Chapter 133 – Cheng Yujiao Leaving the Hospital

The people from the educated youth spot were also busy clearing the snow. Due to the snowfall and the cold weather, those who had gone out to repair roads had already returned, looking visibly exhausted.

Lu Xia glanced in their direction and didn’t see Gu Xiangnan’s figure. It then occurred to her that he was still at the hospital taking care of Cheng Yujiao. It had been quite a while; he should be back soon, right?

As she thought, indeed, Gu Xiangnan returned that afternoon. However, he came back alone.

Cheng Yujiao still couldn’t walk, and she would need several more months to recover. So Gu Xiangnan came back to borrow a cart.

After arranging everything with the village, they went to the county the next day, and in the afternoon, they took a bus to the town. Zhao Hua and Li Hongjun were waiting there with a cart.

Then Cheng Yujiao sat in the cart for the journey back.

After the heavy snow, the chilling wind was fierce. Although Gu Xiangnan brought her plenty of warm clothes, Cheng Yujiao still suffered quite a bit.

By the time they reached the educated youth spot, she was almost frozen. She had no energy to get angry anymore.

After lying on the kang for a while, Cheng Yujiao noticed that her roommate had changed.

Since Cheng Yujiao had been hospitalized and Zhuang Hongmei got married, the room only had Su Man left.

However, the other room still had four people, so they needed to rearrange.

At this time, Su Man took the opportunity to say that she didn’t want to share a room with Cheng Yujiao anymore and moved to the other room. As a result, Sun Shengnan and Yu Fang moved in with Cheng Yujiao.

So now, Cheng Yujiao, Sun Shengnan, and Yu Fang shared one room, while Su Man, Chen Xue, and Shen Qingqing lived in the other.

Cheng Yujiao didn’t really care about this change. She was secretly pleased that Su Man seemed to be afraid of her and moved away. However, she felt a bit regretful that it might be inconvenient for her to create trouble in the future.

After leaving the hospital, Cheng Yujiao still needed a long period of recovery. However, due to the gender difference, Gu Xiangnan couldn’t take care of her anymore. So he hired Yu Fang to help take care of Cheng Yujiao for ten yuan per month.

Without much thought, Yu Fang agreed to the arrangement.

Cheng Yujiao was difficult to serve, but Yu Fang had a reserved personality, and she rarely reacted to Cheng Yujiao’s provocations. So every time Cheng Yujiao tried to provoke her, she just ignored it and went about her own business.

Cheng Yujiao’s attempts to anger her were futile, and she ended up venting to Gu Xiangnan several times, wanting to change to someone else. However, the female educated youths knew about Cheng Yujiao’s behavior, so even with a higher payment, no one else was willing to take the job.

Finally, Gu Xiangnan got angry and warned Cheng Yujiao that if she continued to cause trouble, he would completely ignore her. Only then did she calm down.

Of course, all this was seen by Lu Xia when she visited the educated youth spot.

She was speechless, wondering how Gu Xiangnan managed to endure this kind of personality.

She noticed that after half a year in the countryside, Gu Xiangnan seemed to have aged quite a bit.

On the contrary, Su Man seemed to have become more relaxed, completely ignoring and not caring about Gu Xiangnan anymore. Her attitude towards him became the same as how she treated other male educated youths.

This left Lu Xia a bit confused. Was Su Man giving up on the male protagonist?

However, the current relationship between Gu Xiangnan and Cheng Yujiao was beyond words. If she were in Su Man’s shoes, she probably wouldn’t want to deal with Cheng Yujiao, let alone the proud Su Man.

However, the future developments were still uncertain, and Lu Xia needed to observe further.

After a few days, the village’s primary school had already started its winter vacation. With the New Year approaching, one day, the village’s usual gathering gong rang.

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were studying at home. Upon hearing the sound, they exchanged a glance and put on their military coats, intending to go out and see what was happening.

When they came out, they saw that the educated youths had also come out. A group of people was heading to the threshing ground.


Chapter 134 – Winter Hunting


The educated youths saw Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo dressed in thick military coats and wearing cotton hats, and they couldn’t help but feel envious. It was evident that their attire was not something ordinary people could get.

Sun Shengnan smiled and said, “You guys must not be afraid of the cold dressed like that in winter.”

Lu Xia smiled back and replied, “Well, who made our family’s Educated Youth Jiang afraid of the cold?”

Hearing this, the others changed their expressions from envy to sympathy.

Indeed, with Educated Youth Jiang’s physique, he probably couldn’t even step out without wearing so many layers. His family must have bought him such thick clothes because they were afraid that he would get sick.

Lu Xia noticed the shift in their attention and quickly changed the topic, “I wonder what’s going on that they called us out on such a cold day.”

Sun Shengnan seemed to guess and said, “It’s probably time for winter hunting.”

“Winter hunting?”

Seeing that Lu Xia and the other newly arrived educated youths were all curious, Sun Shengnan explained: “As you all know, there are wild animals in the mountains, but the mountains are dangerous with many wild beasts. So usually, the villagers dare not venture deep into the mountains; otherwise, they might not come back alive.”

She paused and glanced at Su Man, who always managed to go into the mountains without danger and come back with game every time.

Well, this logic didn’t apply to her.

Then Sun Shengnan continued, “Because it’s dangerous, the government allows the village to organize a winter hunting event before the new year. We all go to the deep mountains together to catch the game, which reduces the risk significantly. However, it’s only allowed once a year.”

Gu Xiangnan raised his eyebrows and asked, “Can anyone go?”

Sun Shengnan understood his meaning and shook her head, “Usually, it’s the experienced villagers or healthy men who often go into the mountains. Educated youths like us are not very welcome there. Some male educated youths went in the past, but they ended up too exhausted.”

At this moment, Liu Jun, who was usually more silent, spoke up, “I went with them once before. They walk fast, and they don’t waste time in the snow. Sometimes when they encounter rabbits or other small game, they have to chase after them. I couldn’t keep up, and we even had to spend the night in the mountains. Though there were caves, it was cold and hard to endure. So later on, I chose to work on road construction instead of going winter hunting.”

Lu Xia looked at Liu Jun. Like Sun Shengnan and Zhao Hua, he had been in the countryside for four years, and he looked more mature. After the recent road construction, he had lost even more weight, showing that he had endured a lot of hardship.

She thought Liu Jun’s explanation was likely genuine.

Then Su Man asked, “Will they distribute the game they catch to the villagers?”

“Yes,” Sun Shengnan nodded. “In a few days, the village will distribute the annual income. Some people will choose not to take the money and directly exchange it for grain, while others will exchange it for meat. Besides the village-raised pork, the meat they get from hunting wild game will also be distributed. Those who go hunting will get an extra portion.”

With this clarification, Lu Xia and the others let out a sigh of relief.

As long as they could exchange it, it was fine; they would rather pay for it than risk their safety.

However, Lu Xia was still curious, “If they know it’s difficult to traverse the mountain road after the snowfall, why didn’t they go earlier when there was less snow, and the mountain paths were visible?”

Hearing her question, the others also showed the same curious expression, evidently wondering the same thing.

Liu Jun then explained, “After the snowfall, animal footprints become more visible, making it easier to track them. Otherwise, without any targets, it’s impossible to hunt.”

Um, well, it turns out that’s the case, it’s because they are ignorant about this.

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