Chapter 206 – Jiang Xiao’s Life Was Stolen

Hou Chen saw Jiang Xiao embracing that male educated youth named Nan Yi from the Educated Youth Spot, expressing their deep affection for each other. Jiang Xiao even said that she never liked Hou Chen at all; the only reason she married him was because she was forced to. She declared that the only man she ever loved was Nan Yi and that she planned to elope with him and return to the city together.

Later, the two of them even engaged in improper conduct in the cornstack.

These images burned into Hou Chen’s mind, filling him with rage.

He didn’t know if what he saw was real, but if it was, anyone would be furious to see their wife being intimate with another man and professing her love to him.

In addition to his anger, Hou Chen was also confused. He wondered why these images suddenly appeared in his mind.

He questioned whether this had anything to do with the headaches he experienced when he previously sensed something was off about Jiang Xiao.

Moreover, the voice of the little girl he just heard seemed unlikely to have been spoken aloud by her, or else why didn’t anyone else react?

It felt like he was hearing the little girl’s innermost thoughts.

But how could he hear the little girl’s thoughts from such a distance?

And were those words, along with the images he saw, actually real?

As soon as the images in his mind faded, Hou Chen heard the little girl’s voice again.

This time, he was absolutely certain that those were the little girl’s inner thoughts.

[It probably isn’t Nan Yi; he looks more like the protagonist, Hou Chen.]

[That build, that demeanor, it should be Hou Chen.]

[It seems like Hou Chen and Jiang Xiao have a good relationship. I just wonder, if Hou Chen knew about the past life, would he still be on good terms with Jiang Xiao…]

Some of Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts contained words that Hou Chen didn’t understand.

What does “protagonist” mean?

And “past life,” what does that mean?

Hou Chen didn’t understand any of these terms.

However, somehow, Hou Chen had a bad feeling about this.

He felt that if he continued to listen, he might find the answers he was seeking, and he might uncover the reasons behind Jiang Xiao’s odd behavior and his own strange feelings.

[If Hou Chen knew that in the past life Jiang Xiao eloped with Nan Yi, abandoning her husband and children, leading to the deaths of her mother-in-law and youngest son, I wonder if he would still want to be with her.]

As soon as Xu Jinning’s thoughts emerged, Hou Chen felt as if something exploded in his mind.

It was as if something was surging out from his brain.

He couldn’t help but furrow his brows.

“Achen, what’s wrong?” Jiang Xiao noticed Hou Chen’s change in expression and couldn’t help but ask.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.” Hou Chen forced himself to calm down. Soon, the memories that had been buried deep in his mind came rushing back, flashing before his eyes like scenes from a movie.

There was the anger upon discovering Jiang Xiao’s elopement with Nan Yi.

There was the sorrow upon learning of his mother’s and youngest son’s deaths.

There were feelings of resentment, anger, and hatred towards Jiang Xiao…

He saw that, years later, he wasn’t with Jiang Xiao anymore. Jiang Xiao had long abandoned him and the children. He eventually ended up with a beautiful and kind woman named Ruan Xiaohui.

Due to his resentment towards Jiang Xiao, he had even sent people to investigate her.

He learned that Jiang Xiao lived a miserable life, being sold to different men and suffering greatly until she eventually died of illness in her fifties.

Upon hearing this outcome, Hou Chen felt extremely pleased.

Because of Jiang Xiao’s actions back then, he did not want to see her live a good life.

Seeing her regret and early death, he felt it was all retribution.

Hou Chen remembered everything.

Yes, at the moment he heard Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, Hou Chen regained his past life’s memories.

Naturally, his feelings and emotions towards Jiang Xiao underwent a complete 180-degree turn.

In his previous life, Hou Chen only harbored hatred and even murderous intent towards Jiang Xiao.

It was only after seeing Jiang Xiao’s death that he slowly let go of her.

He distinctly remembered that in his past life, he was successful and respected, with a harmonious marriage and many descendants. He was content.

But now, why was he back to his younger days?


Thinking about this world, Jiang Xiao’s changes, and his entanglements with Jiang Xiao, Hou Chen’s face darkened, becoming so black it could drip ink.

His stomach churned, and he felt a wave of nausea.

In his past life, his relationship with his later wife, Ruan Xiaohui, was one of mutual understanding and love. Even when he reached such a high position, he remained loyal to his marriage, having only one wife throughout his life.

Now, with his past life memories restored, Hou Chen still retained his feelings for Ruan Xiaohui.


Thinking about the time he spent entwined with Jiang Xiao made him feel like vomiting.

He felt dirty, as if he had betrayed his wife.

Without showing any emotion, Hou Chen quietly distanced himself from Jiang Xiao.

With his memories restored, any feelings he had for Jiang Xiao before were gone.

The overwhelming hatred from his past life completely overshadowed the insignificant affection he had been manipulated into feeling.

Hou Chen recalled what his mother had said this morning about Jiang Xiao’s odd behavior.

Now, as he carefully thought back, he noticed that the headaches he experienced when considering these things in the morning were gone.

Without the pain in his head, he followed his mother’s line of thought and realized many things were wrong with Jiang Xiao.

He had to admit his mother was right.

Especially Jiang Xiao’s eyes—they were the biggest flaw.

They were the eyes of someone who had experienced great hardships, like those of an old person.

And the way she looked at him, with eyes like a hungry wolf.

Thinking back on the way Jiang Xiao looked at him and their intimate moments, Hou Chen felt a chill down his spine, and a coldness rising from his heart.

Hou Chen was very puzzled about why he had memories of his past life.

And why Jiang Xiao’s behavior was different from the past.

This time, Jiang Xiao’s changes had saved his mother and his youngest son, which was a relief and a source of gratitude for him.

But there was still something off about Jiang Xiao.

Reflecting on it now, he realized Jiang Xiao’s gaze towards him was full of calculation.

At this moment, Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts came through again, and more images appeared before Hou Chen’s eyes.

They were scenes of Jiang Xiao before and after marriage, as well as the morning she was reborn. After seeing these, Hou Chen finally understood what was wrong with Jiang Xiao.

Meanwhile, Xu Jinning was recalling the plot of the book in her memory.

When she first read “Rebirth in the 80s, Sweet Life with a Rough Husband,” she thought it was merely about Jiang Xiao, who wasn’t a good person, being reborn and the author giving her the protagonist’s halo, sacrificing side characters to pave the way for her success.

It wasn’t until she read an extra chapter that she realized Jiang Xiao’s life was actually stolen.

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