The Sweetest Marriage Ch.57.1

Chapter 57.1 – The New Director

‘Chen Li nodded and shook his head!’

These past few days, Wei Chen had been constantly thinking about this sentence. From time to time, he would ask Chen Li some questions. Sometimes, Chen Li would quietly look at Wei Chen, and other times he would nod or shake his head. Whenever this happened, Wei Chen couldn’t help but pull Chen Li into his arms and gently rub his head.

The feeling was like that of a father knowing his child had learned to walk, filled with surprise and pride. If it weren’t for his facial muscles not allowing it, Wei Chen’s face would probably be wearing a silly smile these days.

Chen Li didn’t understand why Wei Chen was so happy, but Wei Chen’s mood also affected Chen Li’s mood. When he calmed down, Chen Li spent less time lost in his own world. He would look at Wei Chen, who was happily foolish, and when Wei Chen asked him questions, he would respond with nods or shakes of his head. Chen Li noticed that as long as he nodded or shook his head, Wei Chen would be very happy.

“Li Li, I’m so happy,” Wei Chen once again embraced Chen Li in his arms and whispered softly in his ear, “I’m happy that you can express your desires with nods or shakes of your head, but you should know that life is not just about yes or no. There are also many things that can’t be expressed with willingness or unwillingness. I hope that one day you can speak and tell me your inner thoughts.”

Chen Li buried his head in Wei Chen’s chest, this time without a response.

Afterward, Wei Chen stopped talking and just held Chen Li. He knew that these things couldn’t be rushed. Rome wasn’t built in a day. He saw the changes in Chen Li, and within a short month, he was already pleasantly surprised.

In the following days, the two of them got along very harmoniously. With Wei Chen’s guidance, Chen Li also grasped the timing of shaking his head and nodding quite well. Watching Chen Li improve day by day, Wei Chen’s mood became more and more joyful. This joy was like the feeling Wei Chen would have if he had wings right now, ready to fly.

However, Wei Chen’s good mood didn’t last long as a phone call interrupted their time together.

The call was from the general manager of Changfeng Group. The manager expressed his request in a subtle manner, hoping that Wei Chen could go to work next Monday. Wei Chen also knew it was a bit excessive to take leave before even starting work, so he agreed.

When Wei Chen had to go to work, naturally, he was most worried about Chen Li. When the call ended, Wei Chen told Chen Li about it. At first, Chen Li didn’t realize the connection between Wei Chen going to work and himself. But when he understood, he just looked at Wei Chen without saying anything.

“Li Li, you don’t want me to go to work?” In fact, Wei Chen had already planned it out and didn’t reveal his plan to Chen Li to get him to express his own thoughts.

Chen Li nodded and then shook his head. He didn’t know what he wanted to express. Even if he was withdrawn, he knew Wei Chen couldn’t be with him all the time. But knowing was one thing, and accepting it was another matter.

Seeing Chen Li in a state of confusion, Wei Chen softened his heart. He rubbed Chen Li’s hair and said gently, “I have already applied to the company, and they agreed to let me bring you to work.”

Chen Li widened his eyes and looked at Wei Chen, a spark suddenly lit up within them.

“Really, I’ll take you to work on Monday.”

As soon as Wei Chen said this, his vision seemed to darken, and then he felt a warm sensation on his forehead. It was a fleeting touch, but the residual warmth seeped into Wei Chen’s heart, causing his heartbeat to lose control, pounding in his chest.

Just now…

Li Li kissed him…

He really kissed him!

Wei Chen stared at Chen Li dumbfoundedly and said, “Li Li, can you kiss me again?”

Chen Li obediently leaned down and kissed Wei Chen on the forehead. Then he stared at him with his big watery eyes.

“One more kiss,” Wei Chen, still lost in the wonderful feeling, looked into Chen Li’s eyes and requested another kiss.

Another wet kiss landed on Wei Chen’s forehead. This time, it wasn’t a brief touch. Chen Li pressed his lips against Wei Chen’s forehead and stayed there.

Wei Chen felt like he was torturing himself. The weather was hot, and he felt himself heating up. He quickly pushed Chen Li away and said urgently, “Li Li, that’s enough.” His voice had become hoarse.

Chen Li looked at Wei Chen in confusion, his eyes clear, like a child who didn’t understand anything.

“Li Li, promise me you won’t kiss anyone else from now on, okay?” Wei Chen suppressed the heat within him and immediately cautioned. He was worried that Chen Li might misunderstand kissing as a form of praise, and if he kissed someone else, he would regret it.

Chen Li nodded and leaned down to kiss Wei Chen on the forehead again, seemingly becoming addicted to it.

Meeting Chen Li’s clear gaze, Wei Chen felt a sense of helplessness. He estimated that this sweet torment would continue for a long, long time.

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