Chapter 517 – The Nemesis of Children

After a day of reviewing materials, as they were about to finish work, Manager Wang said to them, “Today was manageable. You need to familiarize yourselves quickly. When it gets busy, you’ll have to take on responsibilities; otherwise, you won’t be able to keep up.”

Lu Xia felt a bit overwhelmed but couldn’t refuse. She nodded solemnly, planning to finish reviewing the material layout as soon as possible the next day, at least to grasp the general idea.

In the evening, when Lu Xia returned home and saw that Jiang Junmo hadn’t changed much, she asked, “Isn’t your design institute busy?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head, “Very busy, but I’m not. I’m doing some odd jobs.”

Lu Xia nodded reassuringly, “Don’t worry. Newcomers are like this. Do your odd jobs and learn along the way. You’ll shine sooner or later.”

Jiang Junmo wasn’t in a hurry; he had thought about it before he came. After all, he was just a third-year college student, and they wouldn’t entrust those tasks to him.

“What about you? How was your day?”

“Very busy. There’s a lot to familiarize myself with. I wish I had two pairs of eyes and two heads to remember things faster.”

Jiang Junmo chuckled, patting her head reassuringly, “Don’t rush. It’s normal not to be familiar as a newcomer. Take it slow, and you’ll get there in a few more days.”

Lu Xia nodded heavily. Although she thought so, the atmosphere at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was hard to handle. It was always tense.

Luckily, her memory was good from drinking the spiritual spring water all year round, and she roughly remembered the layout of the various materials after three days.

Chu Liangchen was similar; maybe his brother had given him private tutoring. He adapted quickly.

However, the two of them were assigned to different supervisors now.

Communication was limited.

In about a week, Lu Xia could quickly find the needed information.

Her supervisor was quite satisfied with her, and he didn’t hesitate to teach her some methods to refine the information.

After a month, she was almost ready to work independently.

It was at this time that Lu Xia finally breathed a sigh of relief, and her anxieties were finally put to rest.

The three little ones were now one year old, and they could speak a few words occasionally. Grandpa Jiang also went to Qin Island for summer vacation after the children’s first birthday.

Accompanying him was Kang Kang.

Lu Xia didn’t know if he had grown up. Whenever it was a holiday, he became more wild. Combined with their busyness, they had no time to manage him, so they let him go with Grandpa Jiang.

Before they left, Lu Xia had the photographers from the studio take a family photo for them, and the children took one for their first birthday as a keepsake.

As the children grew older, their personalities became more distinct.

Their appearance no longer resembled their childhood.

Among the children, Kang Kang looked the best, combining the advantages of his parents. But overall, he still resembled Jiang Junmo more.

The second child was the only one among the four who resembled Lu Xia, not only in appearance but also in personality. Lu Xia wondered if he inherited both looks and temperament.

He always seemed a bit less bright, a bit naive. He was often b*llied by his younger siblings, but he wouldn’t cry. When b*llied, he would laugh, causing Lu Xia a lot of worry.

Jiang Junmo really liked him, saying he was wise beyond his years.

But Lu Xia guessed he just ‘loved the house and its crow’.

As for the other two, their looks were strikingly similar to Jiang Junmo, so much so that their personalities were also shrewd. Despite their young age, they seemed to have a lot on their minds. Even Lu Xia was teased by them a few times.

It was a kind of teasing that didn’t warrant scolding or hitting.

Luckily, most of the time, they were still adorable.

And they were afraid of one person—Jiang Junmo.

For some reason, every time Lu Xia got angry, the children would do as they were told. But when Jiang Junmo had a stern face, they were scared to the point of crying, immediately behaving themselves and being exceptionally obedient.

Lu Xia didn’t know the reason. She tried to imitate him but to no avail. When she asked Jiang Junmo, he didn’t know either. In the end, she had to give up and let the dad handle the discipline.

Fortunately, with him as their nemesis, the children didn’t go astray.


Chapter 518 – Ye Nan gives birth to a child


By August, Lu Xia learned from Ye Lin that Ye Nan had given birth to a baby boy.

She was delighted to hear the news and informed her other roommates. They agreed to visit her together the next day.

When they arrived at the hospital the next day, they saw a different Ye Nan.

How should one put it? The previous Ye Nan was energetic and had a somewhat tomboyish personality, very rational, and kept her hair short.

But after getting married, she grew her hair long, became much gentler, and gained some weight during pregnancy.

Now her eyes radiated tenderness, a quality only a mother possesses. Everyone felt she seemed different, but also happier.

“You’re here! Come and see my son. He’s so amusing, like a little old man.”

Ye Nan was happy to see them, but everyone was amused by her words. Who describes their child like that?

Nevertheless, they all subconsciously looked at the child beside her.

Maybe because he was just born, the child was tiny with a wrinkled face. He didn’t have the same cuteness as Lu Xia’s children when they were born. In fact, he did look a bit like a little old man.

But Tan Yunfang glanced at him and said, “The child looks good. Based on the foundation, he’ll grow up to be a handsome young man!”

Ye Nan couldn’t believe it and looked at her, “Really? Can you tell that?!”

“Of course, once you become a mom, you’ll know. Don’t believe me? Ask Lu Xia,” Tan Yunfang said matter-of-factly.

Lu Xia couldn’t really tell, but seeing Ye Nan’s anxious expression, she nodded instinctively, “Yes, all newborns look like this. They’ll grow into their features.”

Ye Nan breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this, “That’s great. Since yesterday, I’ve been worried that he won’t find a wife in the future.”

At this moment, Ye Nan’s mother, who had just entered, rolled her eyes at her words, “What nonsense! My grandson is so cute. How could he not find a wife?!”

Ye Nan looked at her mother in exasperation and muttered, “Having a grandson made you forget about your daughter!”

Everyone laughed after hearing this, seeing that Ye Nan was in good spirits, they felt relieved. They chatted with her for a while and left when she seemed a bit tired.

After returning, Lu Xia continued her internship and when it ended, her senior year began.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was satisfied with Lu Xia’s internship, and Manager Wang praised them extensively before they left, expressing excitement at the prospect of seeing them again.

Lu Xia was also looking forward to it. Getting familiar with things in advance would help her adjust more quickly when she started working there.

When the new semester started, she suddenly felt a bit emotional. It seemed like just a short while ago they were freshmen, and now they were seniors!

Only one year of university life remained, and she was genuinely reluctant to part with it.

However, no matter how reluctant she was, she had to go back to class.

Not long after the start of the semester, there was good news from her cousin: his wife was pregnant!

In this era, having a child at their age was considered late, and since his wife was showing clear signs of pregnancy, Aunt Jiang planned to take a long vacation to take care of them.

Upon learning this, Lu Xia helped prepare a lot of things for pregnant women before seeing her off.

Then she delved into her studies in her senior year.

However, not long after the semester began, Ye Nan came to see her.

Her child was born at a very opportune time. She had just finished her confinement and started school. However, at present, like Lu Xia before, she had to go home to breastfeed her child every noon, so she didn’t have much time at school.

Given how busy she was, her specific reason for visiting made Lu Xia quite curious.

However, Lu Xia never expected her question to be about this!

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Love the house and its crow – Because I love someone, I also love the crow in his house / It is a metaphor of loving a person and caring about people or things related to them

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