IYDFILYD – Chapter Five

Chapter Five

It’s really hard for Ye Chen.

He grew up not even knowing how to boil water. Now he’s actually being forced to make chocolate, but also in heart shape!

Really met with a disaster!

Death system comforted him: “It’s not as hard as you think. Just melt the chocolate and make it into a heart shape.”

“If it’s so simple,” Ye Chen said. “Why don’t you do it?”

Death system: “Hahaha!” Its laugh can only be described as shameless.

After a three-second stay in bed with the quilt, Ye Chen decided to study it.

No way, this daily mission nickname is a life mission, should do it!

Isn’t it just doing | Love chocolate? It’s not hard to do!

Ye Chen checked the Internet and found that the difficulty is really not high, as long as there is old chocolate, melt it and change the shape even if it is ready-made chocolate.

The melting process looks very simple, as for the mold…

Ye Chen dare not let Liu buy it, he is afraid if he calls him; Xiao Liu would think he was sleep talking!

What to do … … buy it himself?

Where can he buy this stuff? Is it in the supermarket?

Ye Chen took a deep breath and decided to do a disguise and go to the supermarket.

He dressed in many layers; he was flushed with heat, and still didn’t find what he wanted.

The Death system reminded him: “Isn’t it just a heart-shaped thing? What kind of mold do you use? When you go back, you will be able to do it.”

Ye Chen thought it reasonable when he thought about it. When he was a child, his grandfather made some woodcarving; the little fairies were very lifelike. According to genetic laws, he can’t sculpt a little fairy, but it’s not hard to carve a heart.

The time is not to be delayed, and Ye Chen decided to challenge himself!

When he ran home, he found another problem: When he went to the supermarket, he unexpectedly forgot to buy some chocolate.

Forget it; the family still has some stocks. The Queen Mother came back from France a while ago and brought a lot of Debauve & Gallais from France. He can melt a few of them.

Ye Chen was gearing to start a life of a ‘Cook’.

The first batch was destroyed because the chocolate was too slow to melt. Ye Chen went to wash his face and brushed his teeth that became black. When he came back to see, the bottom of the pot was dark and it was not clear whether it was chocolate or pot ash!

The second batch, Ye Chen was very cautious. He stayed all the way and opened a big fire. As a result, the chocolate was stuck in the bottom of the pot, and he refused to separate from the pot. The chocolate loved it quite deeply.

The third batch of Ye Chen finally worked out the rules and made a sticky chocolate. Unfortunately, there was a small error. The quantity was too small and wouldn’t come out from the pot!

Ye Chen took a deep breath and redoubled his efforts. After a full hour and a half, he finally let the chocolate melt completely. He was very pleased to think that this chocolate was the result of his painstaking effort!

If this is not “love”, he would slap the death system.

The death system with an old father’s tone of relief: “It’s OK, as long as you can make a love chocolate, you will succeed!”

Finally, at the critical moment, the chocolate is frozen and can be cut!

Ye Chen picked up the knife and drew it carefully…

“The bar of chocolate” is like cracked glass and instantly cracks into 5,678 pieces.

Ye Chen: “…”

Death system: “Uh…”

Ye Chen’s hard work of one and a half hour were destroyed in minutes!

This is not the same as what was in the recipe, why is chocolate so brittle?

Ye Chen without any expression picked up a piece of barely able to call it a triangle and said: “I think this is a heart shape.”

Death System: “…”

Ye Chen said: “This is my love chocolate!”

The Death System: “Cheer up, although I also want to give you a cheat, but your chocolate doesn’t look good. Pointing to a horse calling it a deer, a deer still has four legs!”

Ye Chen was thinking of continuing to defend himself. Outside, he heard a voice: “What are you doing?”

The voice of the bearer is very discerning, lazy, scattered long, with the exquisite features, a very evil-doer.

Who can imagine that this young man, who is so good-looking and can make people blush, used to be a fat man of 180 pounds!

The years are the killing of pigs—the pigs were killed and the pigs became a goblin after they died.

Ye Chen is in a bad mood: “Don’t know how to knock?”

Gu Xi said: “I would like to knock on the door, but your door is not closed at all.”

Ye Chen: “…”

Gu Xi walked in, with eyes full of curiosity, he looked and was shocked: “You … You’re…… making chocolate?”

Ye Chen: “…”

Gu Xi stared at him with round eyes: “Baby, you are not possessed, right?”

Ye Chen was furious: “Get lost!”

Gu Xi did not get annoyed. He thought that if he had missed this good thing today, he would regret it forever: “Oh, for whom are you doing it for?” His smile harbors evil intentions. “In the end, who is so lucky?”

Ye Chen ignored him: “Hurry up and get lost. If you don’t go, I’ll put your beautiful photos of 180 pounds on Weibo!”

Gu Xi said: “Don’t be shy. Tell me who you fancy, I can help you out.”

Ye Chen: “No need!”

Gu Xi laughed even worse: “It seems that you have a sweetheart.”

Ye Chen said, “Have what nonsense!”

Gu Xi also knew his temper and did not continue to provoke. He waved and said, “OK, I won’t tease you. You do your chocolate, I’ll ask you something.”

Ye Chen glanced at him: “What?”

Gu Xi: “Why don’t you take my drama?”

Ye Chen: “No reason!”

Gu Xi said to him: “If you do not hold such a good opportunity, in addition to me, who can make you popular?”

Ye Chen was unmoved: “What popularity? Does LaoZi care?”

Gu Xi: “The entertainment world, you don’t care?”

Ye Chen did not say anything.

Gu Xi could not see him like this, quickly said: “Well, do not want to control. Later when there are a lot of opportunities, the next time LaoZi will find a better one for you.”

When he finished talking, the phone rang. Gu Xi gestured to Ye Chen and went to the side to answer the phone.

Looking at the dark chocolate of Ye Chen, it wasn’t very good.

Gu Xi is good for him and Ye Chen is very clear.

However, some people just want him to die. Whether he fights or not, someone sees him as an obstruction.

The inspection report of the car has come out. It really was a person’s move, and Xiao Liu called “Elder Brother, luckily, it must be God’s blessings.” If there is no temporary parking, it will continue until the rear steering wheel will rush out of the guardrail. He would die without the whole body intact.

In fact, Ye Chen has been “dead”. Now he returned.

He was clearly wandering, but he heard the name “Ren Jing” with precision and accuracy.

Only heard Gu Xi say: “Ren Jing is free? Wait for me, I’ll be right there, it’s close by. ”

Gu Xi’s film, Ren Jing is not only a starring actor but also an investor. So they meet from time to time to discuss a lot of things.

Ye Chen flashed, and quickly asked, “Where are you going?”

Gu Xi said the place.

Ye Chen remembered it well.

Gu Xi also didn’t care, he caught Ren Jing not easy, don’t want to delay time, turned to go.

Before he left, he caught a glimpse of the box in the trash.

Gu Xi’s mouth twitched: “Prodigal young master, you quickly used a box of chocolate worth two thousand.”

Ye Chen went sideways, blocking the other four boxes.

The price of his love chocolate is really not low, five boxes of small chocolate is worth 10,000. And he burnt a pot of five or six thousand……

No, no, no, the “love” chocolate itself is priceless!

After Gu Xi left, Ye Chen continued to make chocolates. This time, he browsed more for a while, looking for more information, and finally got a little experience after comparing.

The heat is well grasped, and it is also known that the chocolate is slightly shaped before freezing. And the freezing time cannot be too long…

Tossing for a long time, finally succeeded in making a crooked heart-shaped chocolate.

Ye Chen sighed and felt that he had never worked so hard in his life!

The chocolate is ready. The point is to allow Ren Jing to eat it.

This matter was very difficult, but Ye Chen was in motion and thought of a wonderful method.

He called Xiao Liu and so he gave a charge.

Xiao Liu looked confused: “Elder Brother… Didn’t Gu Xi… a while ago…”

Ye Chen seriously said: “This leap year, June.”

Xiao Liu: “…” Still, really.

Around 9:30AM, Ye Chen rushed to the Linqing Clubhouse.

Ye Chen said Gu Xi’s name and the waiter led him to the box.

In the box, there are three other people besides Gu Xi and Renjing. They are seriously discussing new films…

Suddenly the door opened, and a sweet scent drifted in. The people in the room froze.

The candle was inserted into the beautiful cake, the person carrying the cake looked rigid, but the young man beside him smiled and raised: “Brother Xi, happy birthday!”

Gu Xi: “…”

Ye Chen embarrassed smile: “Did I disturb your work?”

A group of important people quickly said: “No, no!”

Ren Jing frowned, extremely lightly, and a pair of black eyes fell on Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was inexplicably burned, but he tried to hold on. He looked calm and smiled and said: “I’m sorry, I want to surprise Brother Xi. He has been busy and has forgotten even his birthday. My brother should not forget that he was born at 9:38, so I’m stuck with this!”

Gu Xi’s mouth twitched, he really did not know that he was born at 9:38!

Ye Chen looked at Gu Xi and smiled brightly.

Although Gu Xi didn’t know what kind of medicine he ate, but in front of so many people, he wouldn’t be able to destroy his act, therefore he made a pleasantly surprised appearance. He said, “I really forgot. Hey, Brother Chen is really nice to me. ”

This name is also quite disgusting.

Ye Chen got goosebumps, shivered, but still kept smiling.

The important people have applauded and sighed, feeling their friendship deep, let people feel moved. They once again wished Gu Xi a happy birthday and said they would definitely make up for the present.

Gu Xi also laughed, the scene was very harmonious.

Ren Jing regained his gaze and was no longer staring at Ye Chen. He turned to talk with Gu Xi, and his words and deeds couldn’t pick up the slightest mistakes, but the laughter from his mouth could not even be seen.

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Point to a deer and call it a horse – to twist the truth, distorting the facts for ulterior motives ( Chinese idiom )


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