IYDFILYD – Chapter Four

Chapter Four

The parties did not stay in their positions, and they did not ask.

Though slightly worried, they all trusted Ren Jing.

When Ren Jing came today, everyone has a mutual understanding, what matters should be done, what should be avoided not to annoy him, they are very clear.

In addition, Ren Jing has always been highly praised by the public and has never been rash. In addition to propagating tacit consent of some people who are clearly aware of the gossip, there is basically no taint in private life.

A person who has such self-discipline is worthy of trust and respect.

Ren Jing did not mention this matter, and everyone pretended not to see it. Although there were some small curiosities, they were all old foxes. They knew that curiosity would kill cats, so they were all hidden honestly and did not say anything.

Ye Chen ran as fast as a thief, with Gu Xi’s words: “Don’t look at the short legs. When you ran, most people can’t really catch up!”

He rushed out of the conference room and rushed into the elevator until he got into his car and his face was boiling hot.

Too shameful! It’s really humiliating to lose your ancestors face!

Although he did that in order to continue his life, but others do not know!

When he thinks, he feels hesitant. He has no problem in holding Ren Jing himself, but he had forcefully held him three times!

He is afraid people would think he is stupid…

The Ye Chen groaned, his head rested on the back of the driver’s seat.

Xiao Liu cautiously called out: “Elder Brother?”

Ye Chen: “Your brother is dead, burn some paper money.”

Xiao Liu: “…”

‘Dead’ for a moment. After a while, Ye Chen was alive again: “Go to Lan Ting, Lao Tzu wants to get drunk!”

Xiao Liu opened his mouth, and eventually, he did not dare to say the phrase, “you just sent your circle of friends yesterday to say if you get drunk again then call you puppy”.

Ye Chen did not call anyone else. He found a place near the window and asked the Mama to put the Tibetan wine here. His momentum was quite fierce as if he could drink all three bottles!

In fact, after he had one cup, his cheek became red and began to encourage Xiao Liu: “Come, come, drink with me, and let them come to pick us up.”

Xiao Liu grimaces: “Elder brother, I will not drink.”

Ye Chen said: “Try it first, drink one cup to refresh.”

Where does Xiao Liu dare to drink? This wine is a six-digit bottle of wine. It is all about the wife’s heart. It also means that the brothers dare to use them as boiled water and replace them with others, fearing that they will die.

Ye Chen, the amount of alcohol is light, one cup is already confused, and once confused becomes shameless. Xiao Liu must accompany him to drink. Xiao Liu can’t help himself. He had to use the bathroom excuse to go outside and wait for him.

After Xiao Liu left, Ye Chen became alone. After he had another drink, he could not help but be sad and felt that he was unlucky.

His name is destroyed! He did a stupid thing in front of so many people…

Ye Chen thought that it would be difficult not to be sad and that it would be difficult to live, he was angry and his eyes turned red.

When Ren Jing came in, he saw the figure sitting by the window at a glance.

He wore simple t-shirts and shorts, and the arms and calves on the outside were white and nestled in thick high-back chairs. The whole person was pitiable.

Ren Jing saw it and felt a slight itch in his heart, he strode to him.

As he approached, he saw Ye Chen’s red cheeks and red watery eyes.

Still sad? What exactly is going on?

Ren Jing wants to comfort him. Unfortunately, he hasn’t spoken yet when Ye Chen saw him.

Like a frightened rabbit, he jumped three feet high and almost lifted the table!

Ren Jing blinked.

Ye Chen drank two cups. The wine was strong, he became bold. He was quite overbearing when he said: “Don’t come over!”

Ren Jing stopped moving.

Ye Chen thought about the last time he got drunk, and he still felt ashamed of his pain. He suddenly felt very angry, and then he opened his eyes wide. He looked at Ren Jing with a “vicious” look that he can describe as quite fierce!

Unfortunately, it only looked like he was pretending not to cry.

Ren Jing’s heart turned soft, and his voice was gentle and uncomfortable: “Whatever you’re not happy about, don’t drink booze and hurt your body.”

Ye Chen listened to his voice and suddenly became numb, but considering his losses he wouldn’t like to lose again. He raised his head and said with resentment: “You don’t…”

A voice with fake compassion interrupted what he was going to say, Death System said: “Don’t say brother did not remind you that tomorrow you must do the task.”

Ye Chen froze.

He took a deep breath. He must make his efforts to succeed tomorrow. This is not a worthwhile deal.

Ye Chen can’t help but drink a lot…

No, for tomorrow, he must save himself.

How can you help yourself? Of course, it is to run!

So he was just ready to do a big escape. The next second he turned into a rabbit spirit ready to sprint away.

Ren Jing pulled his wrist. Ye Chen fiercely stared at him: “Let go.”

Ren Jing didn’t seize him. It was mainly because of his wrist. He was afraid that he would leave a mark.

Ye Chen took that as a chance to escape.

Ren Jing wanted to keep up, but his assistant happened to come to him.

Ren Jing had to stop and looked very regretfully at the disappearing figure.

Yang Sen unexpectedly said: “Ye Chen?”

Ren Jing nodded.

“Speaking of it…” Yang Sen thought and said, “He seems to be applying for adding your WeChat friends.”

Renjing soon responded: “Where’s the phone?”

Yang Sen took out Ren Jing’s other mobile phone from his handbag.

After opening the app, he saw the application of friends.

Ren Jing asked, “When did it happen?”

Yang Sen replied: “I also did not notice. I only saw it in the morning.”

This mobile phone is for Ren Jing’s office use, and the mobile phone number is not his private one. Because most people who know this number is in the circle or at work, he seldom sees it himself. All of them are handed to Yang Sen. The WeChat that he added to Ye Chen before was his private one. There were only a few people in it and his number was not bound to it.

After Ye Chen deleted him, he probably soon regretted it and immediately wanted to add him back. But Ye Chen did not know his number. He probably searched it and found his other number. Ye Chen applied for his friend but he had not been accepted. He probably thought he had been blocked.

So… Is that’s why he was so sad?

He was sad yesterday until now? Even came here to get drunk?

Ren Jing couldn’t help but lift the corner of his mouth. The smile in his eyes was so warm that he could melt people.

Yang Sen who was a living straight man suddenly trembled!

After accepting the request, he popped up the dialog box, he sent his personal WeChat account, and then he took out another mobile phone and sent Ye Chen a friend request.

Ye Chen was already on the way home. His cell phone rang and then rang again. He thought his friends were calling him, which was not an important matter, but soon the phone rang again!

Ye Chen picked up his mobile phone, wanting to scold this guy. As a result, he saw two WeChat plus a friend application.

Ren Jing: This is my other account. It has always been my assistant who takes care of it.

The next one was a voice message. Ye Chen put it on. The sound of Ren Jing was heard in his ear: “Don’t cry, I didn’t delete your friend.”

Ye Chen’s fingertips trembled!

This, this……

At this moment, Gu Xi sent a message to him.

Ye Chen is in urgent need of distraction and quickly listens.

Gu Xi said: “I just deleted your WeChat in my friends’ list, don’t mind, I just deleted the wrong person.”

Ye Chen startled for a while: “How can you talk to me if you deleted me?”

Gu Xi replied: “I added you back again.”

Ye Chen was shocked: “Don’t you need me to verify if you deleted me and added me back?”

Gu Xi: “Verification nonsense, you did not delete me on your friends’ list.”

Ye Chen: “…” Fuck! What kind of ghost operation does this?

The Death System began to gloat again: “Ouch~”

Your brother is furious: “Get lost!”

His cell phone rang again, opened it, and Ye Chen almost fainted!

Ren Jing’s voice was too lewd: “I was very happy the night before yesterday…”

Death system: “Oh yo yo yo~~~~~~” here omit 100 * * * waves.

Ye Chen couldn’t take this hot mobile phone anymore. He threw it in the front seat with a red face, and scared Xiao Liu: “What’s wrong?”

Ye Chen stuttered: “No…nothing.”

Stuttering like this is nothing strange.

However, Xiao Liu is a good assistant who is sensible. He did not ask more. He drove his car intently and carefully, and did not give the phone a glimpse.

After sitting up for a while, Ye Chen felt uncomfortable. He took the cell phone and knocked on a bunch of words: “The night before I drank too much. What happened is not clear, but we are adults. What really happened is nothing, so don’t take it too seriously, don’t care. Hahaha…”

He felt awkward with the sentence and he very seriously wanted to delete the words to be reorganized, but the car suddenly braked and his hands shook and pressed the send button.

“Liu Xiaoming!!!” Ye Chen exploded.

Xiao Liu hadn’t heard of his name for a long time. He jerked and reacted. He said quickly: “I’m sorry, ah, my brother, the car in front of me suddenly crashes, and I can’t help…”

Ye Chen couldn’t care for him. He quickly wanted to withdraw. However, he just pulled out the words. The top of the dialog box shows: “The other person is typing…”

Ren Jing has seen it! Is he holding the phone waiting for him to reply?!

Ye Chen selected to retreat and regretted not doing so. Might as well not retreat!

What is he? What will Ren Jing think? While thinking he felt scared!

Completely did not dare to see what Ren Jing will send to him, Ye Chen immediately shut of the phone, intending to deceive himself.

A whole afternoon and one night did not open the phone. He was scared the whole night and fell asleep when he was tired. The result was when it turned bright the next day; the death system began to call for service.

“Get up, get up.”

The brother who only slept for four hours got up and got very angry: “Noisy! I want to sleep!”

“It’s six o’clock; if you sleep you won’t be able to wake up again.”

Ye Chen was dissatisfied: “It was only six o’clock, and it was nearly four hours from 9.55!”

The death system is very friendly: “The main task today is a bit difficult. Are you sure you don’t need to prepare in advance?”

Ye Chen had a very bad feeling. He sat up, hugged his pillow, and crouched with his chicken head: “Say the task.”

The cheerful tone of the system is not so obvious: “Daily mission: personal heart-shaped chocolate for Ren Jing, reward life point: 1.”

Ye Chen: “You’re teasing me.”

Death System: “Be careful, it must be personal, and it must be love chocolate.”

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