qingxue ignored Shi Yue and walked to the bedside. Shi Yue watched this scene, and a bit of coldness rose in her heart.

Li Qingxue gave Hu Xiangyu a little infusion of vital energy, and put Hu Xiangyu to sleep.

“I’m going out, you look at your junior sister, if something goes wrong, you will pay with your skin.”

Shi Yue hurriedly said, “Understood.”


Ye Fan rode the flying sword and followed the map’s instructions to find his destination.

There are many villas in the suburbs, and Ye Fan can’t figure out which one it is, so he can only run around.

Suddenly, a chill came over, Ye Fan’s eyes lit up, and he was surprised that he could sense the breath of cold essence in this place.

Anyway, it would be impossible to figure out which villa Hu Xiangyu was in for a while, Ye Fan followed the breath of the cold essence and found a hidden villa.

Ye Fan put a concealment talisman on his body and sneaked into the yard.

Seeing the people in the villa, Ye Fan couldn’t help but feel a little surprised.

There was a man and a woman in the villa. The man was the elder of Du Sheng Clan that Ye Fan had met at the conference before. There was also a woman dressed in white. The vital energy flowing in her body was very similar to that of Hu Xiangyu, and she should have come from the Moon Palace.

“About Xiangyu’s matter, what do you want to do?” A cold female voice came into Ye Fan’s ears.

“Is it because you are afraid of Ye Fan, so you don’t care about your daughter?” The female cultivator asked with dissatisfaction.

Listening to the conversation between the two, Ye Fan couldn’t help blinking, feeling a little confused.

“When Xiangyu came out, didn’t you remind her not to mess with Ye Fan?”

“My daughter is like this, and you still only count my faults? Can’t you do anything about it? Are you just going to watch her become a waste?”

Du Ming frowned and said, “She has suffered from the backlash from the magic weapon, and her organs and meridians have been damaged. I am afraid that she will not be able to practice ancient martial arts in the future. Even if she can practice, the progress of her cultivation will be very slow.”

“Shi Yue, that rubbish, I told her to protect Xiangyu, but she just knows how to neglect her work! Maybe she just wants something to happen to Xiangyu.”

Du Ming said lightly, “It’s too late to say anything now.”

“Is there anything you can do about your daughter’s injury?”

“For the organs, we can find suitable ones to replace her, for the meridians, we can only slowly warm them up,” Du Ming said indifferently.

“Ye Fan, that bastard.”

“Ye Fan is so young and his strength is so strong. Either his exercises are special, or he should have some kind of strange encounter,” Du Ming said.

The corner of Li Qingxue’s mouth raised a sarcastic arc, “You are thinking about Ye Fan’s exercises, aren’t you afraid of him? Do you want to steal his exercises?”

“Ye Fan is good to Bai Yunxi, I think Bai Yunxi seems to have practiced, otherwise, Bai Yunxi could not have persisted in Yang Qianshan’s hands for so long. Bai Yunxi’s ancient martial arts are also very strange, I think it should be taught to him by Ye Fan,” Du Ming said.

Li Qingxue smiled coldly and said, “What are you telling me this for? Are you going to share the exercises with me? Are you so kind?”

When Li Qingxue was young, she met Du Ming, and at the risk of being discovered by the Moon Palace, she stayed with Du Ming and had a child.

Later, the Moon Palace Elder wrote to her, urging her to go back, and Li Qingxue asked Du Ming to perform hymen repair surgery on her.

Li Qingxue warily returned to the Moon Palace, for fear that the matter would be discovered. Fortunately, something happened to the Moon Palace at the time, and the elders didn’t have time to pay attention to her, so they just let her pass. A few years later, she made her daughter an orphan, connected her to the Moon Palace, and accepted her as a disciple.

More than 20 years later, Li Qingxue was no longer the love-brained girl she used to be, and her relationship with Du Ming was no longer what it used to be.

“Ah Xue, we have such a deep relationship, why do you say that?”

Li Qingxue was unmoved, and said suspiciously: “Tell me, do you want me to deal with Bai Yunxi with you? Ye Fan is not easy to deal with, but Bai Yunxi seems to be weak!”

“Bai Yunxi’s own strength is nothing to worry about, but Ye Fan is too worried about this Third Young Master Bai, and always gives Bai Yunxi a self-defense weapon.”

The day Yang Qianshan attacked Bai Yunxi, Du Ming watched from the beginning to the end, Bai Yunxi’s endless magical weapons made Du Ming’s heart greedy. But Du Ming was only at the fifth level of vital energy, and he was far worse than Yang Qianshan.

“You old man, you’ve been around for so many years, and you don’t have the guts at all. To deal with a stunned young man in his twenties, you still have to calculate this and that, is it interesting?” Li Qingxue sneered.

Ye Fan listened to it for a while, and finally lost his patience!

“There is no point, anyway, you are both going to die, calculating this, calculating that, it’s all in vain,” Ye Fan’s voice clearly entered the ears of the two.

Du Ming and Li Qingxue rushed into the courtyard at the same time, Ye Fan sat on the tall tree in the courtyard of the villa, looking down at the two of them.

Du Ming’s face turned blue and white, and Ye Fan’s eyes flashed a little bit of coldness, “I hate it the most when someone targets my wife.”

A mighty murderous aura condensed on Ye Fan, “Go to hell, both of you!”

Ye Fan waved two sword qi and flew towards the two at the same time, Du Ming and Li Qingxue didn’t have time to react, they were both pierced through the heart by the sword qi.

Ye Fan shot a fireball and burned the two to ashes.


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