The Sweetest Marriage Ch.56.2

Chapter 56.2 – Shaking His Head

It had been a week since Wei Chen and Chen Li arrived in the capital. During this week, Wei Chen would take Chen Li for a morning run in the park every day. The results were remarkable. Chen Li wasn’t as breathless after running a lap around the small park, and their speed had significantly increased compared to the first day.

During this week, Wei Chen didn’t go to work. He stayed at home to accompany Chen Li and help them adapt to life in the capital. He also taught Chen Li some general knowledge and writing skills. Chen Li’s learning ability was undoubtedly strong, and he easily grasped new concepts and could apply them immediately. When presented with a new character, Chen Li could quickly read its pinyin and understand its meaning.

Throughout the week, Chen Li was like a dry sponge, eagerly absorbing the knowledge from the outside world. It seemed as though he was already full, but if more water were poured into him, the sponge could reveal an even more astonishing capacity.

Wei Chen was both amazed and proud, yet he also felt an inexplicable heartache. Even after just one day of interacting with Chen Li, Wei Chen found himself liking him even more than the previous day.

During this period, Chen Li still hadn’t spoken, but there were positive signs. He began to express his own preferences more clearly, which delighted Wei Chen to the point of losing sleep one night.

It happened yesterday, after Wei Chen finished teaching Chen Li.

Closing the textbook, Wei Chen reached out and ruffled Chen Li’s hair, asking, “Shall we go eat the medicinal meals we had a few days ago?” The dietary therapy of the past few days had shown some effect, and coupled with the exercise, Chen Li’s complexion seemed to have become slightly rosier since their arrival in the capital.

Chen Li looked at Wei Chen but didn’t say anything, showing some resistance. Clearly, he had become tired of the strange-tasting medicinal meals during this time.

Wei Chen naturally understood Chen Li’s meaning. “Do you think it doesn’t taste good?”

Chen Li continued to look at Wei Chen.

“But these medicinal meals are good for your health.”

Perhaps truly not wanting to eat those medicinal meals anymore, seeing that Wei Chen still wanted them to continue, Chen Li showed signs of impatience and lightly shook his head, expressing his dissatisfaction.

The movement of Chen Li shaking his head was subtle, almost unnoticeable if one wasn’t paying attention. However, Wei Chen saw it, and in his heart, this small gesture caused a tremendous wave.

“Li Li, did you just… shake your head?” Wei Chen was so excited that he could hardly speak properly. His eyes were fixed firmly on Chen Li, not blinking, afraid to miss the motion of Chen Li shaking his head again.

Confused, Chen Li looked at Wei Chen but remained motionless.

Wei Chen didn’t pressure Chen Li to shake his head again. Instead, he recollected the scene from just now and understood.

“Li Li, let’s go, we’ll have the medicinal meals again today.” Wei Chen brought the topic back to the medicinal meals as if nothing had happened before.

Chen Li widened his eyes, looking at Wei Chen.

“Do you not want to eat the medicinal meals?” Wei Chen asked, “If you don’t want to, just shake your head to let me know, okay?” With that, he gazed tenderly into Chen Li’s eyes, conveying strength to them.

Chen Li remained motionless and simply looked at Wei Chen, believing that Wei Chen would understand his intentions, just like before.

Wei Chen knew that Chen Li had retreated once again, but this time, he couldn’t allow it. After finally making a slight progress, Wei Chen couldn’t let it go.

“Li Li, here’s the deal. If you shake your head to tell me that you don’t want to eat the medicinal meals, we won’t have them today. There’s a snack street not far from our neighborhood. I’ll take you there.” Wei Chen dangled the bait.

Chen Li, probably having grown tired of the medicinal meals, obediently shook his head. He didn’t want to eat the medicinal meals anymore.

Wei Chen was overjoyed, and his voice was filled with happiness. “Li Li, you’re amazing! Nodding means agreement and willingness, and shaking your head means disagreement and unwillingness. Li Li, sometimes I can’t understand your thoughts through your gaze, so can you use nodding or shaking your head to tell me your intentions? Is that okay?”

Looking into Wei Chen’s sincere eyes, Chen Li nodded. Wei Chen held back his overwhelming joy and couldn’t help but embrace Chen Li tightly, kissing him on the forehead, saying, “Li Li, you’re amazing!”

This small motion of nodding or shaking his head was a significant improvement for Chen Li. He could now clearly express his intentions. For Wei Chen, it was a huge surprise that struck his heart. Holding Chen Li’s hand, Wei Chen trembled uncontrollably.

Wei Chen believed that this was only the beginning. His Li Li would definitely emerge from the darkness and continue to improve.

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