Chapter 251 – Biological Father

“What did you say?” Wei Chen’s words made Zhuge Yu explode. “The Chen family wants Chen Li’s heart? Chen Yunsheng’s daughter’s life is a life, but Chen Li’s isn’t?”

“Li Li is still waiting for me,” Wei Chen said and, as if in contemplation, glanced at Chen Yunlan in the corner before turning and leaving. “I’m going back first.”

“Go back quickly and accompany Xiao Li,” Zhuge Yu waved, urging Wei Chen to leave. Chen Li is now being targeted by the Chen family’s tiger; there might be some danger! With Wei Chen by Chen Li’s side, he felt somewhat at ease.

Only after Wei Chen departed, Zhuge Yu’s expression turned cold. He turned towards the corner and all the softness from before had vanished. “Chen Yunlan, if you came for Xiao Li’s heart, you can leave!”

Zhuge Yu received no response from Chen Yunlan. Assuming Chen Yunlan had already left, when Zhuge Yu reached the stairs, he saw Chen Yunlan standing there motionless, tears streaming down his face.

For a moment, Zhuge Yu again doubted Chen Yunlan’s intentions. Could he truly be unaware of the Chen family’s motives? Was it not the Chen family who sent him to get close to Chen Li? Did he truly only recently find out that Chen Li is his son and came to understand Chen Li’s past?

“You…” Zhuge Yu looked at Chen Yunlan, momentarily at a loss for words.

“Zhuge Yu, I’m begging you, please tell me about Chen Li,” Chen Yunlan looked at Zhuge Yu with pleading eyes.

Zhuge Yu sighed. “Come upstairs, I don’t know much, but I’ll tell you what I know.” It was the first time he had seen Chen Yunlan with such an expression. Chen Yunlan should be proud and have an air of disdain, but now he showed this pleading expression.

If it wasn’t genuine concern for Chen Li, Chen Yunlan wouldn’t be like this because he was someone who disdained pretense.

The moonlight tonight was somewhat dim, occasionally veiled entirely by passing dark clouds.

Zhuge Yu handed Chen Yunlan a packet of tissues, took a drag from his cigarette, and as the smoke dispersed, he began slowly, “When you saw Xiao Li at the meeting, his condition was much better compared to a year ago. It’s like he’s a different person now, both in spirit and appearance.”

“The first time I saw Xiao Li was in a hospital in Shanghai. He was wearing loose hospital clothes, and at that time, he was extremely thin, skeletal almost, with a vacant and numb look. He secluded himself from the world, resisting and fearing it.”

“From Xiao Li’s condition at that time, it was evident that his life in the Chen family was inhumane. That’s why he lost hope in life, like a living corpse. It’s unclear what kept him going.”

Zhuge Yu took another drag from his cigarette. Every time he recalled Chen Li’s state back then, Zhuge Yu felt a deep ache. How could the members of the Chen family be so heartless towards such a good child?

“I don’t know what method Wei Chen used to get Xiao Li out of the Chen family, but when I saw Xiao Li for the second time, his eyes weren’t as lifeless as before. At least, there was a glimmer of light in his eyes when he looked at Wei Chen.”

“The current state of Xiao Li is all thanks to Wei Chen’s patience and love. He can set aside everything to be with Xiao Li when he’s terrified and do a lot for Xiao Li. It’s because of him that Xiao Li could step out from his own world, start to explore and perceive this world. Now, he’s trying to integrate into this world.” Zhuge Yu smiled genuinely at this point, feeling genuinely happy about Chen Li’s current state. But the next second, his expression darkened.

“But what have your Chen family done? Raised Xiao Li as a source of a heart transplant. Xiao Li has finally achieved a stable life, why does your Chen family come to disturb him?”

As Chen Yunlan listened intently and understood more about Chen Li’s past, his heart ached more. It felt like an invisible hand with thorns clenched tightly around his heart, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Chen family! What a Chen family!

More than twenty years ago, they harmed him, and now they’ve put his son in grave danger!

Chen Yunlan wondered why Chen Yunsheng was so kind. He saved his son’s life, but it turns out he was only interested in his son’s heart! That’s his son! A piece of flesh that came from him!

Chen Yunlan felt a surge of blood to his throat and coughed up blood. But at this moment, his eyes blazed with rage. He wished to obliterate Chen Yunsheng and the entire Chen family.

Any gratitude or debt of nurturing was nullified. From now on, he, Chen Yunlan, and the Chen family would never stop until one side was completely destroyed!

Zhuge Yu, who moments ago was questioning why Chen Yunlan was unconcerned about Chen Li, which led to the current consequences, now, seeing Chen Yunlan’s condition, truly believed Chen Yunlan’s words. He genuinely thought his child was dead, only now discovering that the child is alive and suffering at the hands of the Chen family.

“Yunlan, Yunlan!” Zhuge Yu called out several times, fearing that Chen Yunlan’s lifelong anger might cause him harm.

“I’m fine,” Chen Yunlan smiled. “I need to keep this life to confront the Chen family.” His eyes were bloodshot, filled with madness, yet there was a faint grin on his lips, making him look terrifying and grotesque.

“Chen Yunlan, please calm down!” Zhuge Yu felt concerned. “Do you think being this impulsive can solve anything? Do you believe that in your current state, you can challenge the Chen family?”

“Zhuge Yu, don’t worry. I’ll be fine,” Chen Yunlan rose and said, “Thank you for telling me today. Perhaps I really don’t have the right to acknowledge Chen Li, but if something happens to me in the future, please tell Chen Li I’m sorry, but I love him.”

“Chen Yunlan, are you out of your mind?” Zhuge Yu shouted. “What foolish thing are you planning? Do you think you have the power to confront the Chen family now? You’re just throwing yourself against a rock. It’s utterly useless!”

Chen Yunlan didn’t say anything more, trying to leave. Perhaps due to the stress or the rain he endured last night, his body couldn’t bear the strain. As he stood up, dizziness overwhelmed him, causing him to slump back onto the sofa, his complexion turning pale.

Zhuge Yu hurried over, “What can you do in your current state?” He immediately dialed emergency services.

“Zhuge Yu, do you think I’m a complete failure?” Chen Yunlan lay weak on the sofa, looking at Zhuge Yu and scoffing at himself. “When I was young, I couldn’t protect my own love. Now, I can’t even protect my own child.”

Zhuge Yu ignored Chen Yunlan’s self-criticism. When the emergency services arrived and the paramedics attended to Chen Yunlan, they found his temperature alarmingly high.

Outside, Wei Chen returned after leaving momentarily, hearing every word of Zhuge Yu and Chen Yunlan’s conversation. He stood in the shadows, deep in thought, as if contemplating the authenticity of Chen Yunlan’s words.

Only when the ambulance arrived and took Chen Yunlan away did Wei Chen go to Lan Xiping’s dormitory to pick up Chen Li and take him home.

The night grew darker. Soft music played in the car, calming their minds.

Chen Li sat in the passenger seat, scrolling on his phone. Wei Chen drove attentively, pausing at a red light, waiting for it to turn green.

He turned to Chen Li and asked, “Li Li, would you be happy if you weren’t Chen Yunsheng’s child?”

Chen Li looked at Wei Chen in confusion. “Achen, why do you ask?”

“Because tonight, I met your biological father.” Wei Chen didn’t hide anything. There were certain things he would respect Chen Li’s opinion on and leave the choice to him.

When he initially met Chen Yunlan tonight, he thought Chen Yunlan was just another approach from the Chen family to get close to Chen Li. However, after hearing the conversation between Chen Yunlan and Zhuge Yu, Wei Chen dismissed his initial thoughts.

Because Chen Yunlan’s sorrow and anger were so genuine, even the intense desire to confront the Chen family until the end and the expressed deep love and guilt for Chen Li in his final words couldn’t have been feigned.

Therefore, Wei Chen speculated that prior to this time, Chen Yunlan had no knowledge that his son was still alive. It was only after returning to the country this time and for some reason that he suspected Chen Li was his son, leading him to seek Zhuge Yu’s help to understand Chen Li’s past.

Regardless of the reasons why Chen Yunlan was unaware of Chen Li’s existence or how much Chen Yunlan wants to meet Chen Li now, Wei Chen’s sole concern was Chen Li’s feelings.

If Chen Li is willing, he would take him to meet Chen Yunlan. If Chen Li isn’t willing, he wouldn’t force him.

He wouldn’t choose to hide things, nor would he compel Chen Li to do anything he didn’t want to do.

“Biological father?” Chen Li, upon hearing these words, gazed ahead in confusion. Those two words were extremely unfamiliar to him.

So, Chen Yunsheng wasn’t his biological father? The suffering he endured before wasn’t caused by his close family?

Chen Li was momentarily bewildered, his thoughts in complete disarray.

Wei Chen reached out and gently rubbed Chen Li’s head, saying, “It’s okay, Li Li, you can take your time to think about it.”

As the green light illuminated, Wei Chen started the car and drove back home.

Even upon arriving home, Chen Li was still reeling from the impact of Wei Chen’s bombshell. If Wei Chen hadn’t been holding his hand, Chen Li might not have known how to get home.

It was already late at night. Normally, at this time, Chen Li would have been tired, but now, he was stuck on the notion of having a biological father and couldn’t gather his thoughts.

“Li Li, time for bed,” Wei Chen led Chen Li back to his room.

“Okay,” Chen Li responded but made no movement.

Wei Chen simply lifted him and placed him on the bed, covering him with a blanket.

As Wei Chen was preparing to freshen up, Chen Li grabbed his clothes. Turning around, Wei Chen was met with a hopeful yet nervous and anxious gaze from Chen Li.

“Achen,” Chen Li said, “Take me to see my father tomorrow.”

Wei Chen bent down and gently kissed Chen Li on the forehead, softly saying, “Okay.”

“Goodnight, Achen,” Chen Li closed his eyes, hiding all his emotions.

“Goodnight, Li Li.”

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