Chapter 110 – His contribution this time was truly invaluable!

As proven by facts, it was indeed the case.

After marriage, Wei Shujuan’s attitude towards him gradually improved, and they even had two children together.

However, Sun Jianjun never expected that Wu Donglai would be so persistent.

At this time, he even tried to seduce Shujuan again. By the time Sun Jianjun found out, Shujuan was already pregnant with Wu Donglai’s child.

Yes, Sun Jianjun knew that the child was Wu Donglai’s.

At that moment, he was so angry that he almost coughed up blood, but he still didn’t confront Wei Shujuan.

He was afraid that if he asked, Wei Shujuan might completely go back to Wu Donglai.

So, despite feeling furious and wronged, he pretended not to know anything.

This was until the moment he had to face the reality of the child’s birth.

He never expected that the possibility of switching children would arise.

Looking at the child who died prematurely, he finally understood how ruthless Wu Donglai was.

It seemed that Wei Shujuan was also scared by this.

For many years after that, they didn’t contact Wu Donglai at all, focusing wholeheartedly on their life together.

Their relationship became more and more affectionate.

But they never expected that a few years ago and not long ago, Wu Donglai would still come looking for Shujuan, hoping she would go to Country R with him.

At that time, Sun Jianjun almost couldn’t hold back.

Wu Donglai was becoming more and more shameless. After so many years, he was still thinking about Shujuan and even planned to take her to R Country, almost making her abandon her husband and children.

Fortunately, Shujuan firmly rejected him both times.

Otherwise, Sun Jianjun thought he might go crazy.

He might have torn apart the surface peace, might have gone to find Wu Donglai’s current wife, which is Zhang Chunhua, and revealed everything.

He might have reported Wu Donglai to the police.

He might have done even more insane things.

But fortunately, Shujuan firmly stayed, suppressing the emotions he had suppressed for many years in his heart. Otherwise, these complex and intense emotions might have erupted into evil thoughts, and he might have committed evil deeds.

A few days ago, when he found out that Wu Donglai and his wife were arrested, he inquired and heard that it was related to the attempted murder of his second daughter-in-law, Ye Chan.

At that time, Sun Jianjun thought that it would be fine if this couple would eat prison food forever.

But he never expected that today the police would come looking for Shujuan.

He didn’t know the specifics, but he could vaguely guess.

And today, what Shujuan said was exactly what he had guessed.

“Shujuan, I don’t care about anything that happened in the past, as long as your heart is with me, as long as you are willing to stay in this home, I am satisfied.”

Tears fell from Wei Shujuan’s eyes. She didn’t expect her husband to be so devoted to her.

He even knew about her betrayal, yet he silently accepted it.

Wei Shujuan felt even more that her decision was not wrong.

“I won’t leave, I absolutely won’t leave. I will stay at home, with the children, with you.”


“But I might go to jail…”

Wei Shujuan was also involved in the child-switching incident, which is a crime, and she must take responsibility for it.

Sun Jianjun held Wei Shujuan in his arms and said, “Then I’ll wait for you at home.”

“I will visit you every day, bring you food, clothes, and wait for you until you come out.”

Wei Shujuan’s tears kept falling as she nodded continuously.

“So, Wei Shujuan is going to prison?” Xu Jinning asked.

“Yes, for 3 years. She’ll only be out after 3 years,” Zhang Changzheng said.

This was a few days later when Zhang Changzheng visited Xu’s house again. Only Xu Jinning was there, and Zhang Changzheng mentioned the situation involving Wu Donglai’s couple and Wei Shujuan.

“What about the Wu couple?” Xu Jinning asked.

[They are traitors to the country.]

Zhang Changzheng glanced at Xu Jinning and said, “I can’t go into specifics, but because we found out that the real Wu Lao’san is already dead, the current Wu Lao’san is the child of Wu Donglai and Wei Shujuan. Therefore, Zhang Chunhua, who used to love Wu Donglai deeply, now hates him to the extreme and has reported everything Wu Donglai has done over the years to us.

However, Zhang Chunhua is still an accomplice, and the incident involving Ye Chan was also their doing. Because Ye Chan stumbled upon their secret, they planned to kill her to keep it quiet…”

“The matters involving the Wu couple are too significant and have been handed over to higher authorities. It’s not clear how they will be sentenced.”

Xu Jinning nodded.

[Then Zhang Chunhua reported Wu Donglai’s involvement with Country R.]

[I guess people on Dad Changzheng’s side also know about the ancient tomb in the mountains of Dahe Production Brigade.]

With that said, Xu Jinning felt relieved.

Zhang Changzheng thought, the little girl indeed guessed right.

The outcome of the Wu couple was not yet certain, but it could already be roughly determined.

People have been secretly sent to investigate the ancient tomb in the mountains of Dahe Production Brigade.

It is said that the ancient tomb dates back to the Warring States period, and it seems that other things have been discovered as well, making higher authorities pay even more attention to it.

Specific details are not disclosed, but Zhang Changzheng thought it should be quite similar to what Ningning mentioned.

Although Zhang Changzheng was not directly involved, he would still receive credit for this matter, which was undoubtedly more significant than the last time he caught a human tr*fficking gang.

Speaking of which, the real credit for these two incidents should go to the little girl, Ningning.

However, now it seemed that he took the credit for it.

This further strengthened Zhang Changzheng’s determination to protect and take care of Xu Jinning in the future.

In fact, what Ningning mentioned and Zhang Changzheng’s speculations were not wrong.

Officially dispatched personnel secretly entered the ancient tomb and discovered that it was the tomb of a noble from the Warring States period.

Inside, there were not only various precious artifacts and documents from the Warring States period but also a considerable amount of gold and silver treasures that have been preserved to this day.

What shocked them even more was the discovery of a large quantity of military supplies inside, including but not limited to firearms and machinery…

They realized that these might have been left behind hastily by people from Country R during the war with them seventy to eighty years ago.

The discovery of these military supplies was crucial for the current country.

Otherwise, people from Country R wouldn’t have remembered them after so many years and wouldn’t have spent several years trying to locate and transfer these items, which the Wu couple was involved in.

Fortunately, Zhang Changzheng was able to capture the Wu couple, the perpetrators of the Ye Chan incident, through this event.

Through interrogation, they also discovered the deeper motives of the Wu couple.

Also fortunate was the fact that although the Wu couple had found the location, they hadn’t contacted anyone from Country R yet, and the people over there were still unaware of this location.

They could hardly imagine what would have happened if it weren’t for the Ye Chan incident, if Zhang Changzheng hadn’t continued the interrogation, or if it had happened a little later. Perhaps the Wu couple would have contacted the people from Country R, and all the items here might have been moved away.

And they would likely not have known anything about it.

Fortunately, fortunately, Zhang Changzheng discovered it.

The credit for Zhang Changzheng’s role in this was truly significant, and he was also quite lucky.

He was lucky enough to capture the cunning human tr*fficking gang last time, and now he was even luckier to catch the Wu couple.

His contribution this time was truly invaluable!

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