The Sweetest Marriage Ch.104

Chapter 104 – Personnel Transfer

Wei Chen’s confession came out of the blue, and Chen Li was stunned for a moment before nodding.

Wei Chen was somewhat persistent and asked, “Li Li, what does your nod mean?”

“I love you,” Chen Li said seriously, without any shyness. In his world, it was only natural to say those three words to Wei Chen.

Although Wei Chen knew that Chen Li liked him, when those three words came out of Chen Li’s mouth, Wei Chen was ecstatic. Fireworks exploded in his mind, and his soul trembled, causing him to tightly embrace Chen Li as if he wanted to embed him into his own body.

Just three simple words ignited Wei Chen’s emotions. He held Chen Li, kissed him, gently caressed him, and finally restrained himself.

Chen Li, in his current state of ignorance, didn’t understand anything. Wei Chen didn’t want to claim him while he was still naive. Despite enduring immense pain because of it, Wei Chen accepted it willingly.

Wei Chen left the hospital and life returned to normal. He took Chen Li to school, went to work, left work, picked up Chen Li, and returned home. It was a routine life, devoid of the youthful revelry.

Once the employees at the company became familiar with Wei Chen, they would discuss him behind his back, with the most common topic being that Wei Chen was a celibate god.

His shirt buttons were always done up to the top, his tie was perfectly tied, and his suit had not a single crease. He rarely smiled or spoke unnecessarily. Moreover, he never attended parties or visited nightclubs—his personal life was nonexistent. If no one brought it up, these employees would forget that Wei Chen was the youngest member of the marketing department, still in his early twenties! But looking at Wei Chen’s expressionless face, who would realize that he was only twenty-four, an age when ordinary people had just recently graduated from university?

Indeed, comparisons were inevitable!

However, regardless of the employees’ discussions, they were never careless in their work. The work efficiency had improved significantly since Wei Chen joined the company. As a result, the marketing department had become the most popular department in the entire company. No overtime required! Which other department could achieve this? They were truly fortunate, weren’t they?

These words, to some extent, would find their way to Wei Chen’s ears. However, Wei Chen didn’t pay much attention to them. As long as his employees could improve their work efficiency and boost the company’s performance, he didn’t care about idle gossip during leisure time.

On this day, when Wei Chen arrived at the office, as soon as he walked in, all the employees turned to look at him. This time, not only did they greet him, but they also congratulated him together, stood up, and applauded Wei Chen. They dared to joke with Wei Chen, which was rare, prompting Wei Chen to give out red envelopes.

Wei Chen roughly understood what had happened. After greeting the employees, he entered his office.

The employees thought to themselves, “Sure enough, our Director Wei wouldn’t joke around with us.” As soon as this thought crossed their minds, a message appeared in their marketing department group chat.

“The director really sent out red envelopes! Everyone, hurry up and grab them!” exclaimed an excited employee who was the first to discover the red envelopes.

Everyone quickly took out their phones to grab the red envelopes, afraid of being too late to snatch the ones Wei Chen sent. When they opened the red envelopes, they realized that Wei Chen had sent equal amounts to everyone—200 yuan each. It didn’t seem like much, but how many people were in the entire marketing department? 200 yuan per person, suddenly it was equivalent to their monthly salary!

In an instant, everyone felt as if they were being favored by a wealthy benefactor. They all sent emojis expressing their gratitude, thanking Director Wei for his generosity.

However, in the next moment, a message from Wei Chen made their actions freeze, and they quickly tapped on the undo button.

[Does the company allow the use of phones during work hours?]

After withdrawing the message, they all put away their phones and obediently returned to their seats, acting as if nothing had happened.

Wei Chen looked at the series of delete notifications on his phone screen, shook his head, and perhaps feeling the warmth of the sunlight outside, his eyes took on a warm tone. Then, Wei Chen’s gaze fell back on the computer screen. It was a personnel transfer notice. He, Wei Chen, remained the director of the marketing department, seemingly without a promotion. However, the current marketing department was completely different from before.

The current marketing department had been integrated, with the sales department no longer being an independent entity but rather a part of the marketing department.

However, it wasn’t the integration that changed the nature of the marketing department, but rather the change in the department it directly reported to. Previously, it was responsible for the position held by Lin Xin, the Deputy General Manager. After the integration, the marketing department directly reported to the board of directors.

Although the marketing department appeared to be on equal footing with other departments, the change in the department it directly reported to elevated its status, making it seem like a level above, almost at the level of a general manager, unable to be directly commanded by others.

As soon as the transfer order was announced, everyone immediately realized that Wei Chen’s position in the company was no longer ordinary. He had become a highly regarded person in the eyes of the chairman!

Wei Chen himself didn’t pay much attention to it. The most important thing was to do his job well.

Along with Wei Chen’s transfer order came the transfer order for the deputy general manager.

Wei Chen glanced at the name of the deputy general manager and knew that this person was Zhou Tongpeng’s man, surnamed Li, named Li Mingchang.

This was a demonstration of the balance and neutrality policy of Chairman Sheng. Although Zhou Tongpeng’s side made the mistake first, they still had the audacity to appoint Zhou Tongpeng’s person to the position of deputy general manager, balancing the rights of both sides.

However, Zhou Tongpeng might not accept this goodwill from Chairman Sheng. After all, the deputy general manager no longer managed the marketing department and the sales department, so his power was greatly reduced. Of course, the interests and relationships involved didn’t have much to do with Wei Chen for the time being. What Wei Chen needed to do now was to integrate the sales department and the marketing department perfectly before anything else.

On the first day of the transfer order, Wei Chen called a meeting with the management personnel of the marketing department and the sales department. The people in the marketing department naturally respected and acknowledged Wei Chen, while the people from the sales department merely put on a show.

Of course, they didn’t dare to make things difficult for Wei Chen. After all, Wei Chen’s position in the company was undeniable. It would be a blatant confrontation with him, which ultimately would harm their own interests.

Wei Chen was well aware of the current situation and wasn’t in a rush to change it. The main purpose of this meeting was to let the people from the two original departments get to know each other. As for fully getting the sales department to accept the command of the marketing department, that wasn’t something that could be achieved overnight. Wei Chen naturally had time to gradually work on it.

The meeting only lasted half an hour and when it ended, the former management of the sales department was still a bit puzzled. They thought Wei Chen would give them a show of power, and they had prepared their responses, but nothing happened.

Was it because Wei Chen was not capable enough? Or was he saving his moves for later?

The people from the sales department naturally believed in the latter, after all, this young director had come to the company a few months ago and defeated a rival at the level of the deputy general manager.

Feeling somewhat uncomfortable about this, the managers of the sales department immediately invited the people from the marketing department to dinner after work. They wanted to gather information about Wei Chen’s development policies and strategies, as well as how he was handling the sales department.

At the end of the meeting, the people from the marketing department were still wondering why their director, Wei Chen, was so gentle. He didn’t say much and after introducing each other, the meeting concluded.

Now, upon closer inspection, they realized that their director was indeed skillful. He effortlessly took control of the initiative.

After a hearty dinner, the people from the marketing department and the sales department grew closer. The power of cultural exchange cannot be underestimated.

At the dinner table, the people from the marketing department boasted about Wei Chen’s achievements to the people from the sales department, leaving them astonished. They also heard that the marketing department hadn’t had to work overtime since Wei Chen’s arrival. The resistance from the sales department against Wei Chen gradually diminished.

After all, they were all working for someone else. Who doesn’t work under a superior? But having a boss who understands and is competent, why bother causing trouble? In the end, they would gain nothing but losses.

The dinner was enjoyed by everyone, and when the leader of the sales department wanted to pay the bill, they were stopped by the people from the marketing department.

“Why bother with the bill? Director Wei already said that since we’re dining out, he’ll take care of it. He said it’s a celebration of the sales department and marketing department officially becoming one family.” The speaker was Lu Wei. He had had a bit too much to drink and was a little slurred, but his consciousness was very clear. He admired Wei Chen to the point of worship.

Wei Chen had somehow guessed that they would go out to eat with the sales department. He directly transferred money to Lu Wei’s account and asked him to take care of the bill. There was no upper limit on the amount, and he could look for Wei Chen later to make up for the loss.

By the end of the meal, the resistance of the sales department towards Wei Chen and the marketing department had completely vanished. Achieving such results was indeed Wei Chen’s foresight, but it was Lu Wei’s eloquence and emotional intelligence that truly brought about this outcome.

Not only did they quickly bond with the people from the sales department, but in the midst of their conversations and joking around, they subtly changed the impressions of the sales department towards the marketing department and Wei Chen. They successfully won over the hearts of the sales department.

So, the next day when Lu Wei went to the company, just like Wei Chen had done the day before, the people from the marketing department congratulated him and even asked Lu Wei to hand out red envelopes.

Lu Wei was confused at first, but when he turned on his computer and saw the personnel transfer notice, realizing that he had finally taken off the assistant hat, he became ecstatic in his office, shouting and cheering. He even imitated Wei Chen’s style and sent a big red envelope in the work group.

Of course, he wasn’t as extravagant as Wei Chen. His red envelope was a luck-based one, and he divided it into a hundred pieces, allowing those who managed to snatch a red envelope and even those who didn’t to flood the chat with comments teasing Lu Wei for being stingy.

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