Chapter 210 – After that, she lived on as Jiang Xiao

On the other side, Hou Chen was on a mission. Because he had memories from his past life, he avoided the shot that would have injured him.

Although he avoided the shot, he still got injured while saving a teammate who would have sacrificed himself in the previous life.

The injury wasn’t minor, but it was much better than the severe injury he had suffered in his past life.

Even so, Hou Chen was sent to the hospital due to his injury. At the same time, the real Jiang Xiao’s soul entered the body of Ruan Xiaohui, who had committed s**cide.

Having lost her memories as Jiang Xiao, Ruan Xiaohui, at the request of the original Ruan Xiaohui’s soul, lived on in her place to fulfill her wishes and take care of her parents.

Hou Chen saw Ruan Xiaohui as soon as he woke up.

With just one look, he recognized her as his wife, the real Jiang Xiao with whom he had married and shared a life, the Huihui from his previous life.

Although her body was different, her soul was the same.

Ruan Xiaohui was assigned as a nurse in the military district to take care of the injured Hou Chen.

Unexpectedly, she was immediately captivated by Hou Chen’s deep and gentle gaze, feeling an inexplicable fondness for him.

Ruan Xiaohui thought that this might be love at first sight.

However, after learning that Hou Chen was married, that his wife was temporarily with the military, and that they had three children, Ruan Xiaohui buried her feelings.

She couldn’t have thoughts about a married man.

So, Ruan Xiaohui focused on doing her job well.

Meanwhile, the fake Jiang Xiao also rushed to the hospital as soon as she heard about Hou Chen’s injury.

She intended to take advantage of Hou Chen’s injury to care for him and develop a deeper relationship with him. Another important reason was to prevent Ruan Xiaohui, the “mistress,” from appearing and getting close to Hou Chen.

So, when Jiang Xiao arrived at the hospital and saw Ruan Xiaohui, she immediately felt hostility, even murderous intent.

Later, she constantly looked for opportunities to confront Ruan Xiaohui and even tried to frame her.

However, Hou Chen and the people the leaders had assigned to watch over Jiang Xiao thwarted her attempts.

Seeing Jiang Xiao target Ruan Xiaohui like this made Hou Chen very uncomfortable.

Soon, the leaders sought him out.

They told him about the surveillance on Jiang Xiao during his mission, and everything she had done and said.

They also confirmed Hou Chen’s previous suspicions: Jiang Xiao was indeed a regressor.

“Comrade Hou Chen, do you really want to hand Jiang Xiao over to the state? Isn’t she your wife?” the leader asked.

Hou Chen smiled. “She is not my wife. I think she is just a wandering ghost from who knows where. My wife was long ago harmed by her.”

As he spoke, a trace of sadness appeared in Hou Chen’s eyes.

He actually knew that the real Jiang Xiao had become the current Ruan Xiaohui, even though she had lost her memory.

However, Hou Chen would not tell anyone this secret.

The fact that the real Jiang Xiao had come into Ruan Xiaohui’s body was a chance given by heaven, not allowing her to be occupied by the fake Jiang Xiao, replacing her life, and not giving her a chance to survive.

Therefore, in its mercy, the heavens made a deal when Ruan Xiaohui’s time was up.

They allowed the real Jiang Xiao to enter Ruan Xiaohui’s body, with Jiang Xiao helping to fulfill her wishes.

If it weren’t for this mercy, his wife, the real Jiang Xiao, might have already vanished completely.

So, when Hou Chen said his wife was harmed by the fake Jiang Xiao, he wasn’t wrong.

However, he wouldn’t reveal that the current Ruan Xiaohui was actually the real Jiang Xiao. He wanted to protect his wife.

He knew what would happen if it was proven that Ruan Xiaohui was not truly Ruan Xiaohui. Huihui would face severe consequences.

So, he kept silent.

Let that wandering ghost bear everything.

“I see,” the leader said, understanding the situation after hearing Hou Chen’s words.

Otherwise, if this Jiang Xiao were indeed Hou Chen’s wife, and Hou Chen handed over the mother of his children, no matter the reason, it would seem too heartless.

Now that this Jiang Xiao was not Hou Chen’s wife, his actions were understandable and justified.

“Alright, I know what to do,” the leader said.

Just as the fake Jiang Xiao was plotting how to once again scheme against and harm Ruan Xiaohui, she was suddenly taken away while walking on the road.

“Let go of me! I am Jiang Xiao.”

“My husband is Hou Chen.”

“Hou Chen is going to be a general one day, and I am the general’s wife. Who do you think you are, daring to treat me like this?”

At first, Jiang Xiao, not understanding the situation, kept shouting blindly.

At that moment, someone walked in and sat down in front of her.

Countless lights focused on her, making her feel like a lab rat on an operating table, being observed by numerous people.

In that instant, a sense of foreboding rose within her.

“Jiang Xiao,” the person spoke.

“No, you are not Jiang Xiao. You merely occupy Jiang Xiao’s body.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xiao’s pupils constricted, and her heart tightened.

“W-what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“Let me go! I need to leave. I need to find my husband, Hou Chen.”

“Is Hou Chen truly your husband?” the person asked sternly. “You merely stole someone else’s husband.”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying. Hou Chen is my husband. We got our marriage certificate and consummated our marriage. There’s no stealing involved!”

Yes, that’s right. Jiang Xiao tried to convince others and herself of this.

But deep down, she knew the person was correct; she wasn’t the real Jiang Xiao.

This truth had dawned on her only at the brink of death in her past life, when she was in her fifties.

It was at that moment that she realized she wasn’t the real Jiang Xiao. She was just a wandering ghost, not knowing where she came from or even her own name.

In her previous life, when the real Jiang Xiao was still a child, she, as a wandering ghost with a muddled consciousness, had followed the real Jiang Xiao. Over time, she began to believe that she was also named Jiang Xiao and that the real Jiang Xiao’s life was her own.

However, she truly became the real Jiang Xiao the day after she married Hou Chen.

On that day, she suddenly woke up in Hou Chen’s arms.

At that time, she didn’t remember that she was just a wandering ghost and didn’t know she wasn’t the real Jiang Xiao.

In any case, from that moment on, she lived as Jiang Xiao.

It wasn’t until her fifties, at the moment of her death, in her final seconds, that she suddenly realized the truth.

She wasn’t the real Jiang Xiao.

But so what? Since she could enter Jiang Xiao’s identity, it meant that the body was rightfully hers.

Jiang Xiao’s name and life were meant to be hers.

However, she realized this too late, and her life had been miserable.

If only she could have another chance, how wonderful that would be.

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