Chapter 41 – Female Protagonist’s Halo

In fact, after seeing Zhuang Hongmei like this, Su Man also regretted it.

She thought these snacks were ordinary for her, but she forgot that these things were not affordable for ordinary people in this era, especially since she took out so many at once.

What she regretted even more was forgetting to bring a lock. It wasn’t really safe to leave everything like that.

Thinking about this, Su Man glanced enviously at the two locks owned by Lu Xia and secretly decided to buy one for herself in a few days.

At night, the group of people continued to squeeze together to sleep, which was uncomfortable, but there was no other choice.

That day passed like that.

The next day, when it was time to go to work, Su Man proactively told the village chief that she wanted to go cut pig grass, and the village chief glanced at her and agreed without hesitation.

He didn’t hesitate much, after all, this educated youth looked like she had good conditions, so she probably wouldn’t lack these work points.

These educated youth were all children from the city, and some of them had subsidies from their families. So the village chief didn’t want to be a villain, and besides, there was no shortage of work for these educated youth to do.

Lu Xia also wanted to go cut pig grass, but since the female protagonist was going, she didn’t feel it was appropriate to follow along. She decided to go to work honestly with the flow.

As for Zhuang Hongmei, she wanted to go but also wanted to earn work points. It was likely that she didn’t have much money in her hands, as seen from yesterday when she wanted to buy a box but didn’t.

The boys adapted quite well, including Gu Xiangnan, who had never done farm work before but was able to keep up with everyone’s progress.

As for Jiang Junmo, he didn’t come today. His complexion still wasn’t good. The village chief hesitated for a moment and only assigned him the task of weeding, without the need to carry the grass.

When Lu Xia woke up today, she felt sore all over her body, but she knew it was a necessary process, so she could only endure it.

Fortunately, she had the spiritual spring water, so whenever she felt tired, she took a sip, which provided some relief.

The only problem was that the food these days was very poor, lacking flavor. She planned to find an opportunity today to secretly eat the food she had stored before.

During lunchtime, Jiang Junmo’s health deteriorated again. His face remained pale, and his body seemed so weak that even a gust of wind could blow him down.

Gu Xiangnan advised him to go to the health clinic.

Jiang Junmo shook his head. “I brought some medicine from home. I’ll brew it later.”

Gu Xiangnan didn’t say anything more, but he helped Jiang Junmo brew the medicine. Jiang Junmo had brought a small medicine pot with him, and the experienced educated youth helped build a stove in the courtyard with stones, which was convenient for brewing the medicine.

The medicine was Chinese herbal medicine. After a while, a strong medicinal scent wafted through the air. Jiang Junmo drank the medicine and lay down. He didn’t even eat lunch and, as expected, didn’t go to work in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, during lunchtime, Lu Xia went to the village and bought a straw hat. Wearing it in the afternoon provided some shade, which was a relief. When she returned in the evening, she discovered that Su Man, who had gone to cut pig grass, had caught a wild rabbit outside the woods.

It was said that the rabbit had run into a tree and fainted in front of her.

Lu Xia: … So, this is waiting for a windfall, right?

The female protagonist’s halo was truly powerful.

The others didn’t know what a female protagonist’s halo was.

They were all surprised and said, “I didn’t expect rabbits to come out at this time. Usually, in the village, you can only catch rabbits by following their footprints in the snowy fields during winter.”

Su Man also felt lucky. Just when she wanted to eat meat, a rabbit was delivered to her door.

So she directly said to everyone, “Then let’s cook it and improve our meals a bit.”

The educated youth were delighted to hear this. It wasn’t easy to have meat these days. The meat tickets they could obtain were too few.

Although everyone knew there were wild animals in the mountains, the mountains in the northeast were deep and dangerous. Even the locals didn’t dare to go in, as they might not come back. Not to mention them.

They didn’t expect Su Man to be so lucky, catching a rabbit just after she arrived.


Chapter 42 – Adaptation


Today, Su Man and Zhuang Hongmei were in charge of cooking. Su Man didn’t know how to cook, but Zhuang Hongmei did. After they teamed up, Su Man somehow convinced Zhuang Hongmei to cook by herself, and Su Man just assisted.

However, for some reason, the lunch they made was especially bad. Now that they had meat for dinner, everyone was hesitant to let them cook.

So Sun Shengnan took charge of cooking in the evening, while others assisted her.

Soon, a large pot of rabbit meat stew with potatoes was ready.

The rich aroma of meat made everyone salivate.

The group of people didn’t hold back and immediately went for the meat with their chopsticks.

Lu Xia was no exception. It was her first time eating rabbit meat, and it tasted pretty good, so she ate quite a lot in the evening.

Until all the food was finished, everyone still felt a bit unsatisfied.

However, Zhao Hua reminded everyone not to talk about it outside, especially with the villagers, as everything now belonged to the collective, including the things in the mountains.

“But our brigade is quite considerate. We can freely gather wild vegetables from the mountains. You arrived a bit late. In spring, there are plenty of wild vegetables on the mountains. In March and April, the fields haven’t been planted yet, so we would go to the mountains every day, and each person collected a lot of wild vegetables.”

“Last month, each of us collected hundreds of catties of celery,” Sun Shengnan said.

Lu Xia and the others were quite curious. “Can you sell these things?”

“Yes, we can. People from the county’s purchasing station come to buy them. The prices aren’t high, but it still counts as income. If we don’t want to sell them, we can dry them and keep them for winter. After all, there’s not much to eat in the northeast during winter. Even though we collected so much celery, there isn’t much left after drying. We didn’t even want to sell it and sent some back to our families. The rest we kept for ourselves,” Sun Shengnan explained.

The newcomers listened to the stories of the old educated youths about their experiences over the years, finding it quite interesting.

They asked curiously and listened as they were told more stories. Gradually, the distance between the two groups of people narrowed, and it seemed like they were slowly merging together.

In the following days, Lu Xia slowly adapted to the work and was able to keep up with Sun Shengnan and the others’ pace. She earned six work points every day.

Perhaps it was due to drinking spiritual spring water every day, she didn’t feel too tired, and her body quickly adapted.

Su Man still worked on cutting pig grass but found it much easier. After cutting the grass, she could come back and rest. Although the work points weren’t many, it was easy.

On the other hand, Zhuang Hongmei seemed very uncomfortable. She grimaced every day, and it took her several days to earn four work points.

Gu Xiangnan had already caught up with the boys’ progress. As for Jiang Junmo, he still rested half a day after working in the morning.

During this period, the new educated youth became acquainted with the old ones. Lu Xia and Shen Qingqing became more familiar because they were in the same cooking group.

Shen Qingqing was quite introverted, and Lu Xia didn’t talk much either, but they were able to get along. Lu Xia couldn’t help but feel sorry for this child. She heard that her family hadn’t contacted her since she came to the countryside, nor had they sent her anything. If it weren’t for everyone’s help, she would have starved long ago.

But this child was sensible and silently helped everyone with many things.

A few days ago, when Lu Xia had her first period after arriving, she felt very uncomfortable. Although drinking red sugar boiled with spiritual spring water helped somewhat, she still felt weak. Her body had been poorly nourished since childhood, and it needed time to recover. It wouldn’t get better so quickly.

So when she returned from work, she went straight to the kang to lie down. Shen Qingqing offered to help her wash clothes, but Lu Xia declined.

However, she developed some goodwill towards this child.

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