Chapter 209 – What was the Future Like?

How could Jiang Xiao accept this?

Heaven knew how anxiously she had waited for Hou Chen to return.

Heaven knew how much she missed Hou Chen’s strong body. If she could, she would have wished to stay in bed with him day and night.

Now, she had just started craving the taste of his body, and in the blink of an eye, it was gone.

How could Jiang Xiao bear this?

So, with tearful eyes, she said aggrievedly, “Achen, have you fallen for another girl? Don’t you like me anymore? Is that why you’re rejecting me?”

Jiang Xiao was convinced that some little vixen had appeared and lured Hou Chen away. Otherwise, how could Hou Chen, who had always been so passionate towards her, suddenly change?

Thinking that a little vixen had appeared, Jiang Xiao felt a crisis. She had been keeping a close watch on Hou Chen these past few days, but she hadn’t seen any little vixen around him.

Reflecting on it, Jiang Xiao realized that Hou Chen’s attitude had started to change after they had gone to town that day.

Could it be that the little vixen had appeared that day?

Who could it be?

“Xiaoxiao, why are you letting your imagination run wild? It’s nothing like that, it was really just a coincidence.”

“Besides, tomorrow you’re coming back to the base with me.”

Hou Chen tried to comfort Jiang Xiao.

Thinking about leaving with Hou Chen tomorrow, Jiang Xiao immediately felt relieved.

Once they were at the base, the little vixen Hou Chen met in town wouldn’t be able to follow.

Hou Chen’s heart would surely still be hers.

However, once they got to the base, there was still Ruan Xiaohui, that homewrecker. Jiang Xiao had to find a way. Even if she couldn’t kill her, she had to ruin her.

“Then can we tonight…” Jiang Xiao was still restless. As she spoke, she hugged Hou Chen tightly around the waist, pressing her face against his chest, wishing she could merge with him completely.

Hou Chen suppressed his urge to gag and his impulse to forcibly push her away. He said, “Not tonight. We need to get up early tomorrow for the journey. It’s a long trip, and the road is rough. I’m afraid you’ll be too exhausted.”

“I’m not afraid of getting tired.” What was exhaustion compared to the intimacy she craved with Hou Chen?

“No, I can’t let you get tired. That’s final.” Hou Chen forced himself to speak calmly despite his revulsion.

Thinking back to when he had been intimate with this older woman, Hou Chen now felt utterly repulsed by the way she looked at him with those hungry eyes, trying to drag him to bed.

He felt nauseated, even tainted, remembering how he had once thought she was his wife. Now that he knew she wasn’t and had recalled memories of his past life, he realized she was actually his enemy. There was no way he could be intimate with her anymore.

After much persuasion, Hou Chen finally got Jiang Xiao to give up for the night.

Jiang Xiao didn’t think much of it, believing Hou Chen genuinely cared for her and didn’t want her to be too tired for the journey.

Early the next morning, Hou Chen took Jiang Xiao and left home.

Before leaving, he had asked a family relative, an aunt, to help take care of his mother and three children for a while, providing compensation for her help.

Before their departure, Hou Chen had a private conversation with his mother.

He assured her that this trip was to resolve the situation with Jiang Xiao, and he promised that when he returned, he would bring back his real wife.

“Alright, son. I believe you. But be careful.”

Naturally, Jiang Xiao was unaware of this conversation. She happily followed Hou Chen and boarded the train.

The train ride took two days and a night before they finally arrived at Hou Chen’s military base.

It was Jiang Xiao’s second time taking such a long train ride, and she still wasn’t used to it. The long journey combined with her motion sickness left Jiang Xiao utterly exhausted. She frequently vomited, had headaches, and couldn’t eat anything. By the time they reached their destination, she felt like she had lost half her life.

Upon arrival, Jiang Xiao was too exhausted to think about anything else and fell asleep immediately on Hou Chen’s bed. As she slept, she didn’t notice Hou Chen standing quietly by the bed, his deep eyes devoid of the affection and gentleness they once held.

After a while, Hou Chen turned and left the room without hesitation, heading to the leader’s office.

Once there, Hou Chen revealed to his superior that Jiang Xiao was a regressor…


Jiang Xiao had thought that after arriving at the base, she would finally get to be close to Hou Chen.

To her surprise, as soon as she woke up, Hou Chen had left on a mission.

She was so angry that she ground her teeth in frustration.

All Jiang Xiao could do was wait while trying to gather information about Ruan Xiaohui.

Whenever she met someone, Jiang Xiao displayed a subtly superior attitude, as if everyone else were beneath her.

Unbeknownst to Jiang Xiao, someone was secretly observing her every move, recording her actions and words.

Jiang Xiao was unaware that she was being watched and, with Hou Chen absent, she often talked to herself, thinking she was alone.

She believed her secrets were safe, but she didn’t realize that someone was noting everything she said and reporting it.

Her self-talk became evidence that she was a regressor.

Moreover, during Hou Chen’s mission, Jiang Xiao used her foreknowledge to accomplish several things.

Each action, she thought, was well hidden, and she was smug about no one discovering her secrets.

However, she didn’t know that every move and every word was exposing her more and more.

Hou Chen’s superior initially held a skeptical attitude towards Hou Chen’s claim that Jiang Xiao was a regressor, someone from the future.

Given that it was the mature and reliable Hou Chen making this assertion, the superior was more inclined to consider it. If anyone else had said it, he would have thought they were crazy.

Because he trusted Hou Chen not to speak nonsense, the superior assigned someone to monitor Jiang Xiao.

Unexpectedly, the reports from his subordinates about Jiang Xiao’s words and actions suggested that she might indeed be a regressor.

What is a regressor?

It means a person from the future has returned to the past.

Such a person would know about future events.

Everyone is curious about the future: what the country will be like, what society will be like, and everything about the future sparks anticipation and hope.

Knowing the future could help avoid some risks in advance.

For example, if one knew that an earthquake would occur at a specific time and place in the future, causing significant casualties and property damage, one could evacuate people and move valuables beforehand.

Or at least implement preventative measures in advance.

Moreover, knowing the future of the country—that it would be strong, harmonious, and beautiful—would validate all the efforts and sacrifices made by those working hard in the present.

There are many more possibilities.

A regressor, someone with foresight, is incredibly important!

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