The Abandoned Son Ch.179

Chapter 179 — The Ancestor Cultivator

There are a total of twelve medicinal pills made from the dragon ball, and half of the medicinal pills were taken away by the following black turtle, which made Ye Fan furious. However, the black turtle wasn’t exactly eating it for free.

With the Dragon Element Pills, Ye Fan was able to pick ten spiritual herbs in the Black Turtle’s Immortal Mountain Secret Realm, which more or less offset Ye Fan’s loss.

Black Turtle raised his head, looked at Ye Fan, and said, “Your cultivation seems to have improved a bit.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “That’s right! It’s not surprising since I’ve been working hard to cultivate and improve.”

“However, you seem to be about to enter the eleventh level of Qi cultivation, but you have no sign of building a foundation at all,” Black Turtle looked at Ye Fan and said.

“I can cultivate to the twelfth level of Qi cultivation and then build the foundation,” Ye Fan said.

Black Turtle looked at Ye Fan and said, “Are you sure? It’s dozens of times harder to build a foundation after reaching the twelfth level!”

Ye Fan smiled and said, “I’m a genius. Naturally, I have to take a different path, but it just consumes more Foundation Building Pills, so the foundation can be laid firmly.”

After practicing Qi to the twelfth floor, and then building the foundation, the true essence will be much stronger than the ordinary foundation-building cultivator, and it will have a greater advantage against the enemy. However, most people will not do this since many foundation building pills are needed. No matter which sect, they will not waste a dozen or even dozens of foundation building pills on a cultivator.

He happened to have the materials for the foundation building pill in his hand, and he would not be short of a foundation building pill.

Bai Residence.

“You’re back.” Bai Shiyuan smiled happily when he saw Bai Yunxi entering the door.

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Yes.”

“It’s all thanks to you that your cousin is safe. I heard that if you hadn’t arrived in time, your cousin would have been more fortunate,” Bai Shiyuan said.

Bai Yunxi shook his head and said, “Cousin has good fortune, he will be fine.”

“Yunxi, you know, more than ten people died in Lei Village at once, and more than forty people were seriously injured. The state organized a group of experts to study their conditions. Those who were sick were isolated. The state is worried that there is a new source of infectious disease in Lei Village,” Bai Shiyuan said.

“Is there any result?” Bai Yunxi asked.

“The research above found that there is a certain substance in these people. This substance poured into the heart in an instant and burst the hearts of those who died. Those who were injured, there is also this substance pouring into their hearts, but because the amount of this substance is not very large, it does not cause them to die, but it may leave some serious sequelae.”

Bai Yunxi secretly speculated that some villagers in Lei Village ate the meat of the dragon girl, and this substance stayed in the villagers’ bodies. With the passage of this substance from generation to generation, it gradually decreased, but it still affected the villagers’ bodies and lifespan. The dragon girl’s soul flew away, causing that kind of substance to mutate.

“Fortunately, the superiors found that this substance does not spread from person to person. Many villagers in Lei Village died at a young age. The superiors suspected that this might involve genetic disease factors. However, this time, these people died on a large scale at the same time, and I don’t know what caused them.”

“There are a lot of people who died early in the history of Lei Village. However, this time, several people died at the same time, which never happened before.”

“There are also experts who believe that these people’s illnesses came from monkeys. After investigation, it was found that there was a serious illegal and disorderly hunting and killing of monkeys in Lei Village. As for the exact reason, it is still under investigation.”

Bai Yunxi nodded, “Oh”.

Bai Shiyuan looked at Bai Yunxi and asked, “Yunxi, what’s the reason, do you know? I heard a folklore that people from Lei Village once killed a dragon girl, and these people died violently because of the dragon girl’s revenge.”

Bai Yunxi shrugged and said, “That’s folklore, it’s better to listen to the experts.”

Bai Shiyuan: “…”

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Ye Fan took a dragon elemental pill, and a strong medicinal power melted. Ye Fan closed his eyes and concentrated on absorbing the medicinal power.

Ye Fan had previously taken the pills refined from the mysterious bird egg, and his physique had been improved. The medicinal power of the dragon elemental pill had transformed Ye Fan’s physique again.

Ye Fan felt that under the nourishment of the medicinal power, the meridians were expanded, and Ye Fan felt that his condition was very good.

When Bai Yunxi walked in, Ye Fan was almost finished.

After absorbing the pill, Ye Fan threw a set of punches, “My strength has gone up again.”

Bai Yunxi pinched his nose and said, “It’s time for you to take a shower.”

Ye Fan smelled it and said, “A lot of impurities have been discharged again!”

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan and said helplessly, “It’s because you usually eat too much junk food, that’s why you smell like this.”

Ye Fan said in disapproval: “I just washed the marrow better, not because of eating junk food.”

Bai Yunxi waved his hand impatiently, and said, “Go take a shower and wash a little longer.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay…”

Ye Fan washed in the bathroom for more than half an hour before coming out.

“Yunxi, see if my figure has improved,” Ye Fan said naked.

Bai Yunxi turned his face away and said to himself: Ye Fan, this idiot, doesn’t even wear any clothes.

“You eat so much junk food all day long, it’s good enough that you don’t get fat, and you still want to get in better shape?”

Ye Fan touched his abdominal muscles and said, “Although I eat a lot, I have always paid attention to exercise. Look at my muscles. If you don’t believe me, touch them.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

“Put your clothes on,” Bai Yunxi said.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “It’s time for double-cultivation.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

“How is your cultivation progress?” Bai Yunxi asked.

“I’ve already entered the eleventh level of Qi cultivation. I feel that I am several times higher than those ninth level Qi cultivators,” Ye Fan said happily.

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan, and said in confusion: “Lord Turtle said that you can try to build a foundation after the ninth level. Is it okay for you to not build a foundation like this?”

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “It doesn’t matter, I can wait for the 12th level of Qi cultivation to build the foundation, so that my strength in the early stage of foundation building can be comparable to others in the middle stage of foundation building, or even in the late stage of foundation building. In fact, I feel that the spiritual energy in my body is not strong enough, and it has not reached the level of foundation building.”

Bai Yunxi nodded, “Oh”.

Ye Fan took out the elixir and said, “There are three dragon element pills here, you can take them sometime.”

Bai Yunxi shook his head and said, “I don’t need that many, just give me one.”

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “Taking the dragon element pill for the first time has the best effect, the second time, your body will have a resistance to the drug, and the effect of the third time is almost halved, there is no point in eating more. Not to mention what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine, you don’t have to be polite to me. Anyway, if your cultivation is improved, I can also benefit from double cultivation.”

Bai Yunxi thought about it, what Ye Fan said was right, so he didn’t refuse anymore.

Bai Yunxi took out a few books. Ye Fan glanced at Bai Yunxi and asked, “What’s with those books!”

Bai Yunxi shrugged and said, “Some unusual things found underneath the ancestral house of the Bai family, this is a copy of it.”

Ye Fan blinked and said, “Under the ancestral house, what good things can there be under your ancestral mansion?”

Bai Yunxi shook his head and said, “According to the records of our genealogy, maybe there was a cultivator from our ancestors.”

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi and blinked in shock, “Cultivator? Is there any evidence?”

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “It says that this ancestor went out to sea by boat and eventually disappeared into the sea.”

Ye Fan took a deep breath, looked at Bai Yunxi with some sympathy, and said, “Yunxi, your ancestor went out to sea by boat, it doesn’t mean that he is a cultivator, maybe your ancestor was fishing.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

The taotie ghost laughed, “Yes, fishing.”

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan, displeased. Ye Fan frowned awkwardly and said, “I’m just talking about it casually, but you can’t completely rule out this possibility, right?”

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Yes, but it’s not just this one factor, the genealogy records that when this ancestor was in his fifties, he still looked like a young man in his twenties, which is unusual. .”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Oh, this is not normal.”

Bai Yunxi took out a scroll and said, “This is in that box. Grandpa gave it to me.”

“This leather is very special!”

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Yes! It should be nearly a thousand years old. The leather is still well preserved, and it doesn’t look like an ordinary thing.”

The taotie ghost rolled over and said, “This is like a secret scroll.”

Bai Yunxi glanced at the taotie ghost suspiciously, and said, “A secret scroll?”

The taotie ghost nodded and said, “Yes! Input the spiritual power, and then something will appear.”

Ye Fan injected a spiritual power into the scroll, and patterns lit up on the scroll.

“This is a map!” Ye Fan said with a wink. “Did your ancestor leave you any treasure?”

Bai Yunxi shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

Ye Fan looked at the map and said, “From the display of this map, this place should be in a desert area.”

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Could it be that your ancestor really left you a good thing? Find a time, let’s go and have a look,” Ye Fan said happily.


Ye Fan packed up his things and prepared to go out.

Black Turtle looked at Ye Fan and said, “You’re going out again?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes.”

Black Turtle looked at Ye Fan and said, “You don’t want to do your job all day long and go everywhere to play, that’s not good!”

Ye Fan looked at the black turtle and said, “I’m going out to do business, don’t worry, I take fixing the teleportation array seriously.”

“Are you going to the desert with me?” Ye Fan asked.

Black Turtle snorted coldly and said, “I don’t want to go to such a place.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay, since that’s the case, you can stay and watch the house.”

Black Turtle snorted softly, “Get lost.”


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Volume 1 is almost finished. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can translate the 2nd volume of this novel. The next volume (ch.182+) focuses heavily on cultivation stuff and I am not skilled enough to translate it. I will post a pick-up request on Novelupdates for this novel to see if anyone’s interested.

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