Chapter 17 – Didn’t expect your dream to be so accurate

The old doctor placed his hand on Chen Xuemei’s wrist.

In the examination room, there were only the three of them.

The old doctor was checking the pulse, not uttering a word. Zhang Changzheng and Chen Xuemei were also silent due to nervousness.

Zhang Changzheng’s grip on his hands was tight because he knew that confirming his wife’s pregnancy was not just about being pregnant. There was also the matter of Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts—whether they were true or not.

The waiting time seemed not very long, but for Zhang Changzheng and Chen Xuemei, it felt exceptionally lengthy.

After a while, a smile appeared on the old doctor’s face. “You’re right; your wife is indeed pregnant.”

Upon hearing these words, Chen Xuemei was frozen in place.

She… she didn’t hear it wrong, did she?

She was really pregnant.

She stared blankly at her husband beside her.

When Zhang Changzheng heard these words, it was as if a suspended stone had finally landed at that moment.

His wife was really pregnant.

He was going to be a father, and Meimei was going to be a mother.

Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts had really come true; Meimei was really pregnant.

Does this mean that what Xu Jinning said about the subsequent human trafficking case and his sacrifice was true?

“Changzheng, the doctor just said, he said…” Chen Xuemei was too excited to find words.

Zhang Changzheng immediately grasped his wife’s hand and replied, “Yes, I heard it too. The doctor said you’re pregnant. We’re going to have a child.”

“We’re going to have a child. We’re going to have a child…” Chen Xuemei murmured, tears streaming down her face in an instant.

They were going to have a child.

She and her husband were going to have a child.

It’s wonderful, really wonderful.

At this moment, Chen Xuemei could finally release the emotions she had been suppressing.

No one knew the immense pressure she had been under before this, all because of the issue of having a child. And now, finally, they were expecting a child.

Chen Xuemei felt as if a large stone that had been pressing on her heart was suddenly lifted, instantly clearing her mind, making everything beautiful.

“Doctor, um, do I have two children in my belly?” Chen Xuemei asked.

The old doctor slightly widened his eyes, “How did you know? I was a bit uncertain just now. Besides the adult heartbeat, there were two more, but I wasn’t very sure. I’ll check again in a moment and confirm for you.”

Chen Xuemei casually mentioned her husband’s dream, not expecting the old doctor to give her an almost certain answer.

She immediately shared her husband’s dream with the doctor.

The old doctor found it quite miraculous, but after another examination, he gave the couple a definite answer.

Indeed, there were two children in Chen Xuemei’s belly, and they were two months along.

“At the moment, the development of the children is good, but it’s not yet three months. Be cautious, maintain good emotions, avoid extreme joy or sorrow, and don’t engage in heavy activities.”

Finally, the couple left the hospital and returned home.

It took a while at home until Zhang Changzheng finished preparing the meal and called her to eat, that she realized.

She kept touching her belly, a happy smile on her face.

“Brother Changzheng, I never thought we could have children, let alone two.”

“Didn’t expect your dream to be so accurate.”

“Right, we need to tell our parents about this. They will surely be thrilled.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll go to work tomorrow, leave a bit earlier, and then tell them. Now, you need to sit down and eat. At this time, you must be hungry, and the two little ones are probably hungry too.”

“Yes, the children are hungry. We need to eat. Only by eating well can they grow up healthy.”

Although there were only two people, the dining table was filled with joy and laughter because of the news about the children.

It wasn’t until bedtime that Chen Xuemei, excited for a long time, finally fell asleep.

Zhang Changzheng held his sleeping wife but couldn’t fall asleep himself for a while.

He was thinking about what he heard from Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts during the day.

Now he was sure that what he heard from Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts was true.

However, he couldn’t quite understand why Xu Jinning would know about the things that would happen to him and his wife in the future.

She knew and spoke about it in her mind, but why didn’t she tell him face-to-face?

Could it be that she couldn’t?

After thinking about it, Zhang Changzheng felt it was possible.

Just like during the day when he wanted to ask but couldn’t find the words when listening to Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts. Perhaps there was a reason why she couldn’t tell him.

Moreover, they had only met for the first time today. Even if there was some acquaintance between him and Xu Aiguo, the father of the little girl, he didn’t have any connection with the little girl. Why would she tell him?

And even if she did tell him, would he believe it?

Zhang Changzheng didn’t know if he would believe it himself, but in this day and age, those kinds of things were akin to fairy tales.

If he hadn’t taken his wife to the hospital to verify it when he came back at night, he wouldn’t have believed it either.

So, for whatever reason, it was probably right for Xu Jinning not to tell him.

Zhang Changzheng didn’t harbor any resentment towards Xu Jinning. On the contrary, he felt that Xu Jinning was a lucky star for his family. He considered himself fortunate to hear Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, which allowed him to make positive changes.

Regardless, he was grateful to Xu Jinning.

In the end, Zhang Changzheng decided not to dwell on the matter regarding Xu Jinning. He wouldn’t inquire, nor would he pretend not to know about hearing Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts. However, he would keep his gratitude towards Xu Jinning in his heart.

After all, it wasn’t just his own fate at stake; it was the fate of his two children and the completeness of a family.

If he sacrificed himself and the two children in his wife’s belly were lost, the family would be shattered.

However, Zhang Changzheng resolved that when he went to the office tomorrow, he would speak to the chief. He planned to emphasize the need for enhanced patrols and intensified efforts to apprehend human traffickers, ensuring that women and children wouldn’t fall victim to traffickers.

Having decided what to do tomorrow, Zhang Changzheng finally fell into a deep sleep while holding his wife.


Meanwhile, at Qinghe Production Brigade:

Xu Xiangdong truly turned his grief and indignation into strength and worked diligently in the afternoon.

It wasn’t until evening that he finished work and returned home.

After dinner, it was around seven o’clock.

As summer approached, it was darker by seven o’clock, and there were fewer people moving around in the village.

Initially intending to rest in his own room, Xu Xiangdong couldn’t help but think of the events of the day and the inner thoughts he heard from Xu Jinning.

Xu Xiangdong was straightforward, not bothering too much about the inexplicable ability to hear Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts. He was more concerned about Educated Youth Sun.

The little girl had mentioned that Educated Youth Sun didn’t like him but favored Educated Youth Fu. He had seen and heard that during the day. However, the little girl also said that Educated Youth Sun not only played with him but also manipulated several other men in the village to get food, drinks, and make her work easier.

One of them was Zhao Hongxing.

The little girl had said that tonight Educated Youth Sun and Zhao Hongxing would be kissing in the small grove.

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