Chapter 207 – He wanted to hand over the fake Jiang Xiao to the authorities!

The original Jiang Xiao was not the current Jiang Xiao.

In other words, the Jiang Xiao who initially caught Cai Juhua’s eye was indeed a pure, beautiful, and kind girl. Cai Juhua did not misjudge her.

When she married Hou Chen and spent the wedding night with him, she was still the original Jiang Xiao. At that time, the real Jiang Xiao, although she also married Hou Chen through an arranged marriage, had secretly liked him before. She had buried this feeling deep in her heart, and no one knew about it.

Therefore, being chosen by Cai Juhua and marrying Hou Chen made her very happy, and she was willing.

That night, after the wedding night with Hou Chen, Jiang Xiao fell into a deep sleep.

It was also then that her consciousness and soul were gradually suppressed by an external soul.

In the end, the real Jiang Xiao’s soul was forced into a deep sleep, from which she could never awaken.

[The current Jiang Xiao was no longer the real Jiang Xiao from the second day of the marriage.]

[The real Jiang Xiao’s soul was forced into a deep sleep, but she could perceive the actions of the fake Jiang Xiao.]

[She was in great pain, wanting to struggle, to come out and reclaim her body, but she couldn’t.]

Even after reading the epilogue, Xu Jinning still couldn’t determine where this fake Jiang Xiao came from.

Perhaps, as Cai Juhua said, she was a wandering ghost from who knows where.

[Later, when Hou Chen was injured while on a mission, somehow the real Jiang Xiao’s soul suddenly broke free.]

[But she couldn’t reclaim her body. In the end, she floated away and entered the body of a girl who had just died by s**cide.]

Hou Chen’s heart pounded upon hearing this.

He had a vague suspicion in his mind.

And in the next second, Xu Jinning’s thoughts made his heart race like a drum.

[That girl was Ruan Xiaohui.]

It was true!

[However, the real Jiang Xiao, when her soul entered Ruan Xiaohui’s body, lost all memories of being Jiang Xiao, only remembering herself as Ruan Xiaohui.]

[But, the real Jiang Xiao’s feelings for Hou Chen remained.]

[Therefore, when Ruan Xiaohui, as a nurse, saw the injured Hou Chen, she felt an immediate and strong affection for him.]

[Perhaps this is why in their past lives, Hou Chen ultimately ended up with Ruan Xiaohui.]

[Unfortunately, in this life, Jiang Xiao returned from the future, which means she remembers the events of her past life. Her soul is that of a fifty-year-old, using the memories of her past life to do whatever she wants.]

Hou Chen stood in a daze.

So, this was how it was. Everything made sense now.

It turned out that the current Jiang Xiao was not truly his wife.

He still remembered the shy, gentle wife from their matchmaking and wedding night, who looked at him with affectionate, clear eyes.

He had thought it was just his imagination.

In fact, Hou Chen was not someone who would marry just anyone, nor did he marry a girl simply because his mother said she was good.

It was because he did not feel repelled and perhaps even liked her a little that he decided to marry her.

Back then, during his matchmaking with Jiang Xiao, he was attracted to this gentle girl with clear eyes. Although it couldn’t be called love, he didn’t have anyone else he liked at the time. He thought that developing feelings with such a girl and spending a lifetime together would be fine.

That’s why he agreed to the marriage.

But he hadn’t expected that just on the second day after their wedding, his real wife would be replaced by some soul from who knows where.

No wonder, no wonder…

Looking back, he remembered that when he woke up on the second day after their wedding, Jiang Xiao’s gaze toward him was clearly off. Moreover, it was from that day onward that Jiang Xiao began to change.

But at that time, he was in a hurry to return to the army and didn’t think much of it. He just assumed that maybe this was Jiang Xiao’s true nature, something he hadn’t understood before.

Little did he know that this was the real situation.

The person beside him now wasn’t truly his wife. She had even forced his wife’s soul into a deep sleep.

Thinking about the days he had spent in intimacy with this fake Jiang Xiao, realizing that inside was the soul of a woman in her fifties, Hou Chen understood why Jiang Xiao’s gaze had changed.

Just thinking about being with a woman in her fifties made Hou Chen feel incredibly nauseated.

Even if this old woman was using his wife’s body, it made Hou Chen feel immensely disgusted, as if he had betrayed his wife.

According to the inner thoughts of that young girl, his wife’s soul was Huihui…


Thinking of his wife, who had been by his side through thick and thin in their past life, Hou Chen’s eyes softened immensely.

It turned out that Huihui was his original wife, Jiang Xiao.

It turned out that from beginning to end, he had loved the same person, the same soul.

The fake Jiang Xiao in this life had seized his wife’s body in their previous life, caused his mother and youngest son’s deaths, and committed disgusting acts using his wife’s body.

In this life, even after returning to the past, she wouldn’t stop.

It was probably because she returned and knew about his future achievements that she didn’t abandon her husband and child like she did in their past life.

Hou Chen now fully understood Jiang Xiao’s motives.

If this fake Jiang Xiao had memories of her past life, that explained her actions in this life.

The memories from her past life were a tremendous advantage and ability.

In that previous life, the fake Jiang Xiao had lived until her fifties.

That meant at least thirty years had passed.

What was the country like thirty years later? What events took place…

If Jiang Xiao remembered the events of her past life, it was almost like having the gift of prophecy.

Just then, a sudden stream of images in his mind interrupted Hou Chen’s thoughts.

In a montage-like vision, Hou Chen saw the deeds of the fake Jiang Xiao in this life.

She had followed him to the army.

When he was injured and hospitalized, she had framed Ruan Xiaohui…

He saw how Jiang Xiao used her foresight, disregarded human lives, and achieved her goals through any means necessary, climbing higher and higher step by step.

He saw how Jiang Xiao used accidents to kill his mother.

He saw how Jiang Xiao oppressed their three children, ultimately turning them from intelligent, talented, and lively kids into mediocre and timid individuals.

He also saw Jiang Xiao professing love for him while simultaneously engaging in affairs with various men.

Especially as he aged, she mingled with many younger men.

And so much more.

The actions of the fake Jiang Xiao, seen in the visions, were completely unacceptable to Hou Chen, who had been righteous and morally upright since childhood.

These actions filled him with immense anger, making him wish he could end the fake Jiang Xiao right then and there.

For her own success and happiness, she sacrificed countless lives and interests.

Many things she had were stolen from others.

This fake Jiang Xiao had no conscience, no sense of legal or moral standards, and no shame.

Hou Chen thought about how beneficial it would be if this regressor, Jiang Xiao, with memories at least thirty years into the future, could be utilized by the country.

Yes, upon realizing the extent of Jiang Xiao’s abilities, especially after seeing these visions, Hou Chen had this idea.

He wanted to hand over the fake Jiang Xiao to the authorities!

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