Chapter 51.2 – Kala Snow Mountain (4)

Chen Jing pulled out a small knife he carried and stabbed one of the sheep. When he cut into its flesh, blue ice appeared inside the wound. Despite piercing the ice, as soon as the blade left, the wound healed back to its original state.

He dodged the charge of the other sheep, then moved in again. This time, he didn’t use the knife. After retracting it, he ran towards the courtyard, delivering a swift kick. He broke a streetlight in half and grabbed the upper portion. The ice against his palm caused a stabbing pain, but he held on, forcefully molding one side of the ice into a sharp shape. Gradually, the ice in his hand solidified into a metallic piece, emitting a cold, sharp glint.

The white sheep rushed from the gate to the courtyard, leaving no gap between them. Just before they arrived, Chen Jing leaped from the ground, using the courtyard’s fence as a propellant. He soared directly toward the two sheep, narrowly skimming over their heads.

The razor-sharp blade met the sheep’s neck, slicing effortlessly. The sheep’s body and head split in two, collapsing to the ground. Water began to emerge where the blade had cut, but before the ice and water could mix, Chen Jing dodged the other sheep, kicking the sheep’s head further away.

One sheep temporarily couldn’t rise, while the other, seemingly aware of the situation, its eyes darkened further into a deep red, charging more aggressively.

As Chen Jing dodged, the other sheep quickly changed direction, intensifying the blue flames underfoot as it lunged. He couldn’t evade completely; and the side of his shoulder caught some sparks, which then instantly condensed into ice.

With one hand incapacitated, Chen Jing wielded the improvised weapon on his other hand, crouching as the sheep charged again, sliding under its body.

The sheep ran directly through the blade, splitting in two halves. The silent bell also cracked into two clean pieces upon impact.

As the bell shattered and fell, the sheep’s body vanished.

Realizing what had happened, after dealing with the first sheep, Chen Jing turned and approached the other sheep, struggling to reunite its head and body. With a slight force, he pressed the metallic base against the bell, shattering it instantly.

Both sheep disappeared into thin air, and the ice that had spread around also vanished. Only the footprints of the man and himself remained on the ground. Even the previously frozen shoulder had returned to its original state, as if nothing had occurred.

Stepping around the man lying in front of the gate, Chen Jing pushed it open.

The interior of the palace matched the exterior in height, adorned with sharp and cold decorations. In the center of the hall sat an ice-blue throne, unadorned and naturally rustic, exuding a primal, oppressive aura.

Seated atop the throne was a person. Their light golden hair and robe draped down to the ground, a stern countenance, crowned with a woven crown. Slouched on the throne, eyes closed, resembling someone asleep.

Chen Jing surveyed the surroundings before cautiously approaching.

As he reached the center of the hall, the person on the throne opened their eyes, instantly disappearing from their original position.

The ice-blue eyes instantly closed in, and Chen Jing could even see himself reflected in them. The opponent moved swiftly, but his reflexes were equally quick. He quickly backed away before the opponent could grab his neck, causing his shoe soles to screech against the icy surface.

In the blink of an eye, the person in the center of the hall focused on him. The ice-blue pupils remained impassive, and a hand slightly emerged from under the royal robe.

In a silent moment, gigantic ice spikes erupted from the walls of the palace, converging from all directions toward one point.

The improvised weapon made from the streetlight in Chen Jing’s hand swung around, deflecting most of the ice spikes. However, unable to cover every direction, one spike pierced his shoulder diagonally, drawing red blood that dripped slowly to the ground.

Quickly hacking off the ice spike and pulling out the embedded tip, he gritted his teeth, bearing the pain without a sound. Gripping the knife in his hand, he briskly approached the person still standing in the center of the hall.

The person with the crown lowered their hand again. The temperature around plummeted drastically; what was relatively mild became as cold as an ice cellar. It was bone-chilling, even moving joints became difficult, attempting to do so would only cause harm to the body.

While the other could effortlessly restrict most people’s actions, there were always those unafraid of death—people who cared little for life, let alone their physical well-being. Chen Jing, feeling the difficulty in moving, threw the knife with force, momentarily loosening his hand joints, then stepped forward, running even faster than before.

The moment he faced the opponent, he realized the disparity between them—a chasm he couldn’t bridge at the moment. Unable to defeat the opponent, he resigned himself to the idea of death, focusing only on reaching the crown before it happened.

Touching the crown was the ticket for the people on the snowfield to successfully leave this place. The tour vehicle should still be parked on the road by now. If all went well, someone would discover the missing individuals and the vehicle. Staying put would ensure the search party entering the mountains would find them.

It was probably unexpected that this person, looking frail and injured, actually harbored such strength within. The person standing in the center momentarily didn’t react until the blade was nearly upon them, then swiftly dodged, shifting away from the blade’s edge.

A strand of light golden hair floated in the air before falling to the ground.

After slicing off the strand of hair, Chen Jing turned around. A sharp ice spike came at him head-on, but he made no attempt to evade. The shoulder that had already been pierced once was injured again. His expression remained unchanged as he pulled out the ice spike.

Human potential truly seemed boundless. In these crucial seconds, there was no gradual change. The spike in his hand instantly transformed into a metallic appearance. With a slight twist, it aimed directly at the person who hadn’t yet lowered their hand.

The spike was returned to the person with ice-blue eyes. A wave of coldness swept across their face, leaving a long gash beneath the blue eyes, instantly drawing blood.

Before the opponent could act, Chen Jing reached for the crown.

The moment his fingers touched the leaves, a chilling sensation ran down his spine. A massive force mixed with an icy breath surged from behind. Too late to turn back or react, a blunt pain struck the back of his head, causing him to lose consciousness. His fingers barely grazed past the leaves on the crown.

At the same moment of losing consciousness, someone caught his falling body securely.

Jiang Yujin, who had just arrived at the scene, stood to the side, wiping off some sweat. He hadn’t anticipated being a step late, but at least he had made it.

The stairs leading up here were absurdly long. Initially, he enjoyed admiring the murals while ascending, but after reaching a point where the artwork became repetitive, lacking novelty, and he found himself dizzy from the endless staircase, he decided to take a break halfway up.

He never expected the high schooler to be so silent and yet so quick. Fortunately, the passage led directly into the palace, and he just made it.

Jiang Yujin raised his eyes to the person with the missing strand of light golden hair standing opposite him and asked, “Hello, could you lend me your big robe?”

He was referring to the dark red royal robe. He continued, “I want to put him down, but it’s too cold on the ground. It’s quite pitiful for such a little kid to sleep directly on the floor.”

He tried reasoning, but it was apparent the other person wasn’t listening.

After slightly dodging an incoming ice spike, Jiang Yujin’s initially polite tone turned cold, “A heartless being, lacking compassion.”

At that moment, it was unclear who was being more unreasonable. As the other party didn’t comply, Old Father Jiang went straight for a grab.

Snatching the robe turned out to be relatively easy since the person with the blue eyes had never experienced someone trying to take the royal robe before. With a noble face but no experience in defending the robe, they couldn’t protect their own noble robe in the end.

The noble robe felt quite exquisite, likely an expensive item, which pleased Jiang Yujin. He casually placed the person he held in a corner and intercepted the incoming ice spikes with his hand, taking off the red rope in his wrist.

The moment the red rope was removed, it vanished or perhaps fragmented into smaller entities. As the ice spikes emerging around the palace approached a certain area, they suddenly turned into a pile of rubble, scattered on the ground, unable to advance any further.

The drooping eyelids lifted slightly, and the light-colored pupils met the gaze of the person who, despite not wearing the royal robe anymore, still stood with an air of nobility. In an instant, the person wearing a plain grey jacket acted.

A tremendous noise echoed from the mountaintop, and a large hole appeared in one side of the palace, causing prolonged vibrations. Shards of ice floated in the air, refracting colorful light, incredibly dazzling.

The person wearing the crown was forcibly pushed out of the center of the palace and through the palace walls, rushing to the edge of the precipice, where they were pinned down, their entire head hanging over the cliff, feeling the cold breeze blowing from below.

Jiang Yujin firmly gripped the person’s neck on the ground with one hand and chuckled, saying, “Stop with the petty tricks. Let’s play for real now.”

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