Chapter 213 – Threatening Letter

Chen Yunzeng and some people from the Changfeng Group had never imagined that, as they intended to parachute Chen Yunzeng into the position of the Marketing Department Director and catch Wei Chen off guard, while sidelining Wei Chen, Wei Chen had already prepared thoroughly and sent a big gift to Chen Yunzeng. In a veiled manner, he again brought the marketing department under his control.

As a result, the one who was truly caught off guard ended up being Chen Yunzeng.

When Chen Yunzeng returned to the office, he went over the events of the past two days in the company, and after understanding Wei Chen’s tactics, his surging thoughts gradually calmed down.

A faint smile appeared on his gloomy face. The lenses reflected a strange white light under the sunlight pouring in from outside the window. It had been a long time since he encountered an opponent like Wei Chen. The days ahead promised to be very exciting.

Wei Chen was decisive and efficient. Once the special team for promoting the Max brand cars was established and the list of personnel was finalized, the office of the special team had already been organized by noon.

In the special team, most of the employees were from the marketing department. When they heard they could continue working under Wei Chen’s guidance, they were overjoyed and immediately organized their belongings and reported to the office of the special team.

The employees selected from other departments had also heard of Wei Chen’s name and accomplishments. They knew this was an opportunity for advancement and did not refuse. They too packed their belongings and reported to the office of the special team.

So, as soon as the team was established in the morning, by noon, all the members were already present in the office, including Wei Chen.

After introducing themselves, the first meeting of the special team was held under Wei Chen’s guidance. However, what surprised everyone was the meaning revealed by Wei Chen during this meeting.

He was going to be a hands-off supervisor and let Lu Wei take full responsibility for the Max project.

It was like a bomb had exploded in the office of the special team. Everyone looked at Wei Chen with puzzled eyes, not understanding why he made such a decision.

Wei Chen did not explain but just looked at Lu Wei with an imposing air. “Lu Wei, do you have the confidence to lead them and successfully complete this task?”

Lu Wei was still in shock and hadn’t fully come to his senses. When he heard Wei Chen’s question, he was a bit dazed. After a long time of being in a daze, determination finally crept into Lu Wei’s gaze. “I will definitely not let Deputy General Manager Wei down!”

“In that case, let’s adjourn,” Wei Chen said, turning off the projector and firmly concluding the meeting.

“Deputy General Manager Wei, I don’t understand,” an employee transferred from another department raised their hand and said, “Max’s project is undoubtedly significant. We believe Deputy General Manager Wei can lead us to do this project well, but Manager Lu…”

The employee didn’t elaborate further, leaving it at that, raising their concern but not completely offending Lu Wei.

“You will understand in the future,” Wei Chen continued without explaining, displaying absolute trust in Lu Wei.

In that moment, Lu Wei felt a surge of strength and determination. Being trusted by Wei Chen like this, he couldn’t let Wei Chen down. He would definitely lead the team and deliver a perfect result for the Max project!

Several employees from the marketing department had worked with Lu Wei and knew his capabilities. After the initial shock, they didn’t see any major issue. Of course, privately, they felt it would be even better if Deputy General Manager Wei led them.

The matter was settled like this. Though some had doubts in their minds, they didn’t go against Wei Chen’s intentions. Moreover, Wei Chen’s attitude gave them a glimpse of hope. This hope told them that as long as you were excellent enough, under Deputy General Manager Wei’s guidance, you had the opportunity to showcase yourself.

In retrospect, before Wei Chen joined the Changfeng Group, Lu Wei was just an assistant manager in the marketing department, suppressed by the previous marketing department manager, unable to accomplish anything. The confident Lu Wei standing before them now was a far cry from that state.

After Wei Chen appointed Lu Wei as the head of the Max project, he truly didn’t interfere with the Max project anymore. Despite the skepticism from many, Lu Wei delivered a perfect result in just a month, earning the company’s respect for him and astonishing Wei Chen with his discernment in choosing people.

Now, when people in the Changfeng Group mentioned Wei Chen, it was with a mix of envy and jealousy. Seriously, why were his subordinates so outstanding when he was already excellent to begin with?

Life was truly unfair. Besides giving Wei Chen an opportunity, the heavens seemed to have opened a panoramic sunroof for him. Faced with Wei Chen, others could only look up in awe!

Perhaps because he was intimidated by Wei Chen’s tactics when he first arrived, Chen Yunzeng had been very obedient this past month, diligently completing his assigned tasks.

Although Wei Chen no longer managed the marketing department, in his role as the deputy general manager, he still had other departments to oversee, such as the somewhat redundant logistics department.

Indeed, as the saying goes, “Gold will shine wherever it is.” Even though Wei Chen’s current position might be seen as somewhat useless by others, under Wei Chen’s decisive actions in the past month, his department had undergone a tremendous transformation.

This transformation was not just something others saw but was something experienced firsthand.

Since Wei Chen took over as the deputy general manager, the entire company had undergone a complete transformation.

The security guards at the entrance were more alert, standing upright and full of vigor. The rotation of office supplies between departments had become more efficient. Often, a new set of office supplies would be distributed to the caller within around ten minutes of making a call.

Changfeng Group had an employee cafeteria, but previously, employees didn’t like dining there. They would rather go out to eat, even in extreme weather, than eat the unappetizing free lunches at the employee cafeteria.

However, after Wei Chen took over the logistics department, the variety and taste of the food at the employee cafeteria completely changed. They had both meat and vegetables, a balanced diet, and most importantly, the taste rivaled that of restaurants outside! After meals, there were even fruits and desserts—like being in paradise!

Due to issues with the employee cafeteria, the head of the logistics department was directly removed from their position by Wei Chen and taken away for investigation by the company’s disciplinary committee. The investigation revealed that the head of the logistics department had embezzled over a hundred million yuan in ill-gotten gains. It was an ugly sight!

Wei Chen was so decisive that it left no room for maneuver. Regardless of the person’s background, if they were found to have problems, they would be swiftly dealt with the next day.

It was only then that everyone realized how lucrative the logistics department was. No wonder some leaders in the logistics department always seemed well-fed and content. It turns out they had embezzled so much.

But this fire did not spread to other departments. Naturally, the people in other departments were pleased to see this, as their lives in the company had improved significantly. They had never experienced such a comfortable work environment before, and their productivity had increased several times over.

However, unlike those who only saw the surface, they thought that Wei Chen’s fire only burned the logistics department. Given Wei Chen’s current position, they believed it could only reach the logistics department. But what they didn’t realize was that behind Wei Chen stood Sheng Jiaqi, the Chairman of Changfeng Group!

Without Sheng Jiaqi’s tacit approval, this fire in the logistics department wouldn’t have ignited. So why did Sheng Jiaqi allow Wei Chen to set the logistics department on fire? This was a question worth delving into.

Those who were able to realize this point could somewhat guess the reason.

At this moment, everyone was on edge, and many high-ranking leaders were starting to get nervous, afraid that the fire ignited by the logistics department might spread and catch them too.

However, Sheng Jiaqi seemed to have no plans to let the fire spread now. He smiled every day, as if he hadn’t noticed the change in the atmosphere of the entire group.

On this day, Wei Chen went to work as usual. However, as soon as he arrived at the office door, he saw a letter inserted into the door handle. Wei Chen calmly took the letter off and went into the office after opening it.

The letter was written in red ink, and the envelope simply had Wei Chen’s name on it. Perhaps because the person writing the letter genuinely hated Wei Chen, they had written it with force, resulting in several small holes in the envelope.

Without opening it, Wei Chen knew it was a threatening letter. In fact, over the past week, this was not the first threatening letter Wei Chen had received. He already had his own suspicions about who sent these threatening letters.

The first couple of times, Wei Chen would open the letters to read them. Now, Wei Chen didn’t even have the desire to open the letter. The content was always the same, and Wei Chen could recite it by heart.

Wei Chen turned on his computer, preparing to start his work. A busy day began the moment the computer was turned on.

The threatening letter lay quietly on the desk, completely ignored by Wei Chen.

Once Chen Li wasn’t around, Wei Chen easily forgot about eating and sleeping when busy. During lunch break, Wei Chen quickly took care of some matters and then returned to his office to continue working.

Soon, the hands of the clock pointed to the end of the workday. Usually, by this time, Chen Li would have finished school and returned home. Wei Chen knew Chen Li’s schedule, so he never worked overtime. As soon as the time came, he would tidy up the unfinished work and take it home to complete.

As Wei Chen got up, he suddenly felt a palpitation, as if his heart had been suddenly emptied, making him stagger. He sat back down in the office chair, and his gaze fell on the threatening letter delivered today, written in red ink.

In that instant, Wei Chen didn’t know what crossed his mind. He reached out to take the threatening letter, but his fingers started trembling involuntarily. The sense of unease in his heart intensified as his hand approached the threatening letter.

When Wei Chen’s hand finally touched the letter, he quickly grabbed it, trembling, and opened the letter.

This time, there was no letter written in red ink in the envelope—only a photo. It was a photo of Chen Li pushing his bicycle out of the Q University gate.

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