Chapter 266 – Precognitive Dream

That night, there was another person who dreamt.

It was Xie Ting’an, who was far away in the dormitory of Beijing University.

In the darkness, he slowly opened his eyes and placed his hands behind his head.

He had just dreamt.

It was the first dream he had at Beijing University.

He dreamt of that little girl.

She said, “Brother Ting’an, I’ve come to find you.”

In the dream, the little girl smiled and threw herself into his arms.

At the moment of embracing her, Xie Ting’an felt as if he had become complete.

It was as if there had been something missing in his previous self, and at that moment when the little girl leaped into his arms, that missing piece finally returned.

It was also at that moment that Xie Ting’an woke up.

Although he woke up and knew it was a dream.

But Xie Ting’an’s heart settled down.

Because he knew that the little girl really was coming to find him.

He was extremely certain that the little girl might be among the newcomers this time.

In fact, Xie Ting’an had always had a special ability in his past life.

That was his dreams; every dream he had was special.

His dreams even had some precognitive ability.

Xie Ting’an only told two people about the special nature of his dreams: one was his grandfather from his past life.

It was precisely because his dreams gave hints to his grandfather that the Xie family avoided many disasters and flourished more and more.

However, later on, as he watched his health deteriorate day by day, his grandfather realized something.

He told him not to tell him anything about his dreams anymore, even if it concerned the life and death of the Xie family, because in his grandfather’s heart, the Xie family was important, but his grandson was even more important.

However, how could Xie Ting’an bear to watch his good grandfather, his family in danger, and the Xie family decline due to treachery?

So, although less frequently, he still felt the need to give reminders.

As for his own health, he knew that even if he didn’t say anything, his health wouldn’t improve.

Because he knew that his future seemed to be in another world, not in this one.

This was also something he knew in his dreams.

Of course, besides the Xie family, he also dreamt of Xu Jinning.

He dreamt that Xu Jinning seemed to be living in another world too…

However, he forgot the specifics of his dreams as soon as he woke up.

Xie Ting’an thought that perhaps the time wasn’t right yet.

He dreamt of the little girl’s death too.

That day, he wanted to prevent it.

But invisibly, there was a force preventing him, a force that seemed to want Xu Jinning dead.

And during the little girl’s death, he could only be confined in the garden, unable to leave or speak up.

It wasn’t until news of the little girl’s death arrived.

At that moment, the force that had imprisoned him disappeared.

It was also at that moment that he could feel that the world seemed somewhat different from before.

For instance, he could somehow manage to harm Xu Jinwen…

For instance, the Xie family seemed to be completely safe at that moment.

Before that, it was as if there was an invisible hand, trying various ways to frame the Xie family, wanting them to decline and become stepping stones for other families’ development.

Actually, Xie Ting’an’s feeling was not wrong.

Because the world they were in was also controlled by the plot.

It also had cannon fodders.

And these cannon fodders were destined to serve the protagonists.

The Xie family, a century-old family, patriots since the Republic of China era, had helped the country countless times over the years…

The Xie family, according to their long-standing development plan and their upright, brave, intelligent, and patriotic nature, could have continued to thrive.

But the plot of this world couldn’t tolerate such a Xie family.

So, there were always various methods to plot against them, hoping for the Xie family’s downfall, even to the point of destruction.

In fact, if it weren’t for Xie Ting’an’s dreams reminding him, the Xie family would probably have truly fallen.

After all, no matter how great the Xie family was, it couldn’t resist the controlling power of the world’s plot.

But how could Xie Ting’an turn a blind eye when he knew that his family, his loved ones, were in danger?

So he prevented it.

And his prevention made the world’s plot aware and angry.

So Xie Ting’an’s health gradually declined.

He was destined to die.

And die young.

However, how could the heavens bear to watch such a good and innocent person as Xie Ting’an dissipate like this?

Indeed, if Xie Ting’an died, his soul would also dissipate.

But that wasn’t what the heavens wanted to see.

So the heavens gave Xie Ting’an a lifeline.

Xie Ting’an could wake up in another world, the world where Xu Jinning is now, and that lifeline was that chance.

It was also the heavens’ gratitude towards Xie Ting’an and Xu Jinning.

Because of Xu Jinning’s death, her transmigrating, and because of Xie Ting’an’s handling of Xu Jinwen, that world returned to normal.

Allowing the heavens to operate normally.

Allowing good to be rewarded and evil to be punished.

So, Xu Jinning and Xie Ting’an will eventually receive blessings.

And after transmigrating to this world, Xie Ting’an didn’t know it was a world from a book, but his precognitive ability remained.

And now, even if he spoke out or made changes based on his precognitive dreams, it wouldn’t harm his body in any way.

He even felt that the more positive changes he made, the stronger his ability would become.

Of course, this was just his feeling.

And now, he dreamt of Xu Jinning.

She said she was coming to find him.

Xie Ting’an believed in his precognitive dream; Xu Jinning must be coming to find him.

It should be among the new students arriving tomorrow.

He wants to find that little girl, Ningning!

By the way, besides telling his grandfather, Xie Ting’an also told Xu Jinning about his ability to dream.

However, the little girl was naive and only thought he was very powerful.

With a plan in mind, Xie Ting’an fell asleep again.

The next day, he woke up.

The whole Beijing University was bustling with the welcoming of new students.

In order to find Xu Jinning, Xie Ting’an specially applied to join the welcoming team…

Xie Ting’an’s appearance almost instantly became the focus of the crowd.

The seventeen or eighteen-year-old young man, handsome and with distinct features, especially his eyes sparkling like stars, could captivate anyone at first glance.

Tall and elegant, with a clean yet slightly indifferent demeanor, he was undoubtedly attractive.

This young man clearly came from a very good family.

So, in front of Xie Ting’an’s group, there were many new students, especially girls.

Xie Ting’an wore a faint smile throughout, but upon closer inspection, one could see that his smile didn’t reach his eyes.


He seemed not to have seen the little girl.

Ningning, when will you come?

“Xiaomei, do you think Sister Ningning and Big Brother Xu will be able to make it to school today?” Wang Chenggong asked while dragging his luggage at the entrance of Beijing University.

Wang Xiumei turned her head and glared at her brother, “Brother, you’ve asked that question eight hundred times since last night!”

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