Chapter 15 – Out for a Walk

Only when the morning dew outside was completely gone did Wei Chen intend to take Chen Li out for a walk; being cooped up in a limited space all day would not be good for Chen Li’s condition.

However, Wei Chen also knew that Chen Li, who was socially withdrawn, did not want to go out for a walk, because once he went out, it meant more contact with people, which was a very difficult challenge for Chen Li.

Sure enough, when Chen Li heard Wei Chen say that he wanted to take him out for a walk, he shrank under the quilt, staring straight at Wei Chen with big eyes, obviously rejecting Wei Chen with his eyes.

Wei Chen naturally expected this situation. He took out a portfolio case from behind, and didn’t mention going out for a walk, but said that he would take Chen Li out to paint.

Hearing the word painting, Chen Li’s big eyes lit up obviously. His eyes left Wei Chen and were completely hooked away by the portfolio case.

Wei Chen smiled in his heart. At this stage, the only thing that could arouse Chen Li’s emotions was painting.

In the end, Chen Li couldn’t resist the temptation of painting, got up from the hospital bed, and was about to walk out of the ward with Wei Chen, but when the door of the ward opened and Chen Li saw the people coming and going in the corridor, he still shrank a little and stood at the door of the ward, afraid to go out.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here with you.” Wei Chen didn’t hold back holding Chen Li’s hand and encouraged him.

Wei Chen’s hand was warm and powerful. When Chen Li’s hand was held, he struggled uncomfortably a few times, but under the comfort of Wei Chen’s gentle gaze, Chen Li gradually stopped struggling and hesitatingly took a step outside the ward.

“Good boy,” Wei Chen rubbed Chen Li’s hair with his other hand and praised him.

Chen Li didn’t speak, his face was blank, as if facing a big enemy.

The weather was clear today. It was about eight o’clock in the morning, and the sky had not yet completely warmed up. The sun was shining, and the golden light penetrated through the gaps in the leaves, leaving scattered patches of light.

At this time, many people took advantage of the absent summer heat, and walked outside to get some air. In the small garden downstairs of the hospital, family members and patients were talking and laughing. Occasionally, doctors in white coats could be seen passing by. It was a very lively scene.

However, for Chen Li, such a scene was undoubtedly oppressing every nerve in his body. When someone passed by him, he shrank into Wei Chen’s arms and looked timidly at the surrounding scene with a pair of big wet eyes.

Wei Chen guarded Chen Li throughout the whole process, separating the crowds coming and going for him, and his wide chest built a safe space for Chen Li.

Because of Wei Chen’s protection, Chen Li gradually relaxed and followed in Wei Chen’s footsteps, lowering his head and not looking at the surrounding world.

Finally, Wei Chen took Chen Li to stop in the shade of a tree, set up the easel and canvas for Chen Li, put the newly bought watercolor using the latest materials on the side, and carefully helped Chen Li sit down.

“I don’t know what kind of painting you are good at. I asked the clerk of the bookstore and they said that there are no harmful substances in this watercolor paint, so I bought it for you,” Wei Chen said and handed the brush to Chen Li.

Chen Li took the brush from Wei Chen’s hand. He was originally a timid person, but after he took the brush, his whole temperament suddenly changed. Wei Chen couldn’t tell where he had changed, but he felt that Chen Li was very dazzling, and firmly caught his eyes.

Almost without thinking, Chen Li picked up the brush, adjusted the color, and began to sway the brush on the drawing paper, his eyes focused, and the surrounding world was no longer a world that scared him, but just a material for his painting.

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