Chapter 179 – I am in charge of my own life

She liked children, especially twins, and she liked them even more.

However, after seeing the images, Xu Ci realized that being pregnant at the moment was not appropriate.

Firstly, that kind of fate required them to make changes.

Secondly, the college entrance exam was coming up in October, and since they already knew in advance, she planned to focus all her energy on studying and preparing wholeheartedly for the exam.

“If possible, I would like to attend Beijing University with you.”

Instead of like in the images, one going to Beijing and one going to SH, all over the place.

Actually, Xu Ci in the images was already impressive.

The Xu Ci in those images, like everyone else, only found out about the resumption of the college entrance exam in October when the official notification came.

Resumption in October, exams in December, only two months’ time.

For a girl from the countryside to be able to attend SH University, one of the top universities, was already quite good.

However, ultimately, it was still different from Fu Zhixu attending Beijing University.

Fu Zhixu wasn’t angry, nor did he hesitate. He said, “Aci, I agree with your approach.”

“Since we already know that the college entrance exam will resume in October, and there is more than half a year left, I will accompany you, we will prepare together, and we will attend Beijing University together. As for children, let’s wait until everything is stable and then consider having them!”

Once they changed their fate, stabilized their relationship and career, and created a good environment for the children, then they would consider having children.

This was also being responsible to the children.

He couldn’t forget that in those images, the older twin was no longer there.

He didn’t want such a situation to happen again.

Their thoughts were still in agreement.

Perhaps this is also the reason why they met, got to know each other, fell in love, and ended up getting married.

Because their outlook on life was in sync.

In the end, regarding Xu Jinning, they also felt that if the images were true, then Xu Jinning would be a lucky star for both of them as a couple, and even for their future children. Regardless, they were determined to befriend Xu Jinning and repay her kindness in the future.

“Should we tell Xu Jinning and the others about the upcoming resumption of the college entrance exam?” Xu Ci asked.

Fu Zhixu countered, “Do you think they wouldn’t know? I heard that Xu Fanghua has been studying all along and even pulled Xu Jinning into it. I think they know, but just to be safe, we can remind them. However, we shouldn’t directly mention it to them. We can subtly remind them and see if the images are true on that day.”

If it’s not true, if the college entrance exam doesn’t resume in October, then reminding them now would only mislead them.

The following month was filled with anxiety for Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci.

And just a month after their wedding, a mailman arrived at Xu Ci’s house on a bicycle.

“Fu Zhixu, Fu Zhixu, there’s a letter for you.”

Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci, who were having lunch at home at the time, exchanged glances and both put down their bowls simultaneously.

After receiving the letter from the mailman, Fu Zhixu unfolded it, and they both read it together.

A moment later.

“The images are true…” Xu Ci said.

Fu Zhixu nodded.

Indeed, what he received was a letter informing him of his mother’s serious illness and urging him to return immediately.

Fu Zhixu looked at the letter in his hand, his eyes gradually deepened, and his grip tightened.

He hadn’t expected that his mother was truly the same person as in the images.

Realizing that for the sake of what was supposedly good for him, deception, manipulation, and disregard for his thoughts were acceptable.

The realization that his mother was indeed such a person made Fu Zhixu’s heart grow cold and filled him with anger!

At that moment, a warm embrace suddenly enveloped him, snapping him back to reality. He realized that Xu Ci was holding him, her eyes filled with concern.

Fu Zhixu instinctively hugged Xu Ci back, feeling her warmth, and smelling the unique scent that belonged only to his wife.

With a determined tone, he said, “Aci, I won’t leave. I’ll be by your side always.”

“That kind of fate, that kind of life, is not what I want.”

“I, Fu Zhixu, from beginning to end, only want you.”

“Aci, let’s hold hands and change our fate together, work hard on our relationship, and move forward together, okay?”


Their gaze gradually became firm, and at that moment, two hearts were tightly intertwined!

Even if they were not favored by heaven like Xu Ru, even if they didn’t have great, miraculous abilities, even if they were just insignificant, unremarkable individuals, they still wanted to take control of their own destiny.

My future, my life, regardless of good or bad, I will be the one in charge!

Also, on the day they confirmed that the images were real, a note stating that this year’s college entrance exam would resume in October was thrown into the Xu family’s house.

Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci were unaware that recently, someone had been lurking near their home.

And today, the appearance of the mailman made her eyes light up.

Indeed, that person was Xu Ru.

After realizing that she was dreaming and that her dreams were about future events and information, Xu Ru’s mindset changed.

She felt that she must be a chosen one, the most special one among them all.

She inexplicably became confident, believing that she could succeed in anything she wanted to do in the future.

She thought that she could have anyone she wanted.

But if there was one person Xu Ru was most jealous of, it was her cousin Xu Ci.

She felt that even though Xu Ci’s parents had sacrificed themselves, they had left behind substantial wealth such as pensions and connections for Xu Ci.

She felt that her cousin always got what she wanted but couldn’t.

She also despised being constantly compared to Xu Ci by her parents.

In her parents’ eyes, she couldn’t compare to Xu Ci, and they took out their frustration on her, constantly comparing her to Xu Ci.

They felt that she fell short in every aspect compared to Xu Ci!

She and Xu Ci were like opposites.

Xu Ci was excellent, had good grades, and a good personality, while she struggled with her studies and had an unpleasant personality.

Xu Ci had a good appearance, a pitiful look that garnered sympathy and liking from others.

Meanwhile, she looked average, with rough skin, and no one liked her.

Who would like someone better than oneself, who would enjoy being compared, or being belittled?

Xu Ru didn’t blame anyone else; she blamed Xu Ci.

After Fu Zhixu arrived at Qinghe Production Brigade, Xu Ru liked a man for the first time, wanted to marry him, wanted to have him.

But unfortunately, Fu Zhixu fell in love with Xu Ci.

Xu Ci, in Xu Ru’s eyes, was like a curse.

As long as she encountered Xu Ci, she, Xu Ru, would be defeated.

But Xu Ru was not reconciled; why did Xu Ci have everything good while she had nothing?

But even though Xu Ru was unwilling and resentful, she couldn’t do anything to Xu Ci.

But now it’s different.

She can dream now!

Dream of the future.

She would never let Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci live as happily as she dreamt.

So, armed with the information from her dreams, Xu Ru wrote a letter to Mother Fu.

In her dream, she knew that Mother Fu initially disliked Xu Ci and didn’t approve of them being together.

So let Mother Fu come first and separate Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci!

Xu Ru firmly believed that the letter from Beijing was from Mother Fu.

Jus wait, Xu Ci, I won’t let you off easily!

Everything you have, I will take it all away!

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