Chapter 208 – Benefactor

The fake Jiang Xiao surely remembered more than just things related to him. If the fake Jiang Xiao knew about the major future developments of this country and informed the government, then the country would be prepared. Returning with memories of a past life was equivalent to prophecy.

Using this for personal gain would be a waste.

Using it for the country’s development would be so much better.

The more he thought about it, the more determined Hou Chen became to turn in the fake Jiang Xiao to the state.

However, he knew that now was not the right time.

He planned to first follow the fake Jiang Xiao’s wishes and take her to the army. Once the real Jiang Xiao, that is, Huihui’s soul, entered Ruan Xiaohui’s body, he would then turn in the fake Jiang Xiao.

As for that little girl…

Hou Chen didn’t know the little girl, but he was sure that she too had special abilities.

The inner thoughts and the visions in his mind had allowed him to break through the barriers in his brain…

This little girl, her abilities were very powerful.

At least he had a premonition that her abilities were stronger than those of the fake Jiang Xiao.

For a moment, he even wanted to turn in this little girl to the state.

But as soon as this thought emerged, it was immediately suppressed.

In the depths of his mind, a voice told him he couldn’t do that.

‘You can hear those inner thoughts and see those images because it’s your fate. But many people, like you, are still blinded. They all need this little girl to save them.

So, you have your fate, you can wake up and be enlightened, and that’s good enough.

Let this little girl develop freely and let her save more innocent people like you.’

So, Hou Chen no longer had the thought of turning in the little girl.

Otherwise, it would seem like repaying kindness with ingratitude.

After all, if you think about it, this little girl was his benefactor. Otherwise, he might have spent his whole life in confusion and ignorance.

That kind of life wasn’t what Hou Chen wanted.

“Hou Chen, what do you think of this new snowflake cream?” Jiang Xiao asked with a smile, seeking Hou Chen’s opinion.

Hou Chen turned around, changed his expression, and suppressed all the changes and thoughts, not letting fake Jiang Xiao notice anything amiss.

He said, “It’s quite good. If you like it, buy it.”

“Okay.” The fake Jiang Xiao happily agreed.

When Hou Chen turned back again, he couldn’t see the figures of the two sisters anymore.

“Hou Chen, what are you looking at?” The fake Jiang Xiao was puzzled and followed Hou Chen’s gaze, wondering to herself, ‘Is there some little vixen trying to seduce Hou Chen?’

However, she didn’t see anything noteworthy among the women she glanced at; none were more attractive or prettier than her.

That’s right, Jiang Xiao thought she was the most beautiful, the prettiest, and the most suitable person for Hou Chen.

“It’s nothing, I just think those clothes there would suit you very well. You would look really good in them. Why not try them on?” Hou Chen casually suggested.

“Really?” Jiang Xiao looked at the clothes with disdain in her eyes.

These clothes from the 1980s were much inferior compared to the stockings and short skirts from the future. They were extremely ugly.

If possible, Jiang Xiao would like to wear a slit dress to show Hou Chen.

She believed Hou Chen would definitely be captivated by her beautiful figure and charm.

But now…

Jiang Xiao knew that without this item, society wouldn’t allow it, and she still needed to appear virtuous and morally upright in front of Hou Chen.


“Let’s give it a try then.”


Meanwhile, after seeing Jiang Xiao, Xu Jinning didn’t linger at the supply and marketing cooperative with her older sister. Although she wasn’t afraid of Jiang Xiao, she also didn’t want any interaction with the female protagonist. So, she and her sister went to the state-owned restaurant to eat.

The incident with Jiang Xiao was pushed to the back of Xu Jinning’s mind after enjoying the food.


On the other hand, Jiang Xiao and Hou Chen strolled around the county, shopping until they were satisfied on their way back.

She didn’t notice any change in Hou Chen.

Hou Chen just tried to avoid physical contact with Jiang Xiao as much as possible. From today onwards, he would never touch Jiang Xiao again.

As for everything else, Hou Chen didn’t change his approach. He couldn’t let this fake Jiang Xiao figure out his intentions. He needed to keep her stable, take her to the army, and then hand her over to the authorities.

However, when Hou Chen returned home, he did tell his mother that the current Jiang Xiao was not the same as before. He assured her that he would keep an eye on Jiang Xiao and find out the truth.

“Son, as long as you understand.”

“Actually, I’m just worried about you and the three children.”

This morning, when her son left, Cai Juhua’s heart was uneasy. She felt like her son didn’t fully trust her words, and whenever he thought about Jiang Xiao’s odd behavior, he would get a headache.

She was sure that woman had cast some kind of spell on her son for him to act this way.

To uncover the true face of this woman would be incredibly difficult.

Fortunately, after his son returned this time and mentioned Jiang Xiao’s odd behavior, he no longer had headaches and confirmed that the woman wasn’t the Jiang Xiao he once liked.

It was good to have confirmation. Next, they would see what methods they could use to uncover this woman’s true identity.

Of course, Cai Juhua was also surprised by her son’s change. How could he go out and come back so clear-headed, without any headaches?

“It seems like my son has encountered a benefactor on this trip.”

Even though he hadn’t met or known the little girl before, the little girl’s understanding of him and her inner thoughts helped him regain memories from his past life and break free from the mental constraints regarding Jiang Xiao.

So naturally, that girl was considered his benefactor.

Although the benefactor probably didn’t know how much help she had provided him, he had to remember it and not forget. If he had the chance, he would definitely repay her.

Through her inner thoughts and the images in his mind, he became clear-headed and could now control his own destiny.

Originally, his fate was not looking good.

Now, he could change his destiny.

The favor that can change your destiny against all odds is truly immense.

The person who grants you such a favor is naturally your benefactor.

“So that’s it. Mom doesn’t need to ask too much. Just remember it yourself. We must repay those who are kind to us,” Cai Juhua instructed.

“Yes, Mom, I understand.”

In the following days, Jiang Xiao noticed the change in Hou Chen.

Mainly, Hou Chen no longer initiated closeness with her. Even at night, when she sought intimacy, he avoided it with various excuses.

Either he felt unwell, tired, or sleepy.

Or Cai Juhua would call out, claiming she wasn’t feeling well and needed Hou Chen to take care of her, which would occupy him for the entire night.

Or Hou Chen would be busy taking care of the three children, putting them to sleep, and by the time they were asleep, she would be too tired to engage.

As a result, after the first night where they were intimate until dawn, they never engaged in intimacy again.

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