Chapter 82 – Meeting the Board of Directors

Chen Li’s gaze fell on Zhuge Yu, and at this moment, though still somewhat guarded, he was filled with hope that he could make a breakthrough in painting.

In that moment, the strong desire for knowledge in Chen Li’s eyes caught Zhuge Yu off guard, and for some reason, his heart suddenly softened. He had just been thinking of teasing Chen Li a moment ago, but now he earnestly pointed out Chen Li’s shortcomings.

“Your paintings, at first glance, are impressive and captivating because they possess a soul. However, this soul is too singular, not in terms of expressing emotions, but in showcasing your technique. What you lack is skill, a technique that allows you to display the soul of your paintings from multiple perspectives.” Zhuge Yu’s expression was solemn, and every word came from the depths of his heart.

Chen Li was perplexed. He glanced at the brush in his hand and then at Zhuge Yu, standing there dazed and motionless.

Zhuge Yu couldn’t understand Chen Li’s thoughts. He placed the brush he had just used for painting into Chen Li’s hand and said with heartfelt seriousness, “If you want to learn these techniques, you can have Wei Chen call me. I’m willing to teach you, even if you don’t consider me as your teacher.”

Seeing Chen Li in this state, Zhuge Yu’s heart softened. Chen Li was a promising talent, and he knew he wouldn’t give up. But if for some reason he couldn’t guide this promising talent, Zhuge Yu was willing to act as a stranger and mentor Chen Li, helping him grow.

The relationship of master and disciple brought him more satisfaction, but even without that relationship, Zhuge Yu would still feel fulfilled if his guidance could make Chen Li more perfect and help him grow.

Chen Li continued to stare at the brush in his hand, showing no reaction. But if Wei Chen were present, he would sense that Chen Li’s tense muscles had relaxed and the guardedness in his eyes had disappeared, replaced by confusion.

“I won’t disturb you anymore.” Zhuge Yu also understood Chen Li’s state and knew that if he stayed longer, it would be torture for Chen Li. “Chen Li, there’s one last thing I want to tell you.”

Chen Li still didn’t respond.

Zhuge Yu continued on his own, saying, “Only when you grow and become self-reliant can you be with Wei Chen without any worries.” With those words, Zhuge Yu looked deeply into Chen Li’s eyes and turned to leave.

Chen Li stood there, dazed, thinking about something unknown.

Until Zhuge Yu left the office, Chen Li was still holding two paintbrushes in his hands, standing there blankly, without any reaction.

When Wei Chen returned to the office after finishing the meeting, he saw Chen Li standing there in a daze. He was about to approach and ask what was wrong with Chen Li when he noticed the two paintings.

Wei Chen could instantly recognize Chen Li’s paintings at a glance. So when he recognized the other painting next to it wasn’t Chen Li’s, he quickly pieced together what had happened. He didn’t disturb Chen Li and instead returned to his desk to start working.

Not long after, the Marketing Department received an unexpected visitor.

“Director Wei, Director Xu from the Sales Department is here,” the assistant knocked on the door and informed Wei Chen.

Wei Chen paused his actions and simply said, “Please have Director Xu go to the guest area.”

The assistant received the order and escorted the Sales Department director to the guest area.

After finishing his work, Wei Chen finally got up and headed to the guest area. By now, Chen Li had stopped being in a daze and looked up at Wei Chen when he stood up.

Wei Chen walked to Chen Li’s side, reached out and ruffled his hair, saying, “I’ll be gone for a moment, wait for me to come back.”

Chen Li nodded and lowered his head to read the book again.

Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s hair once more before leaving the office and heading to the guest area.

Upon seeing Wei Chen enter, the Sales Department director immediately stood up. Unlike before, this time the Sales Department director had a smile on his face, even approaching Wei Chen.

“Director Wei, congratulations,” the Sales Department director said with a smile.

Wei Chen raised an eyebrow, genuinely unaware of the reason behind the congratulations from the Sales Department director.

“There’s no need to keep it a secret from me, Director Wei. Isn’t there a board meeting going on upstairs? I’ve been thinking that after the meeting, you’ll be promoted. That’s why I came early to congratulate you,” the Sales Department director explained, sensing Wei Chen’s confusion.

“I haven’t heard anything about it. Director Xu seems to be quite well-informed,” Wei Chen responded.

“We don’t need to beat around the bush, Director Wei. Everyone knows that the position of Deputy General Manager has been reserved for you by the General Manager. It’s pointless to say otherwise,” the Sales Department director firmly claimed that Wei Chen was about to be promoted to deputy general manager.

Wei Chen didn’t bother arguing with him and instead asked casually, “Does Director Xu have any other business?”

Director Xu replied, “I’ve reserved a table, hoping that Director Wei can join me tonight. Consider it an apology for my previous rudeness and a celebration of your upcoming promotion.”

Wei Chen declined, “Thank you for the kind offer, Director Xu, but I have other plans tonight.”

Director Xu responded, “Director Wei, are you not giving me face?”

Wei Chen said, “If that’s how Director Xu feels, then I can’t help it.”

Director Xu fell silent.

In that moment, Director Xu felt an intense urge to grind his teeth and wished he could tear apart Wei Chen’s expressionless face. But after all, he was a person who had reached the position of director, and he couldn’t even maintain a facade. He forced a smile and said, “Since Director Wei is busy, we can arrange another time. But when Director Wei becomes successful, please take care of me.”

Wei Chen remained silent and just watched.

“Director Wei, if you have something to attend to, please go ahead. I’ll leave first,” Director Xu gritted his teeth and left.

Wei Chen watched Director Xu’s departing figure with a deep gaze.

As Director Xu walked out of the reception area, he accidentally bumped into He Keqiang, who was coming out of the office. Their eyes met briefly, and then they tactfully stepped back without leaving any trace. Shortly after Director Xu left, He Keqiang glanced around and followed him outside.

The news of He Keqiang leaving the Marketing Department quickly reached Wei Chen. Wei Chen didn’t react much and just coldly looked at the person who delivered the message.

The man felt a chill down his spine under Wei Chen’s gaze and awkwardly chuckled a few times before leaving Wei Chen’s office. As soon as the office door closed, the man couldn’t help but feel a cold sweat all over his body.

At this moment, he deeply realized that their department’s Director Wei was truly extraordinary!

With this thought, the man also thought of what he had reported to He Keqiang some time ago. In an instant, he felt uneasy, and his legs became weak.

Hopefully, Director Wei doesn’t find out.


After He Keqiang left the Marketing Department, he directly went after the Sales Department’s director.

“Director Xu, please wait,” He Keqiang called out.

Director Xu stopped and turned around, asking, “Manager He, is there something?”

“Director Xu, would you mind joining me for tea downstairs?” He Keqiang asked.

Director Xu glanced at his wristwatch and said, “Manager He, are you sure you have time for tea at this moment?”

“What’s the problem with that?” He Keqiang replied, a hint of resentment flashing in his eyes.

After all, he had been completely sidelined. Whether he was present or not, it didn’t make much of a difference.

Director Xu’s eyebrows curved, and he smiled, “Since Manager He is available, let’s have tea downstairs.”


Meanwhile, on the top floor in the conference room, there was an undercurrent due to a board meeting.

Before the board meeting began, the directors of Changfeng Group thought that Zhou Tongpeng wouldn’t come this time. After all, he hadn’t been to the company for a week, taking sick leave and enjoying good food and drinks in the hospital.

But unexpectedly, at the moment the board meeting started, Zhou Tongpeng arrived. He was in a wheelchair, pushed in by his assistant. His face was pale, and he appeared weak and frail, whether it was genuine or an act remained unknown.

Unlike the other directors’ surprise, Zhuge Feng wasn’t surprised at all. He understood Zhou Tongpeng’s situation. At such a crucial moment, he couldn’t possibly miss the board meeting.

“Tsk tsk, Vice Chairman Zhou, coming to work despite being sick. Admirable spirit, really admirable,” Zhuge Feng sat in his seat, seeing Vice Chairman Zhou sitting opposite him, and smilingly commented.

Zhou Tongpeng forced a smile, weakly saying, “I’ve been absent from work for a week due to illness. There’s no spirit worthy of commendation. As one gets older, the body weakens.” After speaking, he took a few deep breaths, demonstrating that his health was indeed not well.

Zhuge Feng said, “That’s not how it should be said. Vice Chairman Zhou’s illness is the result of his hard work for Changfeng. Resting for a few days after falling ill, how can that be considered absent? What do you all think?”

The other directors nodded in agreement.

Zhuge Feng and Zhou Tongpeng bantered back and forth until the Chairman of the board entered and announced the start of the meeting. Only then did they calm down. The Chairman still had that smiling face, seemingly unaware of the undercurrents between his subordinates. He stood at the podium and gave a report on the performance of the first quarter. The directors below listened attentively.

Although Changfeng Group seemed to be divided into two factions, the leaders of these factions would never openly oppose the chairman.

It was the chairman who maintained the balance between the two factions, allowing Changfeng Group to develop smoothly. Otherwise, internal strife would have brought the company down.

Don’t be fooled by the chairman’s constant smiling and gentle demeanor. Once his bottom line was crossed, nobody in the company dared to say they could withstand the chairman’s anger.

Even Zhou Tongpeng didn’t dare to be too presumptuous in front of the chairman. At this moment, as the chairman spoke, Zhou Tongpeng instinctively straightened his back. He thought about his current condition as a patient and gradually relaxed, but he still dared not take a breath.

“Deputy General Manager Du submitted his resignation nearly two months ago. During these two months, the responsibilities of the Deputy General Manager have temporarily fallen on Vice Chairman Zhou. Now that Vice Chairman  Zhou’s health is also in question, we should find someone for the position of Deputy General Manager. Does anyone have any plans?” the Chairman said with a smiling face.

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