Chapter 577 – Lu Xia’s Thoughts on the Company

Lu Xia wasn’t surprised when she heard about it. It was normal for people to try to poach employees when the beauty salon was doing better.

She just didn’t expect Master Zhong, a key figure in the beauty salon, to be so unmoved and outright refuse.

Lu Xia was quite touched.

So, after thinking for a moment, she said, “When our beauty salon just started, you didn’t have much money, so we divided the shares based on the contributions of each person.

But in the past two years, I haven’t been coming often, and the beauty salon has been relying on your management. So in the future, you can invest money to buy shares, and I’ll redistribute the proportions based on the current scale of the beauty salon.

So, the profit-sharing isn’t set in stone.”

Both of them immediately shook their heads and refused.

Ye Lin said, “The way it is now is already good. Speaking of which, when we started the beauty salon, it was entirely your idea and initiative. You almost single-handedly funded it, and I didn’t contribute much. I didn’t even cover your miscellaneous expenses.

In fact, I was just an employee, and yet you gave me such a share. I already feel quite embarrassed holding onto it. Where could I ask for more?”

Master Zhong added, “I feel the same way. After opening the shop, I didn’t invest a single cent. Although I was given shares for my technical expertise, my monthly salary is not insignificant. The shares I’ve received are already quite a lot!

Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I don’t have many demands; I’m getting on in age, and I just want to provide a good life for my son. The way things are now is already good enough!”

Moreover, she knew that the skills she possessed could be learned with careful study. The most famous product in the beauty salon was the one Lu Xia provided the raw materials for.

She knew that even without her, Lu Xia and the others could definitely manage well.

So she never thought of herself as crucial. The way things were now was good enough.

Because of the beauty salon, she had gained financial stability and everything she wanted.

So why would she want to take the risk of starting over?

Lu Xia was also moved after hearing the words of the two.

Seeing how much they cared about the beauty salon, she felt a surge of excitement and decided right away that she had to make the beauty salon successful and expand it, not letting down their efforts and expectations.

So she decided not to slack off anymore. Before the Chinese New Year holiday, she went back and pondered on it, then held a meeting with them.

She gave suggestions regarding the future development of the beauty salon.

Firstly, there was the issue of hiring more staff.

The beauty salon was too busy at the moment, and Ye Lin alone couldn’t handle the management of four stores. Besides, she also served as the accountant, which clearly wasn’t her forte.

So they needed to find someone to help share the workload.

In addition to staffing, the overall management of the beauty salon was not very formal at the moment.

So Lu Xia proposed to establish a company directly and control several stores under the umbrella of the company.

This way, including the employees, they would have a complete system.

Moreover, as the demand for the beauty salon’s products increased, the time taken to make them also increased. They needed to move towards a more streamlined process.

Of course, special products of the beauty salon, such as those with added spiritual spring water, needed to be made separately.

Once the production increased, they could start selling the products. After all, because their products were so effective, many customers had suggested buying them.

This would involve various qualifications needed for the sale of cosmetics, and they might need to undergo national safety testing.

The procedures and other formalities could be quite troublesome, but they couldn’t be ignored, considering they would be necessary in the future.

Furthermore, they couldn’t limit themselves to just Beijing. As the company expanded, they could open more stores in other areas and even directly establish a chain franchise.

For franchise stores, they would provide training and products. This way, the expansion would definitely be faster.


Chapter 578 – Do you know what a boss does?


Lu Xia’s revelations left the other two bewildered.

“Can… can it be done like this?” Ye Lin asked in astonishment.

She had always thought that opening a few beauty salons in the capital was already impressive, but after hearing Lu Xia’s words, she realized that there was potential for even greater success.

And it was beyond what she had dared to imagine, making her feel exhilarated just listening.

Lu Xia smiled and said, “Why not? The bigger your ambition, the larger the market!”

Beside them, Master Zhong couldn’t calm down for a long time after hearing this. She knew the big boss was formidable, being able to pioneer the beauty salon industry, but she didn’t expect her vision to be so expansive.

However, there were aspects she didn’t quite understand. She had some concerns about streamlining the production of the products. “If we get others to make these products, could the formula leak out?”

“It’s okay!” Lu Xia understood her concern and explained, “There are actually two methods to prevent this. First, we can register a patent, so if others learn about it, it would be illegal, and we can take legal action against them! Second, we can let others handle the routine processes, but keep the crucial steps to ourselves. The proportions in cosmetics are delicate, so a slight variation can make a big difference. It’s difficult to imitate.”

After hearing this, Master Zhong finally felt at ease.

Ye Lin was also pleased and said, “That’s great! We’ll use both methods and ensure foolproof security!”

But then, she felt a bit worried again, “It seems like there’s a lot to do! There are many things I don’t understand and I don’t know how to go about them.”

Lu Xia laughed, “If you don’t understand, just find someone who does!”

“Huh?” Ye Lin didn’t quite grasp it, “Find who?”

Lu Xia was speechless, seeing that she still didn’t understand, she explained, “You’re the boss. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Do you know what a boss does? You just need to hire some knowledgeable employees and let them handle it!”

“Can it be done like this?” Ye Lin seemed to have her worldview refreshed.

“Of course. Look at the ancient emperors; which one of them would personally do things? They would just order their ministers to do it, right? Being a boss is the same. If the boss has to do everything personally, what’s the point of having employees? When the time comes, you just need to delegate tasks and let the employees handle the specifics. That’s what a boss should do!”

“…I see!” Ye Lin seemed to momentarily struggle with the change in her role, as if she had suddenly transformed from an employee to a boss and was finding it a bit challenging to adapt.

Lu Xia didn’t expect her to immediately grasp this change in perspective. She thought Ye Lin would get used to it gradually.

Afterward, they continued discussing the establishment of the company.

“If you both agree, Ye Lin, your first task will be to set up the company and then start hiring people. Once you have enough staff, focus on refining the company’s procedures. Afterward, you’ll need to address the issue of product selling qualifications. If you don’t understand these aspects, you can let the employees handle it.
Next is setting up the manufacturing facility, which can start small, like a workshop, since the demand isn’t significant at the moment. Lastly, it’s about selling the products. Given that we already have customers, we can save on sales efforts, so there’s not much to worry about in that regard. Of course, if you don’t want to expand too quickly, you can hold off on opening additional branches and franchising. But if you feel ready, you can give these a try.”

Ye Lin felt like there was quite a lot to take in, and her mind struggled to absorb all of this information.

But she still had some questions, “You mentioned franchising, which is having others open branches for us. What benefit does that bring to us? Wouldn’t it be better to open branches ourselves?”

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