Chapter 205 – Hou Chen Heard Her Inner Voice

So, she felt that Cai Juhua didn’t like her.

She was a bit worried that Cai Juhua would speak ill of her in front of Hou Chen.

If Hou Chen listened to Cai Juhua’s instigations, what would she do?

If only Cai Juhua had died like in the previous life, it would be so much better.

Then, no one would compete with her for Hou Chen.

She knew how Hou Chen felt about Cai Juhua, who had raised him.

Unfortunately, she wanted Cai Juhua dead but couldn’t kill her herself. If Hou Chen found out, he would hate her like he did in the previous life.

If only Cai Juhua could die accidentally, how wonderful it would be.

“Achen.” At this moment, Jiang Xiao, who was lost in thought, suddenly saw Hou Chen coming out of Cai Juhua’s room. She immediately smiled and called out to him.

Hou Chen also smiled at her, but Jiang Xiao didn’t see the depth and contemplation in Hou Chen’s eyes.

“Achen, now that you’re back, can I stay with you at the base for a while?” After washing clothes, Hou Chen helped Jiang Xiao hang them out to dry, and Jiang Xiao spoke up.

“You want to join the army?” Hou Chen asked in return.

“Not exactly, just to stay for a while. I do want to join the army and be with you all the time. I can’t bear to be apart from you for so long, but I also know you have your responsibilities, and I have mine. The three kids are still young, and I need to take care of them. Mom’s situation also needs someone to help her. I know I have to stay home.”

Jiang Xiao’s words were very considerate.

They moved Hou Chen for a moment.

But what he didn’t know was that Jiang Xiao’s words were completely insincere.

Although on one hand, she wanted to go to the military with Hou Chen so she could always be with him and prevent any opportunistic women from trying to seduce him.

But she didn’t like the constraints of a place like the military.

Out in the world, she had her own opportunities and a vast sky awaiting her.

Although she aspired to be a general’s wife, as a woman, she also needed to be independent and strong.

The key was that heaven had given her a second chance at life and memories of many things from her past life, which were opportunities bestowed upon her.

As a favored one of the heavens, she had to seize this chance.

Moreover, she really couldn’t go. She needed to win over the old lady, Cai Juhua, and keep a tight grip on the hearts of the three children.

Therefore, Jiang Xiao said those things in front of Hou Chen, achieving her own goals while gaining Hou Chen’s favor.

She had just seen the look of emotion in Hou Chen’s eyes when she finished speaking.

She knew she had played her cards right.

“Xiaoxiao, thank you.” Hou Chen hugged Jiang Xiao, seemingly forgetting the odd things his mother had said about Jiang Xiao in her room earlier.

“In that case, you can temporarily stay with me for a while. I’ll arrange for the aunts from the clan to take care of the three children and mother.”

“Achen, how about you come to town with me later? I want to check out the supply and marketing cooperative,” Jiang Xiao said.

She wanted to take Hou Chen out so everyone would know he was her man, not someone any other woman could covet.

“Alright, if you want to go, I’ll go with you.” Hou Chen did not refuse.

After tidying up the house, Jiang Xiao sat on the back seat of the bicycle Hou Chen had borrowed, and they headed to the county town together.


“Look, do you like these shoes? I’ll buy them for you.”

“There’s a new snow cream from Haishi, I’ll get it for you.”

“Are you hungry? Why don’t we buy some peach cakes to snack on first, and later we can eat at the state-run restaurant.”

At the supply and marketing cooperative, Xu Fanghua was shopping with Xu Jinning, wanting to buy everything she saw for her.

Even though Xu Jinning had already declined several times, her arms were soon full of items.

But Xu Fanghua kept finding more things she thought were good and wanted to buy them.

“Sister, I already have a lot of these things. There’s no need to buy more.”

“Who says you can’t buy more just because you have some? If you can’t use them now, you’ll need them eventually.”

Xu Fanghua always found reasons to buy things.

Xu Jinning couldn’t argue with her, so she had to accept them with a smile and a sigh.

Just then, Xu Jinning heard a somewhat unfamiliar yet slightly familiar voice in the crowd.

It was a woman’s voice. Despite the noisy and crowded environment of the cooperative, and even though the woman was quite far from her, the voice inexplicably reached Xu Jinning’s ears.

Instinctively, Xu Jinning looked in the direction of the voice.

She quickly saw the woman.

She had only met her once, but the woman had left a deep impression on her.

That woman was Jiang Xiao!

At the sight of Jiang Xiao, Xu Jinning felt a shiver run down her spine.

She hadn’t forgotten how Jiang Xiao had stopped her last time to ask about Xu Yu.

Nor had she forgotten how her brothers had told her that Jiang Xiao had been lingering around their home recently, seemingly looking for her.

But because of the fish soup incident, Xu Jinning didn’t want to be too conspicuous, so during that period, she stayed at home.

So, she didn’t encounter Jiang Xiao.

Xu Jinning knew that the world she was in seemed to be composed of several books, and there was definitely more than one female protagonist.

And Jiang Xiao was one of those protagonists.

Initially, Xu Jinning was somewhat worried about the female protagonists and didn’t want to confront them. She feared that the protagonist’s aura might lower her and her family’s intelligence, but fortunately, nothing happened when she encountered her last time.

Even so, Xu Jinning still disliked protagonists like Jiang Xiao, whose values were skewed, and tried to avoid them as much as possible.

She didn’t expect to run into Jiang Xiao today while coming to the cooperative with her sister.

However, with so many people around, even if Jiang Xiao saw her, she probably wouldn’t say anything to her. After all, they didn’t know each other; the most they had was a previous encounter when asking for directions.

At that moment, Xu Jinning’s gaze fell on the man with Jiang Xiao.

[The book mentioned that Jiang Xiao hooked up with a male educated youth from the production brigade named Nan Yi and later eloped, abandoning her husband and children. Could this man be him?] Xu Jinning wondered as she looked at the man’s back.

What Xu Jinning didn’t know was that her inner thought, like a thunderclap, reached Hou Chen’s ears accurately even in the noisy crowd of the cooperative.

At that moment, not only did that inner thought enter his ears, but Hou Chen also felt something change in his mind.

It was as if his previously clouded mind started to clear up.

It was as if a layer of mist that had shrouded his thoughts and reasoning was lifted, and now, with that thought, everything became clear in his mind.

Hou Chen slowly turned his head towards the direction of the thought. His military sensitivity and intuition instantly focused his gaze on a young girl in the crowd.

As Hou Chen wondered if what he heard was an illusion, the little girl’s words came again, and at the same time, it seemed like a scene began to unfold in his mind…

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