Chapter 15 – House Allocation Competition

However, a specific set of regulations had not been put forward yet.

But everyone knew that leaders or those with more seniority had a better chance of getting allocated a house.

As for Xu Aiguo, he had never really thought about getting a welfare house.

Because he knew his seniority was too short.

It was simply impossible for him to be allocated a welfare house.

Unexpectedly, he learned from Ningning that the factory would allocate three houses to motivate the lower-level employees, specifically for the workshop directors.

Xu Aiguo thought about it. Their factory was not too big but not too small either, with over a thousand people, and there were already seventy or eighty workshop directors.

With seventy or eighty people competing for three houses, the chances of getting one were too low.

What matters now is any outstanding contributions.

However, if someone saved the factory and protected its property, that would definitely be considered a significant contribution.

Moreover, Xu Aiguo knew that Cao Jiandang’s family was facing housing difficulties.

Cao Jiandang was from the county town and already had a house there, but it was only about 50 square meters.

And Cao Jiandang’s family was not small.

He had elderly parents who were unable to work, and he himself, along with his wife, had six children.

Not only that, he also had three unmarried younger siblings, all squeezed into that 50-square-meter house.

Cao Jiandang’s six children consisted of three boys and three girls.

The eldest son was already married and had two daughters.

Counting them all, they were a family of 16.

And among them, only three were working.

Cao Jiandang worked in a textile factory, his younger brother in a food factory, and his eldest son at the garbage station. Interestingly, his eldest son inherited this job from Cao Jiandang’s wife.

Supporting 16 people with three workers was indeed not easy.

With 16 people of all ages cramped into a 50-square-meter house, it was also challenging.

Xu Aiguo would occasionally hear Cao Jiandang complain about the crowded living conditions and family conflicts caused by the small house.

During those times, Cao Jiandang expressed hope, saying, “If I could get one of those allocated houses, it would be great.” However, he would sigh afterward, knowing that with his short seniority and lack of significant contributions, the chances were close to impossible.

Cao Jiandang was genuinely worried about the housing situation.

Could it be that he learned about the factory’s decision to allocate three houses to the three workshop directors with the most significant contributions? Was that why he took a risky move, disregarding their friendship?

Xu Aiguo was hesitant to believe that Cao Jiandang would resort to such measures.


Since he learned about this from Ningning, he knew he had to be cautious.

While Xu Aiguo valued his friendship with Cao Jiandang, he wasn’t willing to sacrifice his own interests to benefit others.

Hopefully, Cao Jiandang wouldn’t do such a thing. But if he did, Xu Aiguo wouldn’t hesitate to reconsider their friendship.

Although Xu Aiguo couldn’t understand why he could hear his daughter’s inner thoughts and know about future events, he recognized it as something extraordinary and almost unbelievable.

He was aware that such peculiarities and supernatural occurrences were not tolerated in this era and could even pose a threat to life.

He also knew that having this advance knowledge from his daughter could change his destiny.

Xu Aiguo believed that his little daughter must be a heavenly being who descended to their home to repay kindness, allowing him to hear these things.

As for why Ningning didn’t directly tell him, Xu Aiguo thought of the saying: “Heaven’s secrets must not be revealed.”

Being able to hear it in this way was already good enough.

Xu Aiguo believed that whether Ningning was a heavenly being or not, she was certainly a lucky star. In this life, she was also his beloved daughter, so he would protect her no matter what and cherish her deeply.

Xu Aiguo held firm to this belief in his heart.

When Xu Aiguo brought Xu Jinning home, it became a beautiful scene in the village.

The bicycle, the milk powder, the apple, and the large bag hanging in front of the bike all sparked discussions among the villagers who were busy working in the fields.

“Look, did Aiguo take his recognized daughter to the county town to buy things? Look at all those bags, and the little girl is even holding a can of milk powder.”

“Milk powder tastes so good.” Some children who overheard immediately drooled upon hearing the words “milk powder.”

In today’s families, how many could afford milk powder, and how many children could afford to drink it?

“I went to visit my aunt in the county town with my mother before. She made me a cup of milk powder. It’s so delicious, even better than candy. My dream is to drink milk powder every day.”

“Is it really that good? I’ve never had it.”

“I also want to drink milk powder every day.”

Hearing these words from the children, the adults felt a mix of emotion and sadness.

Milk powder, such a precious thing, how many could afford to drink it every day?

“But looking at Xu Aiguo’s family, it seems that he truly loves his recognized daughter. Before, Ailian even brought me clothes to exchange for fabric, saying she wanted to make new clothes for the recognized little daughter. Now, Aiguo took her to the county town to buy things.”

“That’s for sure, after all, she is his own daughter. Look at that little girl’s appearance. Although they say she lived in the city before, it doesn’t look like it to me. That appearance, I can tell she’s been through a lot.”

The members of the production brigade had various opinions, and Xu Jinning was unaware of these discussions.

She had already returned home, and the things they bought were delivered to her room by Xu Aiguo.

The items belonging to Xu Fangfang were decreasing, while hers were gradually filling up the space.

As Xu Jinning looked at the room, she suddenly felt a fleeting sense of belonging.

The other people in the house were not around, probably either at work or busy with other tasks.

It was Xu Aiguo who happened to have a day off today, giving him time. Tomorrow, he would have to go back to work at the textile factory.

Looking at the rosy red apple in her hands, she could smell the fragrance of apple in front of her nose.

She thought of Zhang Ailian, who promised to make clothes for her, and Xu Aiguo, who took her to the county town to buy things.

Holding the apple, she walked to the kitchen and happened to see Xu Aiguo busy preparing herbal medicine for her.

“Ningning, why are you out? Your health is not good; you should rest more. I’m keeping an eye on this medicine. When it’s ready, I’ll call you to drink it.”

So, he was making medicine for her.

Xu Jinning recalled her past life when she had been sick. Besides the hired help, there was no relative who brewed medicine for her.

Watching the middle-aged man’s busy figure in front of her, she felt a bit dazed for a moment, and there was a touch of sourness in her heart.

After composing herself, she said, “I want to cut the apple with a knife.”

“Cutting the apple? Let Dad do it. Your health is not good, and you might hurt yourself with a knife.”

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