Chapter 84 – Captain Jiang (2)

A corridor was cleared out, and the surveillance cameras were destroyed without anyone noticing. Someone, through the reflection on the glass window, saw that the corridor led to a row of offices. People were coming in and out, and there were individuals outside patrolling with weapons.

Someone holding documents was approaching.

Jiang Yujin glanced at the layout and then turned around, saying, “Two people in each group, responsible for one office from front to back. Be careful not to use guns; I’ll take care of the corridor.”

Light-colored pupils moved with the person holding documents reflected on the glass. He said, “Act when this person approaches; just charge forward.”

He squinted slightly, assuring with a smile that no one would die today.

Even in such a situation, this person seemed to show no sense of urgency.

The sound of footsteps gradually approached, getting closer and closer.

As the person with the blue folder in hand appeared around the corner, a team of people instantly took action.

The person with the documents hadn’t even had a chance to see what happened; they were already lying on the ground, and the blue folder was taken away casually.

Suddenly, a group of people appeared. The individuals patrolling the corridor raised their guns in alert. Before they could react, their vision suddenly went dark, and they saw someone in an unnumbered black uniform.

The black uniform was stained with blood.

The person holding the gun belatedly realized that it was their own blood.

The corridor cleared out, and someone, in panic, picked up a gun intending to fire randomly. However, when they pulled the trigger, the gun, along with their hand, split into two.

All danger was extinguished in less than a few seconds. There was no gunshot, no stray bullets. The others safely entered their assigned offices.

After a commotion, the corridor quieted down. People started coming out of the offices, gesturing completion.

There might be some useful data in the computers in the offices on this floor, but due to time constraints, it had to be abandoned.

Jiang Yujin propped his hand on the office desk, glanced at the situation across, and said, “We still have time; copy it down.”

The building appeared to be a interconnected circular structure, but in reality, it was divided in the middle, forming two separate areas. From here, one could vaguely see the situation on the opposite side. At least for now, it seemed that there was still some time before Hu Li’s side would conclude.

Jiang Yujin wasn’t particularly concerned about whether the SIU had obtained the information. Mainly, the progress on their side was fast, and once he finished here, he might have to assist Hu Li’s team, which didn’t seem worth it.

Others understood the unwritten rule of casual labor, so they waited here for the data to be transmitted.

In this originally tense situation, the atmosphere inexplicably relaxed. Jiang Yujin yawned, then bent over to check the time on the operating computer, saying, “We need to speed up.”

Although he had already disabled a considerable number of cameras, they couldn’t afford to delay for too long. The surveillance room personnel would notice the widespread interference, and they would likely come to investigate. According to the timing, it was almost at the point where the other side might start getting worried and check the situation.

Jiang Yujin suddenly approached and bent down, the person typing on the keyboard to copy data was caught off guard, a white flash appearing in his line of sight. The mixture of the scent of blood and a strange faint fragrance permeated the air. He couldn’t help but tense his fingers, and he dared not even take a deep breath.

The other party only glanced at the time, and then sat up straight again. Only then did he let out a small, relieved breath. The tips of his ears inexplicably turned red.

Finally, Hu Li’s team also finished their tasks.

Standing up from the desk and returning to the ground, Jiang Yujin rubbed his hair and said, “Let’s go down.”

Ideally, Captain Jiang would have liked to take the elevator right next door, but it couldn’t accommodate so many people, so they had to walk down the stairs. There were guards at the stairs, but because they had been leading a peaceful life, they weren’t particularly vigilant, lowering their heads as if they could enter the dreamland in the next second.

And in the next moment, Jiang Yujin truly let them enter the eternal dream.

They were fortunate—at least Jiang Yujin felt that way. The next floor was the surveillance room, and as they descended the stairs, they ran into someone coming up to check the situation.

Silently dealing with the people on the stairs and in the corridor, Jiang Yujin stood outside the surveillance room.

Inside, people were still talking. They had already sensed that something was amiss, but most of their conversation was complaints, saying, “The surveillance cameras are broken again. They’ve malfunctioned several times in the past few days. I always felt this place is unreliable. They don’t even bother to buy decent surveillance cameras. If I had known, I would have stayed in the old location.”

A few others agreed, sharing their grievances about the shortcomings of this branch.

It seemed that the people in the surveillance room were not all from this headquarters; they were a mix of individuals from different branches. This made things more convenient. As they listed various flaws of this branch, emotions became more intense, completely forgetting about the black screens of the monitors. They were animated, as if they were about to confront their leaders physically.

Under the gaze of others, Jiang Yujin knocked on the door, three times, neither too light nor too heavy, displaying politeness.

The person engrossed in the conversation didn’t glance at the door, directly opening it while still talking, “They are so stingy. The warehouse is full of things, but they won’t…”

Mid-sentence, he turned his head and saw the black uniform in front of him, and his mouth suddenly stopped moving.

White Hair thanked him and then swiftly knocked him unconscious with a knife-hand strike.

Realizing that their lives were at stake, another person standing by the control console in the surveillance room reacted quickly, tremblingly picking up the intercom.

Before he could speak, a chilling sensation touched his hand. The person who was initially at the door appeared beside him, smiling as he pressed down on his hand.

Then, he was also knocked unconscious with a knife-hand strike, and the others were dealt with similarly. Taking the initiative to pull up a chair and sit down, Jiang Yujin leaned on the table and looked at the large screen.

Many areas on the screen had already gone black, concentrated around the locations they had passed earlier. Hu Li’s team was also dealing with the cameras, and screens along their route were turning black one by one.

Pulling the chair backward, Jiang Yujin said, “Let’s divide the tasks.”

Someone with quick thinking asked, “Rock, paper, scissors?”

This time, it wasn’t the somewhat absurd rock, paper, scissors game but a genuine division of tasks.

Rather than assigning specific tasks, Jiang Yujin seemed more like pointing randomly. He turned his head and looked at the screen, saying, “Two people at the stairs, two on the rooftop of the third office to the right in the third-floor lab, and two at the staircase entrance of the second-floor prison.”

After randomly assigning tasks, there were exactly two people left. Jiang Yujin nodded in satisfaction, “The remaining two will stay here.”

He lightly tapped his earpiece, “Wait for further instructions once you’re in position.”

His arrangements were casual, and the others accepted them without objections.

In the surveillance room, including White Hair, there were only three people left. Before the others arrived at their designated locations, Jiang Yujin comfortably leaned back in his chair.

Accustomed to this inexplicably leisurely atmosphere, one of the other two individuals went outside to stand guard, while the other pulled up a chair and asked, “Why are we in pairs?”

Light-colored pupils gazed at the moving figures on the screen. Jiang Yujin lowered his head, grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, and said while writing, “Two people together can gossip and make it less boring.”

As the others arrived, he handed the paper to the person next to him, along with the intercom, and pressed the number “3,” saying, “Read it like this.”

The person next to him didn’t understand, but followed the instructions. Facing the intercom, he said, “Attention to all units on the third floor. Intruders detected at the right entrance. Combat personnel, please quickly get in position. Research personnel, please evacuate quickly.”

The more he read, the wider his eyes became.

In the offices above, the people waiting heard the familiar voice and were equally stunned. While they were still trying to figure out what was happening, a sound came through the earpieces, and a clear and calm voice resonated in their ears:

“The offices on the lower floor are vacant. Go down.”

With the path laid out to this point, whether they were searching for information or dealing with others from behind, these people would find their own solutions.

Jiang Yujin closed the earpiece and said to the people around him, “Deal with the remaining tasks in the same way.”

One advantage of the scattered and new branch was that the various factions or dozens of factions were not familiar with each other. In such an urgent situation, even if they heard a stranger’s voice, there was no time to doubt.

Or perhaps no one would think that the intruders would boldly sit in the surveillance room and give orders.

Coordinating to handle the second floor, Jiang Yujin stood up.

The person sitting next to him asked, “Where is Boss Jiang going?”

This simple question touched on a sore spot, and Jiang Yujin’s expression was difficult to describe in words.

He never expected that the right half he won in the rock-paper-scissors game would include the office of the top leader.

The office was on the first floor, and in the current situation, it seemed that only he could go.

The second and third floors fell one after another. Although the commotion was not too significant compared to normal circumstances, on the first floor, you could still feel the chaotic footsteps coming from the vicinity of the second floor. The person sitting on the sofa, slowly pouring tea, looked down at the slight curve rising in the teacup, and his movements halted.

As he was about to put down the teapot and stand up, there was a knock on the office door.

The person still in the surveillance room watched as the white-haired person walked into the office, even sitting on the sofa. The other person handed him a cup of tea, and he drank it.

In a place like this, drinking tea offered by someone else, it was hard to determine whether this person was bold or something else.

The entire branch was in chaos.

Hu Li arrived on the first floor later. The first floor was interconnected, from the stairs to the corridor, where people were lying quietly on the ground. It was a bit difficult to navigate at first.

The office door at the innermost part was closed, and light leaked from the gap.

He opened the door, and the person sitting on the sofa inside turned to look at him, holding a cup of tea.

Facing him was a corpse that had transformed into a strange species, blood splattered around.

Jiang Yujin put down the teacup, attempting to negotiate with him, saying, “It seems it took quite an effort to deal with him. Can the salary be increased a bit more?”

Hu Li: “…”

The mission was completed, and the entire team returned intact. Some members sustained minor injuries, but nothing serious. The subsequent matters were no longer within their jurisdiction; specialized personnel would come to wrap things up. The already lively city became even more bustling at this moment.

This mission turned out to be much easier than anticipated. Initially, they thought it might be a prolonged battle with certain losses, but after emerging, they were even able to catch a late dinner. Because it was too easy, there was a surreal feeling afterward, as if something had been overlooked.

They had dinner back in A City. On the way back, Jiang Yujin borrowed a mirror from someone, took a look, and finally found a small scratch on his face. He quickly took a photo as evidence and informed Hu Li that this was a work-related injury, warranting an increase in salary.

After dinner, Jiang Yujin didn’t leave the company of his fellow citizens. It was already the end of the working hours, and he happened to join a group with Xu Gao, who always left on time even with a lot of piled-up work. Along with other team members, they found a place to sit and continued their previous gossip.

White Hair, who loved gossip, was eventually escorted away by Comrade Xu Tonggui, who had returned from work. Just as the gossip concluded, White Hair stood up, patted his clothes, bid farewell politely to the many friends, and Xu Tonggui, standing beside him, calmly straightened his tousled hair.

Many friends watched as the two walked away, and their voices gradually faded in the wind.

“What did Captain Jiang do today?”

“Climbed stairs!” White Hair gestured in the lingering sunset, “Climbed a really long staircase, it was really long…”

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