Chapter 269 – A New Beginning

After that snowfall, the capital experienced two consecutive sunny days, as if it knew Wei Chen and Chen Li were about to embark on an overseas journey. Even the smog disappeared. These two days of fine weather were rare for the capital.

It was the day Wei Chen and Chen Li set off for F country. Due to his special status, Grandfather Qu didn’t come to see them off. However, he bid farewell to Chen Li the day before.

Lan Xiping, Jiang Ye, Cookie, Wei Hua—all of them were there. Of course, Zhuge Yu was present too.

While the young people were gathered and chatting, Zhuge Yu pulled Chen Yunlan to a corner and earnestly advised him to take good care of Chen Li. He even went as far as to threaten Chen Yunlan, stating that if Chen Li lost weight during their time away, he would make sure to recover it from Chen Yunlan’s body upon their return.

Without Zhuge Yu’s reminder, Chen Yunlan would still take good care of Chen Li. Despite Zhuge Yu’s verbosity at the moment, Chen Yunlan, rarely showing any signs of annoyance, listened attentively to Zhuge Yu’s words. Although much of it was drivel, as long as a sentence mentioned Chen Li’s habits, Chen Yunlan took note.

Although Chen Yunlan knew that with Wei Chen around, Chen Li would undoubtedly be well taken care of, he couldn’t help but want to treat Chen Li well, even better.

Zhuge Yu also understood Chen Yunlan’s thoughts. He was genuinely worried about Chen Li leaving for F country, being a foreign land. He couldn’t help but repeat his concerns several times.

Meanwhile, the young people were bidding their farewells. In contrast to Zhuge Yu’s lengthy conversations, the farewells among the younger generation were brief, just a few words.

“Chen Li, believe me, I’ll come to see you very soon,” Lan Xiping said. “By then, I can release you from your psychological suggestions.”

This psychological suggestion had been lingering in Chen Li’s mind, a timed bomb. No one knew when it would explode, nor the impact it would have.

In other words, this timed bomb wasn’t just hanging over Chen Li but also lingering in everyone’s minds.

Lan Xiping had been researching this recently and had some insights. He believed that a solution would soon be found.

Only by disarming this timed bomb as soon as possible could they be at ease.

Chen Li knew Lan Xiping was concerned about him. He smiled gently, “Xiping, I believe in you.”

Lan Xiping also smiled, as if his smile contained the sunlight outside.

Little Biscuit came over and hugged Chen Li’s thigh, looked up at Chen Li with intense reluctance in his eyes, saying, “Uncle Chen Li, I’ll wait for you to come back and teach Biscuit how to draw.”

Chen Li ruffled Little Biscuit’s hair and promised, “Okay.”

Despite their reluctance, it was time to leave. Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand and headed towards the customs. Chen Li half-turned, waving goodbye to the people behind him.

Over a year ago, Chen Li had never dared to imagine he would be in his current state. He felt the kindness the world had shown him and the warmth of a world’s sunshine.

Despite the lingering darkness, Chen Li had learned to see through it and search for the light.

Now, he had friends, teachers, family, Wei Chen, and an unborn baby in his belly.

Many times, Chen Li couldn’t help but think, ‘Is this the most fulfilling state of life? Everything is so beautiful; he seemed no longer afraid of this world.’

Chen Li looked up at Wei Chen, tightly holding his hand, and a gentle smile tugged at his lips.

All these changes were brought by Achen.

Achen patiently entered his world and patiently showed him this world.

Achen was the light in his life. Because of Achen’s presence, he could truly feel this world.

Wei Chen noticed Chen Li’s gaze, so he held Chen Li’s hand tighter and softly asked, “LiLi, what’s wrong?”

Chen Li shook his head and when he looked up at Wei Chen, he revealed a bright smile.

Perhaps it was the exceptionally clear weather that day, with the perfect sunlight. Chen Li’s smile struck Wei Chen’s heart directly. Wei Chen couldn’t help but lower his head, gently capturing Chen Li’s slightly upturned lips in a brief but passionate kiss.

The airport staff nearby blushed upon witnessing this scene, feeling not an ounce of resistance, only a sense of happiness for the two.

The plane soared into the sky, indicating that Chen Li and Wei Chen’s year-long life in a foreign land was about to begin. The people seeing them off watched the plane disappear into the sky before returning home.


Cookie and Wei Hua were holding Little Biscuit at the airport plaza before parting ways with Lan Xi Ping. Once they got into the car, Cookie asked directly, “Ahua, do you have something on your mind?” Over the past few days, Wei Hua had been hesitant, seeming like he wanted to ask something but couldn’t quite bring himself to.

At Cookie’s question, Wei Hua hesitated, looking at Cookie with an expression that suggested he had something to say but was also avoiding the topic, even evading Cookie’s gaze.

Seeing Wei Hua’s reluctance to speak, Cookie didn’t push, figuring that if Wei Hua couldn’t hold it in any longer, he would naturally bring it up. It seemed like Wei Hua was reaching the limit of his patience.

As expected, Cookie knew Wei Hua well. As soon as they arrived home, Wei Hua couldn’t contain his curiosity any longer. “Xiao Qi Qi, I want to ask you, is Little Biscuit our child?”

Cookie was momentarily stunned, purposely responding, “My child naturally is your child.”

Wei Hua became agitated, “What I mean is, did you give birth to Little Biscuit for me?”

“What do you think?” Cookie didn’t give Wei Hua a straightforward answer.

Feeling a bit urgent, Wei Hua could now discern Cookie’s attitude. He stepped forward, embraced Cookie, and with certainty said, “The person with me that night before I went abroad was you, right?”

It was the only explanation for why Cookie’s attitude towards him had been so tough after his return to the country. Cookie innocently looked at Wei Hua, feigning ignorance.

“I calculated Little Biscuit’s birthdate. The conception date aligns perfectly with the day before I went abroad. Moreover, everyone who has seen me with Little Biscuit says he looks a lot like me. With all these coincidences, it can only mean one thing: Little Biscuit is my offspring. That night, I impregnated you.” Wei Hua teased, rubbing against Cookie’s neck, looking mischievous.

At this point, Cookie had no choice but to admit, “Well, you’re right. Little Biscuit is indeed your son.”

“Come on, tell me, why did you leave so abruptly back then, throwing cash and running? I thought you treated me like a duck,” Wei Hua held onto Cookie tightly, not letting go, now that the question was out in the open.

Cookie’s ears slowly turned red, he broke free from Wei Hua’s embrace, and ran off.

He couldn’t just say, ‘Back then, I already liked you. I left so clumsily with the money to ensure you wouldn’t realize my feelings. Otherwise, if you found out it was me and came looking for me, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to control myself and would tie you to me with this responsibility.’

It was a bitter and cautious unrequited love.

At that time, Cookie couldn’t fathom that this naive affection would one day bear fruit.

Watching Cookie run away, Wei Hua couldn’t help but smile foolishly. After understanding Cookie’s character, he could guess the reasons behind Cookie’s actions.

“Dad, can you tell me what a ‘duck’ is? Why is it different from what I know?” Little Biscuit’s tender voice surprised Wei Hua. He had forgotten that Little Biscuit was nearby after talking to Cookie.

Despite Little Biscuit’s unexpected question, Wei Hua wasn’t embarrassed. He lifted Little Biscuit up, planted a kiss on his chubby cheek, and smoothly changed the subject, “Little Biscuit, when did you know I was your dad?”

Little Biscuit tilted his head in thought for a while before saying, “It was a long time ago. I knew you were my dad before I even met you.”

Although Little Biscuit’s words seemed confusing, Wei Hua understood.

“Why did you know?” Wei Hua was determined to get to the bottom of it.

“It was a long, long time ago. I can’t even remember exactly when. Dad’s drawer had your picture, and it was seeing that picture that made me know I had a dad,” Little Biscuit explained.

“Is that so?” Wei Hua’s smile widened, showing an almost silly and carefree expression.

Little Biscuit nodded firmly, affirming the truth of his words.

“I believe you.” Wei Hua kissed Little Biscuit’s cheek again and then asked, “Why didn’t you tell Dad? It troubled him for a long time.”

“Because it’s a secret between Dad and Little Biscuit. If Dad wants to know, he has to figure it out himself,” Little Biscuit, completely unaware, inadvertently gave away all of Cookie’s secrets.

Wei Hua carried Little Biscuit to his own room, planted a kiss on the little one’s forehead, and said, “Little Biscuit, why don’t you play by yourself for a bit? Big Daddy is going to talk to Dad about something important.”

Little Biscuit obediently nodded, speaking in a soft and gentle voice, “Okay, I’ll wait for you to come out.”

Wei Hua then left Little Biscuit’s room and returned to his and Cookie’s room. Cookie was hiding under the covers, behaving like an ostrich. Wei Hua, with a silly smile, approached Cookie, then lunged at the bed, enveloping both Cookie and the covers into his embrace.

“Xiao Qi Qi, I’m very happy,” Wei Hua said from beneath the covers to Cookie. “But I’m also very regretful.”

Initially, Cookie struggled a bit in Wei Hua’s embrace, but upon hearing Wei Hua’s words, he stopped resisting and listened quietly.

“I’m happy because I found out that you liked me so early. But I regret not knowing you liked me back then. Otherwise, perhaps we could have known and loved each other a few years earlier,” Wei Hua’s expression was serious. “At the same time, I also feel fortunate. I missed you a few years ago, yet now, I can still be with you. Xiao Qi Qi, thank you for your love and waiting all these years.”

As Wei Hua spoke, he lifted the covers and saw a blushing Cookie beneath.

The previous seriousness vanished suddenly, and Wei Hua raised an eyebrow, teasing, “Xiao Qi Qi, are you feeling shy?”

Cookie pushed Wei Hua away, trying to maintain composure, “Who’s feeling shy? It’s stuffy under the covers! Besides, who said I was waiting for you? Don’t try to flatter yourself!”

Wei Hua knew that Cookie was being contradictory in his words and actions again, but he didn’t argue with Cookie. He directly sealed Cookie’s lips, pressed the person on the bed, and said vaguely: “Xiao Qiqi, let’s have another one. Give Little Biscuit company, otherwise he will be too lonely by himself.”

“Scram! If you want another one, you go give birth yourself!” Cookie lightly kicked Wei Hua and said arrogantly.

Wei Hua continued to seal Cookie’s lips, and forcefully brought cookie into a fiery battle.

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